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Old Aug 22nd, 2012, 10:24 PM
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The Host

DMPost your completed character sheets and other pertinent information in this thread.

If you include the 5-digit number at the end of the url of your character sheet between NSHEET tags, it will look like this when typed and like this when submitted:


This enables me to access your sheets without opening a dozen windows!

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Old Aug 22nd, 2012, 11:03 PM
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Name: Melanchton
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Cloistered Cleric
Region of Origin: Thrane
Character Sheet:

Haunting the forums like a memory, lingering like the aroma of old socks.

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Old Aug 23rd, 2012, 01:36 AM
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Old Aug 23rd, 2012, 08:17 AM
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Old Aug 23rd, 2012, 11:33 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Aiden ir'Reinard

Race: Human - Aundarian

Class: Magus

Alignment:Lawful Good

Background: At twenty four years of age, Aiden ir'Reinard was a man who was entirely raised in his formative years within the chaos of the Last War. As a member of a minor noble family within Fairhaven, his family had a certain reputation within the Arcane Knights. Throughout the years, the ir'Reinard family was known for producing exceptional members of the order and, while a recent lull had occurred in Aiden's own father, it only heightened the expectations that were lumped upon his the eldest son of the family, from both internal and external sources. When it came time for the young man to train to become one of the Arcane Knights, he did so gladly; he had heard of the horrors that the Karrni had committed upon Cyre and was a firm believer that Thaliost needed to be reclaimed from Thrane.

The young man was able to become skilled in both martial and magical ability in order to become one of the Arcane Knights, spending countless hours upon spellbooks and within the practice yards. When the time came for him to serve on the battlefield, he did so gladly, fighting in the north against the Karrni and their undead soldiers. The fierce young man kept a certain idealistic flare to him throughout this time; he often gave rations to civilians, both enemy and friendly, and sought to spare an opponent whenever possible. In many ways, it was his own idealism that lead to his downfall amongst the Knights.

As the Last War continued towards the Day of Mourning, Aiden found himself in a struggle with Karrni spellcasters and their undead minions. Many of his fellow men were cut down in the fight and his group seemed almost completely scattered. A powerful spell directed towards the remaining combatants, from his own nation of Aundair, plunged the remaining men and women, friend and foe alike, into forgotten caverns in the countryside. It was at this time he met an elven woman he would become smitten by; their mutual cooperation would lead to their survival from what should have been a deadly situation and they bonded under the circumstances of the moment.

Once able to leave the caverns, the struggle of the Last War, combined with realizing that his enemy was not merely murderous, terrible necromancers served to disillusion Aiden. Not wanting to continue the countless violence that had become his life, he convinced the elven woman to desert with him, fleeing from the battlefield and his obligations in search of a new life. It is years later he finds himself in Sharn, seeking work among mercenaries, long having deserted from his homeland.

Description: Aiden ir'Reinard is typically found wearing clothes that are very Aundarian in fashion. Bright colors and cared for silks rest underneath his typical cloak and armor. His blade often rests in a scabbard that shows the same sort of care at his side. His body is toned from martial training as much as his mind has been sharpened by the teachings of the arcane; he does not show outward muscularity as much as a certain swiftness of form. His brown hair is kept short, with some bangs left to flow messily over blue eyes that have a certain idealistic light still to them, even after the horrors of war. He stands a couple of inches under six feet in height; on the upper end of average for his people.
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Old Aug 24th, 2012, 07:54 AM
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(Still finalizing, sorry for the delay!)
left-aligned image


Name: Aisula Elensar
Race: Elf - Karrn
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Wizard

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Old May 25th, 2013, 02:12 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Kevan d'Jorasco

Race: Halfling

Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good

Class: Fighter (Roughrider Variant)


Appearance: 3 feet exactly, Kevan is sinewy and well tanned. His short, spiky hair is dyed a deep red, which stands in contrast to the blue tattoo on his neck. He has brown eyes and a narrow, tapered jaw, with no sign of stubble or facial hair. His left ear has a small gold hoop piercing on its side, and he wears the signet ring of House Jorasco on his right hand at all times.

Personality: Kevan used to be extremely confident and passionate. He used to believe that he could face any problem in his home on the Talenta plains. As he grew older though, his faith in his power--and his frustration with Holy Uldra--took their tolls. Now, he is moody and cynical; his only true friends are his twin sister Sallah and his clawfoot Breeze. His self-imposed exile weighs heavily on his mind, and he is currently wandering Khorvaire, looking to understand his place in the world. He rarely does anything without something agreed upon beforehand, however, should a wrong immediately present itself, he attempts to deal with it.

Background: Originally born in Karranath to a prominent house Jorasco member Harken d’Jorasco, Kevan was brought to the Talenta Plains along with his twin sister Sallah when he was very young. Harken had been assigned to work in the plains, working in Gatherhold; their mother had died giving birth to them. Sallah and Kevan doted upon one another, often they were all they had as many of the tribesmen were suspicious of any Jorasco children, just like they were suspicious of their parents. Still, Gatherhold was a great place to grow up. Kevan learned to ride dinosaurs and fight with the other children—and unlike the barbarians, Kevan got to travel the world whenever his father had to go to Vedykar. Just as the barbarians of the plans eschewed heavy armor, so did Kevan, but unlike the barbarians he did not possess the inner rage, and so was forced to perfect his technique to match the others. Sallah meanwhile worked directly for the House, learning the skills she would need to rise up in the ranks—because Sallah had manifested a Siberys mark, and Harken had taken her under his wing. Both Sallah and Kevan received private lessons from Harken’s friend in the local chapter of the Sovereign Host as grooming for command. Kevan took to Olladra, partly because of her happy-go-lucky outlook and partly because she was the least favored of Mariela, their teacher. Neither Sallah or Kevan liked her much; for one thing, she had no sense of humor, and for another, she had no emotions or warmth—calling her frosty would be putting it mildly.

After Cyre was obliterated by an arcane cataclysm, House Jorasco mobilized a great many clerics and healers to tend to the refugees and survivors. Gatherhold was flooded with refugees, and Kevan, Sallah and Harken found themselves working around the clock to tend to them all. During this time, Harken contracted an arcane malady that no one in Gatherhold could cure, and so he returned to Vedykar to seek intensive care from the House itself. What Kevan and Sallah didn’t realize was just how much political protection their father had provided—and how much the local head of the house disliked them. He assigned the twins to join one of the smaller tribes as part of a program to “improve relations” with the tribes—a tribe with a weak lath and one that was ripe for raiding. Sure enough, the tribe fell victim to the tribe of Holy Uldra, which captured or killed everyone in the tribe. Sallah was spared because of her dragonmark; Kevan received a tanget through the chest, but his sister kept him alive, threatening to commit suicide if they let him die. As much as she hated House Jorasco, Holy Uldra understood the benefit of having a trained healer under her control—especially one with a Siberys mark. They were kept as prisoners, forced to tend to the wounded, which they did. During their travels, they hatched an escape plan, looking to win Uldra’s trust to loosen their bonds before breaking free. Kevan won a measure of acceptance among Uldra’s warriors, and joined in their raids, fighting other tribes, Valenar elves, and whoever else he was ordered to fight. Unfortunately, one of these raids hit a convoy that happened to be full of House Jorasco members, and they recognized Kevan. Seeing him as a traitor to the House, they began the process of excoriation for him and his sister, long presumed to be dead.

Kevan and Sallah did manage to escape, but on their return to Gatherhold, they found the doors of the Jorasco offices closed to them. The staff there spoke to them only long enough to explain their situation then denied them asylum. Fearing the wrath of Holy Uldra, they fled the Plains on the back of Kevan’s clawfoot Breeze, riding straight to Vedykar and their father. Harken was on his last legs; they had long enough with him to find out that he had blocked final entry of excoriation with the last of his political capital, and time to say goodbye, before he succumbed.

Sallah returned to work in the House, but all her father’s contacts had died or wanted nothing to do with her, and so she was forced to start at the bottom of the House hierarchy. Kevan, sick of politics and House Jorasco, set off out into the world with his dinosaur and his sharrash. Occasionally, he wrote small pieces which he sent to various newspapers; the money he got for those, combined with the food and shelter he could earn at House Jorasco setups was enough to live off of. He has been wandering ever since, and though he won’t admit it, he needs something, anything, to help him find his way out of the woods.
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