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06-28-2006 until 07-29-2019
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Advertising Offsite Gaming

It has been discussed and clarified that all advertising that directs members away from the site for gaming (including Play by IM, Play by Virtual Table Top, Play by Post, et cetera based games, but not including offsite video games), merchant related purposes, or to non PG-13 content is strictly prohibited. When there is a question, we will err on the side of caution.

Editing Posts with directions or suggestions to the aforementioned end are completely within our prerogative, as is punitive action against the poster.

The prohibition on competing sites extends to all features on this site, it extends to private threads, secret text, PMs, signatures, and anything found via a User's 'Profile'.

If you have need to hand out your personal contact information, please direct interested parties to your profile, which you can edit to include email and IM. This is the appropriate route for handling necessary quick communication regarding this site.

Our site has a specific purpose... the playing of PbP games. We aim to make it the best gaming community we can. Our rules are in place to further those ends. Please respect that goal, our staff, and our rules.


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