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The Site Rules

We aim to foster an enjoyable environment for all gamers and writers, with a special focus on tabletop roleplaying games and associated genres.

General Comment on RPG Crossing and Site Administration

RPG Crossing is a gathering spot for those interested in roleplaying games and/or writing, and especially play-by-post roleplaying games. Our volunteer site staff, charged with cultivating a safe and enjoyable environment for all community members, is listed here, and consists of moderators, administrators, and one owner (Birched). Moderators are chosen after considerable discussion and are appointed by the administrators and the owner of the site; they act on the authority of the ownership and what they say goes. If you disagree with a specific act of moderation, contact the moderator, respectfully, to discuss the matter. If you feel that a moderator has treated you unfairly, please contact an administrator.

We expect our members, and especially those leading games (GMs, DMs, storytellers, and the same by other names) to be respectful and to behave in ways that are conducive to others enjoying the site.

Preventing problems: One way to help keep this a positive community is to make a point of leading by example and to be delightful yourself; another is by rewarding behaviour that you appreciate by adding reputation to a user's post (use the scales symbol at the top right of every post), especially when accompanied by a meaningful comment.

Dealing with problems: If you do have a problem, you have several options at your disposal. You should avail yourself of them in the following order, skipping those that you deem will not be productive or appropriate in your particular situation:

  1. make a respectful and appropriately located post where you express the problem and seek to solve it through reasonable discussion with those involved,
  2. report a post using the card () symbol at the top right of every post, which will make sure it gets the attention of the moderation staff,
  3. contact a moderator (any red-named individual from the bottom part of the staff list) by private message,
  4. contact an administrator by private message, and, if all else fails,
  5. contact Birched by private message.
Site-Wide Posting Rules

a. Respecting Each Other

a.1 - "Flaming" is not tolerated - A flame is a deliberate personal attack (including insults and threats) directed at a site guest, member, or group of members. Having a civilized discussion without arguing, or having different opinions is perfectly fine. If it turns into a fight, it will be stopped, with possible banning.

a.2 - "Trolls" should stay under their bridge - A troll is a person who will post messages (public or private) or threads to bait people to answer, or will post messages with the intent of creating arguments. A troll will often use "Flaming" as described above, and will sometimes act as though he is never wrong, and may even consistently twist another's words. In playing Dungeons & Dragons, we kill trolls. We like doing it. Don't be a troll.

a.3 - "Plagiarism" is for the unimaginative - Taking somebody's concept and using it in competition with them is a form of trolling and flame-baiting. We take no issue with characters inspired by other characters so long as you do not attempt to muscle in on the originator with your derivative work.

a.4 - We consider ourselves PG-13, and are definitely not leet.

a.4.i - Profanity - Profanity is word choice or usage that is considered offensive (in this case, the decision is made by the staff). We have a light filter in place to remove most such words.

a.4.ii - leet is not cool (note how we didn't even give it the capital letter). The same filter that removes profanity will also remove some of the most common leet formations.

a.4.iii - Highly Offensive Content - Messages, links, or images that are obscene, vulgar, highly sexual, discriminatory, or in some way violate laws applicable in your area are not tolerated. This means text, links, and images everywhere. The staff will ultimately decide the appropriateness of any member-posted content.

a.4.iv - If you have any doubts on what is PG-13 or not, you might want to check out Medesha's PG-13? What does it mean?

a.5 - "Spam" is icky, and its creators are treated like lepers. Spam is one or more messages posted by the same person within a small time frame that have substantially identical content. Double-posting, asking the same question in several places, and similar actions makes a "Spammer." Spam also includes senseless "bumping" (posting solely to push the thread to the top of the forum again), particularly when a question is being asked. A forum is not the best place to get immediate responses.

a.6 - Supporting RPG Crossing

a.5.i - "Shameless Self Promotion" is for the shameless. Please refrain from posting messages with the primary intent to promote or advertise for any website, forum, business, activity, or any other entity that you may have an affiliation with. Personal affiliate links have no place at RPG Crossing. Such links can be modified or deleted without notice.

a.7.ii - Links to "Competing" Sites - Please do not give links to sites that may be seen as "competing" with RPG Crossing (other Play by Post sites). Although IRC is not Play by Post, it is still not tolerated by RPG Crossing. We'd like to not have our member base drawn away. Directing members to sites that do not feature PbP (for example, with homebrew game content, maps, adventures, and the like) are certainly acceptable.

b. Legal Issues

b.1 - Illegalities - Do not post links to, attach to a post, or post: Ware z, illegal software, illegal copies of books, substantial portions of copyrighted texts, or anything of the sort. This is not limited to copyrighted published material, but also to images that must be purchased, and anything else being illegally distributed. If you possess verifiable consent of the owner of copyrighted content, you may post the allowed content (within limits of the content rules).This rule should be the ONLY discussion about such items. Other threads pertaining to this topic will be closed.

b.2 - Non-Open Gaming License (OGL) Information - If there is a request for non-OGL information, it should not be fulfilled. Any information that is in a book that is not included in the WotC-released SRD is not to be posted. The person requesting the information should be informed that it is not able to be given for legal reasons.
b.2.i - Any DM who has purchased a pre-packaged adventure may run it on this web site. They may quote verbatim anything that says, "Read this to players" and if they can aliminate everything else on the page, may use images to display anything marked, "Show this to players." Everything else is hidden from public view (unless otherwise released as OGL). DMs will have to use their own words to describe anything and everything not covered by the above and will not be permitted to print special rules verbatim - we must stick to the classic technique of keeping the rules to ourselves and only cluing the players in on the results of their actions - and of course, asking them to roll dice which they do not understand the significance of.

c. Profile Rules

c.1 - Signature - The signature is your personal space to place quotes, links to web sites, and other text items of the sort. All site rules for posting apply to sigs as well. Sigs that do not comply with the below rules can be modified, or deleted entirely, by site Staff at any time!

c.1.i - Height & Font Size: your sig can be three lines tall at font size 2, or, four lines tall at font size 1. Sizes larger than 2 are not permitted. Empty lines (line breaks) count toward this limit.

c.1.ii - Allowed vBCode - bold; italic; underline; color; size; font; highlight; left; right; center; indent; url; thread; post.

c.1.iii - Images and Scripts - Images and/or scripts are not allowed in signatures. We have tried this before, and it didn't work. We will not go back any time soon.

c.1.iv - The Text - The text in the signature must abide by all of the rules and be non-offensive. An exception is that you may post links to your site(s) or favorite site(s). No promotional language, please. Links with an affiliate id are still not allowed. Free advertising for our competitors is a no-no. Ensure that the links are safe for any member to go to, that they are not direct downloads, etc.

c.1.v - It is acceptable to include your pronouns in your signature.

c.2 - Avatar - The Avatar must be within the image size and file size specifications. Further, the avatar must not contain any questionable material; anything that may be considered Adult or overly graphic.

c.3 - Custom Title - The rules that apply to signature text apply to custom titles. Keep them clean and non-offensive.

c.4 - Away Message - The rules that apply to signature text apply in away messages. Keep them clean and non-offensive.

Now that you have read our rules, have a great time on the boards!

Note: The RPG Crossing Administrators reserve the right to change the rules at any time and without notice. Anything not expressly covered is subject to Administrator decision. An Administrator's word is final, regardless of your own interpretation of the rules.

The views of any Staff Member (Super Moderator) or Moderator (DM or Forum Moderator *not marked*) do not necessarily represent the views of the Administrators and Ownership.

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Competitions

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Competitions

A conflict of interest exists when a judge is influenced by any relationship or factor other than the merit of a competitor's entry. Essentially, a conflict of interest exists when this creates an impression of an unfair advantage. Generally speaking, we will address and avoid conflicts of interest where they are known or brought to our attention, and in the following specific ways:

  1. No judge may compete in, or have competed in, the same instance of a competition in which they are judging,
  2. No judge may participate in the writing of entries for any competitor, and
  3. No person may compete in an event that is judged, run, or organized by an immediate family member.*

It is the personal responsibility of each judge to ensure that they do not have conflicts of interest. If there is the possibility of conflict of interest, the judge must declare that potential conflict to the competition organiser so that a decision can be made about whether they can judge.

*Use the definition for immediate family member that you feel applies (any first or second degree family relationship might be a good baseline) remembering that it is the impression of advantage that matters as much as actual advantage conferred.

What Is An Infraction?
The following are GUIDELINES not mandatory, all inclusive, strictly held equations:

Rules Violation Points Expiration
RPXP Abuse 0 182 Day(s)
Signature Rule Violation 0 182 Day(s)
Non-commercial spam 0 182 Day(s)
Repeat RPXP Abuse 5 182 Day(s)
Repeat Signature Rule Violation 5 182 Day(s)
Posting Non-OGL or Copyrighted material 5 182 Day(s)
Inappropriate Language 5 182 Day(s)
Unauthorized Advertising 10 182 Day(s)
Flaming-Insulted Other Member(s)/Staff 10 182 Day(s)
Repeat Non-commercial spam 10 182 Day(s)
Repeat Posting Non-OGL/Copyrighted material 15 182 Day(s)
Repeat Inappropriate Language 15 182 Day(s)
Repeated Flaming 20 182 Day(s)
Repeat Unauthorized Advertising 20 182 Day(s)
Significant multiple violations 25 182 Day(s)
Repeat significant multiple violations 50 182 Day(s)
Spam Ads or Other Egregious violations 100 Never

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Automatic Ban:

Primary Usergroup Amount Ban Period
All Usergroups 25 1 Day(s)
All Usergroups 50 3 Day(s)
All Usergroups 75 7 Day(s)
All Usergroups 100 Permanent

Quite right. Quite right.

The system has been severely overhauled by the Administration. (The chart above lists out the new designations.)

As you can see, while flaming is only 10 points, "Repeated Flaming" is 20. That means there would be a 1 day ban (30/25 points) after the second offense. Also there is a general "Significant multiple violations" (25 pts) and "Repeat significant multiple violations" (50 pts) which the Moderator might elect to go with - plus extra points for foul language if appropriate to the situation.

However, there is always the human element which we very much rely on, encourage, and believe in. Our great people make us who we are - staff especially - and they have the ability to modify any of these guidelines. So staff can (and in some cases already have) modify any violations to make them "Warnings" which carry no point penalties or lift them after given when a member corrects the error or... well the scenarios are infinite and the bottom line is that we are people, dealing with other people and we could all make a mistake - we could all try to fix that mistake, and we can all use compassion. Or, we could smack down with the hand of vengeance as we often do on commercial spam artists.

The Forums
This site is made up of many different forums most of which represent current online games. Each forum is, in turn, assigned to a category which describes its function (usually the DnD version and campaign setting of the game), and usually indicates what you should expect to find within it.

There is also a row of links right above the main forum area. These links will help you navigate to the forums of the different game systems.

The categories are as follows:

Announcements, News and Events
Feedback & User Resources
Online Games
Other RPGs
Dungeons and Dragons Boards
Campaign Setting Creation

Below is a description of the main areas within each category. Things change from time to time but this is a good general guide.

Announcements, News and Events: This category contains the important administrative forums. Some aren't visible to every member. Announcements is where the site Admins post any important announcements and news about the site itself. It's a good idea to check it every so often to keep abreast with what's happening. Please do not post here unless you are one of the Admins--if you think something need announcing officially, pm one of them with it and let them do it if they feel it necessary.

Feedback & User Resources:
New User Introductions: This forum is a place where new members at RPG Crossing can introduce themselves to the community.
I'm Confused gives players an appropriate place to ask questions about how the site works, what certain things mean as well as being the location of the help and faq threads. In the Ask the Sage thread, players can ask short questions about procedure, basic rules and site etiquette. Any in depth rules questions should go in the Rules forum (see later!). Another important part of this forum is the Dice Testing thread - post in this to check how dice work - only post 5 times though.
Site Discussion is for just that. Post any bugs or errors in the running of the site, compliments and comments on features, suggestions for specific improvements or additions to the site, etc. If you don't know how something works, please use I'm Confused. If you think your game hasn't been created please try searching for it using the site Search function, or PMing the Admins, before posting here.

Online Games: This category begins the large section of online games as well as the Advertisements section.
Advertisements is your first stop to find games to play. Here DMs advertise spaces in their forthcoming games, and players advertise their heroic services to those seeking new players. Be polite, and don't use advert threads for general chat or dice rolling - either use PMs or wait for a game to be created. DMs, remember that an advert should tell players what they can expect from your game. This forum is for advertising games played on this site only.

OG D&D, 3.0e, 3.5e, & Other RPGs: These categories are subdivided according to campaign setting (Homebrew means made up by the DM, the rest are published worlds) and they contain the online games that are the purpose of this site. Each forum (or board, or game - they all refer to the same thing in this context) has a DM (or more than one). If you want to join a game, you should PM that person. Do not, under any circumstances, post requests to join in the middle of game threads - this really annoys DMs and players and may get you reprimanded or worse! Some hints and help on DMing can be found in a separate article, but remember that you determine the tone and the style of play - creativity and enthusiasm are invaluable in a DM in play-by-post roleplaying.

Dungeons and Dragons Boards: contain 'miscellaneous' forums for discussion of DnD and its rules, products and experiences.
General Discussion lets players interact out of character to talk about topics related to DnD, gaming and other related activities. Most things are acceptable here, but as always maintain good manners, don't post inflammatory or defamatory material, and don't make posts just for the sake of posting. Discussion about areas of real life are acceptable, but it's usually best to steer clear of real-life politics, real world religion and controversial subject matter. Note that while it's fine to mention religion, full-blown religious discussion / preaching is strictly forbidden.
D&D Rules is for discussing exactly that. Ask questions, or start discussions about, rules in the DnD compendia. If you are new to the game, then ask rules questions in the Ask the Sage thread. DMs can request clarification on rules and dilemmas from the immense body of collected knowledge and experience on these boards.
House Rules counterpoints the above forum and is for asking about house rules (ones that are not in official sourcebooks). Post made-up prestige classes, races, magic items etc here, or discuss variations you're thinking of trying out. See what others make of your pet house rulings as a DM!
D&D Products is for discussion of official game releases as well as related products for use with the DnD rule set. Review books, discuss their merits and criticise appropriately.
Your Roleplaying Experiences lets you regale us all with your favourite (or least favourite) stories about DMs, players, games, sessions, conventions etc.

Campaign Setting Creation: where Campaign Settings by RPG Crossing's own community are being created.

Have fun, good luck and happy gaming!

In the Advertisements Forum, you have the ability to advertise your PbP game at RPG Crossing or to try to show a DM your character's might! You may also advertise for game ideas to feel out interest for them.

To advertise, all you need to do is create a thread in the proper subforum, and try to follow these guidelines in your post:

Advertising a Character

Your post should probably follow this format:

[User Name]
[Time Zone]
[Posting Times/ Ability Per Day]

[Brief overview of why they should pick you]
[Link to character being advertised, if already created]
[If you wish, a quote to demonstrate posting style]
[The type of game you are looking to join, if any preference exists.]

Getting overly specific is usually a precursor to disappointment. DMs are looking for players who work well with others and add to their game's story. The chances a DM is looking especially for your 27th level half-fiendish paladin are slim. Demonstrate instead that you can make a positive contribution to the party, show a little flexibility, and you might be surprised at how many takers you get.

Advertising a PbP Game

Your post should probably follow this format:

[Game Name]
[Dungeon Master(s)]

[A brief description of the game]

[What kind of characters you are looking for]

Make sure you mention any homebrew races, classes and rules if they will impact the players. Also, players make judgments about your DMing prowess based on how coherent, grammatically correct, and just plain interesting your advertisement is. Some DMs choose to post their adventure concept first, to see if they have enough interested players, before applying for a game to be created.

Community Supporters
RPG Crossing's Community Supporter Accounts are loaded with essential features for the dedicated gamer. Enjoy larger avatars than even site Staff, have a 1000 PM inbox, have a "CS" image under your username, unlimited folder management, and most importantly, support RPG Crossing and help pay for hosting expenses.

The subscription lasts for exactly one year and costs about the same as a single rulebook. Community Supporter Accounts are how you, the user, can help this fabulous forum-based gaming community.

Cost: $36/year. Please see the notes at the bottom of this section for suggestions to keep in mind when you're paying.

  1. PM Inbox capacity raised from 100 messages to 1000
  2. Ability to PM up to 25 people at once instead of only 5
  3. Control whether read receipts are sent out when PMs are read
  4. The option to appear invisible on the Site in the "Who's Online" and profile status
  5. A snazzy green username
  6. Avatar size of 200 x 100 pixels instead of only 80 x 80
  7. A badge to wear proudly
  8. BBcode doesn't count toward signature character limit
  9. Access to the Community Supporter forum, which includes:
    • Ability to request specific new Site features in the Wishes Thread
    • A Personal Private Thread (PPT) to store links, character sheets, etc
    • Opportunity to play the Community Supporter Exclusive Adventure (CSEA) - available in PF 1e
    • Community Supporter only game recruitment and discussion threads
  10. Nearly automatic Game Request approval - at scarily swift speeds
  11. An unlimited hierarchy of game folders
  12. Skip to the front of the line for a New Player Solo Game (NPSG)
  13. Automatically expunge themselves from the new member status
  14. A hand in voting for the annual induction of Hall of Fame games
  15. Knowing they are contributing to our amazing Community
  16. ... more to come!

Here is a chart comparing Registered User Accounts to Community Supporter Accounts.

  Registered User Community Supporter  
Description Standard RPG Crossing User CS Account with added features. Paid Subscription.  
Username Markup None Green  
User Rank Image No  
Can Set Self Invisible No Yes You are able to browse the forums while appearing to be offline. For Invisibility, go to your User CP (My Account or Settings) then to Edit Options. There is a choice for invisibility at the top.
Avatar Size 80 px x 80 px 200 px x 100 px  
Avatar File Size 20kb 70kb  
Max Stored PMs 100 1000  
Max Mass-PM Recipients 5 25  
Can Deny PM Read Receipt Request No, automatically acknowledges PMs when opened Yes  
Can View Detailed Location of Users No Yes Viewing detailed user locations. When you view someone's profile, you are able to see exactly where on the Site they are.
Extra   Previews of New Features
Access to Wish Thread, and PPTs
Preference in the NPSG queue
... and more!
Cost Free $36/1 Year  

How do I sign up?
You can become a Community Supporter by going into your user control panel (My Account or Settings) and then to Paid Subscriptions, or by clicking this link: Become a Community Supporter Now!

What method of payment is acceptable?
RPG Crossing currently uses PayPal to service our monetary transactions. You may pay by PayPal account or by major credit card. You can also pay by check or money order; this takes a little longer. Please PM Birched for instructions if you'd prefer to go this route.

Please observe the following when considering payment:

- There could be a lag of several hours between payment and your upgrade to CS status.

- When paying, please, please be patient. If problems arise, contact your nearest Staff member.

Thanks for your support, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask--!

Thread and Posting Options

The Favorites feature can be used to keep track of games you are playing or DMing.

To add a game to your Favorites, access the Game Tools drop down menu in the game board. From there, click (depending on the style, the text may be different) "Add to Favorites".

The game will appear in the your user Control Panel, which can be accessed by the My Account button on the navigation bar. It will also appear on the cmps_index page in a left-hand bar above your buddy list.

Please note, there is no way to control the order in which Favorite games appear.

To remove a game from your Favorites, head to your User Control Panel (My Account). Under the name of each Favorite, you'll see a link to "Unsubscribe" from that forum. Clicking this will remove it from your Favorites list.

Thread Categories
Thread Categories can be used to denote a thread’s characteristics in a play by post game. For example, all game threads would fit under the “Game Thread” category, all OOC threads would fit under the “OOC Category,” and all game information threads would fit under the “Information Category.”

1. Click “New Topic”
2. Open Category dropdown menu. (Located near “Title Box.”)
3. Choose Category. (Advertisement, Game Thread, OOC, Mechanics, Information, Characters)
4. Type post.
5. Click “Submit New Thread.”

Game Management Tools for DMs
The Dungeon Master Control Panel incorporates a number of tools that can be used to manage folders and subfolders within games (requires a CS account for full access or 1000+ posts/6+ months for limited access) and to apply for new game forums.

Private Threads
To make a private thread, click on New Thread. After titling the thread, and making your message, you will see a group of options near the bottom of the page for making the thread private.

Only Selected Users

To make it so that only selected users can see and post in the thread, click on the radio button and fill in the names of the users you want to be able to see and post in the thread at the bottom, separating their names by a ;.

Make VERY sure to include your own username as a precaution!

Selected Users Cannot See the Thread

Use this option so that the users you select cannot see the thread. Use the same way of filling in the text box as above. Note that "Guests" (non-logged in viewers) will still be able to see the thread.

Selected Usergroups

Use these options so that only selected usergroups can (or can't) see the thread. This option is generally useless to users (as all are in the same usergroup), but quite helpful for Moderators and Administrators.

Making an Existing Thread Private

This can be achieved only if you moderate the forum and can see the thread. Go into the thread and then to Thread Tools. Click on the "Edit Thread" radio button and then on "Perform Action". From there, you will have the same options as shown above.

Character Database
The Character Database is a 3eProfiler integration. It allows users to create characters and store them on the site.

Accessing the Database
To access the database, open the Tools dropdown menu on the navigation bar.

Creating a Character

Clicking on "My Characters" (not "My Characters (old)") will take you to a page from which you can create new characters and edit their options.

From this page, it's quite simple to create a character. In the text box, enter an alphanumeric (letters and numbers only) name for your character sheet.
Immediately under that text box is a selection for the template you wish to use. Currently, we only have one template, but we plan on integrating others in the near future.
Press "Create" to create your character sheet!
The character will show up in the middle of the page. Clicking the link to that character will open a new window where you can edit the character sheet information.

Filling In Your Character Sheet

To fill in the character sheet you just type numbers into the appropriate spaces, as you would a paper sheet (though it will work out some of the math for you). Click on the save changes at the bottom of the sheet before exiting otherwise the changes will, quite simply, not be saved.

Remember that, for security, cookie timeouts do occur, so it may be a good idea to save periodically just to make sure your work isn't wasted.

Modifying Character Options

To edit your character options, you go through the same link in Tools. However, you go down to the bottom of a page. There will be a drop down box where you can select the character whose options you wish to edit. Select the character and press "Go!"

The Character Options Page

Applying Public Permission

From this page, you can apply the Public Permission to your sheet, so that others may view your character sheet (generally necessary for playing with it). Note that this will not give anyone else permission to edit your character sheet.

Remove Your Character

You can also remove your character by pressing the "Remove Character" button.

Choosing a New Template

There is another chooser for the template. Again, there are no other templates, but we hope to bring more into our system soon.

Download Your Character's XML Information

You can download the xml file for your character as well using the options presented here.

Upload a Character XML File

We do not yet support uploading a character xml fiile.

Linking to Your Characters in Your Profile

To link a character to your profiler, you will need to copy the URL of your character, and paste it into the appropriate section of your User Profile.

First, you will need to enter your User Control Panel. Click on 'Edit Details'. Scroll down to the section titled 'Characters.' To have a link to your character(s) appear in your user profile, copy the link location of the character sheet and paste it in the box titled 'Character Link.'

When someone clicks on your username, now, a pop-up box will appear where they can view the character links that you place here.

How to Upload a .dnd4e Character Builder Sheet
If you'd like to post a character sheet at the site using the file generated by the 4e Character Builder, this is how to do it.
  1. Go to the current version of our profiler here.
  2. Create a new character (bottom of that page) using the 'd20 4e DnD (recommended)' template option.
  3. Return to the character options menu.
  4. Click the 'Edit' option in the right hand column of that sheet's row.
  5. Go to 'Restore Character' at the bottom of the page.
  6. 'Browse' your computer to select the .dnd4e sheet that you want to upload.
  7. 'Using Format' '4EInsider XML' ('Auto Detect' will not work)
  8. Click 'Upload' and you're done!

Secret Text

Secret Text is a feature that allows you to write a hidden message within a post and to specify the users that will be able to see this message. Secret Text is, in a way, a misnomer because it's not just limited to text. Also note that when typing in names, you have to have the names correct with the exception of case.

Here's how it works for a single recipient.

[secret=username] Your secret message, which may include anything from text to hyperlinks, images, dice rolls--anything you can place in a post regularly--will only be seen by the specified users! [/secret]

Adding more recipients is easy!


By placing a comma with no space between each name, you can allow as many as 5 people to view your secret message. You don't need to include youself. The secret text creator can always view their own secret creation, as can Super Mods or Admins.

Here's tips for how to ensure that nobody knows you're placing secret text in your post: Don't make a post with only secret text. It's just a little bit obvious. Do not make a line break (press enter to skip to the next line) to begin the secret text tag. The formatting takes care of that for you.

Finally, use the Preview function to check your work...it can be very embarassing to post, hustle off and do something else, and then return...only to find the world has seen your SECRET message due to a formatting mishap!

Making Tables in Posts
At its simplest, a table is a grid that separates and organizes information. You can create a table using the [table] and [/table] tags. Table columns are separated by a vertical break | (shift-slash on standard keyboards), and rows are automatically ended wherever you start a new line (by hitting Enter).

Here is some code for a simple table:
[table] Q | R
a | 1 [/table]

Table Options:
Within the opening table tag, you may add an equal sign followed by options within a set of quotation marks. Options are separated by semicolons. The format is: table="???;??;?"
Do not add any spaces to the tag - this will cause it to not work properly. Similarly, using quotation marks within your table options will prevent it from working properly.

Options you may use are:
headdefines the first line as a header, changing its shading; does not get sorted
sort=1d,3sorts the table in the column order indicated (in this example, 1 then 3); defaults to ascending order unless 'd' is appended to the column number
autonum=1inserts a left-hand side column with automatic numbering (can replace '1' with 'A' or 'a')
autonumtitle='???'defines the title for the autonumbered column
width=??%sets table width; units must be supplied, and can optionally be px or em instead of %
css=paddedpads all table cells
css=emphborders all table cells
css=centcenters all table cells

In addition to the above, each table entry may be preceded with a tag to merge it with the following cell(s). At the beginning of any entry, you may add [U][B]{colsp=?}[/B][/U] to set the given entry to occupy ? columns.

Finally, some formatting can be applied to table rows, but putting {format-type} at the beginning of the row, before the data for the row. Options you may use are:
Row OptionEffect
css=centcenters all cells in the row
css=rightright justifies all cells in the row
css=emphborders all cells in the row

Using many of these options, here's another example:
Fancy Q R S T
Ahello everybody 
Bb 2 Y /
Cb 1 Z =
Da 2 Y -
Ea 2 Z *
Fa 1 X +

The code for that table looks like:
[table="head;sort=1d,2d,3;autonum=A;autonumtitle='Fancy';width=10%;css=cent;css=padded"] Q | R | S | T
a | 1 | X | +
{css=emph}a | 2 | Y | -
a | 2 | Z | *
{css=right} b | 2 | Y | /
b | 1 | Z | =
{colsp=3}hello everybody[/table]

Including images in posts using the IMG bbcode tag

RPG Crossing has several bbcode tags that enable the insertion of images into posts. All use the same syntax. These include:

IMGinserts an image in the regular flow of text
IMGLinserts an image to the left of the text
IMGRinserts an image to the right of the text

Syntax (applies to all image tags):

  • [IMG]https://your.link.here[/IMG]
  • [IMG="your caption text here"]https://your.link.here[/IMG]

All images must be served from HTTPS-enabled sites, and referenced with HTTPS urls. Examples of https-enabled sites where users can host their own images include your own shared space in the cloud, imgur.com, discord (if you have your own server, you can upload images there and serve them), postimage.org, and others.

As always, per the site rules, you shall not provide any content that may give rise to our civil or criminal liability or which may constitute or be considered a violation of any local, national or international law, including but not limited to laws relating to copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secrets. All content at RPG Crossing must be PG-13 and conform to all site rules.

For help with other bbcode tags, there is a complete list of bbcode tags active on this site.

This help file updated 26 Jan 2021.

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