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Old 02-20-2012, 07:32 PM
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Playable Races
- Lanks are the human-analogue of this campaign setting.
- Aging, weight, and height as human
- Lanks have all SRD human traits.
- Lanks typically inhabit the lowlands, especially near rivers. They get a +2 racial bonus to Swim and only take a single armor check penalty to Swim rather than a double armor check penalty. For the purposes of qualifying for any feat, prestige class, etc. that has ranks in Swim as a prerequisite, this racial bonus is treated as 2 ranks in Swim.

- Land speed 30 ft
- Aging as half-orc; height as half-elf; weight as dwarf
- Starms are built for plateaus and semi-arid plains, and are generally stronger than Lanks but care little for education and book learning.
- Starms get +2 Strength and -2 Intelligence.
- Starms have Low Light Vision.
- Starms get "Run" (SRD) and "Heat Endurance" (Sandstorm p.50) as racial bonus feats.
- Starms are illiterate, regardless of class, and must spend 2 skill-points to become literate. If a class essentially requires the character to be literate (e.g. Wizard), they must use these points.
- Starms are proficient with all weapons that SRD dwarves are racially proficient with.
- Favored class: Fighter

- Half-Starms are Lank/Starm hybrids.
- Land speed 30 ft
- Aging and height as human; weight as dwarf
- Half-Starms get +1 Strength and -1 Intelligence.
- 2 extra skill points at 1st level.
- 1 extra feat at first level
- Favored class: Any

- Bermeys are an unplayable race inhabiting mountains and canyons. Half-Bermeys are typically Starm/Bermey hybrids, though there are some Lank/Bermey hybrids.
- Land speed 30 ft
- Aging as halfling; height as half-orc; weight as human
- Half-Bermeys get +2 Dexterity, -1 Constitution, -1 Intelligence (Starm/Bermey hybrids) or +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence, -2 Constitution (Lank/Bermey hybrids).
- Half-Bermeys use the higher of their STR and DEX modifiers for Climb checks.
- +1 racial bonus to Reflex saves.
- Half-Bermeys have Low-Light Vision.
- Half-Bermeys may choose EITHER "Heat Endurance" (Sandstorm p.50), "Cold Endurance" (Frostburn p.47), or "Weapon Finesse" (SRD) as a bonus racial feat.
- Half-Bermeys who are Starm/Bermey hybrids are proficient in all weapons that SRD dwarves receive racial proficiency in.
- Favored class: Swashbuckler (PHB2).

- "Marros" (plural and singular) are the analogue to dwarves in this campaign, but inhabit forests and jungles rather than the underground.
- Marros have all racial traits of jungle dwarves, with two exceptions:
- Exception 1: The racial ability bonuses/penalties are +2 CON, -1 STR, -1 WIS (not +2 CON, -2 CHA).
- Exception 2: Favored class is rogue (not ranger).

- Lanks, Starms, and Bermeys are all interfertile with each other. Lank/Starm hybrids are considered half-Starms. Lank/Bermey and Starm/Bermey hybrids are considered half-Bermeys.
- Marros are not interfertile with Lanks, Starms, or Bermeys (just as SRD dwarves are evidently not interfertile with SRD humans or elves).
- The offspring of a Lank/Starm (Lank/Bermey) and a Lank is a Lank.
- The offspring of a Lank/Starm (Lank/Bermey) and a Starm (Bermey) is a Starm (Bermey).
- The offspring of a Lank/Starm (Lank/Bermey) and a Lank/Starm (Lank/Bermey) is a Lank/Starm (Lank/Bermey).
- The offspring of a Lank/Starm and a Bermey is either a Lank/Bermey (odd roll) or a Starm/Bermey (even roll). Similar applies for other "offspring of X/Y and Z" situations.
- The offspring of a Lank/Starm and a Lank/Bermey is a Lank. Similar applies for other "offspring of X/Y and X/Z" situations.

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