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Birched here.

I have an important announcement.

Sometime in the next month, the name of the site will be changing from dndonlinegames.com to rpgcrossing.com.

I recognise the history in the name "dndonlinegames.com". I have personally been a member of the site since 2005, and have many great friends and stories associated with the current name. I'm pretty sure that I type in the url through muscle memory at this point. Change is seldom easily embraced in a situation like this, and if you are having trouble with the idea, I sympathise. I implore you to try to understand why this decision has been made, and to not let the change in title interfere with your enjoyment of this amazing slice of the internet.

As many of you know, we will celebrate the community's tenth anniversary this year. It will be the same community, with the same great gamers and the same great games, but with a new label that I hope will help us to continue to thrive.

Why this change, and why now?

  1. Our community has outgrown its name. "DnD Online Games" does not accurately reflect who we are, or where we are headed.
  2. We hope that the new name will help us to obtain partnerships with other groups.
  3. We hope that the new name will encourage players of other systems to join our community.

We intend to keep ownership of the dndonlinegames.com url and will route traffic from there to the community's new home on the internet, so that all our old friends can still find us. We also intend to keep the community going with the same intent and spirit, only adding to what we've already got going on.

This decision was not taken lightly, and is only being implemented after multiple lengthy discussions with advisors, staff, and a panel of site members. We recognise that it may be an emotional issue for some. The true value of this site is the community that we have forged. I hope that this change will help it to continue to grow strong and true.

~Birched and the rest of DnDOG Staff

P.S. I also have another significant announcement. In the near future, at the same time as the name change, the site will be transitioning to a new, faster server. This is great news for the site, and I'm excited about it! The transition will require some down time, which I hope to keep to less than a single day, and before which I plan to give a week's notice.


Why doesn't the name "dndonlinegames.com" accurately reflect who we are, or where we are headed?

The community started as a place to play Dungeons and Dragons (TM Wizard of the Coast), but has grown substantially past that. Not only is Paizo challenging WOTC's dominance in the tabletop market, but there are also a plethora of smaller publishers that are gaining importance. We have seen an increasing number of games from diverse systems here, and would like to encourage that further. The community has grown in interests and scope.

Why RPG Crossing?

A lot of thought and discussion went into choosing the name, and the result of forging together many opinions was RPG Crossing. This name has a relevant term that does not limit us to a single system or to a single format for play and communication (RPG), does not include a word based on "game" that may be flagged by workplaces, is not similar to the name of another similar site or roleplaying game company, is not built completely out of fluff words, and, critically, is available as a url. Our panel liked the idea of a crossing in its meaning as a meeting place, as a coming together of opportunities, and as a bridge to new places.

What will happen to my CS membership?

Community Supporter memberships will continue on schedule.

How long will the old site address redirect?

We plan to do this indefinitely.

Who did the logo?

The logo was produced through a long and painstaking process, involving many choices. Many thanks to LadyOfHats, who contributed many artfully drawn ideas to get the ball rolling. In the end, the logo that was chosen was produced primarily by Still_Pond.

I have other questions. Where can I ask them?

You can join the discussion in this thread, or send a PM to Birched.

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