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Old Oct 1st, 2013, 05:34 PM
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Party Information

Here you can post your characters. If you prefer you can post them in secret. However please make the basic info available like player name, race and background to the other players.
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Old Oct 5th, 2013, 05:22 PM
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left-aligned image
Player Name - Mac James
right-aligned image

Age - 54
Gender - Male
Player Background:

Retired Attorney and Principal Cellist for the New York Philharmonic, Mac is recuperating from a Stage IV tumor at the base off his skull, or at least hopes that he is. Radiation and Chemo have been completed. His body is weakened from 2 months of destructive treatment. As bad, were the 6 months recovering from that treatment, feeding through a tube while the radiation burns healed under heavy pain medications. A vigorous 52 year old before the treatment, his apparent age jumped from perhaps his mid 40s to his late 60s, or so he feels. His mind would have shut down during the process if not for his heavy on line gaming. The gaming was mentally demanding, yet, if he screwed up, there was always another life. Errors, whether drug induced or merely careless, although aggravating were easy enough to recover from. At worst, he would have to log off and log in again.

His body will take a lot of recovery. Serious workouts will be required to achieve his original competitive, athletic body. Theoretically, now that the pain medications are no longer required, his sharp mind should be back up to super-genius level. This newly developed gaming system should put that to the test. Between editing of articles for friends in the gaming industry, and his early representation of the company developing the new system, it was easy to get an invitation to participate in the new system.

A relaxed yet accomplished individual, this game is an opportunity to discover if he still has it. Is his mind as sharp as it once was? If not, his life as a man who could accomplish anything he chose to attempt would be over. This would not do. Sure he has worked hard, but so has the guy who has spent his life digging ditches. It is his natural talent and insight that separates him from that. He acknowledges that being born to a wealthy artistic family didn't hurt his chances any either.

It has been less than 6 months since he has left his semi-hermetical existence in his castle on the mountain. His only daily visitor had been his cook and housekeeper, and she has only been preparing solid food for him for about a month. The visits from his nurse are down to weekly and of course Sunday Mass and lunch with his Pastor has continued uninterrupted. When he had his castle built, he had hoped the Chapel would get some regular use, but he had no idea that just 3 years later it would be his regular place of worship for weekly Mass.

Avatar Name - Manion Bd'O'Trade
Age - 20
Gender - Male
Race - Catfolk -Black Panther

Avatar: A big stealthy pouncing Cat man.
"A man does not know how bad he really is, until he has tried very hard to be good” - C.S. Lewis"

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Old Oct 6th, 2013, 06:13 PM
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Player Name: Michelle King
AGE: 31
Gender: Female
Avatar Name: Karra the Amazon

As her father was a major in the Army, Michelle grew up in several military bases around the country and the world. Always moving from one base to another, just as she was making friends with some of the other kids at the base, she never really made close friends. Growing up as an army brat, her father pulled some strings when she graduated from high school and was accepted into West Point Military Academy. After college, graduating with a degree in business and minoring in engineering, she did what was expected of her and joined the army.

After boot camp she was promoted to a lieutenant and worked as a secretary for a general at Fort Hood. Even though she was not in a combat position, she kept up her combat training in her spare time and worked out in the gym to keep in shape. After serving in the military for eight years she became tired of the military life and resigned her post and moved to the large city of Dallas/Fort Worth, where she found a job as a night time security guard for a large office building.

Being a night time security guard was a good position for Michelle as it gave her ample time to walk around doing her patrols and giving her time to think what she wanted to do with her life. Most nights she was alone with one other guard, who she rarely saw, and the occasional manager who would be working late at night. She had weekends and holidays off and lived in an apartment only a couple of blocks away so when the weather was pleasant and not to hot she could walk to work.

On the weekends Michelle became a different person. She began to hang around a bunch of people that were heavily into video games and role-playing games. In these groups she became known as Karra the Amazon, she specialized in games that dealt with medieval fantasy but did ok with pretty much any type of the games that she tried. One weekend one of the other gamers came in with a new game from Dimension Games. In the package was an entry form for a journey of a lifetime. Just as a joke they figured out a competition and who ever had the most points in the game at the end of the night would win the ticket to fill out and send in.

To Michelle?s surprise and delight she won with the most points at the end of the night just beating out Killer Kirk and Steve the Snake by a hundred points. Not really caring about the ticket as much as playing the game she took the ticket home and left it laying on her counter for a few days. One day after getting home she saw the ticket and figured what the heck. Filling the ticket out she dropped it off in the mail box on the way to work figuring that she would not win the grand prize but if any of the other gamers asked she could say she sent it in.

Creation Process: what the heck lets go Completely Random
You Might Be A Redneck If...
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Old Oct 6th, 2013, 07:04 PM
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Character Sheet

Name: Bijhan Nazar Ahari
Age: 24
Gender: M
Avatar Name: Sabbah – Partially Controlled (hopefully this doesn’t bite me like character creation sometimes does)



When a pickpocket sees a saint, all he sees are the pockets.

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Old Oct 8th, 2013, 09:05 PM
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Character Sheet

: Aurelia 'Lea' Swan

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Aurelia typically goes by her nickname, Lea. It is much shorter and easier to remember. She isn't the most outspoken person and prefers to observe what isn't going on around her. It is the little details that hold her interest the most. When it comes to understanding things and puzzles, things seem to click for her. Most of the time when she is at work she feels like she is surrounded by stupid people. That is mostly due to the nature of her job. Lea is a compassionate person and hates it when she sees others harming others. She views everyone as being Earth's children and that means respecting all lifeforms and living a balance life.


: Alberio
Race: Darkmoon Elf
Class: Beguiler

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Old Oct 9th, 2013, 12:00 AM
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Player name: I never was good with names. Let's just call him Keith.

Out of game appearance. Maybe considered fat on the internet, but most would just say he's bulky. He's got a bit of tone on him, is not incredibly tall, but not a midget either. A bit of a beer gut, a partier... weight lifts when he feels like it.

In game, much more slender, paler, slightly younger looking. His hair is actually less healthy than irl. A dark red thats scroungy, tangled, and unkept.

Age: 27.
Gender: Male.
Generation: Completely random.

About: Keith is a bright man, but kind of a slacker who has depended on quick wit, Craigslist ads, and being one of the cool kids to get ahead. It's not working out so much for him these days. The party music has died down, entry level jobs might pay the bills, but leave him unfulfilled, and those few semesters of law school and economics he was able to get off of government grants just don't look all that impressive anymore. His father... a very hardworking, conservative, ex-marine. Has tried to drill into him discipline and that there is no free lunch. But Keith figures it's 2013. People shouldn't have to do backbreaking labor just for the wife and white picket fence. This dimensions gig is just another opportunity, another plot to hit it big by cutting corners and working intelligently rather than hard. He's kind of like Ed fro Ed, Edd, and Eddy all grown up. A bit more emotionally mature than Ed obviously, (though not by much) but still the same ham. He figures this game will generate opportunities with revenue, mingling with other high up people, and make him an internet sensation.

His father at first opposed, but thought to himself this might be the lesson Keith needs. A slap of reality that no amount of wheeling and dealing is going to get him a comfy chair to sit in and avoid listening to orders or getting his hands dirty. His father respects Keith, he's a good kid. But comes from a time where you had to prove yourself both in attitude and effort. Life doesn't have cheat codes. Keith down to a philosophical level, believes it does. He just hasn't found them yet and though a bit depressed about it, won't stop him from looking.

Keith does like his video games, but mostly the old school ones with Game Genie. Not so much to "win". Winning isn't important unless there's a high score to gloat about. It's about presentation and leaving an impact on everyone, especially yourself. Games... and life. Are meant to be enjoyed. Hard to enjoy something when you're busy trying to find the right key, defeat the next boss, etc. A level skip here, an invulnerable mode there... can turn a game from a chore to an exploration adventure with no consequences and just a way to express yourself and your joy. Keith's remembers guys like him growing up. They were called hippies, and to this day they just sit around smoking pot, trying to stay young forever, flirting with people half their age. It's sad. And his father sternly believes happiness requires discipline. (So alignment wise, not that it matters... I'd say his dad is lawful good and Keith is neutral good as he's not really a rebel or going around protesting, trying to shake the system.)

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Old Oct 9th, 2013, 01:20 AM
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Player Name- Josiah Campbell

Age- 36

Gender- Male

Avatar Name- Bearforceone- total random

Character Sheet-



RP Sample:

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Old Oct 10th, 2013, 09:18 PM
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right-aligned image

Player Name: John Jones
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Avatar Name: Phoenix Completely player controlled
Avatar Race: Elf
Avatar class: Ranger


John used to be a typical middle class suburbanite kid. aside from an absentee father, he had a very average life. He flirted with girls, went to parties, got mediocre grades, and thought he was untouchable. All of that changed the night of the accident. A drunk driver veered onto the curb and ran him over while he was walking home from a friend's house. John survived, but his spine was broken, and he was confined to a wheelchair.

His grades dropped, he stopped socializing, and he withdrew into himself. After a failed suicide attempt, his mother was desperate to find something to help her son. She tried one idea after another until finally she bought John the latest video game system, pointing out that his hands worked just fine. And that is where John found his escape.

On the screen, he could run, jump, and do everything he no longer could in the real world. There, he could pretend to be someone else. Someone who wasn’t broken. His depression lessened, and his grades improved, though it did little to help his social life. Now the only place John interacts with others, is through a headset.

John still lives at home, though he makes money working on his computer. He entered the contest, finding the allure of such an immersive experience irresistible. Even if it’s only a fantasy, only a game, the chance to run again is a dream come true.


John is a rather slim young man with short black hair that he rarely bothers to comb. His skin has grown pale form lack of sun, and his eyes often look strained from staring at a screen all day. His wheelchair has been modified into a gaming station, with a swivel food tray on the left, and a similar setup for his keyboard on the right. He rarely dresses up much, usually only wearing plain white T-shirts and sweatpants. As he puts it, who is going to see me anyway? He also has acne due to excessively oily skin.


In real life, John is a very bitter and resentful young man. He feels cheated out of his future, and envious of all those around him that take their mobility for granted. He lashes out at anyone who tries to cheer him up, seeing it as patronizing.

Online, John is much more lighthearted, throwing himself into his escapism. He is friendly, helpful to others, and often spends time just running around and exploring. He is very evasive when questioned about is real life, and may even become hostile when pushed on the issue.

In either reality, John despises people who are recklessly irresponsible, seeing them as no better than the man who crippled him. He often thinks his own actions through, so much so that he can be crippled with indecision when put under pressure because he fears making the wrong choice.

I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time
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Old Oct 11th, 2013, 11:08 PM
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Player Name- Rhonda Fink
right-aligned image

Age- 17
Gender- female

Rhonda is 6'2", big boned, and is large in general, including a weight problem bordering on obesity. You might not notice this at first, as her face carries her weight well, and with a touch of makeup and some attention paid to her coarse, blonde, shoulder-length hair, she takes on her persona as "RhondaGod22," a small-time internet personality. She streams herself playing popular online competitive games to her some 2,000 subscribers, and considers herself "pro," though she isn't nearly as skilled at gaming as she claims. She has an excessive amount of piercings in one ear, and almost always wears a blue hoodie, and a graphic shirt portraying something she finds unabashedly witty.
Blackmailing her father into signing the necessary waivers for her to accept her contest prize through a log of scandalous text messages, she's flown across the country to Sydney. Though she has little past experience with RPGs, typically preferring action-oriented titles, she's excited to be a closed beta tester for any game, as it makes great blogging material. Rhonda is also excited about grabbing desirable usernames before anyone else.

Earth Dwarfen barbarian by the name of "God."
Character sheet

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Old Oct 13th, 2013, 11:55 PM
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right-aligned image

Player Name: Vance Krieg
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Avatar Name: Locke
Avatar Race: Dragonborn


Vance was the son of two divorced parents, who both viewed him as a hassle, an unwanted affliction inflicted by the other. As such, they often passed on custody to each other faster than Vance could pack. He was never accepted in the many schools he attended, as he was unappealing and unathletic. Still, he persevered for a time, and sought refuge in reading and video games.

For a while, when he read or played, he could take shelter in a different world, a better world, a world that needed him. He met friends that didn't care what he looked like or what his life was like. He read stories where guys like him always had happy endings. So he fought on, fighting his way out of the hole he was in.

Vance was accepted to college, with the government paying his way. He had worked hard and studied his way to a brighter future. He was beginning to see a glimmer of hope, before he met his roommate, Steven. His roommate seemed all right at first. He was from a well to do family, and was the son of two alumni. However, at college, free from his parent's restraint, he partied hard and hung with bad crowds. It didn't affect Vance much, as Steven was away partying when Vance needed to study, so he thought it would work out. However, His roommate's parents were wondering how he was burning through so much money, and began to hold back.

Steven was looking for a new source of income to supplement his partying, and getting a job would interfere with his social life. So where else did he look but Vance, with his school provided lap top and expensive school books. After "trashing" their dorm and stealing anything pawnable, he went to the Dean and blamed Vance for the destruction. It was Vance's word versus Steven's tearful appeal, backed up by a posse of friends and his parent's prestige. Before he knew it, Vance was thrown out.

With no place to go back to, Vance couch surfed for a while, using computers from a local library to find a way out of this mess. He was quickly beginning to lose hope, when he had an email from Dimensional Games LLC. It was an invitation to test their new system and game. It was something he was hoping to win after finals, but after losing everything, he hadn't wasted time looking into it. It was all expenses paid, so at least he would have room and board for a while. With his options rapidly dwindling, he accepted.

Vance is a short, lanky guy, unremarkable, except for two features. His irises were so dark they were almost black, and he had a small scar on his right cheek, a momento from his mother. On a brooding hearthrob or a hot celebrity, it would have added to their charm, but on Vance's small, pale body it was ugly, or creepy at worst.


If you asked a few years ago, Vance was a sad, haunted boy, an introvert, but nonetheless driven. He had few friends, but the experiences he had online or in a book compensated. If you asked a few months ago, he was proud, hopeful, and full of life. He had worked hard, and the payoff was beginning to show. He was genuinely happy and confident for the first time in his life. Now, though, he is just a shell of his former self. With about 15 dollars in cash to his name, no home to return to, he was nothing but a burden to the few friends he had made. Even his previous pastimes were tainted by his predicament, and no longer provided the haven he wanted. So, depressed and unwanted, he wonders if this new game can lift his spirits and turn his fortune.
Interested in being a Co-GM for shadowrun? PM me

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Old Oct 14th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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Suzannah Lin

The mother's wavy chestnut hair and her welcoming brown eyes gives her an innocent, youthful look. The oriental woman's fashion is modest when not working in the office, which was due in no small part to the cold fall and spring months in Canada. She has a sweet and pleasant strawberry scent that follows wherever she goes, and her smiles give a very welcoming and friendly air to the atmosphere.

Player Name: Suzannah Lin
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Background: Suzannah is a mother of one whose recent divorce only adds to the stress on her mind. It was during her study at the University of Toronto that Suzie met her husband to be. While normally a focused woman, Suzie allowed herself to become infatuated with the man and subsequently married a few years later, in coincidence with their graduation year. Her marriage would've been described as passionate, glowing twice as bright but also burning out just as fast. A son was born, and while she originally wanted to pursue her goal of opening up her own hotel and restaurant it was instead derailed into a job as a secretary.

Her son is now ten years old, and while she loves him she can't help but harbor feelings of bitter resentment and regret over her choices. Her son bears a striking resemblance to the father, which rarely helps in the slightest. She works a full time job and because of this barely has time to interact with her son, whose parenting has long since been put in the hands of a nanny. Her friends knew about her plight in life, and figured the thing she needs the most is a vacation or adventure. They filled in her name and info for the contest jokingly, but imagine their surprise when she called them one morning announcing that she had actually been picked a winner for the contest.

Reluctant at first, Suzie finally relented after a few hours of dinner in a restaurant at the behest of her friends. She figured she might as well do it, if not to take advantage of the all expenses paid trip and the stay at a five star hotel. She could care less about the game itself, personally.

Personality: She's been described by most as motherly, caring, and gentle. She is not a person to act on instinct, preferring to give it at least even a moment's thought before doing things. The last time she didn't, she still regrets it to this day. Her maturity and openness is what makes her stand out among her friends, but it's her cooking that takes and grips the people she meets and ends up cooking a meal for. Cooking is her life time hobby, and in her off time she researches and tries out new recipes on her own, even if she ends up giving away the portions she can't eat. She has no interest in gadgets, computers or the online world for that matter. She gives her son's monitor a look over whenever he's wasting his time on computer games and she uses her office software to process documents and letters for her work, but that about completes her experience with technology.

If you are looking for a down-to-earth person to talk to or perhaps share interest in the culinary arts with, Suzannah is your person.


right-aligned image

Name: Strawberry Shortcake
Race: Human
Class: Complete Ninja
Purge as Corporal Pasam Molta
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Old Nov 8th, 2013, 12:42 PM
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Please allow me to introduce myself

Age 28
Latin American
Name: Fernando Gomez, Place of birth Caracas Venezuela.

Given his high IQ and facility to work with computers Fernando Quit University and found a Job at one of the few Venezuelan Game developing companies, later moved to Argentina and then to Mexico where he was hired by IGN to do test drives and technical reviews of most of the newer incoming games. That's how he found out about what promised to be the best game ever. Nevertheless getting one of the few first access wasn't easy but somehow he got in the program. He moved to NYC to where one of the centers for Dimensional Games LLC were operating.

Avatar: Male
In Game: Agamenon
Race Aasimar.
A mix of golden and silver Hair with eyes with no retina. A tall and handsome man
Current active Characters
Valeria Agamenon
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Old Jan 1st, 2014, 11:19 PM
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Player Name: James T
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Avatar Name: Drea
Game Type: Completely random. I'm a gambler, let the dice roll!

And what a roll that was!
Race: Quartz Gargoyle
Class: Dark Knight

Personality: Well rounded, professional man in his late middle age years who has an eclectic sense of humor, natural avant garde style, and morally centered code of ethics. Jim can be mercurial and unpredictable in his approach to any given situation but generally does what he determines is the course of action that will produce the most beneficial result. He does what he believes is good and right. Jim makes friends easily and adapts rapidly to most situations.

Background: Jim carries this picture of his younger self to remind him of the vane idiot he once was. Although age has brought wisdom to his formerly charismatic self, Jim isn't particularly happy about the way his life turned out. He was an extremely precocious child who excelled at everything he attempted. Athletically, he captained his swim team, rowed "stroke" for his crew club at a prestigious university, and was VP on both High School and Collegiate debate teams. By the time he was 25, he had travelled the world, seen four continents, 26 countries and 38 States in the USA and gambled up a small fortune. That fortune was invested in an international hospitality sales business which he ran for the next ten years.
At 33, he met an exotic young woman that put a stop to Jim's jet-set, playboy ways and they were married, Had three kids while living in Wisconsin and then St. Louis Missouri, where they "settled down". Jim took a sales management job with a pharmaceutical company and began to enjoy suburban life supplemented by MMORPG's, LARPing and the local Renaissance Faire where he bartended for charity (all proceeds went to support the local children's hospital and children's theatre project).

As the exotic beauty he married began to lose her youthful figure, she did not age gracefully. She resented Jim for "forcing" her to bear his three children and after 7 years of marriage, she left Jim and the children and returned to her native Australia with a new boyfriend in tow. Jim spent the next 8 years trying to raise the children alone. In the process he went bankrupt, lost his home, his job and his health (physical health... mental health too?).

Unable to continue to care for his children by himself, Jim's family stepped in and sent Jim to New York after hearing about Dimensional Games, in the hope that something could be done to return Jim back to his former self. He enters this new opportunity broken down and ready to be rebuilt.
Hear the voices of creation and sing with them of what is in your soul so that every note becomes real.

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