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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 09:19 PM
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Name: Visalia
Race: Half-elf, Bhaalspawn
Class: Ranger (Skirmisher) -TWF
Age: 32
Region: Candlekeep
Alignment: Neutral, Neutral-Good by convenience




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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 09:38 PM
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For completed characters, post your original application as well as a link to your character sheet in this thread. Secreting some info is ok but the party has been traveling together for over a month and should have some idea of what everyone's personality and capabilities are.


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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 11:25 PM
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Name: Simivin Tovekil "Tove"
Race: Aasimar (LA+0 as per PF bestiary)
Age: 24
Region: Dalelands
Class: Zen Archer (Monk Class Variant)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (for now)

Appearance: Tove is fairly tall and of a lean, somewhat musuclar frame. His head is shaved bald except for a topknot on the back of his skull. He looks to be human, from all accounts, except for one eye being bright gold and the other a deep shade of purple.

He wears simple robes over breeches along with metallic bands and braces on parts of his body, a pouched belt, and thin boots. His only carried equipment appear to be an exquisite longbow and quiver.


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Old Jan 22nd, 2011, 12:10 PM
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Name: "Jas"
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Region: Waterdeep.

A slender moon elf standing around six feet tall, his skin pale and pearly and his eyes are Light grey, almost silver in color. His hair is raven black, thick and wavy and reaches beneath his ears and an assortment of earrings and piercings adorn various places on his face and body, including his eyebrows and nose. He is most commonly dressed in tight fit pants with a loose, silky shirt, heavy belts and knee high boots.


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Old Jul 1st, 2012, 10:07 PM
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Name: Ullithus Aldenrec
Race: Human
Age: 28
Region: The Sword Coast, City of Waterdeep
Class: Sorcerer (Arcane Bloodline)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Ullithus has an infectious smile that is accented by his bright bluish green eyes. His wavy dark brown hair is cut short and worn stylishly loose and ruffled. Ullithus is relatively tall, with broad shoulders and a thin frame. He wears a flame red cloak trimmed in intricately embroidered gold and blue patterns. Beneath his cloak he wears a finely woven cotton robe, dyed a deep blue and tied at the waist by a black leather belt. Hanging off his belt is a simple looking dagger with one small ruby set into the hilt. On the leather scabbard is embossed a shield, ringed in flames, with a black bladed dagger in the center of the shield.

Personality: Ullithus is a confident man; confident in his abilities, confident in his style and confident in his decisions. Given that he is not quick to anger, Ullithus usually has a smile on his face, projecting his confidence. He is not one to shy away from a conversation or a story and is always willing to provide his opinion, perspective and experiences. Ullithus has a dry, sometimes sarcastic humor that can be interpreted as condescending, though he rarely intends it to be such.

Ullithus values the company of like minded individuals, whose goals and aspirations align with his need to promote a sense of goodness in the world. He is loyal to his friends and will do all in his power to help protect and defend those whom he deems worthy. Ullithus also has an insatiable curiosity for all things relating to magical knowledge. His innate ability to draw magical energies from within him, without the need to prepare spells, drives him to find new ways to tap this burgeoning power source.


Motivation for Adventuring: Ullithus is a seeking of knowledge and artifacts. Anything of a magical nature, be it spell scrolls, items or information, are of interest to Ullithus. He has traveled much of Faerun in search of new spells and artifacts most on his own. To further his growth he would like to find other adventurers to explore with to enable him to secure some of the more power magics in Faerun.

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Old May 30th, 2013, 03:27 AM
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left-aligned image

Race: Aasimar
Age: 30
Region: The Dalelands (Archendale)
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Standing an imposing six feet tall, Shaelas is a book easily read by its cover. Holy markings adorn the white-and-golden full plate that covers her well-toned form as well as the falchion carried on her back. If that was insufficient to mark her as a champion of good, surely the Just for roleplay purposes for now; I do intend to take the Angelic Wings feat later if we go that far, and it doesn't seem reasonable that they'd just... sprout... one day. I expect I would roleplay it as her finally learning to use them to fly.feathered wings protruding from her shoulders and conviction-bound stare would erase any lingering doubts.

Strands of raven-black hair frame her face, which remains beautiful despite its obvious wear and tear. Several faded scars across her neck, arms, and face reveal the life of one who is far more zealous in ending her foe's lives than in protecting her own. An air of authority attends her body language, and while her presence can seem soothing or even kind, there is a fierceness beneath that makes that authority seem anything but undeserved.

Personality: For all of her aggressiveness in combat, Shaelas is by nature a gentle, peace-loving individual. She prefers to avoid combat whenever possible, preventing it either by diplomacy or concession; at times, such concessions are to her own detriment. Violence is always her last resort, but when it must be resorted to, she does so with a knowledge that no other option remains. As such, she commits to it with an unbridled fury and righteous vengeance that only a woman with unwavering conviction can boast.

It is this unique, almost bi-polar mixture of qualities that lead to her assignment to the Baalspawn. A warrior more swift to judgment would attack them on the first perceived transgression; such an unprovoked attack would be disastrous both for the church's reputation and the potential for good that the Baalspawn possess. A clergy member more prone to mercy would lack the resolve necessary to do what must be done should they fall into corruption. Shaelas is patient, merciful, and loyal; she is also zealous, aggressive, and unbound by earthly affection.

While she is often seen as stern and intimidating, she has an interior far softer than many ever realize. She is often on guard around those she does not know, lest advantage be taken of her dropping it. Once her trust is won, however, a much more relatable person appears. Though few know it save those who have traveled with her extensively, Shaelas has a fairly well developed sense of humor. She also possesses a moderate level of skill in gardening, and a taste for honey that borders upon the obsessive.

Background: Raised in one of the villages of Archtassel, Shaelas was the result of an unlikely marriage between an Archendale soldier and a druid of the Archenwood. While their lives were largely different, they managed to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for the child; it was her father who taught her to finish a fight swiftly once it began, and her mother who taught her to value all living things. Neither parent is entirely certain of whose side the celestial heritage descended from, and both were surprised when their child was born with the feathered evidence of such ancestry.

The church took ready interest in the development of the young girl whose feathery appendages marked a trace of the divine in an otherwise forsaken time. Shaelas' formative years occurred in the midst of the Time of Troubles, and the end thereof marked her first direct encounter with divine magic when she, in the heat of argument, caused an item in her hand to glow like the sun. The sudden manifestation of this "new" type of power could only be described as miraculous, and the recently returned magic of the priesthood did little to dissuade that impression. It took little convincing to win her to the faith of Tyr, and she joined a local order of paladins with the blessing of her family.

Her first experience with the hatred of all things evil came during her initial encounter with the undead. The power of the emotion took her by surprise and pushed her into battle with little regard for strategy or her own safety, leading to several of the faded scars marking her face and arms. In the wake of that first and painful lesson, she learned the extent of her blood's zeal and eventually how to temper it with the patience of her mother. In time, her winning combination of compassion and zeal saw her rise through the ranks of her order, culminating in her greatest assignment yet.

Motivation for Adventuring: Knowledge of the Bhaalspawn is a source of great concern in light of recent events, and to the church in particular. With the heroes lauded in the eyes of the public for their deeds, it would be unwise to assume them evil or purge them lest they turn to it. Nonetheless, the blood of devils runs in their veins; if they were to fall to corruption or into the wrong hands, the results would be catastrophic.

Shaelas' purpose is to ensure that this does not occur. Her primary mission is to encourage the Bhaalspawn through example and exhortation to resist their blood and maintain a course of righteousness. So long as they do so, she will serve loyally as their protector and guardian against those who would exploit their potential. The unspoken corollary is that should the Bhaalspawn themselves turn to darkness, she will end the threat swiftly and without mercy.
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Old May 30th, 2013, 03:07 PM
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Name: Sir Tristifer Tyrol
Race: Human (Illuskan)
Age: 51
Region: The North
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good

Sir Tristifer is an older man, readily apparent at first glance. His skin is weathered and lined, and his hair thin and white. Despite this he stands unbowed in his armor, around six feet in height. His armor is worn with age, but well cared for, as is his blade and shield, bearing the sigil of a golden chalice with a drop of blood above it, the symbol of his order. Though Sir Tristifer does not move with the grace he once did, he still has a certain confidence in every stride, and his sword arm is as steady as ever.

Sir Tristifer is a gentle and grandfatherly soul at heart, more likely to step aside for a passer-by than push through as so many armored warriors do in the Market District. He speaks softly, but firmly, and when he argues he rarely does so with heated words, knowing that such only bring greater conflict. Unlike many of the warrior orders, Sir Tristifer is not overly stern or grim, and smiles often, in a thin and wistful way. Above all, the paladin's years have taught him patience, and he is often amused by the energy and impatience of youth. When others have exhausted themselves with frantic action or contested shouting, Sir Tristifer will find his place to step in with a wise word, and a gentle pat on the shoulder.

Tristifer was born the youngest of five sons in a boisterous household on the banks of the Rauvin River. His father Jonas owned the largest sawmill in Everlund, harnessing the power of the raging waters to cut huge planks and fine woods for the many craftsmen of the city. He was the only child of Jonas' second wife, and as such was somewhat younger than his brothers. Tristifer was consequently ignored and grew up somewhat scorned by his brothers, full of energy wasted running around town and causing mischief. With four other sons to provide apprenticeships for, Jonas was troubled as to what to do with the boy. But when Tristifer was nearly twelve years of age, the Order of the Golden Cup of Ilmater established a chapter house in Everlund and issued a call for squires.

With no apprentice fee to pay, the choice was obvious, and Tristifer was sent to apply his energies to the service of a Sword of Ilmater. He was raised to be a knight, given lectures on their noble code and the principles of their god. The Tyrol's had never been a godly family, and Tristifer found he enjoyed the peace and communion of worship. He was assigned as squire to Sir Boris Uthardt, a boisterous man who enjoyed escorting merchant caravans along the many narrow trails of the North. Tristifer grew tall and strong, and was soon knighted in his own right, and sent far and wide to serve those both high and low.

As part of his journeys, Sir Tristifer found the time to visit Candlekeep on some occasions, checking in on Gorion the Harper. He was acquainted with the older man from a desperate battle against Zhentarim, but knew he was not counted a trusted friend to the secretive fellow. Indeed, at one such visit Sir Tristifer was introduced to Gorion's new "wards", and he came away with no clue as to the child's origin or parentage, despite polite enquiries. Still, the children grew up happily enough, and Sir Tristifer always had time to say hello. But one time, after they had shared perhaps more than a little wine, Gorion muttered a prophecy of Alaundo that gave Tristifer a chill, and more than a few suspicions. Yet on one visit a couple years ago, Tristifer found Gorion gone, and the young ones as well.

As he has aged, Sir Tristifer had become somewhat reluctant to throw himself into battle as he once did. Travelling miles and miles across the countryside took its toll. So he followed the advice of a trusted Ilmatari cleric and went even further south, to Athkatla. There, as in many cities, the poor existed in a struggle under the heel of the ruthless and powerful. Thugs and gangs exert control even as the authorities look the other way. There Ilmater can truly offer succour, and though Sir Tristifer had faced undead, giants and fiends, even the local tough is an evil to be opposed.

Just a few days ago, Sir Tristifer heard word of a great explosion in the market, and a bloody confrontation between the Cowled Wizards and some sorceror. But he also heard of a half-elven woman with the group, and one of the arrested was named Imoen. The name brought up old memories, and prompted the old paladin to ask more questions. He even glimpsed a familiar face at the city gates. An enquiry with a friend amongst the Cowled Wizards even confirmed Imoen's arrest, and Sir Tristifer made his decision. Retrieving his armor from a dusty chest, he sought out the one who was once Gorion's ward....

Motivation for Adventuring:
Sir Tristifer remembers Gorion the Harper as a secretive man, as so many of his kind are, but he also remembers him as a good man. Though he doesn't understand the full implications of what little Gorion shared with him, Sir Tristifer suspects that the man's ward has some dire destiny in store. And Ilmater commands his faithful to guide the lost and comfort the needy. Tristifer knows he grows perhaps a little too old and a little too slow, but his calling is stronger than any ache in his bones. To an Ilmatari, suffering in the name of a righteous cause is a true duty, so Tristifer will lend his wisdom and blade where he knows it is needed, in service to a noble cause.


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