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Welcome to our newest member, Sadral
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If you'd like to craft stories and play role playing games
with thousands of people from around the world,
you've come to the right place!

RPG Crossing is a 40,000+ member online community that focuses on play by post role playing games (PBP RPG) and features such systems as Dungeons and Dragons (2e, 3e, 3.5e, 4e, 5e), Pathfinder, GURPS, d20 Modern, Serenity, Star Wars, Storytelling (World of Darkness) and many more. We are an active community with many new games looking for players every day, and with plentiful guides and tutorials for the new player and the veteran alike, including: New Player Solo Games to introduce new players to PBP and/or RPing; and DM Mentoring - a forum full of collaborative DM tools.

We also publish Explosive Runes, a terrific free role playing magazine with stunning artwork and great articles.

Free membership also gives access to our character sheets. We currently host over 82000 sheets for 10 different role playing systems!
» News
April Post of the Month Winner
May 14, 2019 - 9:40 PM - by Admin Dirk
April showers sure hit where I live, and are staying long through this month too. Certainly, the rainy days brought out some great posts, and our gamers nominated the best.

Then, our judges went to work, and selected their favorite. It was a hard decision to make between them, but we finally came to an agreement.

This month's winner is DaysUntold!

The judges enjoyed the prose, which felt very solid. The post used dice rolls sparingly, to keep the reading flowing. The entire post was very rich with detail and it tickles the mind's eye with the vivid details and descriptions.

You can read the winning entry HERE, and read all the other nominations (great in their own way too) here.
We have a Bunny Hunt Winner!
Apr 25, 2019 - 11:00 AM - by Birched
We have a winner!

We are happy to announce that Unko Talok is this year's winner of the "Easter Bunny Hunt". Unko found a mess of hidden eggs (all 16 of them), secreted away by that wascally wabbit, and then put the clues together to figure out that this year's bunny was none other than the King of Puns himself, Dirkoth! And, he did it quicker than the other hunters, giving him the crown!

Unko Talok will be awarded a prestigious (artisanal) graphic image to commemorate his achievement as the 2019 Easter Bunny Hunt Winner.

For those who are curious, here are the clues found in the hidden eggs. The eggs are still out there, but you'd best look soon, before the staff comes by to clean them up and return the place to normal.

Our bunny was born in the east. Not that east, the actual, Far East.

Our Bunny is very welcoming.

“When I was your age, television was called books.”

Some people believe our Bunny never sleeps, just types.

Our bunny is not Hall of Fame material.

Our bunny has four eyes.

When it comes to ropes, our bunny is indecisive.

Our bunny has seen a lot of spider battles. Not as many as Lloth, but close.

Our bunny can... [Read More]
Welcome to the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt!
Apr 21, 2019 - 7:14 AM - by Birched
Welcome to the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny has returned from another long year of painting eggs and chewing that fake plastic grass, to grace our pages with eggs, and clues to his or her identity.

Here's how it works: Images of painted eggs (like the one in the header of this post) have been hidden throughout the forums in locations that any member can access. Each of the eggs contain a clue to the identity of the 2019 Easter Bunny. Find the eggs, mouse over it to collect the clues, and figure out who the Bunny is this year! The Easter Bunny is a member of the site, and probably someone you have seen around the boards, somewhere in the year.

Participants should post their findings in secret text in the Easter Egg Hunt 2019 thread that has been created in the Announcement Discussion forum. The winner will be the... [Read More]
March Post of the Month Winner!
Apr 14, 2019 - 9:10 AM - by Admin Dirk
March has come and gone, and our team of judges have looked over the nominations, and decided...

This month's winner is Arkaon!

Arkaon stepped into the game as a guest, to jump into the role of an important NPC. And, the judges think Arkaon nailed the task! The post itself is deep and rich with details, with parts that read like classic fiction.

You can read the winning entry HERE, and read all the other nominations (great in their own way too) here.
CS Users Now Have Limited Moderation Power
Apr 01, 2019 - 6:50 AM - by Birched
Lately the moderation staff has had a hard time keeping up with the task of ensuring that all posts fit RPG Crossing's community standards, so we are enlisting the help of our CS members. Starting today, if a CS member sees an inappropriate post, they can click on the [tt=ban hammer icon][/tt] they will see in the header of each post. When they do this, the poster will be banned for six hours and notice will be sent to the moderation staff to review the case.

If this happens to you, just sit tight, your case will be resolved as soon as possible, and then ban will automatically end after six hours. Until then, the only page you will be able to visit is the Isengard flash ban page, you poor hobbit.

Please use this tool wisely, CSers, and thank you for your help!

PS If you have comments, questions, or concerns, I've set up a discussion thread for this announcement.

PPS Please note that this post was made on April 1, 2019. Thanks all for having fun with it!
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