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Old Feb 24th, 2012, 02:48 AM
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Tour Eternity's End!

Prerequisite Assumption
All character backgrounds must end with the character entering Eternity's End somehow. They could die, walk through a strange portal or door, or anything else that suits your character so long as they end up at Eternity's End. In most all cases this is done unintentionally but the details are up to you as a player.

The New Arrival

Thematic Music

The traveler could hear a massive choir of voices off in the distance as reality warped around them, slowly, painfully easing them back into consciousness...

Patron returning to Ultra-Consciousness in 3.. 2...

What started as a cacophony of a thousand voices quickly calibrated down to a single pleasant tone, though it was a monotone articulation with an awkward cadence...

The voice's origin became more clear as reality seemed to stablize, it was a mask hovering overhead. You lay on the floor of what appears to be the front lobby of a large inn, taking a moment to shake out the discomfort in your bones. The mask itself hovered with a slight, steady and slow bounce to it, though it's eyes did not blink, nor did it's lips move. Instead the voice seemed to simply emanate from the mask as if by deviant magic.

Welcome Traveler.

My name is Legion, for we are many. I serve as the gatekeeper here.

My present directive is to greet all new patrons at Eternity's End, a time and space outside of time and space. Please forgive my appearance, for you are just now returning to ultra-consciousness. Simply envision me as whatever you will and I will portray the mental construct you create based upon your surface thoughts and deep memories of the subject, even reacting as you would subconsciously imagine. I can be whatever you will. A fallen comrade, a lost lover, your patron deity or if you prefer I can continue in my present form. Simply decide what you are comfortable with and we shall proceed.

Over the course of the speech the voice found a smoother cadence and multiple speech tones, offering a much more natural sounding dialect comfortable to you. The object then morphs before your very eyes as you pull yourself from the floor into the perfect visage you imagined.

Please walk with me. Legion added and began to move through the front lobby.

This place has been known by many names.. the dreaming dragon, the Nexus, the Inn-Between worlds, the halls of Pandellirium, the crossroads and more, but most commonly it is referred to as Eternity's End. Eternity's end exists as part of root cosmology, but also exists simultaneously outside of it, in a state of Ultra-Consciousness. By the power of the outer deities of the beyond you will find that while death may not claim you in this state, the philosophic death of being forgotten and lost to memory is a constant battle here. Legacy and legend is what you are here, and without deeds your existence is futile.

While the direct translation of how this happens is not within the capacity for mortal communication, it has been theorized that the outer deities of the beyond are tied to the notion of existence, and that fulfillment of karmic responsibility to eternity through deed is exactly what the outer deities favor. As such you are presented with a choice, engage existence or fade away into obscurity.

Unlike whatever prime material plane you might hail from, you will notice your personal effects, they are not physicalities as they once were. They are extensions of your soul, powered by cosmic energies known as eternity motes.

In front of Legion formed a small ball of teal, arcane energy.

An Eternity Mote (EM)

This is an Eternity Mote. As this place is also an inter-dimensional trade market that also happens to be powered with cosmic energies, gold and gems are of little value here. Many of the greater wizards and deities can conjure as much wealth as they would like... but unlike in the prime material plane, such things simply fade unless bound directly to the soul. The process of binding an object is powered by the notable karmic presence of the individual as determined by the greatness of their deeds. This is done in direct correlation to the essence of the item in question.

This currency is the only kind worth having in a state of ultra consciousness and will be requisitioned through embracing existence as a whole through deeds and actions. You must forgive that I do not speculate on such matters as they are beyond my comprehensive capabilities.

Legion turned slowly, looking towards the doors,

Please follow me this way to the common areas...

Legion continues to speak while moving.

This room we currently inhabit is the front lobby, where all the new arrivals and returning guests come in.

Sometimes they don't arrive all together or are broken in some cosmic fashion, leaving a mess. You'll notice the etheral custodians are hard at work picking up pieces of the other recent arrivals that are unserviceable. They work tirelessly, constantly clearing the various messes within these halls. At times they have performed other duties as well such as warding off whole areas of the inn during periods of infestation and encroachment. It is recommended not to disrupt the work of the etheral custodians.

An etheral custodian

You'll note over there is the front desk run by the Curator whom you may rent a room from if you should wish for a stabilized change of environment, however, you are already granted access to your private chambers for any time you would insist upon resting.

Legion stops short of the doors though and turns to you once again.

Before we continue, there is vital information you must know...

A Void Wraith

I speak now of what the arcane philosophers refer to as the Void Wraiths. They are cloaked beings of darkness surrounded by what appear to be dark eternity motes. If you should encounter such a creature, do not risk a move or sound, simply stop whatever it is you're doing no matter the cost. These beings are silent, relentless and are issued forth from oblivion itself.

They are referred to in the plural because they sometimes attack in groups, though more often than not they are solitary creatures. Reportedly they have proven to be immune to all forms of harm and possess a scale of cosmic power large enough to reduce great deities to non-memories. So much power do they possess, their mere presence warps and distorts all adjacent time and space.

For reasons beyond logical comprehension these beings act as wardens within these halls. Any sort of violence or treachery at Eternity's End that isn't sanctioned through the magics of the arena will slow time and warp space and one of these beings will appear. Should whatever they silently deem an offense persists, they then shred the very fiber of the immortal souls of all offending parties and cast the remaining essence into oblivion; a most unpleasant place referred to as room thirteen by many travelers.

The display of a soul being eviscerated and reduced to cosmic fray is not the kind of thing most mortals find agreeable, thus if such an action occurs, common practice among your kind is to avert ones eyes.

While occasionally problematic for some, the presence of the void wraiths serves well to keep the mixed company from across the cosmos mostly civil, however, there is always at least one that believes they need to serve as an educational example to others. Becoming such an example is inadvisable.

Legion continues forward then through the door into the halls...

These halls, beyond being an unpredictable interdimensional gateway system, also happen to change and evolve any time you might lapse your attention span, the floor plans also mutate and shift. It is not wise to wander the halls even in a group, and especially not to go opening doors at random. A door without a proper key obtained from the front desk could go anywhere.

In eons passed a benevolent wizard created identified lost patrons as being problematic and created an enchantment upon various decorative suits of armor to help travelers find their way back to the common areas. Simply state the place you are looking to find, and if the golem can identify it, it will point you in the direction of your stated destination.

Meet Fred

For example... Legion turns to the suit of armor and speaks clearly at it. Point me to the Altar of the Outer Deities of the Beyond.

Slowly the suit animates and then silently points with it's sword, gesturing to go further down the hallway.

The Altar

Legion leads further until before you is a room resembling an ominous shrine of sorts. Over the door is the inscription "Et vitam impendere vero".

This is the place where those heroes that are relentless in their pursuits offer up a sacrifice to the nameless outer deities of the beyond. A sacrifice of significance cast into the voidfire pit yeilds awarded knowledge and karmic retribution from the beyond. In this way this room is unique among others. Travelers fail to have ever reported another like it.

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Old Feb 27th, 2012, 12:14 AM
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Legion led on, turning a corner into a magnificent hallway filled with plaques, busts and statues that seemed to continue on an unprecedented degree.

The Hall of Fame

This hall is known as the hall of fame. Here the greatest heroes of time and space are remembered for their heroic deeds. These shrines are a testament to their existence and heroism. It is said the monuments exist for as long as the hero is remembered, and when their memories are consumed by the beyond, their statues fade along with their existence. Unfortunately this hypothesis has never been fully proven as no individual has yet been able to look for a statue of someone that is completely forgotten.

But on to more secular matters now...

This next area is known as the West Wing by the patrons, though there is little logic in the title as there are no polar coordinates at Eternity's End.


Over there is Szaabo, the money changer. He was a master banker in some distant realm who became excessively rich and eventually his travels led him here. Upon discovery of Eternity Motes and their latent potential power he set out to master manipulation of them and turn them into a new kind of currency. His discoveries led to the formation of the other industries contained within Eternity's End.

Morkwert's Emporium

This place is called Morkwert's Emporium named after Markwort Mingot, founder of the Mingot Cartel. The cartel has intergalactic trade systems and holds a solid reputation as shrewd business goblins. You'll note that except for a few niche business they don't have the talent to support, they have absolutely no trade competition, however, due to Cartel contract I am required to tell you that at Morkwart's there is no haggling allowed. You either pay the price stated or you do not receive the item in question.

In the back of Morkwert's you'll find Otiian's Parlor. Otiian is a master Elan artisan that specializes in mystical tattoos. He also offers artistic tattooing and body piercing as well for those with such proclivities.

Moving on, I will now take you to the area known as the East Wing or, The Arcanium.

The Arcanium

Within the Arcanium you will find powers and information unimaginable. At the core of the Arcanium lies the Obelisk of Power, a dangerous arcane monument that many a great mage has been reduced to nothingness for boldly braving to touch.

The Obelisk of Power

Around the rim of the Obelisk at any given time you may find others meditating in it's presence as well as other various services on the outer ring that are of use to those that are mystically inclined.

The Library

The Library presents a wealth of knowledge that is incredibly expansive on more topics than can be imagined. If you are the type to feed your head, this is the place to learn from those that have come before, as well as contribute culture as a gift to the future.

The Enchanter, Archmage Xi Seggott

The Enchanter, Xi Seggott has a rare gift that he can take an item that you bring with you from another world that is still fading and he can make it yours, permanently, for a fee. His skills of soul binding are beyond those of any known, even Szaabo's, the discoverer of the crafts of Eternity Motes. While his work is benevolent, none have ever ascertained his motives, making many believe he is untrustworthy.

The Summoner, Awen Kallika

The Summoner's Circle is run by a Dhampir who is said to consume the life's essence of Eternity Motes to sate her hungers. The circles she maintains are used for a variety of purposes by masters of the arcane arts.

If you'll follow me this way, we can exit the East Wing and head on to some of the lesser frequented areas.

The Stables

If you the type that likes to have an animal companion or perhaps a noble steed you will find your pets at the stables. While we let some smaller animals accompany you at the common areas of the inn, larger animals have to stay here, though you may feel free to enter here and bond with your animal companion at any time.

The Covenant Sanctum

If time honored tests of blood and steel are your predeliction, the Arenas can be accessed through the Covenant Sanctum where you will meet the Battlemaster. There duals and team combats of champions are the sustenance of the day. When an agreement is struck, champions are sent to any one of infinite battlefields where they murder for honor, glory and other mortal ideals.

The Mausoleum

This place is where the forgotten rest and slowly fade from existence. When a champion becomes too weary to carry on and is overtaken by the the intense apathy that grows with eternity, this is their last stop before dissolving completely into oblivion. Though some wake from their existential nightmares, regaining their wills to live, most do not. Seek never to arrive here or you may become one of them, a decaying memory.

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The Tavern

This is the pub of Eternity's End, a massive social hub where you will encounter beings of all shapes, sizes and demeanors. Here alliances are forged and broken, oaths are made and troubles are both forgotten and long remembered.

A full buffet and open bar are available to you at your leisure.

The Bartender's name is Thugruck. He can mix you anything you want to drink and keeps a selection that spans the cosmos.

Aestra is the resident contracted performer and frequently graces the pub with music from her harp, flute or voice.

Cookie, a demon from a distant realm, is the resident chef and doesn't much come out of the kitchen. The ingredients of his food are frequently a jocular subject among the patrons.

Morthos, the storyteller has his own circle on the far side of the taproom where he frequently entertains patrons with tales of champions.

The Ifrit, Da' Vhir and The Drow Kiyla are the resident servers and take care of busing the tables, transferring the food from the kitchen and getting drink orders. They will see to it you are well taken care of.

Before Parting, remember this...

There was a time you wished consciously or not that mortals might one day conquer disease, perhaps even aging, eventually to eschew the mortal coil itself; no longer tied to a single location that you might spread through the cosmos at the speed of thought itself, able to theorize and experiment until the limits of knowledge itself were to be understood...

With that responsibility however, comes a price; that there be nothing left to explore, that discovery and love will die at the hand of apathy and that hope, art and transcendence will become meaningless and the totality of existence become without purpose.

Should one outlive death but not the multi-verse, a hyper-state of ennui would soon turn to somnolent march toward oblivion; a living a state of undeath in which the only scintilla of meaning in the last waltz of torpor will be the stillborn wish to have lived and died when such a thing were still possible. Memories of a time when a kiss of sunlight was enough to bring happiness.

The outer deities of the beyond have given their blessing to you.

You, mortal, are gifted in a way that the greatest gods cannot even know. Blessed with fear, ignorance and passion, but without the longing for less that so often accompanies immortality. Choose to exist, create and innovate, for culture is a gift to the future.

This is your time, make it count.

And with that, Legion fades from the room, the last sentence echoing slightly in the back of your psyche...

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Head to the Welcome Thread

Head to the Recruiting Thread.

Head to the Front Lobby to apply with a character.

Head to Fred to ask for directions.

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