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Old Sep 3rd, 2008, 11:39 PM
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Vault Citizen Records

This is where you are to Post your characters. The Character Sheets are on a Different Page.

Note - That I will be giving you a Registration Code. As Vault 100, keeps a intricate system of records.
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Old Sep 15th, 2008, 06:16 AM
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Prone to change, obviously. Tagging Sexual Prowess is just until I decide on something better.

Name: Tony "Pretty-Boy" Mercy
Age: 23
Race/Species: Human Vault Dweller
Role: Dexterity Boy (Acrobatics / Martial Arts)
Rolemodel: A strange combination of Bruce Lee and The Fonz.
Status: Alive, Single, Heterosexual, And Looking.
Vault Identification Number: 19583371V100

Personality: Vain is a good place to start. Apathetic pops up as well. "You can have your vices as long as I can have mine," is sort of the philosophy he lives by. A borderline-narcissistic womanizing acrobat-for-hire it appears that his "live and let live" way of life is his only real redeeming feature, that is unless he's on the job. Being a fist-fighter in a post-apacolyptic world he's been on both sides of the law, and frankly didn't care which he was on.

Description: Likes to think that just because the world has ended it doesn't mean Style is dead. Loves to imagine himself in as a devil-in-a-fancy-suit like from the old movies complete with the stereotype red tye and undershirt, but post-apacolypse it will probably remain just a dream. Tries to stay well groomed and well dressed he'll probably be the only person for miles with a comb, a razor, a hand mirror, and nailclippers.
At least believing himself to be quite handsome his smaller frame is physically very well toned, like a professional acrobat, consummate martial artist, or personal trainer. Dark hair, blue eyes, and always grinning like he knows something you don't. Carries himself like someone who knows how to really hurt someone with his body, like a shark trolling for chum.

Background: Tony always was the mean little kid. The bully instead of the bullied, he unfortunetly ruined the old stereotype of bullies growing up to be nobodies. True he did seem rather aimless for a long time, that is until he found the remants of the Kung Fu and Boxing movies section. Loving the idea of kicking people once and knocking them down, Tony would finally take to martial arts and acrobatics training. Maybe it wasn't a surprise that he had the natural talent to excell, but it was certainly interesting to see how far he'd go given his dislike of actual work. The bullying did tone down in his teens after Tony discovered girls, but likeable? Bah.
Now an adult, Tony has fortunately decided not being a bully is much better for his stress- but otherwise is still the vain jerk he's always been. Only now he's also considered one of the best unarmed fighters in the vault as well. As the G.O.A.T. has revealed he's not particularly smart or percetive, but he "flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee". As long as he doesn't have to make any important descisions for the group it should be okay. Just don't tell anyone he's mostly doing this to see if there's any non-vault hotties out there.

Strength: 8
Perception: 3
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 10
Luck: 5

Small Frame - +1 Agility, Carrying Weight 15 x Strength
Gifted - +5 Character Points, -10% All Skills and -5 Skill Points each level.

Survival Kit
Extra Tioletries

Secondary Stats
Hit Points: 41
Action Points: 10.
Carry Weight: 145
Melee Damage: 3
Poison Resistance: 45
Radiation Resistance: 18
Gas Resistance: 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance: 30%
Damage Resistance: 0 (Unless Armor adds to this)
Damage Threshold: (Amount of Damage a piece of Armor can stop)
Sequence: 6
Healing Rate: 3
Critical Chance:5% Base Critical Chance

AIM, Direct Fire: -4%
AIM, Indirect Fire: -7%
Bows: 30%
Cross Bows: 30%
Pistols: 30%
Rifles: 30%
Shotguns: 30%
Assault Shotguns: 20%
Sub Machine Guns: 20%
Assault Rifles: 20%
Machine Guns: 10%
Mini-Guns: 10%
TLP Launchers: 10%
SPP Launchers: 10%
Reactive Fluid Weapons: 0%
Small Beam Weapons: 0%
Large Beam Weapons: 0%
Small Plasma Weapons: 0%
Large Plasma Weapons: 0%
Pulse Weapons: 0%
Unarmed: 84% (Tag + 10 Points)
Brawling: 44%
Boxing: 84% (Tag + 10 Points)
Powered Boxing: 26%
Blunt Weapons: 26%
Axes and Cleavers: 26%
Swords: 26%
Spears: 26%
Knives: 26%
Powered Weapons: 8%
Throwing: 3%
Primitive Thrown Weapons: 16%
Grenades: 16%
First Aid: 6%
Doctor: -2%
Sneak: 3%
Lockpicking: 3%
Safe Cracking: 3%
Electronic Lockpicking: -2%
Steal: 20%
Traps: 13%
Complex Traps: 8%
Demolitions: 3%
Science, Biology: 10%
Science, Chemistry: 16%
Science, Computers: 20%
Science, Geology: 6%
Science, Invent: 0%
Science, Teach: -5%
Repair, Electronics: 5%
Repair, Firearms: 20%
Repair, Mechanical: 5%
Repair, Melee: 6%
Repair, Plumbing: -2%
Repair, Woodworking: 20%
Aircraft: 5%
Watercraft: 20%
Landcraft: 35%
Warcraft: 5%
Speech: 60% (Tag + 10 Points)
Barter: 14%
Cheating: 3%
Dice: 15%
Cards: 15%
Sports: 15%
Machines: 15%
Wilderness Lore: 18%
Tracking: -2%
Navigation: -2%
Swimming: 47% (Tag + 10 Points)
Climbing: 47% (Tag + 10 Points)
Sexual Prowess: 45% (Tag + 10 Points)
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Old Sep 15th, 2008, 06:11 PM
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Name : Leonie Archer
Age : 19
Race/Species : Human Vault Dweller
Role : Melee/Charmer
Rolemodel : Eleanor of Aquitaine
Status : Alive, Single, Heterosexual
Vault Identification Number: 19584401V100

Personality : Leonie is quite aware of her reputation as weird, and rather enjoys it. It amuses her, and she likes to laugh. Indeed, it's hard to tell if she's taking something seriously or not, as she generally acts like everything's a joke. She's generally kind, at her worst, she never indulges in worse then mild verbal cruelties, and then, only when greatly provoked. She doesn't usually care much about other people, because, in her experience, none of them care very much about her. She'll generally do her best to help anyone who needs help, but because she considers that's the correct thing to do, not out of any particular warmth of feeling.

Description : Leonie looks like an acrobat, or a dancer, or, possibly, a changeling. She's on the short side, at 5'2", with bright reddish brown hair and green eyes. Her features are more then slightly vulpine, and she's usually wearing a slight smile. Cute describes her better then beautiful does, an allegation she strongly resents.

Traits: Small Frame

Strength : 6
Perception : 5
Endurance : 5
Charisma : 8
Intelligence : 6
Agility : 8
Luck : 3

Secondary Stats
Hit Points : 31
Action Points : 8
Carry Weight : 90 lbs
Melee Damage : 1
Poison Resistance : 25%
Radiation Resistance : 10%
Gas Resistance : 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance : 30%
Damage Resistance : 0 (Unless Armor adds to this)
Damage Threshold : (Amount of Damage a piece of Armor can stop)
Sequence : 10
Healing Rate : 1
Critical Chance : 3%

AIM, Direct Fire : 10%
AIM, Indirect Fire : 45% (Tag)
Bows : 72% (Tag)
Cross Bows : 32%.
Pistols : 32%
Rifles : 32%
Shotguns : 32%
Assault Shotguns : 24%.
Sub Machine Guns : 24%
Assault Rifles : 24%
Machine Guns : 16%
Mini-Guns : 16%
TLP Launchers : 16%
SPP Launchers : 16%
Reactive Fluid Weapons : 8%
Small Beam Weapons : 8%
Large Beam Weapons : 8%
Small Plasma Weapons : 8%
Large Plasma Weapons : 8%
Pulse Weapons : 8%
Unarmed : 42%
Brawling : 42%
Boxing : 42%
Powered Boxing : 28%
Blunt Weapons : 28%
Axes and Cleavers : 28%
Swords : 88% (Tag)
Spears : 28%
Knives : 28%
Powered Weapons : 14%
Throwing : 13%
Primitive Thrown Weapons : 24%
Grenades : 24%
First Aid : 22%
Doctor : 51% (Tag)
Sneak : 13%
Lockpicking : 12%
Safe Cracking : 12%
Electronic Lockpicking : 12%
Steal : 24%
Traps : 23%
Complex Traps : 18%
Demolitions : 13%
Science, Biology : 24%
Science, Chemistry : 22%
Science, Computers : 28%
Science, Geology : 22%
Science, Invent : 12%
Science, Teach : 6%
Repair, Electronics : 14%
Repair, Firearms : 28%
Repair, Mechanical : 14%
Repair, Melee : 42% (Tag)
Repair, Plumbing : 11%
Repair, Woodworking : 28%
Aircraft : 13%
Watercraft : 26%
Landcraft : 39%
Warcraft : 11%
Speech : 80% (Tag)
Barter : 32%
Cheating : 13%
Dice : 15%
Cards : 15%
Sports : 15%
Machines : 15%
Wilderness Lore : 22%
Tracking : 11%
Navigation : 11%
Swimming : 11%
Climbing : 11%
Sexual Prowess : 13%

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Old Sep 15th, 2008, 06:57 PM
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Name : Jim “Jimmy D.” Denison
Age : 23
Race/Species : Human
Role : Boxer/Mechanic/Handyman/Driver
Role model : “The Dane” (A popular pre-war boxer)
Status : Alive - Single
Vault Identification Number: 19583783V100

Personality :
Jim likes all sports, but absolutely loves boxing. Though generally considered more a lover than a fighter, by those who know him at least, Jim spends a lot of time thinking about, and participating in boxing. When he is not thinking about boxing, which is rarely, Jim usually fantasizes about how wonderful a car would be. A car advertisement clipped out of an old magazine, and a faded pair of blue boxing gloves are two of his most prized possessions. Jim likes his work well enough, but not like sports.

Overall Jim is a fairly good guy. He is pretty conservative in the value department and has some serious homophobic feelings, but is polite and respectful to just about everyone except those who are “weaklings”. Even then he is fairly nice, if a bit stiff. When is comes to decision making Jim is a follower, siding with the majority. Though he is smarter than he looks, Jim prefers to let others do the heavy thinking and let him get back to his fantasies of boxing championships, and driving fast cars.

Description :
Jim is “Big Boned” or “Solid” depending on the person. No matter what you call him it would hard to call him fat. He has wide powerful shoulders that swallow up the area where his neck would normally be. His green eyes have a somewhat piggish look and are overcast by a pair of bushy eyebrows. Topping it all off his blonde hair is cut short in a military style. His big meaty hands are usually covered in some sort of grease which could be also sported on his clothing, and even in his hair depending on what he has been working on recently.

Background :
anything, how many friends do you have, etc)
During his younger years Jim had the luxury of devoting all of his energy to sports. He was the typical jock. Played sports, drank be—Synthahol, and generally caused trouble. He never did pick on those who were not as popular, but he most definitely viewed the “weaklings” and “weirdoes” with disdain.

Jim really never paid much attention in his classes, and so when it came time for him to become a “productive” member of the vault Jim was assigned into a low level mechanical role. Much to many people’s surprise, Jim did quite well and was given much more responsibility (in that he was allowed to work on more important machines). In his new role Jim found that he had a natural gift for dealing with machines that made him stand out in his job. This small measure of fame reached the Overseer quickly, and he was “volunteered” to join the new mission to the wastes outside. Thus far, Jim hasn’t really made up his mind on how he feels about that just yet.

Strength : 8
Perception : 6
Endurance : 6
Charisma : 4
Intelligence : 10
Agility : 6
Luck : 5

You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills. Your statistics are better than the average person, but your skills are lacking. You get 5 more Character Points to distribute among your Primary Statistics, but all skills get a 10% penalty and you receive 5 less Skill Points per level.

Chem Resistant
Chems only affect you half as long as normal, but your chance to be addicted is only 50% the normal amount.

Secondary Stats
Hit Points : 32/35
Action Points : 8
Carry Weight : 225 lbs
Melee Damage : 3
Poison Resistance : 30%
Radiation Resistance : 12%
Gas Resistance : 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance : 30% (For being Human)
Damage Resistance : 0 (Unless Armor adds to this)
Damage Threshold : 0 (Amount of Damage a piece of Armor can stop)
Sequence : 12 - (Determines what place you go in Combat, I.e. Initiative)
Healing Rate : 2
Critical Chance : 5%

Bedroll (To sleep in)
Two Water Bottles (Printed with Vault 100 on both sides)
Two Person Tent
Side Arm (A Gun - Handgun that is - I will give you the Stats and such later.)
Extra Clip / Ammo (A Single Clip with bullets filling it)
Rations (Vault Tec processed Rations. Just add water! 7 days worth each)
Survival Knife (A Short All Purpose Knife, very sturdy. Not made for fighting)
Toiletries (Yes, It is what you think it is - Tooth brush, Paste, Toilet Paper, etc )
Closed Circuit Radio
Mechanics Kit (Tools basically, nothing big. But enough to repair most things includes a small crowbar)
Change of Clothes (One set of clothes change)

A Pipboy 2000 Plus (Arm mounted, Fallout 2 version) Has inbuilt Geiger counter, etc.

- Energy Weapons, Indirect Weapons, Driving Skills and Demolitions is limited. Please ask before taking any of these as a Tag skill, or sinking more than five into any one.
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Old Sep 15th, 2008, 10:30 PM
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:: Deceased ::

Still a work in Progress, I'm slowing down the game I know. If theres anything wrong let me know.

Name: Samuel Dobbs
Age: 31
Race/Species: Human Vault Dweller
Role: Shady Character (Handguns, Breaking and Entering & Charisma)
Rolemodel: Humphrey Bogart
Status: Alive and kicking


Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 6

Finesse: -30% Damage, +10& Critical Chance
Fast Shot: Cannot do Targeted Attacks, Attacks cost 1 less AP.

Secondary Stats
Hit Points: 27
Action Points: 8
Carry Weight: 125
Melee Damage: 1
Poison Resistance: 20
Radiation Resistance: 8
Gas Resistance: 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance: 30%
Damage Resistance: 0 (Unless Armor adds to this)
Damage Threshold: (Amount of Damage a piece of Armor can stop)
Sequence: 12
Healing Rate: 1
Critical Chance: 16% Base Critical Chance

AIM, Direct Fire: 34 (Tag +12)
AIM, Indirect Fire: 6
Bows: 28
Cross Bows: 28
Pistols: 46(Tag +8)
Rifles: 46(Tag +8)
Shotguns: 28
Assault Shotguns: 21
Sub Machine Guns: 21
Assault Rifles: 21
Machine Guns: 14
Mini-Guns: 14
TLP Launchers: 14
SPP Launchers: 14
Reactive Fluid Weapons: 7
Small Beam Weapons: 7
Large Beam Weapons: 7
Small Plasma Weapons: 7
Large Plasma Weapons: 7
Pulse Weapons: 7
Unarmed: 33
Brawling: 33
Boxing: 33
Powered Boxing: 22
Blunt Weapons: 22
Axes and Cleavers: 22
Swords: 22
Spears: 22
Knives: 22
Powered Weapons: 11
Throwing: 26
Primitive Thrown Weapons: 20
Grenades: 20
First Aid: 24
Doctor: 12
Sneak: 30 (+4)
Lockpicking: 13
Safe Cracking: 12
Electronic Lockpicking: 12
Steal: 21
Traps: 23
Complex Traps: 28
Demolitions: 13
Science, Biology: 24
Science, Chemistry: 24
Science, Computers: 26
Science, Geology: 24
Science, Invent: 12
Science, Teach: 6
Repair, Electronics: 13
Repair, Firearms: 26
Repair, Mechanical: 13
Repair, Melee: 24
Repair, Plumbing: 12
Repair, Woodworking: 26
Aircraft: 13
Watercraft: 26
Landcraft: 39
Warcraft: 12
Speech: 39(+4)
Barter: 32(+4)
Cheating: 13
Dice: 30
Cards: 30
Sports: 30
Machines: 30
Wilderness Lore: 28(Tag +8)
Tracking: 30(Tag +8)
Navigation: 30(Tag +8)
Swimming: 8
Climbing: 8
Sexual Prowess: 11
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Sara Miller

Name : Sara Miller
Age : 21
Race/Species : Human
Role : Sniper
Rolemodel :
Status : Alive

Personality :
Sara's personality can be summed up as curious. Why did she keep breaking into those locked rooms? To see what was in them. Why did she sneak around the overseer's workstation? To see what it looked like. Sara's insatiable curiosity has gotten her into a lot of trouble, but has developed some skills that probably aren't that typical for a vault dweller.

As a vault dweller in a utopian society, Sara has never been affected by greed. Everything she needed was provided for, and if she ever needed anything extra, she knew she just had to ask. If it was something less common, she just had to pull a few shifts. Unfortunately, this also has instilled some boundary problems for her. Since everything is free, she never saw the problem with using things that belonged to other people. She never stole rations, or anything malicious. But sometimes she would take things without asking, and return them later.

Sara is a cheerful girl that likes to socialize and talk when she isn't out being "curious". She thrives on social contact and has several good friends, both men and women. Her personality could be described as 'spunky' or 'overly optimistic' as well. This probably can get a little annoying to her circle of friends, but they seem to find something interesting about her.

Description :
Sara is a small girl, barely reaching 5 feet. She has dirty blond hair that she keeps cut to her shoulders, and has a hint of copper in it. Her eyes are a washed out blue. Her physique is lithe. Her muscles are toned, but not bulky. She generally wears fairly tight fitting clothing, since its easier to perform feats of agility without a bunch of loose clothing fluttering all over the place. She likes her jumpsuit, however, and can be found wearing it on her off shift at times.
Background :
Sara was noted at a young age for her agility and balance. She excelled at playing hide and seek, and was in gymnastics since an early age. As she progressed through the vault school system, she never particularly stood out. She was an average student with average grades. Her less than stellar school performance is contributed to her love for extra-curricular activities. While not necessarily stupid, she just didn't care what the cubed root of -27 was, or how to form a sentence properly. She cared even less about history, as important a subject it was, and was dismal in geography. She was passing in the sciences, but still, she really didn't care.

What had Sara so interested was what she got to do after school. Her gymnastics lessons were a highlight of her day. Her father took her to the shooting range to teach her how to shoot, and she was pretty good at it. Her curiosity led her to exploring less used parts of the vault, and finding out what was in those restricted areas. She was often brought before the Overseer for turning up in the reactor room, storage areas, and main frame rooms. She wasn't usually punished, since she didn't do any harm, she just wanted to see what was there. Concerns were expressed on her ability to get into locked doors, however, and as she got older, a more watchful eye was put on her.

She eventually grew out of breaking into restricted areas. Not because she couldn't sneak out anymore, but, well, she knew what was in them. There are only so many places to explore in a vault before it gets old. She began getting into less and less trouble, until her forays only happened every couple months or so, and usually ended in her not getting caught.

After passing vault school, she took her G.O.A.T.s and was placed in vault security. This came as no surprise to her, or anyone, for that matter. Sara did well in her new job, not there was much for a security officer to do in the peaceful utopia. Her hobbies over the past 3 years haven't changed much from school, gymnastics, running, riflery. She still did the occasional foray of sneakery, but more to keep her skills sharp then for any other reason. Upon hearing that there was a call for volunteers for exploring the outside, Sara jumped at the chance and put in her application right away. She couldn't beleive her luck as she was standing at the air lock, waiting to see this "outside" and "sun" for the very first time.

Level: 1
Exp: 0

Strength :6
Perception :9
Endurance :4
Charisma :4
Intelligence :5
Agility :10
Luck :8

Secondary Stats
Hit Points : 26/29
Action Points : 10
Carry Weight : 115
Melee Damage : 1
Poison Resistance : 20
Radiation Resistance : 8
Gas Resistance : 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance : 30%
Damage Resistance : 0
Damage Threshold :
Sequence : 18
Healing Rate : 1
Critical Chance : 8%

Small Frame


Survival Kit
Backpack:Bedroll (To sleep in)
Two Water Bottles (Printed with Vault 100 on both sides)
Two Person Tent
Rations (Vault Tec processed Rations. Just add water! 7 days worth each)
Survival Knife (A Short All Purpose Knife, very sturdy. Not made for fighting)
Toiletries (Yes, It is what you think it is - Tooth brush, Paste, Toilet Paper, etc )

Change of Clothes (One set of clothes change)
A Pipboy 2000 Plus (Arm mounted, Fallout 2 version) Has inbuilt Geiger counter, etc.
Closed Circuit Radio
Gun Kit (Repair and Re-oiling / Tuning equipment for Guns)

Colt 6520Min. ST: 3
W: 4 lbs.
Dmd: +6
Rng: 19
AP -
S: 5
T: 6
B: N/A

Ammo: 10mm
AC: 0 DR: -10 Vol: 20 Dmg: 1d6
20 rounds in 2 clips. 8 rounds loaded.

M14a2 EQMin. ST: 4
W: 15 lbs.
Dmg: +8
Rng: 30
AP -
S: 5
T: 6
B: N/A

Ammo: 5.56
AC: 0 DR: -20 Vol: 50 Dmg: 1d8
20 rounds in 2 clips. 10 rounds loaded.


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Name : Rosemary Gray
Age : 31
Race/Species : Human (Vault Dweller)
Role : Geek
Rolemodel : The Overseer
Status : Alive, Single
Vault Identification Number: 19583615V100

Personality :Rosemary is, put absolutely simply, a bore. She is strictly by-the-book and gloomily serious. She considers herself a realist; everyone else considers her a pessimist. However, she is also highly intelligent and extremely competent. Never one to play with the other kids, a young Rosemary was always in the library, or the computer room, or some other area catching up on her science and history. Most citizens of the vault assume this is because she's incapable of having fun.

The truth is slightly brighter: to Rosemary, science is fun. Though not well advertised or expressed, she is passionate about deciphering the scientific secrets of the world around her and discovering what there is to discover. For instance, did you know that there the seemingly randomly named six types of quarks - top, bottom, up, down, strange and charmed - were in fact so named so that they wouldn't be confused with anything else? No? Or all those films about the post-nuclear holocaust - did you know all those stories of long-lasting, incredibly potent nuclear waste are purely fictional? It's true! The release of radiation is due to the waste - or whatever - breaking down to a lesser element, and thus by definition high radiation burns itself out quickly, and long-lasting radiation is hardly radioactive at all! What's that you say, this is not what we want to think about when we're checking the Vault's shielding?

It didn't take long before Rosemary learned that very few people were interested in what she was interested in, and in response she decided she wasn't interested in other people. It's no surprise her social skills have atrophied to the minimum required to survive in the Vault. Regardless, her learned skills are almost peerless, her body is adequately healthy, and she's spent enough time in the firing range to defend herself, so she's a shoe-in for the scouting team to the Outside.

Description : Rosemary is thin, almost angular. Her features are in a constantly stern expression. Both her eyes and hair are gray, the latter turning almost as soon as she hit her twenties (provoking the pity of others despite an almost lack of care from herself). Like most Vault Dwellers, her skin is pasty pale from spending her time out of the sun and not bothering to get a simulated suntan.

Background : Rosemary has always excelled at her learning and shown great interest in various sciences. She has been peering over the shoulders of doctors, mechanics, engineers and other learned for as long as her presence has been tolerated. She is currently serving as an aide to the Vault's doctor.

Strength : 4
Perception : 7
Endurance : 5
Charisma : 2
Intelligence : 9
Agility : 7
Luck : 6

Secondary Stats
Hit Points : 29
Action Points : 8
Carry Weight : 60 lbs
Melee Damage : 1
Poison Resistance : 25
Radiation Resistance :10
Gas Resistance : 0 / 0
Electricity Resistance : 30%
Damage Resistance : 0
Damage Threshold : None
Sequence : 16
Healing Rate : 1
Critical Chance : 6%

Small Frame
Tech Wizard


Survival Kit
Pistol (1 spare magazine)


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