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Old 04-30-2012, 07:14 PM
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Would like to play a SwordSage

Important information
Name- Kyo
Time Zone- Eastern
Posting ability per day- multiple. As long as you keep updating I can keep posting. So 20+/week. Doesn't have to be that high, but that is what I do in between my already 5 games. I keep up with all of them no problem. I post after 7 PM except on weekends since life is random when I don't work. mostly mon-friday after 7 for as long as I am up. Usually until 2 AM.
Why I should be in your game. - My characters are awesome. Different one every time. I don't have a character for you to look at, but I know I want it to be a swordsage. probably a gnome or halfling. I am pretty experienced in DND, and have been playing for over 10 years.
I keep up with my games, and I am pretty reliable. I think this is the most important aspect of PBP gaming.

I am looking to join a game that is somewhere around level 7-10 so I can actually use some abilities from the swordsage class. I have never played one but I want to try it out since it seems fun. Looking for a fast paced type game that can last as long as the DM wants it to.
Thanks for reading!
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