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Old 03-28-2012, 12:33 AM
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Happy Woodland Creatures

Here go your characters. Plop up your post from the application thread, and a link to your sheet.
Starting level 1, starting monies 150.
Attributes are standard 20-point buy.
No favored classes. Multi-class to your heart's content.
No traits, save for the Additional Traits feat. Be sad.
Intimidate uses the better of STR or CHA. If using STR, it's modified by Size.
Natural attacks are treated as no different from an unarmed strike for purposes of attack, iterative attacks, and so forth.
Pathfinder likes equipment that is "the same, but better and higher price". I do not. Buy a greatclub instead of your fancy Earthbreaker.
Paladins can be LG/CG/LE in alignment, with their alignment based abilities modified to match. CE paladins won't be allowed, for group cohesion.
All your equipment will be modified to fit your race. Armor becomes bardings for ponies, and so forth. Limit your equipment to the sort of things you'd have on you during a normal day's outing, plus weapon and armor.
A satyr rises in the morning, and hangs the coffee mug on his horns, so that he won't lose it.
The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.

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Old 03-28-2012, 10:13 AM
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Name: Billy Cooper
Race: Drake
Class: Wilder [Student Surge]
Age: Ten
Gender: Blue
Psicrystal: Focused




Status: Frequent migraines, but keeping up for now.
My Site Shtuffs Ever played 13th Age?
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Old 03-28-2012, 12:48 PM
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left-aligned image
Saline Golinodel
Race: Pony (Was Human)
Class: Wizard (Air)
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Pink undies

Personality: Out to prove herself, she is perhaps a little too proud. She isn't wise or experienced enough to know her own limits well yet which will likely lead her into a great deal of trouble. A great deal of bluster over a fairly soft core, she is fiercly loyal to those who are loyal to her in turn.

Appearance: She was a fairly normal looking human girl, with long brown hair with a single white streak from a magical misadventure early in life and skin perhaps a little darker than is fashionable. Her piercing green eyes were often remarked upon. Now that she has changed her dark skin turned into caramel colored fur, her long brown hair turned into a flowing mane and tail with an even more pronounced streak of white. A symbol has also appeared on her back torso, a single feather that if watched from the corner of the eye seems to flutter and bob in an invisible wind.

Background: A commoner born, Saline followed her parents as servants in the Kings castle. Once she was big enough to walk she spent her time before and after the short commoners classes helping to clean the castle.

She was just eight when when she first drew the attention of one of the kings mages during her cleaning, a mild mannered mage by the name of Tialur Salvieron, unconsciously using mild telekinesis to remove a stain from the floor while scrubbing it. Not wanting such talent to go to waste she was taken in as his ward.

She studied hard to work her way through her education, starting several years behind the noble-born students in her new classes. She managed to catch up though, much to the annoyance of those her age, and between that and her common background she made few friends. Those few friends she did make though were fiercely loyal to her and she back and so she never felt much of a loss.

As she grew older, she started wanting magical training. However her Patron was a scholar first and wizard second, and so for each class of practical magic he gave her he gave three of theory and history. She was fortunate enough to love both fields of study, but it grated on her that those her age in similar training were already journeyman, able to throw around magic missiles with ease, while she could barely produce cantrips. The fact that she knew exactly how the magic missile is formed, of what, how much energy it takes to the Thaum and so on was little consolation.

She was outside the castle on the day of the ritual, feeling slightly piqued about the fact that her Patron hadn't seen her in several weeks due to the assistance he had been giving the King. When the ritual hit she felt a rush of power flow through her, and felt suddenly like a square peg being forced through a circle hole. She got a brief glimpse of the form of the thing and was horrified: Only a madman would redefine reality in such a simple way!

Staggering under the flow of power, she used her store of magic to try to retain herself in this strange new world. She held onto herself as much as she could, using her spell to define herself as a being of magic, of intellect, of desires both fluffy and good and otherwise. She felt the weave being forced on her flex slightly against her spells, then snap shut. She neighed in protest of the violation, almost stumbling off off her hooves in pain!
... hooves?!

Notable NPCs:
Tialur Salvieron - Formerly an eladrin wizard. He has been her patron from age eight and funded her way through a nobles education and taught her all she knows of magic. One of the mages assisting the King with the ritual.
Gunder Balrith - A dukes third son, too dull and amiable for his fathers tastes. Sent to board in the castle more to get rid of him than anything else. Intended to be a wizard initially but has proved himself far better with blade and armor, spending much of his time with the guards training. Eats more than most men have mass per day. Close friend.
Silvara Gelminath - First born and only child of a neiboring kingdoms former ruling house. Exiled here along with her mother when her parents were replaced. A musical prodigy and scholar even more avid than Saline herself, she dreams of travelling the land as a bard. Her asylum makes this near impossible though, but she does her best to make a place here anyway. Best friend.
Mr George and Mrs Mary Golinodel - Her parents and servants in the castle even now, she stayed with them in their apartments in the castle till she was twelve. As her studies grew more strenuous she was moved into her own quarters near her patron, with easier access to his workroom and library. She still visits the pair regularly though, especially her mother who she is quite close to even now even though they have very little in common. Her father is the strong silent type and is a bit offput by her, though furiously proud.

The Oath: I will stick around no matter how the game smells.
"Live each day as if it were your last, 'cause I'm gonna kill you but I'm not super-good w/ schedules."
- Joss Whedon
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Old 03-29-2012, 04:24 PM
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Name: Shash Lockeheart
Race: Pooka
Class: Fighter
Age: 24
Gender: Blue
Personality/Background: TO BE EXPANDED - Formerly a quiet, unassuming young woodsman, Shash know his way around an ax, at least when it come to chopping non-moving trees and wood. From a poor, working-class family, Shash doesn't cause much trouble, and generally keeps himself to himself- which in turn has provided an emotional stability to not completely lose his mind when the transformation hit, leaving him with white, fluffy fur and giant ears. Lived with his father, who he can't seem to find right now. His mother died while Shash was still a child, leaving him very reliant on himself. He's a bit wiser than he is smart,
Appearance: White fur; giant, floppy ears; wearing a red tunic, stout boots and carrying a sturdy woodsman's ax. A rather large, muscular Pooka, to be sure- years spent swinging an ax has left him large and strong, and a bit bear-like, though he ironically has not been transformed into a Fuzzy.
The Oath: You keep your smells to yourself young man.


Hmm, probably should have picked Fuzzy since I'm a fighter, and the stat distribution isn't perfect, but I'll stick with it. I have more fun when I'm not obsessing over minmaxing anyway.

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Old 03-29-2012, 06:33 PM
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(Lay-gar-k) Currently has a strange compulsion to want to say his name is "Leggy"
Race: Pooka
Class: Gunslinger [Mysterious Stranger Archetype]
Age: 26
Gender: Blue
Appearance: Imagine something roughly to this degree.

Background/Personality:Leggy is not native to the land of Falahm. He is a roamer, from a nation somewhere to the North-East. He actually only recently came to the nation but a fortnight ago, protecting a caravan while crossing the border. He's been a mercenary for several years now, starting off as something of an apprentice, eventually striking it out on his own after he learned the basics of gun-smithing from his teacher. Not the most cheery of fellows, especially after the transformation. While he looks fluffy and adorable on the outside right now, he still is quite hard and bitter on the inside. The actual change to himself was a huge shock. He especially started to panic when he found himself shrink so dramatically. The weird part was some of his clothes didn't shrink with him, but at the same time some of them did. His shirt and boots managed to just keep up, becoming only slightly baggier. However his pants had to be quickly rolled up and trimmed so he wasn't tripping over them. He also quickly despised his new set of long, floppy ears. He found that they got in the way much like he had seen it happen with folks with ponytails.

Although one thing has happened since the change. He's always had a bit of a soft spot for some cute, and more defenseless things. He'd never show this openly of course, and he was never honest about what he did.. An hour or so after the transformation, he witnessed a female who had been transformed all rabbity-like as he had. He watched as the rather young girl tried to hop in on her new legs, only to tumble down with a befuddled look on her face. Arc, to his shock several seconds later, actually said "D'awww", and had a rather silly looking smile on his face, which he quickly had to wipe away to his embarrassment.


Oath: I, with this ring......wait a sec. *flips through book* No, no, no, here we are! I swear to continue posting, unbiased on the Rp's smell.

Group Funds:
213.4 Wanna
Evil overlord rule #26:No matter how attractive certain members of the rebellion are, there is probably someone just as attractive who is not desperate to kill me. Therefore, I will think twice before ordering a prisoner sent to my bedchamber.

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Old 03-30-2012, 10:55 AM
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Name: Tasha Booga
Race: Fluffy
Class: Witch
Age: Possibly
Gender: Pink, although she hates that colour. It's not witchy enough.

Personality: Tasha is the evil witch type. Being a happytimes witch, she's somewhat inept and doesn't generally do actual evil, which would frighten the viewers somewhat. Instead she's just badly behaved. She thinks she might be pretty scary, but she's really not.
Her reasons for adventuring are disliking the thought of the nation being screwed up even worse, the hope that she can get away with breaking extra rules if people need her and a desire to catch powerful bad guys to cook up and devour.
She'll try to cook most anybody she doesn't like if she can get away with it. This is because people smell delicious, her familiar is a glutton who only encourages her, she thinks she can take their mojo if she cooks them up alive and she's not especially wise. Not that she's nasty or vengeful, she just doesn't see why she shouldn't do crazy things if she wants to. She is generally perfectly nice with people until they are "mean" at which point all bets are off.
Tasha is unrepentant about being a supposed villain, on the grounds that sunshine and rainbows all the time would be boring as hell. She fits in better than she'd admit though, and if she were ever to have enough time off from adventuring to plot something heinous she'd probably be found go-karting with the hero who defeated her within the week.
So far nobody's noticed she's a genius. Least of all her.

Appearance: She's a gangly thing, all bones and sinew. Her fluff is particularly sparse for her kind, covering her completely but doing nothing to hide her scrawny build. She clearly has more limb than she knows what to do with.
Her fur is black and constantly scruffy, with two staring yellow eyes shining out of it.
Since she stopped being a halfling and burst through her tiny clothes she's not felt the need to wear anything other than her scarf and fedora, the only items that survived the process. She's still sure she's a giant and occasionally forgets that other people are just as big. She's actually shorter than the average fluffy.
She's rarely seen without a giant hiking pack overflowing with stuff of all kinds (including the leather cauldron for boiling you in) and her little pig familiar, who has taken to standing on his hind legs and reminding her how it's him who has the knowledge of all the spells and he's really the brains of the outfit.

Background: Tasha started out as an unimpressive halfling kid with the potential to be a decent cook, but she was terribly disobedient and wouldn't put in the work.
Eventually her parents sent her to learn potion-making from that scary witch in the woods (who's previous apprentice had gone missing), hoping the woman could knock some sense into her.
Tasha picked up some cantrips and paid her way by doing the housework.
The witch took the occasional long trip away from the house, so Tasha got into the habit of indulging her inherent miscreant nature by wearing her hats, reading her diary and riding around on the goats.
The old witch wasn't such a bad teacher or boss so for a couple of years everything seemed like it might work out. BUT...
The last time the mistress went away, her diary revealed something odd: The old bag had gone off to challenge a gnome sorcerer called Smyrv Picklemacher so she could devour him and take his powers.Surprised by this sudden nastiness, Tasha looked up the ritual in the old witch's books and was horrified to discover it began with instructions for raising apprentice witches for the pot.
When the mistress returned, she brought a pig with a nervous disposition and oddly intelligent eyes. Declaring her intention to make a magical stew, she began preparing the strength-stealing ritual.
Tasha crept up behind her, whacked her over the head with a brick in a sock, pushed her into her own cauldron and hefted a flagstone on top to stop her getting out. It seemed to be for the best.
She had planned to leave the woman in there and call the watch, but by the time she'd rescued the pig and made certain he was really Smyrv an irresistible savoury smell was wafting from the cauldron. She and the pig shared the stew in a smug act of vengeance and became a witch and her familiar.
Since then Tasha has been popular in her village because numerous hexes wore off when the old witch stopped renewing them.
She and Smyrv have become good friends. All attempts to turn him back into a gnome have failed but he's come to like being a lazy swine anyway. He's gotten over the nervousness too.
They have a comfortable arrangement with a forgotten former deity, an enemy of the old witch's patron. They make occasional offerings to keep it cthulhu-dead rather than plain-old-dead and it tells them eldrich secrets mortals were never meant to know.
At the time of the happy-land ritual, Tasha's visiting town, hoping to buy one of those new-fangled flasks that can keep tea hot all day.

Oaf: Ok, anything! Just put the mallet down!
Ingle Land?

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Old 04-06-2012, 02:48 AM
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Evil overlord rule #26:No matter how attractive certain members of the rebellion are, there is probably someone just as attractive who is not desperate to kill me. Therefore, I will think twice before ordering a prisoner sent to my bedchamber.

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