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Old Apr 27th, 2009, 07:42 PM
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Congratulations to the New Moderators!

New Moderators

Now, there are even more people that you can bother with your questions and problems. Yay!!!!

RonarsCorruption, Colatine, Jondera, Toad`, Caveman75, and yes, even JayRob. Yes, I said JayRob.

Each of these members have been noted for bringing something positive and special to DNDOG. We are 'punishing' them by giving them the big "R". Responsibility, once you pick it up you never get to put it back down. I know they'll be happy to aid you in your experience here at DNDOG even more than they already were. Please, give them the congratulations they deserve. Remember, they are shiny new and need to be handled with care. Please don't break them on the first day or you'll have to buy them.

Congratulations Guys!


Explosive Runes!! DNDOG's E-zine!

Second on my list to announce. We are looking for a special moderator, someone with a specific set of skills. It has been a long time since we have had an issue of Explosive Runes roll off the presses and it is overdue. We are looking to add someone that can dedicate their time to this publication. If you think you have the skills to fill this position then get something together to prove it and give us a shout, or PM. I think a PM will work better. This is an actual, even though it doesn't pay a dime, job. One you could claim on a resume and use the admin here as references for further employment in the same or similar fields. So if publication is your thing, step forward and be counted.


New Player Solo Games needs new DMs!!

DnDOnlineGames runs New Player Solo Games (NPSGs), a brief introduction for new players to get their feet wet with DnD and Play By Post (PbP) gaming. The program has had exponential growth since Symthrell and CE2JRH began running it over a year ago. We now have numerous active DM's and hundreds of players have completed the adventure. Many more are rolling their way through it now.

The problem is that there are TOO MANY new players signing up for games that the NPSG DMs can't keep up with the demand. Therefore, we turn to the DnDOG community.

We are looking for members to take approximately 15-30 minutes (time and commitments vary) of their day to run a few NPSGs. We hope DM's will take between 5 and 10 games. Each game takes about 3 minutes/day.

Honestly, several more DM's are needed to help out with this project. The number of DMs brought in will likely be an ongoing process until we have enough to shrink the back log. If you are a DM and want to help the site, this might something to consider. If you are a player thinking you might want to DM your own game, this would be an excellent way to cut your teeth.

Several requirements and benefits come along with the responsibility, any interested should apply here.

Thank you for your interest and Game on,
The NPSG Crew


Also, please remember that DNDOG is running a special on Community Supporter accounts. Gift someone you play with three months of CS or more if you so desire. Details are at the following link. I know you can't miss it.
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