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Old 02-20-2012, 08:02 PM
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This post will be mostly rather barebones for now. Additional information about the planes can be found out by Knowledge (Planes) checks, in-character study, or in-character experience (i.e. actually ending up in one of them). The Interplaner Travel Agency strongly recommends not winding up in the Elemental Plane of Really, Anything But Air.

There are three heavens, one for each of the ethical alignments:
- Kelesis is Lawful in alignment and is inhabited by the god Keles and goddess Kaya. Inhabitants speak Kelesei, which together with Valarei and Mericai replaces Celestial.
- Valaris is ethically Neutral in alignment and is inhabited by the god Vabris and goddess Vega. Inhabitants speak Valarei.
- Merictis is Chaotic in alignment and is inhabited by the god Mercas and goddess Mira. Inhabitants speak Mericai.

There are also three hells.
- Dharoc is mildly water-dominant and inhabited by the evil god Dhas. Inhabitants speak Dharip, which together with Rugbip and Haddip replaces Infernal.
- Rugboc is mildly earth-dominant and inhabited by the evil goddess Racama. Inhabitants speak Rugbip.
- Haddoc is mildly fire-dominant and inhabited by the evil god Harias. Inhabitants speak Haddip.

In addition to the normal six Inner Planes mentioned in the SRD, there are two additional Inner Planes: the Dimensions of Order and Entropy. As you might imagine, these are strongly law-aligned and chaos-aligned, respectively - strongly enough that they even go so far as to influence the very mechanics of the game itself.

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