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Old Jul 26th, 2009, 02:16 PM
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Posting scheduleI currently am working second shift central US time on weekdays. I also roughly keep to the same hours on days I don't work. This is approximately noon to as late as 3 or 4a, with days I work taking a chunk from about 3p-1a. I generally will check in before and after work, or, on days I don't work, probably at least a half dozen checks if I'm not camped out on the site refreshing all day.
Gallery of rogues (and clerics, fighters, sorcerers, wizards, bards, barbarians, druids, monks, paladins, rangers...)
ActiveRill, loudmouthed gnome cleric, The Quest for Rent Money
John Parks, D&D/Modern hybrid sorcerous investigator, Arcane Defense Division
Hrawk Axeson, qur'ugrati (half-orc) corporal in the Empress' Reaping Army, The Hand of Demiourgia
InactiveHolch Psmati, big, green crushing machine in the Battle Tower (Game apparently defunct, victim of the Long Downtime )

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d20 Resources (Modern, Future, Arcana, Menaces SRD) Rules of the Game Archives

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Embrodak's Guide to Tables Version 4.0
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Ain't it the truth.DnD is like Legos. It's just a bunch of building blocks, and just because the instructions tell you how to build something doesn't mean you have to build it that way. Not only that but you get a greater sense of satisfaction and have more fun when you create something that is your own.
-MittenNinja, on DnD Online Games

Ye cannot change the laws of physics, Jim!Why do people assume the conventional laws of physics apply in a world where gibberish, arm flailing, and bat guano combine to create fuel-less balls of fire and fairies and orcs can produce viable offspring?
-Villeta Vadim, on Myth-Weavers

Nobody knows...My secret fear is that I will be ordinary. That I will put so much effort and time into the creation of something I love, and it will be...ordinary. Not bad, certainly, but not good. It will capture my mind and heart, and I will pour them into the things I write, and they will be - average. Unexceptional. Unremarkable. Unmemorable.
-Puffin, on Myth-Weavers

Gotta' catch 'em all!I am imagining summon monster pokeballs now.
-Tiax, on DnD Online Games

All's fair in love and war.It is the ones who love something, who go clear eyed into battle for it, who are the fiercest killers. Sometimes they have loved the wrong things. Jihads and pogroms and Holocausts. Hate mixed in with love. But to bring a soldier to the place of battle mostly requires a love of something. They may love something greater than themselves, but they must love. The greatest warriors are the greatest lovers.
-Bast, Wood Elf in There Will be Dragons by John Ringo
Because it'll HURT more!"If you had to choose between a serrated knife or a stone club, which would it be and why?"
"Serrated Knife - easily concealed/carried and can be used for a great many things. Clubs are typically only good for one thing... clubbing."
"I would have to agree... You can't go kidney stabbing with a club. "
"But it does so much more damage if you actually succeed with a blunt object."
-Harrilal, Toad`, Ekiel, and Chrono on DnD Online Games
Great Moments in RPRolling a natural 20 on an Intimidation check with Rill, the loud-mouthed, purple-haired gnome cleric. Of course, it was just a couple of goblins, but come on. An intimidating gnome?
SNOT:WWAD, in color!
Sarosian Sig - Quotes, characters, and various links. Last Update: Oct. 23, 2009 {Quotes}

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Old Oct 27th, 2009, 11:14 AM
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FunniesFor JayRob: ♪♫"Make us some grub, you're the sandwich man, Make us some grub tonight. For we're all in the mood for some sustenance, And our belts aren't gonna fit right."♪♫
By Ronars Corruption: ♪♫Son, can you make me a sandwich now - I'm not really sure what I want. Should be thick, not too sweet, and all fulla meat, and shouldn't spill over my clothes.♪♫

Good (IMHO) posts by me:I just found out the party is facing a shape shifted dragon

Application several people enjoyed
Aaaannd... His first appearance in the game

QuotesNumen Wraith: "I don't mind stalkers at all."
Unca JJ... (is an) uber awesome sitemember... ~Demandred69
My dual Dwarven Waraxe Fighter/Tempest:"Ax questions first, then ax some more."
DM:You Know What? F*&^ it. Rocks Fall and everyone dies - - - S*P sp05032002.shtml
Jondera: "I want... a fluffypinkshadow."
5 People working/schooling from home makes for no time for fun. (2020/04/02)
Come play in Tug of War
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