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Old 04-30-2012, 06:58 PM
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Beyond the 20th Door

An image appears in your mind... it is dark and fuzzy, yet certain details quickly come to focus. An obsidian table in the shape of a triangle is the first to appear, and it quickly seems your vision is limited to this object. At each of the three points of the table, three people are standing. Their forms shimmer, as if you are being deceived, but the figures themselves are recognizable enough: the elf, the dwarf and the old man from the first door.

A long, six pointed scroll now appears on the table, as if elements of the vision are being added as you adjust to the strain of seeing into the world beyond your character's eyes. The scroll is on one piece, yet there are six rectangular pieces intersecting in a circular area with each of the rectangles ending near a point or the enter of the edge. Written on the scrolls are a complicated and changing series of lines. Some of them leave the page, and reach into the figures' hands.

"They have breached the sixth gate!" the dwarf shouts. His mouth doesn't move with the words, as if you are not hearing what is truly being said.

"But their numbers are dwindling more, another becoming bound, the elf replies.

"The best we can do is defend," the man directs, "And hope that those who travel the temple can rise above both it and them."

A light comes from the center of the scroll and run down each of the sides, "Lo," they all say in unison, "A syzygy in time and space."

"They are close together, we might be able to nudge them to improve their forces."

"But we have interfered too much already, we can never forget that their actions must always be their own."

"Then we influence Karg'Pin, there is no one of importance then and there,"

"Is the balance safe?"

"It is hard to say, there is a lot of destiny right now."

"Destiny you say? Then the counsel might yet be formed.

"But we must act quickly before syzygy is lost."

"This patten will repeat, I can see it. But for now the influence must be small."

"They are entering the seventh gate, our defenses must come first. We can discuss later the nudgings to be made."
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