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Old 04-30-2012, 04:32 PM
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Unusual Tales of Mayham

Game NameUnusual Tales of Mayham
Game SystemOther Roleplaying Games
ThemeFantasy to Modern
FlavourMany Kinds
Plot SummaryThis is an all encompassing folder for my many adventures.

The Maelstrom:
A Dark Fantasy where life is a struggle for survival. Typical Tolkein'esk races trapped in little bubble worlds trying to fend off masses of horrors. There is no contact between these bubbles and every race presents their own story with their own world.

Written History:
A Arthurian style, low magic, fantasy setting. Humans are clawing their way out of the dark ages into an age of discovery. However, their fears and superstitions are making first contact with other cultures difficult.

World of Iden Saga:
A High Fantasy modeled in many ways after Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology where the technology resemble more of the Renascence. Because of Magic, the World of Iden is stagnating in a pre-industrial age of enlightenment doomed to decay. This sparks revolution that just might tear the world apart.

The Technonaught Revolution:
High Fantasy steam punk, set to the tone of H.P. lovecraft. You play an officer of the Inquisition or the Pax Antideamos, investigating strange occurrings that threaten the very fabric of existence
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