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Dice Roller Button

This button allows you to insert dice rolls into your post without typing code by hand. For a more in-depth explanation, see the appropriate section in the FAQ, here.

Attaching a File
Attach File:

Should you want to use the attach feature to upload maps or other images, please see the Friendly Guide to Image Uploading.

The Attach File feature is a handy item for DMs and players who wish to display maps, pictures of characters or scenery, or maybe a Word file with some rules, etc.

The process is self explanatory: after you press the button, you choose to upload a file by clicking the Browse button; and then pick the file you wish to upload. Make sure it's a supported file type. Once you have all the files you wish to upload ready in the different fields, click the upload button and wait for the page to reload or refresh. When this has occured, you can upload more files or close the window. The files will appear under your post.

The site keeps track of all your attachments. Having a very large number may invite questions.

Posting a Categoried Thread
Thread Categories:

(This item only deals with posting with existing categories. Thread Categories are covered in another item.) This feature allows a user to quickly discern the difference between one kind of thread and another. These Categories may vary depending on where you are posting on the site. To use this feature you simply choose a selection from the list box as shown below.
  • Advertisements: A thread that is advertising something within a game. This is in NO way a place to put an outside Advertisement.
  • Game Thread: This tag denotes the thread being made as a Game thread, which tells a player that this area is where in fact they will be playing the game.
  • OOC: Out of Character threads are usually a free talk zone in games as they do not involve the game directly.
  • Mechanics: This thread is a rule thread in general and is a place to put game rules and regulations.
  • Information: This is a broad catagory that can mean a number of things. Information may be a news thread for a game, or a place where the DM would store important story information.
  • Characters: This is a thread that often includes Character creation rules and links to character sheets for players of a game. Check with your DM before posting your character sheet.

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter certain forums on this site, your visible choices will change. One example is the Advertisement forum.

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