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Old 03-03-2011, 06:53 PM
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Maxwell Douglas Rosamonde (Currently an NPC)

// Start of file //

A.G.C.S. Jormungandr Personnel Dossier
Security Clearance: Blue
Administrative Personnel File - Non Essential Combat Support Personnel

Maxwell Douglas Rosamonde
Rank - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Security Clearance: Yellow
Age: 25
Key: //ACMC-CE:529576Xk:AFBIB8:2145RT32:12141314:CD-Jmr-necsp021-e045:e//
Birthplace: XP07-12 ('Vigilance') moon undergoing terraforming, Astana system, Tauri Theta Sector.
R.E.T.A. R&D Attribute Based Classification System: Smart 3
Occupation: Rapid Response Marine Platoon Support Engineer and Polisci Officer.
Background: (Planetary Adaptation - Low G World; Computer Use +1; Survival Class skill)Colonist; Identified as candidate suitable for training, joined special training program for Polisci Officers.

PhysSpec Matrix:

Height: 216 Cms
Weight: 82 kgs
Eyes: #5C3220 Brown
Hair: #150517 Near Black
Skin: #F8DACD Light

Bio-Psy Analysis report - Classification according to the Gygax Arneson Miscellaneous Entity Statistics:

Str 11 - Scored lowest 20% in Marine Phys-Apt Tests; Average non-combat personnel build.
Dex 18 - Fine Motor Control Test scored 175%; Reflex Indicator Top 5%. Superior Light Firearms Aptitude - Top 10%. Disappointing Performance for heavier weapons due to physical limitations. Candidate selected as Part of Marine Corps performative gymnastics team. Class C Birth Asset as result of inhabiting Low G environments.
Con 12 - Deemed Fit for Service, Top 50% Running Endurance test. Classified BB on Immunity Response Chart
Int 20 - Multi Test return 99.8% at age 10, 12 and 15. Graduated Basic Science at age 14. Marked for Recruitment - Top 1% of class - Marine Polisci Hyper-intensive course. Set new Cadet System Hack Record. Best Candidate results so far in field repair under live fire. Performed 14.2% better than R3 units, 59% better than veteran Marine Corps Combat Engineer. Obsolete IQ rating system score - 202
Wis 13 - Passed Combat reaction tests, Friend/Foe Identification. Awarded Class 2 Firearm Licence. Delta Three Classification on Response Average Curve
Cha 8 - Overwhelmingly negative reports during prospective officer investigative phase - Deemed Unfit for Command Assignment. Poor social Reflexes according to the S.N.O.O.K.I. Algorithm - VR Game Enthusiasm D-; Engineer C--. Hilton Classification: Not Hot. Covert observation during Senior year marine class 'clubbing' test revealed poor reaction towards Subjects of Desire ( Females for a 0-Beta on the Kinsley-Ichibara revised scale).

Cybernetics: None.

Attention: Medical department recommendation is to perform only biological or memetic enhancement on candidate. Natural ability in candidate might be hampered by cybernetic enhancements or surgery, particular neuro-cybernetics.

Deuter 20 Skills/Aptitudes/Talents Scale Report:


Computer Usage - 14 - 6 + 5 + 1 + 2 *
Crafting (Electronics) - 6 + 5
Crafting (Mechano-Electrical) - 6 + 5
Repair - 13 - 6 + 5 + 2 *
Disable Device - 6 + 5 *
Demolitions - 6 + 5

Knowledge (Technology) - 6 + 5
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) - 6 + 5
Knowledge (Life Sciences) - 6 + 5
Knowledge (Tactics) - 6 + 5
Research - 6 + 5

Search - 6 + 5
Survival - 6 + 1

1 rank equivalent to cca 1000 hrs of practice. Natural ability derived bonuses included in equation, other Bonuses (cybernetics, expanded training) included.
* Denotes Skills and Abilities that the character can perform flawlessly in Under-fire tests, in total darkness or in other hindering conditions.


1b. Planetary adaptation (Low-G World) - 20% speed increase in Standard ship gravity (1EG) - +2 to Dex on G.A.M.E.S.
1. Personal Weapon Proficiency - Issued Class 2 Firearm Licence as a result of Accuracy and Reaction tests.
1. Light Armour Proficiency - Undergone training into proper use of light armours as part of marine Basic Training
2b. Gearhead - Incredible Personal aptitude with Technological device Access and Maintenance
3. Smart Plus - Memetic Implantation of Combat use eidetic memory subroutines - 85% increase in task efficiency under duress for Computer Use; memetic conditioning for tactical rendering of assault plans.


1. 'Savant' (Repair) - Candidate recognised as suitable for training at a very early age while being observed by AGC Scout in father's Repair shop. Uncanny ability for repairing technological devices after one observation (even when blindfolded); later on identified through testing as eidetic mnemonics.
3. 'Savant' (Disable Device) - Candidate expanded own eidetic memory ability to taking apart locks, traps and combat mechs.
3b. 'Savant' (Computer Use) - Advanced Chomsky Key Memetics utilised in expansion of own eidetic skill to the field of Computers. 85% increase in task efficiency under duress for Computer Use.
3b. Plan - Tactical Knowledge possessed by candidate used in Djaegers Key Memetic conversion of information into combat tactics. Specialised vocabulary implants and general vocabulary blocks increased subject's ability to lead and operate complex combat scenarios by 245%. Outside of combat problem persists. Candidate deemed still unfit for command, to be used as an assisting officer only.

Combat Matrix:

Results of Latest (11/03/592) AGMC Tests on subject:

Ranged Attack Average: +5

Test taken with Standard issue laspistol:

Candidate shot 169/216 targets in 4.31 Minutes. Test ended with first simulated Civilian casualty.
Accuracy rate : 77% at Short Range 45 % at Medium Range 25% at Long range.
Weapons Performance : 7.9/10

Candidate fared very well for his level in pistol live fire tests. Weapons Licence renewed for 10 years. However, proficiency with sidearms only means the candidate's field survivability on his own is very unlikely. Recommend field sortie only with qualified escort.

Melee Attack Average : +1

Demonstrative Knowledge of Combatives Basics - 100%
Demonstrative knowledge of Applied Combatives on training dummy- 87%
Demonstrative knowledge of Combatives in Melee combat situation - 23%
Demonstrative knowledge of Baton use on training dummy - 97%
Demonstrative knowledge of Baton use in Melee combat situation - 31%

Candidate fared poorly in actual melee combat tests. Recommend field sortie only with qualified escort.

Defence Matrix:

Results of Latest (11/03/592) AGMC Tests on subject:

H.P. (Hardiness Potential Quota) - 21 Candidate shows remarkable hardiness, well over estimates. Candidate endured 21 Standard Stun Unit Hits 40% over a projected 15.
Fortitude - +2 Hit resistance ability well within expected norms. Candidate was able to withstand incremental pain pulse for 20.1 seconds
Reflex - +5 Hit avoidance ability within expected norms. Gymnastics and combat training as well as natural ability meant candidate avoided hits entirely for the first 50 seconds.
Will - +3 Candidate fared well in stress test, performing solidly for 3 one minute increments while being subjected to mood altering pulses.
Defence Total - 15 Candidate incurred the total number of hits to lose consciousness in 150 seconds while navigating a standard live fire drill area.
Liabilities - No substance dependencies, no emotional liabilities, no personality or mood disorders. Only significant liability observed is overimmersion into VR environments. Testing by psychiatric division revealed no readiness-affecting problems and no withdrawal symptoms after 24 days in isolated conditions.

Comments: Candidate physically and mentally fit for long tour aboard exploration vessel. Crucial support unit in case of necessary marine deployment, can also serve as a very good Polisci officer in non command functions and as a general purpose mechanic. Recommended for deployment aboard Jormungandr.

// End of file //

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Intel 1:

New AssignmentCrew member number 1000783, Maxwell Douglas Rosamonde

Reassigned to 51st platoon, Echo Squad.
New commanding Officer: Sgt Nadia Petrov
Squad Leader: Corporal Logan Karth

Transfered crewman is to present transfer documents to squad leader during duty hours in hangar 7

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