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Old 10-29-2012, 04:21 AM
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The bad, the worse and the downright nasty.

Name: Erik the Red / Eirīkr Žōrvaldsson (Eirīkr hinn rauši)
+ link to character sheet

Occupation: Viking / Fighter
Country of origin: Norge
Age: 53
Description: Red-haired, fierce-looking
Story: Discovered and settled Greenland, killed a lot of people, fathered Leif Eriksson.
Old 10-29-2012, 08:18 AM
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Basic CharacteristicsName: Dyami

Race: Beothuk
Class: Ranger/Scout
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: Shamanism/Animism
Age: 23

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Name: Surtr Thorvaldsson

Occupation: Palatine Guard/Bodyguard, servant of Višarr
Country of Origin: Norge
Age: 30
Description: Shoulder length, dark blonde hair, stark blue eyes, strong build. As part of his vows to Višarr, patron of vengeance, Surtr paints his face black with soot. As such, there is usually some soot in his hair and on his hands as well. Surtr wears scale mail and carries a shield and two spears, a short one to be used alongside the shield, and a long one to be used on its own. Finally, Surtr wears an ironshod boot on his left foot.

Brief History:

Surtr Thorvaldsson did not grow up in the tribe in which he now lives. When he was younger, perhaps ten years ago, Surtr was out hunting on his own when his tribe was attacked, butchered to the last woman and child. By the time he'd returned from his foray into the wild, the deed was done, and his village had become ashes and blood. Though he searched among the corpses, he could not find a single member of whatever roving warband had killed his family and friends. He had left, a promising young viking, and returned to be alone in the world. He swore an oath that day to Višarr, the Ęsir most associated with vengeance, that he would not speak as the sun stands in the sky until he had brought retribution for his tribe's death. And with that, he anointed his face in ashes and soot, and set off to find them.

But Surtr was young and unproven. He could not track as well as his father had tried to teach him. And though he was devoted in his search and to his patron of vengeance, praying for a chance to come at those who had wronged him.. he could not. In time, his endless quest led him to Leif Eriksson's clan, and there he settled, at least for now. Not all who live there know his story, at least not first-hand. Surtr has taken a vow of silence, forbidding himself to speak between sunrise and sundown, and even at night you would be hard pressed to get him to talk. But he has made himself an able warrior and servant of his Jarl, and now he has followed him on this next journey. While he is unlikely to find his personal vendetta there, it is not forgotten...
Old 10-29-2012, 10:29 AM
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Eric Eiricsson




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Name: Josef Pordarson (Josef, son of Pordar)
Class: Ranger/Scout (bolth)
Alignment: Neutral Good




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Name: Ęsileif (Pronounced "Ace eh lave" with a soft 'V' that sounds more like an 'F' or just Ace) - Ęsileif ignores any questions about a surname.
Occupation: Ranger/Rogue
Country of origin: Norge
Age: ?
DescriptionĘsileif stands an unimpressive five feet, little more than that of an older boy with a build to match. Dark brown eyes peer out from, and strands of straw colored hair wisp out from under a wide brim hat. A wide brown scarf wraps around Ęsileif's neck, covering the mouth and nose. Ęsileif's explains in a raspy voice that the cold affects the throat, and even with the scarf a wet cough can often be heard muffled through the cloth. A typical long coat is worn over a typical set of leather armor, bulky with extra padding for cold protection. A typical hatchet and a fine longbow with arrows are the only armament visible.

Story: WIP (Work in Progress)

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Name :: Nikolai Zaytsev

Region of Origin :: Dnieper River basin (Russian/Swedish)

Religious Leanings :: Pays lip service to Eastern Orthodoxy, but is far more regionally traditional, mixing herbalism and runic casting in deference to an amalgamation of Perun and Odin (using the names interchangeably, depending on company)

Ethnic Background :: The people of the Dnieper or a mix of Slavic and Swedish people, the former having been subjugated through years of freebooting by the latter. Their cultures have mixed significantly, making it difficult for either the newly affirmed Kievan Rus' or the Swedish king to claim them completely. They are a people of tradition, but that tradition varies greatly from family to family. A strong sense of community dominates, as they have to bond together when faced with two powerful entities requesting taxes.

Personal Background :: Nikolai was raised in the geographic center of the Dnieper basin, and felt pulled between both countries from as far back as he could make heads or tails of things. Because of it, he focused very heavily on his local village, centering his learning and talents on helping those in his own community. He learned the ways of the forest, scrounging up herbs and stranger things to help those ailing during the bad seasons. He stayed with the aging shaman of his people, an old man who held true to the dichotomy by worshipping both Odin and Christ simultaneously, picking up the rituals of marriage, birth, blessing the crops, and everything in between. All said, he worked hard to become a pillar of his people.

But then he began to have dreams. Wicked dreams, filled with the ancient stories of the Slavs. Rusalka drowned him, Blud led him forever lost in the woods, Baba Yaga ate him alive. It was as though his Russian heritage was telling him he was doing wrong. He couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong, but in an effort to better understand, he packed up and left, heading for the Scandinavian countries. He hoped that perhaps their faiths would have answers concerning his strange dreams.

He wandered for some time until finding a small village on the coast of Norway. He slept there for a night, and the dreams stopped completely. He took it as a sign, and settled there to help these people as he had his former village. They were at first wary, but his talents soon won them over.

It was sadly not long before the dreams began again, but different this time. Now, Jormungand wrapped around and around his corpse, Hel dragged him into her embrace, giants stomped him flat. The Scandinavian lands rebelled against his presence, and he once more felt unwelcome. The people were as kind as ever to the strange healer, but the heart of the land was against him.

When the ship was being manned, Nikolai finally saw a new chance. They were headed for a new land, free of the hand of either Perun or Odin, free of the dreams that plagued him. He brought himself to the boat, showed his skills, and found a place amongst the rangers and warriors.
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