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Old 03-28-2012, 02:15 PM
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<= IT'S GIR!!!!! :D
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We, the Fans, Salute Thee

Character Name: Self-Explanitory
Race: Race with no higher than a +1 LA You may buy off the +1 later
Gender: Blue, pink, or none as the case may be
Alignment: Any
Class: ECL 4
Team role: What is your purpose? What makes you useful?

Personality / Physical Description: What does your character look like? How does s/he think?
Background: What events shaped your character? Any significant people or places?
Why are you signing up, volunteering, or being forced to fight?: Why did you sign the two-year agreement to fight as a gladiator?

Stats are generated by rolling 21d8, dropping the highest and two lowest rolls

Equipment consists of ONE magicral item up to ECL 4 gold and other armor and weapons are non-masterwork. Other items will be purchased after the first battle

Don't mess with this guy or his mortal High Priest

Natural 20's: 26 Natural 1's: 15

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Old 04-19-2012, 01:11 PM
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Valor Morgahlis
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Character Name: Alejandro D. Viago
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Sorcerer 4
Team Role: Lovely Party Face - Buffer/Battlefield Control - Did I mention lovely face?


Physical Description:


Why are you signing up?: Signing up in hopes of spreading the word of his beauty and charisma throughout the world. Nuff said.
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Old 04-19-2012, 05:37 PM
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Valius Wolfsbane

right-aligned image

Character Name: Valius Wolfsbane (Character sheet probably, very nearly, almost complete...)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Alignment: CN

Class: War Mage

Team role:

Battle Caster - can also provide good range support and decent melee support. War Mages specialise in dealing large amounts of damage quickly. At lower levels they are the party artillery but as they progress they can turn into the party swiss army knife.

Physical Description:

Human male, tall, medium build. Shoulder length brown hair. Brown beard and moustache, kept short and tidy. Dark brown eyes, usually fixed into a piercing stare that makes him appear unapproachable. Otherwise he has unassuming features that allow him to blend in easily in any predominantly human settlement.

Blue-grey studded leather armour that is worn and patched in several places – it has definitely seen better days. Brown cloth trousers and brown cotton short sleeved under shirt. Blue-grey knee length boots with reinforced shin and knee pads that match his armour. Short spear, buckler and brown leather quiver strapped to his back alongside a battered rucksack. The only piece of equipment that he carries that appears to be of any decent quality is a light crossbow that hangs from his belt attached by a length of sturdy looking cord – in easy reach if needed quickly.


Background: (sorry its quite long...)

Reason for Signing Up:

So we find Valius stood in front of the toothless recruitment agent pen poised, ready to sign…

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Old 04-20-2012, 12:56 PM
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~ Wrath of the Thundra ~

I'd like to include 3 variant rules from SRD: Druidic Avenger, Aspect of Nature, Whirling FrenzyFeral Snowelf Avenger

Character Sheet

quod licet IOVI, non licet bovi
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Old 04-22-2012, 11:43 PM
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Zak-takCharacter Name: Zaktak
Race: Goblin

Class and Role: Barbarian / The Maneuver Master

I want to turn Zak-Tak into a demented little speed freak that controls the battlefield. A high move speed whirling dervish of pain and rage. Think Taz the Tasmanian devil...except with stabby bits, and bobs that trip you up and wrap around your leg.

Appearence: A short, ugly ball of teeth and grubby claws, Zak-Tak is a viscous, dark, spoiled-red paragon of his race. With skin resembling the hue of tomatoes left out to rot in the sun, a wickedly curved hooked nose, and black pits of coal for eyes, he is a specimen to behold. His ears are ragged and torn, and studded with bands of iron and bone. His mouth is nearly lipless, and filled with vile yellow teeth that are clearly too large for his mouth to hold, giving him an angler fish look as they puff his face from the sheer quantity and length of the fangs. Each one has been sharpened personally into a fine, if not well-cleaned, dagger. Zak-Tak is completely hairless, and heavily scars. The dense tissue criss-crosses over his back, legs, neck, and chest, creating light patterns and marks. A strange tattoo of black ink curls around his eye. It is a grasping claw, drawn to seem if it’s about to snatch away the organ. His form is muscular, scarred, nearly hunched. His skin hangs tight to his body, showing thick bands of muscle and tough, pointed bones. Zak-Tak’s hand are incredibly large, with long, agile fingers that end in dirty spiked fingernails. A red cloth is bound tightly around his noggin, and a patched dangling tunic around his waist. He often goes bare-chested.

"Listen yer grotty pinko, I don't give a rat's testes dat you got a stick, and I's chained to a wall. Iffen yer fingah comes near me again, I'm eating the thing!"

Zak-Tak is a cunning, if not very clever, individual. Although a hermit and a vicious, crude thing, he’s not particularly fond of dying. Or being locked up in a cage, for that matter. He wants out, out, out! Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen all by his lonesome. He’s worked in packs before, you follow the leader; don’t muck anything up, and everything’s good and well. However, be dead weight, and they’ll cut you loose faster then the runt of the litter.

Besides that, Zak-Tak isn’t a complicated goblin. He’s crude and spiteful, and certainly not one to think things through before he does them. However, there is a certain spirit to him. He’s tenacious and violent and stubborn, and would gnaw on your leg even as you hacked him to bits. Of course, not exactly trust worthy, he’s at least partially loyal. As long as you hold up your end, you don’t need to worry about him betraying you or skimping on a deal. There’s a peaceful side to him, certainly much more then a normal goblin. He’d rather loaf in a tree or sleep. But woe to those that raise his hackles, he is a vicious and murderous thing when the blood lust takes him He loves his freedom, roasted meat, and the occasional flower-patch.

Background: Zak-Tak tore his way out of his mother’s womb, the last in a litter of four. The moment the shaman’s lifted him over the coals, as was tradition, she died. This meant, of course, a great celebration, as this was an omen that Zak-Tak would be a great and mighty warrior for the tribe. And he was, oh he was. A terror to fight, he scrapped with his den-mates, tore at his elders, and when he was old enough to raid the caravans that traveled through the mountain pass of his tribe’s territory, he was pretty good at that too.

The problem was he just didn’t seem to share the same ideals that his tribes mates did. Oh sure, he’d pillage and main, and that was all fun and good. But after that, the others just annoyed him with their whining and squabbling. He was tougher, stronger, and fiercer then the rest of them, but he’d rather just lie in a field somewhere when it pleased him. No need to be all screams and shouts all of the day. Well, these made rifts, and eventually he couldn’t just take the ire of his comrades any longer, and headed out on his own. He spent a good while, doing what pleased him. Sometimes he’d hunt, or fish, or sleep. And when the urge to spill blood took him, he’d terrorize travelers and such. A fine life, for the while he had it.

Zak-Tak still remembers the day. It was cloudy, overcast, a perfectly wonderful day. He had been walking along a stream, splashing and enjoying himself, when he smelled it. Roasted meat, oh so good, with the spices that human put on it. He had it rarely, when he came across a human town that allowed him entrance, as long as he behaved…It was ambrosia. Zak-Tak rushed towards it, all creeping and hiding. If it was a camp site, he’d need the element of surprise.

But it wasn’t, strangely, someone had left it, out in the open, a whole cooked flank! Never one to pass up a free meal, Zak-tak pounced on it. That’s when someone threw a burlap sack on him, and hit him on the head. Knocked him straight out. When he woke up, he was chained to a couple of pinko human’s, and elf! Though, he liked the elf, she had a nice shape to her. And there was a nasty smelling human screaming at him. Well, he would have bitten his nose off, if the pinko hadn’t threatened to bash his head in with a club. Well, they told Zak-Tak to fight, and that wasn’t so bad, but he didn’t have a choice! And they wouldn’t let him out when he asked, even nicely without any biting. So, this place wouldn’t do, and Zak-Tak put his fiendish, if rusty, mind to work.
The life of PnP games are fickle, violent, and most often short-lived.
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