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Name: Birched

Age: Can find my correct birth year (don't trust anything else) on the site. Calculating the difference is left as an exercise for the reader. (I'm probably older than you, and don't care to discuss the details.)

Location: This is mentioned in a post on the boards somewhere, eh?

Notable Facts:

Favorite Band: Air Supply. I'm so out of touch it makes me sad....

Favorite Book: not sure about favourite, but fiction series I like are Malazan Book of the Fallen (Steven Erikson) and Song of Ice and Fire (George RR Martin); recently read and was very impressed by a short story collection by Neil Gaiman; I've enjoyed some of Neal Stephenson's stuff; once thought I liked Robert Jordan but by book four or five I was ready to tear my eyes out if I saw just one more unoriginal full page description of someone's outfit (I swear the guy had a button fetish) or saw another mention of anyone pulling on their hair

Favorite Movie: I like many movies. Seems a shame to single one out. But 'Revenge Of The Nerds' really struck a chord in my soul.

Favorite Sport: Tai Chi Boxing, Cycling, Speed-Typing.

Spirit Animal: I feel quite comfortable echoing Saros here: Flying spaghetti monster.

Note: Birched is a family man that kindly donates his time to making this website better on it's fundamental level - the code. He is highly involved with the way our site works, please support his efforts!

Admin Chuck
Name: Chuck. Shocking, right?

DOB: 1980

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

General info: I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and am looking at going back to school for an MBA in Management. I have several times been giving the label of a brainy jock, due to my enjoyment of sports and love of reading.

Current Profession: Storeroom Clerk(There's much more to what I do than the name implies.)

Career Pursuit: Ecological Restoration

Notable Facts: I am both a "devout" atheist and a "confirmed" agnostic. I am the first person in my extended family to receive a 4 year degree. I was selected as a Deep South All Star every year that I played rugby, even my rookie year. Often mistaken for Chuck Norris because my beard has another fist beneath it too.

Favorite Book: I read too much to pick a favorite, but my current favored authors are Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, and Brandon Sanderson.

Favorite Band: Again, I listen to a lot of music, though some of my favorites are Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Eminem, Cowboy Mouth, Modest Mouse, and Garth Brooks.

Favorite Cookie: The one in my hand.

Started Playing D&D: 1996

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Sport: I've played all sorts of sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Racquetball and Track and Field), both competitively and casually, but found rugby in college and it tops them all.

Favorite Superhero: Wolverine and Batman

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy Tactics

Favorite Food: Sushi

Admin Dirk
NAME: Dirkoth, among many

AGE Ancient


LOCATION: California currently, hoping that will change soon

NON GAMING CAREER PATH: Safety Management and Emergency Response

FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S): Pathfinder, at the moment



FAVORITE SUPERHERO: Probably Spider-man

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Technically correct is the best kind of correct" or anything from "The Princess Bride"

THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I used to collect comics, and had every Amazing Spider-man issue from issue #23 onwards. English is technically my second language. I build 1/6th scale miniatures.

Admin RonarsCorruption
NAME Michael McCarthy

AGE 33

BEEN GAMING SINCE Before I can remember. My earliest distinct memories of tabletop gaming are about 25 years old. Video games run even deeper.

LOCATION Ottawa, Ontario

GENERAL INFO I write for RPGs on a regular basis. Less so in 2018 than before, but I have a few APs, and a few dozen articles, suppliments and contributions under my belt. I've donated most of Straight Path Games (the company I own) gaming catalogues to RPGX's promotions over the years.

NON GAMING CAREER PATH I'm recently a middle manager over the publications team at a large standards development organization. My job mostly involves making sure none of our systems explode so that everyone else can keep doing what they're doing. I use some programming, some printing, some graphic design, a lot of programming, and am currently learning people skills. It's... harder than it seems.

TRIVIAL FACTS Trivial comes from the root word trivium, which literally means "the place where three roads meet". It -- oh, about myself? Well, I love linguistics and wordplay, and am hugely loving seeing the paralells between how Neural Networks are developing and how children do the same thing. I love pokemon and procedural generation, and yes - procedurally generated pokemon.

FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S) The switch is the best thing since sliced bread. I could tout lots of things about it, but the ability to put it in sleep mode in half a second, and wake it up in two, makes it invaluable. Oh. RPG game system? Pathfinder, with all flavors of DnD coming second. I like experimenting though.

FAVORITE BAND/GENRE MUSIC Acapella! I also love chiptunes. Smooth McGroove is an artist who sings acapella covers of chiptunes, and is among my favorite things to listen to.

FAVORITE BOOK hahaha. Pick a favorite book. You're funny.

FAVORITE MOVIE/TV SHOW Not really a fan. There's lots of interesting things, but there are very few TV programs I even watch willingly. I do find the evolution of the superhero genre of movies and tv shows to be fascinating, though.

FAVORITE SPORT/TEAM I like the one where they get the ball in the goal and score points. Although, I guess I do golf sometimes? That's a sport.

FAVORITE FOOD An old TV show called Good Eats used the term Chowhoundn a way I really connected with: someone who loves all sorts of food, both plain and fancy. I love trying new foods, I love eating spicy, salty and sweet foods (sour, not so much), and I think my fettuchini alfredo is pretty stellar, and I'd eat it all the time if it were actually healthy.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME Rogue, and everything descended from it: procedurally generated dungeon crawlers. The current game I can't get enough of is Enter the Gungeon. Dead Cells is a pretty excellent cross between a roguelike and an unfolding platformer (a metroidvania, as they're commonly called), and I also love anything with exploring or collectathons in them. I'm a giant video game and game design geek.

FAVORITE QUOTE The first 90% of the work takes 90% of the time. The last 10% of the work takes the other 90% of the time.

THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME I have a degree in video game development, but have never published a video game. I'd love to, but it hasn't been in the cards.

Admin TeufelHeunden
Name: Teufel Heunden

Age: I'm not young enough to know everything. But I'm not old enough to admit that I don't.

Location: Somewhere in the time space continuum (most of the time)

Notable Facts: Back when I was your age, I had to climb to the top of Mt Evil every day, uphill both ways, fighting off hordes of Orcs with nothing but a +1 dagger that I didn't even have Weapon Proficiency with! You see, we didn't have fancy feats like Cleave or Improved Critical. We only got a new Weapon Proficiency every three levels, and we were darned grateful! I cut my teeth with Gygax & Arneson Tactical Study Rules for Dungeons & Dragons (3 Volume Set) and still have the original set in the box.

Favorite Band: Mainly any rock band I happen to be listening to.

Favorite Book: Currently happens to be the Kusheil series by Jacqueline Carey: Kushiel's Legacy series in order: Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar, Kushiel's Scion, Kushiel's Justice and Kushiel's Mercy.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars IV ~ Original version from 76

Favorite Sport: Hunting, Camping and Canoeing; although scuba diving is quickly ratcheting up the ladder

Spirit Animal: Undead Monkey

Name: Aethera

Age: Surprisingly, my birthday is correct on my profile. It's no guarantee on maturity level.

Been Gaming Since: I was eleven or twelve (boxed set ftw!). Been gaming here since 2006.

Location: one fantastical dreamland or another, eventually crashing in the Greater Boston Area (MA, USA)

Notable Facts: I write fantasy and science fiction, mostly novels that are never finished. Migraines mess me up a lot (read: constantly). I'm addicted to RPGX.

Career Path: ... what is this "career" you speak of?

Favorite Game Systems: 13th Age, Cypher, D&D 5e, rules-light with an emphasis on story-telling

Favorite Music: Alternative/Folk Rock, Classical, Beatles, Soft Rock, some Pop, anything that doesn't irritate migraines

Favorite Books: You expect me to have a favorite? I read fantasy and science fiction, usually of the softer variety. I have reread JRR Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Katharine Kerr, and so many more the authors names escape me at the moment.

Favorite Plays: Shakespeare (especially Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, Taming of the Shrew), Les Miserables, most Broadway musicals

Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride, Shakespeare in Love, Stardust, fairy tales, Into the Woods, Stargate, Dune (the SyFy mini series), Star Wars (original), Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Matrix, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal/The Red Dragon, Indiana Jones, fantasy, science fiction, musicals, generally not any books-turned-movies that I've already read (the books are always better), but comics-turned-movies/TV have a special place in my heart. I don't usually like slapstick comedy, but Galaxy Quest is a must-see for any Star Trek fans.

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Merlin, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Alias, Star Trek (various), Stargate SG1, Shannara Chronicles, Castlevania, Attack on Titan, Altered Carbon, The Expanse, to name the ones off the top of my head. Not enough good fantasy/sci-fi TV shows in my opinion.

Favorite Sport: Relaxing. Don't talk sportsball to me, I will zone out on word one. (Yes, I'm a Bostonian who hates sports.)

Spirit Animal: Cat (probably the one in my lap making it hard to type)

NAME: Bhelogan

DOB: 1980



GENERAL INFO: I actually don't enjoy reading and writing. Yet, somehow, this has become my major hobby.

NON GAMING CAREER PATH: Electrical Engineer / Manager



FAVORITE BOOK: Did you see the general info?

FAVORITE MOVIE/TV SHOW: Right now, Dr. Pimple Popper


FAVORITE QUOTE: Yesterday's for fools who try to remember. The good old days weren't always that much better.




DOB: 1979

Location: Sydney, Australia

Job: Safety Analyst

Training: Chemical Engineer

Enjoys Listening to: U2

Enjoys Reading: The Assassin Trilogy

Enjoys Watching: Pulp Fiction

Current Favourite TV Shows: Fringe + Community

Gaming since: 1989 (unknown novel-based RPGs), DnD through the editions since 1998

NAME: Inem, duh? Wait, what do you mean that's not the one you mean?

AGE: Who can say? Some days I feel like I'm not even an adult, others I feel like an old man. Reality is somewhere in between...

BEEN GAMING SINCE: Best guess...2004ish?


GENERAL INFO: I know no generals that I could provide any info about, sorry.

NON GAMING CAREER PATH: I got my PhD in biophysics, and recently started working as an application engineer that sort of makes use of some of the skills I acquired during that time, even if it no longer has anything to do with biology.

TRIVIAL FACTS: I have played baseball in a very high league in Germany...which probably equates to not being at the skill level of a typical American high school baseball team member.

FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S): I used to like Pathfinder, but the added content over the years has started making me fall out of love. FATE might be pushing for my current favorite, though my experience with it is mostly theoretical at this point.

FAVORITE BAND/GENRE MUSIC: I'm not nearly as big of a fan of music as many others are, and my tastes tend to be relatively mainstream most of the time. I used to think I didn't really have a favorite genre other than maybe just general pop and rock, but I've discovered over the last few years that apparently 2000s punk rock is my thing!

FAVORITE BOOK: I know he gets a lot of love around here already, but I do have to probably give it to Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' as my favorite series. Hard to say whether I have a favorite in that series, though both 'Summer Knight' and 'Dead Beat' come to mind as possible options.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Tough. Hard to go wrong with Firefly, even as short as it was, so probably either that or Doctor Who.

FAVORITE SPORT: Football, Baseball, Soccer, my favorite sort of goes back and forth, and accordingly so does my favorite team. I'd currently probably say Seattle Seahawks.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: I've spent two long trips in Australia, so I'd say that's probably at the top of the list, albeit expensive and inconvenient to revisit...

FAVORITE SUPERHERO: Not sure I have a favorite superhero, I like several. Doctor Strange is neat, and I wish Marvel would just give Black Widow her own movie already.

FAVORITE VIDEOGAME: This changes a lot as well. Some classics include Fire Emblem, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and to throw a curveball in there, I am a huge Overcooked and Overcooked 2 fan.

THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: You don't know that I know Squeak is lying about not hating Dirkoth as much as you think!

Name: Ion2Atom, Ion is fine too.

Age: Two months younger than Old Lady Aethera

Location: United States

Been gaming since: In person table top since around 2006 and RPGX since 2005, but I've been reading the rules / books since 1999 (my first book was a second hand copy of 1st edition experts rules).

General Info: I'm a silly silly man who likes to make (usually bad) jokes.

Non Gaming Career Path: Previously a Software Engineer, then I stopped doing actual work and became a Dev Manager.

Trivial Facts: I went to eight different grade/high schools and three different community colleges across five different states before graduating High School at 16. Also, graduation requirements varied enough state to state to be incredibly annoying.

Favorite Game System(s): DAY20, and I guarantee you've never heard of it.

Favorite Band/Genre Music: A little bit of everything really

Favorite Book: So many. Mostly fantasy.

Favorite Movie/TV Show: I'm fond of LindyBeige's youtube channel these days. I like a lot of sci-fi type shows in general.

Favorite Sport/Team: I'm with Verb, Green Bay Packers

Favorite City: None, I prefer non-city.

Favorite Food: Yes

Favorite Vacation Spot: At home!

Favorite Superhero: I'd probably choose more thoughtfully these days, but childhood Ion would would be horrified if I said anyone other than yellow spandex Wolverine.

Favorite Video Game: Definitely Fallout 2. Though I'm a big fan of Divinity Original Sin these days.

Favorite Quote: "Learn to use what you have got, and you shan't need what you have not."

Things You Don't Know About Me: I won a Phony, which is a riff off of the Tony awards but localized to that region, for my work running lights for a community college rendition of Little Shop of Horrors. A raccoon had gotten into a power transformer during the performance causing all power to go out. Naturally it plunged the whole theater into darkness. Luckily the college had backup power, and I was able to get everything back online so smoothly the audience thought the outage had been a slightly long scene transition.

NAME: Bernie

AGE: 50 (like Squeak)

BEEN GAMING SINCE: 1983, I think. (the memories... they get fuzzy!)

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN USA

GENERAL INFO: Gratefully married, 5 kids (2 of my own bioprogeny), grandpa of TWO!

NON GAMING CAREER PATH: IT geek specializing in Info Security for the last 15 years or so.

TRIVIAL FACTS: I have a sixth lumbar vertebrae. I understand this is relatively rare, and absolutely trivial.

FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S): Cypher (Numenera, The Strange)

FAVORITE BAND/GENRE MUSIC: Rush (Rock of many substyles)

FAVORITE BOOK: Lord of the Rings (I snuck in THREE!)

FAVORITE MOVIE/TV SHOW: Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back / M*A*S*H

FAVORITE SPORT/TEAM: Football (the American kind, a.k.a. "hand-egg") / Green Bay Packers

FAVORITE CITY/FOOD/VACATION SPOT: New Orleans / Mexican / Wisconsin Northwoods

FAVORITE SUPERHERO/VIDEO GAME: Spider-man / The Ultima Series (old-school crpg)

FAVORITE QUOTE: "If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good.” ~Heinrich Harrer, "Seven Years in Tibet"

THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I am a fan of vintage radio broadcast (comedy, mystery/horror, drama from the 'golden age' of radio, late 30's-early 50's), I am a musician and I enjoy writing and recording my own songs.

Name: jj_wolven, jjwolven

Age: Older than he appears...or acts.

Born: Arguably, yes.

Location: California, the 'back' part of "to Hell-and-back"

Description: Medium (As a Medium creature, he has no special bonuses or penalties due to his size.)

Notable Facts: Evil GM/Game Ordinance Director, long running game (Earthen Works) (since 2005)

Favorite Band: any bard that can RP it well

Favorite Book: Pathfinder Core

Favorite Movie: Army of Darkness

Favorite Sport: Grappling

Of Interest: yes, very "interesting"

Name: Ian

Age: Either older or younger than I look, depending on who you ask and the circumstances of observation.

Born: In a hospital

Location: Central Wisconsin

Description: Pretty much average in all ways, except for having horrendously and uncontrollably curly hair, and having a mole on my right cheek... which means that I'm much more instantly recognizable than most people.

Notable Facts: I'm a skilled classical violinist, having played for over 18 years. I'm also practiced in several varieties of fiddle music, and have played with internationally known folk groups in multiple styles.

Favorite Musical Group: To many to list. Most common selections include (in no particular order): A Perfect Circle, Styx, Tristania, Solas, Muse, The Decemberists, Nightwish, Seven Nations, Poe, The Rasmus, and Epica. And classical stuff - I'm especially fond of Grieg and Carl Orff.

Favorite Book: My list of favorite books makes my list of favorite music groups seem minuscule... when one is raised by a librarian, one reads a lot. However, I will pick out a few favorite books that I go back and reread more than others: In Fury Born, by David Weber, God Stalk, by Patricia Hodgell, A Tapestry of Magics, by Brian Daley, 1632, by Eric Flint.

Favorite Movie: Um. Not much of a movie watcher. It generally fluctuates between several different films directed by Hiyao Miyazaki.

Favorite Sport: Um... probably ultimate frisbee. I don't play sports much.

Favorite Animal: All of them. ALL OF THEM.

Favorite Personal Quote: "Your logic may be perfect, but my illogic is perfecter."


Name: Greg

DOB: 1969

Location: Texas

Job: Private investigator.

Favorite Band: Varies by mood. If it's not gangsta rap, screamo, hyperactive speed metal or atonal Eastern music, chances are I like it.

Favorite Book: Hard to pick. Presuming we're talking fiction ... Huck Finn, Cuckoo's Nest, LotR, anything by Carl Hiassen when I'm in the mood for fast and funny.

Favorite Movie: Beats me. I'm a sucker for film noir. Raiders is a perennial favorite. I love movies, but never have the time to watch them anymore.

Favourite TV Show: Current? Burn Notice. Ever? That's tough. I'll give the nod to Buffy.

Favorite Sport: I'm from Texas. Football is the only sport. Everything else is just a game. Go Frogs!

Gaming since: 1977. Or '78. Not entirely sure. Well before most of you were born.

Name: Tim

Age: 50 --- that's younger than Dirk and older than the rest of you.

been gaming since: 1977

Location: The Republic of Texas

non gaming career path I sell blankets. And yes, it is a real job.

trivial facts: Meatloaf was my baseball coach in little league. REALLY, it was in 1981

favorite game system(s) Pathfinder, 3.5E. I'll probably get into 5E at some point.

favorite band/genre music Classic Rock

favorite book: Lord of the Rings, but a ton of others in the fantasy genre.

favorite movie/tv show Big Bang Theory, GOT...

favorite sport/team Oklahoma Sooners

favorite city Give me rural areas or suburbs over a city any day. But I spend a lot of time traveling -- especially to China and New York.

favorite superhero Anyone except Batman. Batman isn't a superhero.

favorite quote "Don't be humble, you're not that great" - Golda Meir

things you don't know about me I don't hate Dirk as much as you think.

NAME: Alex

AGE: 30



NON GAMING CAREER PATH: Science. 0/10 Do not recommend.


FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S): Pathfinder, 3.5, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer 40k

FAVORITE GENRE MUSIC: Depends on my mood, but my favorites include Nightwish, Kamelot, Showtunes, Punk Rock, Neue Deutsche Härte, and Latin

FAVORITE BOOK: Stranger in a Strange Land – Do you grok it?

FAVORITE MOVIE: Pan’s Labyrinth and Kill Bill

Favorite TV SHOW: What I tell people: How I met your Mother What it actually is: Grey’s Anatomy


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: I haven’t gone on a vacation in 6 years.

FAVORITE SUPERHERO: Emma Frost, the White Queen


FAVORITE QUOTE: “I never said I was role model.” “Thinking doesn't pay. Just makes you discontented with what you see around you.”

THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I have a 3.x OGL splat book hopefully coming out in April.

NAME: Adam

AGE: Halfway to the grave, give or take

BEEN GAMING SINCE: Nirvana's Nevermind came out

LOCATION: America's mitten

GENERAL INFO: I use my brain to think thoughts, my mouth to say dumb things, and my tail to grasp thin branches high up in the canopy.

NON GAMING CAREER: Ivory tower egghead

NON-GAMING AND NON-CAREER: Making pottery, growing a garden, dealing with two kids

FAVORITE GAME SYSTEM(S): D&D 5e, M&M, Shadowrun, misc "rules lite" systems

FAVORITE MUSIC: Bleep-bloop electronica, boom-chick hip-hop, twing-twang americana

FAVORITE BOOK: Religion and the Decline of Magic, by Keith Thomas


FAVORITE SUPERHERO: That woman in The Ninja Scroll who can make dead things explode

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Any jackass can kick over a barn. It takes a carpenter to build one" (Sam Rayburn)


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