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What is BBcode (and examples of their use)

BB code is a special set of codes similar to HTML that can be used in posts to the board. To see the full list of BB code tags that can be used on this site and examples of their use, click here.

Smileys (advanced)

Smileys are a special set of icons that can be placed in posts (sometimes people refer to them as emoticons). To see the full list of Smileys that can be used on this site and examples of their use, click here.

Secret Text (adding more than one participant)

Secret Text is a feature that allows you to write a hidden message within a post and to specify the users that will be able to see this message. Secret Text is, in a way, a misnomer because it's not just limited to text. Also note that when typing in names, you have to have the names correct with the exception of case.

Here's how it works for a single recipient.

[secret=username] Your secret message, which may include anything from text to hyperlinks, images, dice rolls--anything you can place in a post regularly--will only be seen by the specified users! [/secret]

Adding more recipients is easy!


By placing a comma with no space between each name, you can allow as many as 5 people to view your secret message. You don't need to include youself. The secret text creator can always view their own secret creation, as can Super Mods or Admins.

Here's tips for how to ensure that nobody knows you're placing secret text in your post: Don't make a post with only secret text. It's just a little bit obvious. Do not make a line break (press enter to skip to the next line) to begin the secret text tag. The formatting takes care of that for you.

Finally, use the Preview function to check your work...it can be very embarassing to post, hustle off and do something else, and then return...only to find the world has seen your SECRET message due to a formatting mishap!

Making Tables in Posts (advanced)
At its simplest, a table is a grid that separates and organizes information. You can create a table using the [table] and [/table] tags. Table columns are separated by a vertical break | (shift-slash on standard keyboards), and rows are automatically ended wherever you start a new line (by hitting Enter).

Here is some code for a simple table:
[table] Q | R
a | 1 [/table]

Table Options:
Within the opening table tag, you may add an equal sign followed by options within a set of quotation marks. Options are separated by semicolons. The format is: table="???;??;?"
Do not add any spaces to the tag - this will cause it to not work properly. Similarly, using quotation marks within your table options will prevent it from working properly.

Options you may use are:
headdefines the first line as a header, changing its shading; does not get sorted
sort=1d,3sorts the table in the column order indicated (in this example, 1 then 3); defaults to ascending order unless 'd' is appended to the column number
autonum=1inserts a left-hand side column with automatic numbering (can replace '1' with 'A' or 'a')
autonumtitle='???'defines the title for the autonumbered column
width=??%sets table width; units must be supplied, and can optionally be px or em instead of %
css=paddedpads all table cells
css=emphborders all table cells
css=centcenters all table cells

In addition to the above, each table entry may be preceded with a tag to merge it with the following cell(s). At the beginning of any entry, you may add [U][B]{colsp=?}[/B][/U] to set the given entry to occupy ? columns.

Finally, some formatting can be applied to table rows, but putting {format-type} at the beginning of the row, before the data for the row. Options you may use are:
Row OptionEffect
css=centcenters all cells in the row
css=rightright justifies all cells in the row
css=emphborders all cells in the row

Using many of these options, here's another example:
Fancy Q R S T
Ahello everybody 
Bb 2 Y /
Cb 1 Z =
Da 2 Y -
Ea 2 Z *
Fa 1 X +

The code for that table looks like:
[table="head;sort=1d,2d,3;autonum=A;autonumtitle='Fancy';width=10%;css=cent;css=padded"] Q | R | S | T
a | 1 | X | +
{css=emph}a | 2 | Y | -
a | 2 | Z | *
{css=right} b | 2 | Y | /
b | 1 | Z | =
{colsp=3}hello everybody[/table]

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