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07-07-2006 until 12-07-2026
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READ FIRST -> Helping those who help themselves.

The rules for receiving help in this forum are:
  1. Proper spelling and punctuation of posts. Play-by-post only works well if one can write properly. We are trying to encourage all the aspiring gamers to practice this in all of their posts.
  2. Titles should be relevant to the problem, not "i'm a [#][#][#][#](new guy)" or "help me". If they are not, the thread will be ignored.
  3. Problems should be specific, not general such as "How can I create a character." There will be documentation coming up that explains this process.
If any post violates the three rules, they will be closed by a moderator.

Examples of posts violating these rules...
Help im a noobive wanted to play D&D for somtime so i looked and found this site how do i create a character

I have some questions!!!I need the name of the Mayor of Nesme! I also need the name of the older lady who helps her. You can find their names in the Silver Marches sourcebook. My book has gone missing. I need these names to continue my game here online. I would ask my own characters but I don't want to admit my own weakness.....

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact any
current staff member/super moderator.

Good Gaming!

The Staff, Past and Present


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