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Old 07-27-2007, 03:01 PM
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Who are they...?

Head Honcho
  • Birched

  • Birched
  • Admin TeufelHeunden
  • Chronicler

Administrators (Admins)
  • Admin Chuck
  • Admin RonarsCorruption
  • Admin TeufelHeunden

Super-Moderators (Mods)
  • Aethera
  • Dirkoth
  • EngrInAZ
  • HenryLockwood
  • hvg3akaek
  • ItsaVerb
  • jj_wolven
  • Jondera
  • moozuba
  • Nimlos
  • RedRab
  • Squeak
  • zevonian
  • Bhelogan
  • chocoladevla
  • Ion2Atom
  • Inem
  • Neqq

Each of these Admins and Moderators are responsible for specific areas of the site, and are often listed as 'DMs' of the forums that they are responsible for. If you have a concern, please contact a current staff member that is responsible for the area in which you are having an issue. Different people have different levels of activity, and this fluctuates often, so your best bet is going to be to contact the responsible Staff Member that has the most recent on-site activity.

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Old 11-12-2007, 08:55 PM
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Last Visit: 05-21-2017
RPXP: 250
ridin gaijin ridin gaijin ridin gaijin
Posts: 8,431
What do they do..?

Admins, Moderators...what's the difference?

A Moderator is technically called a Super Moderator. Why? Because everyone who DMs a forum is the moderator of that forum. You can see deleted posts, move threads, stuff like that. Well, a Super Moderator has all those same powers, but all over the site. S/He is a moderator of every forum.

Administrators are different. An Administrator's job entails more work with the 'bones' of the site. So I thought I'd post an explanation of the difference between the roles, to help clarify things and to help indicate whom you should approach with a particular question or problem.

Among other things, a Moderator can:
  • Serve as a reference (or referee) on questions of Site Rules and etiquette
  • Lock and unlock threads, and also move them, anywhere on the site
  • Address bad/reported posts by modifying or deleting them, anywhere on the site
  • Warn or infract a member for poor conduct, and ban temporarily or permanently
  • Alter members' signatures and avatars if necessary
So, if you need to do one of these things, ask a Moderator. There are a lot of them and they're helpful and easy to deal with.

Now, an Admin can handle all of the above, and then some. Uniquely, an Admin can:
  • Create games, which are simply new forums
  • Create, rename and move folders
  • Deal with forgotten passwords
  • Remove DMs from forums

Obviously this is not to say an Admin will do these things just because you request it. For example, there's a process for creating new games, and going around it by asking an Admin to set one up for you specially will only aggravate him.

In short, if you need help dealing with posts, or have questions or issues with something about the site or the community, talk to a Moderator first. Each one was invited into the role because they genuinely like to help, and you'll find they're some of the most experienced members of the community. On the other hand if you have needs relating to the structure of the site and its forums, then ask an Admin.

EDIT by Admin Toad`:
It should also be noted that each and every Staff member, regardless of their title, shall be 100% approachable by any Site member. If you have an issue, bring it up to the closest red name - if they can't help you, they will forward you on to someone that can.

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