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Old Apr 13th, 2010, 07:43 PM
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Character Relations

This is where oyu will work out your characters relationships with all of the other students, secret what others don't know about you.

Roomates are as follows:
Chronos and Kaazak are White Mages and roommates.
Luna and Ryeashah are Blue Mages and roommates.
Aelan and Eldrik are Red Mages and roommates.
Irridessa and Donovan are Black Mages and roommates.

The three NPCs you will be traveling with, at least until everyone settles into a grove and I can find permenants will be: Eldrik is a hot headed elf. Likes to play jokes on people, his focus is evocation magic. He has bright red heair and freckles on his face. He looks like a 16 year old human boy and acts like it, accept that he has elven features. You almost think he might be half-elf, though he gets very angry when that is mentioend, insistent he is a full blood.

Luna is a kind hearted elf, though she is far from typical. She goes out of her way to help everyone out and it sometimes feels as if she would be upset if everyone in the class didn't like her. THough she has no problem with those outside of the class liking her. And has stood up for some of you, pissing htem off in the process. She has deep blue skin, silver hair, and green eyes. She often talks about the lake she lived by. You know she was raised by one of Aelkin's friends.

Ryeashah is an illumian. She has sigils floating over her head like every other of her kind. Blond hair and blue eyes, she stands a little taller than most human women. She is a little creepy to look at. For instance when she smiles it lookos like she has too many teeth or something. Something doesn't quite look right about her, but she is a very sweet young woman.

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Old Apr 13th, 2010, 10:39 PM
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Iridessa is very laid back and kind. She has a no nonsense approach to life but will help out those around her. She believes that everything in life has a balance. She has a dry sense of humor but only with those she finds annoying.
She has a deep respect for Luna and kind of wants to protect the poor girl when others are not kind to her.
She doesn't really care for Eldrik and his tricks and is usually quick to tell him so.
As far as Ryeashah goes Iridessa doesn't mind her she just thinks she tries too hard some times. She is willing to stick up for her if someone is unkind but she doesn't go out of her way to hang out with her when the girl starts to get weird.
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Old Apr 21st, 2010, 07:47 AM
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Kazaak is a spiritual person, connected to nature, space and the flow of time. He doesn't speak too often, but when he does, it usually carries strong meaning with it. He speaks to animals and consults animal spirits to gain insight from these beings in perfect harmony with their world. He is dedicated to fighting the excesses of any particular cause, particularly those that seek unnatural dominion. He passes judgements on his foes, but is sometimes more concerned with protecting his friends. His intimidating height and power make most other mages cringe and most of the upper mages ignore him rather than pick on him, though many of them detest him. He is not dedicated to the magiocracy, but will lay his life down for his class mates, and his master, Aelkin, who has treated the Half-Orc as an equal like no other before. Second to Aelkin is Chronos, to whom Kazaak might seem rough and overly spiritual rather than academic, but for whom Kazaak has created many enemies in the upper ranks, protecting Chronos against insults and pranks, quietly threatening those that might want to pick on his room mate.
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Old Apr 21st, 2010, 10:37 PM
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Aelan is an intelligent student and a bit of a social butterfly (perhaps too much for his own good). Typically a bright and happy fellow, who tends to get along with most people, he does have his dark moods every now and again. Virtually always by his side is a very large, very dark black cat named Lilith that Aelan treats like an old friend, and a friend that one treats with the utmost respect at that.
His relationship with his roommate is comfortable; while the two of them are not the closest of friends, they do get along, and though he would never participate, Aelan would occasionally find one of Eldrik's pranks very humorous, at least until he gets glared at by Lilith who does not find them very amusing.
Aelan is very friendly with Luna, thinking that she is a great friend to have, and is always willing to lend a hand or help her out in any way she needs.
Once again, Aelan also gets along with Ryeashah quite nicely, as her slightly odd appearance doesn't bother him the slightest considering those that he normally deals with.
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