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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 08:51 AM
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Pile of Goobers

Place your applications here, along with the wondrous character sheet!

The Sheet Code is [SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet"][INDENT][NSHEET]38965[/NSHEET][/INDENT][/SPOILERBUTTON] with the number of your sheet in that 5 digit slot.

The app thread was here! Your shooty pewpews are here!

20 point buy, no traits, max HP. Earth people, make a wishlist of items they'd have on them. Other Earthlings have max money.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 09:06 AM
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Newest Character SheetNewest Character Sheet


Uh, There's Been A Slight Mix-Up Here
left-aligned image
right-aligned image
Names: Egami Megumi and Ursula
Byname: Erika
Origin: Other Earth
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune
Class: Tactitian (Battle Medic)

Appearance: I don't always take human form - in fact, I still don't really know how - but when I do, I'll do it with style. Hopefully.
As a kitsune born from eastern myths, Erika's natural form is of a humanoid fox; that's fur, a tail and a set of nasty-sharp teeth, if it wasn't clear. She's an earthy shade of cream, with two big eyes a shade of crisp hazel. Her ears are remarkably large, even given the standards of her race, and she refrains from dressing up any more than is expected. Since she's still not terribly sure of how her human form is supposed to work, she hasn't actually made an effort to figure out how she looks as one - not yet, anyway.

Personality: Remember the three As, Erika: Approving, Approachable, Adaptable.
Unless she sees an opportunity to ply her own sense of humour - namely, tricking other people or making them look silly - she's a determined stoic. She has a greater fondness of gaining friendship through hardship than by circumstance, and occasionally has issues of trust. While she enjoys the company of others and does try to afford offending them, she can be uncomfortably forceful, impersonal and unconcerned by matters of personal space. Although she was always quite fond of the human legends, their recent attempt at reality-altering magic has left her wary.

Background: I heard the tales of a place called Japan, back on that place you call "Earth." I always wanted to see it.


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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 09:49 AM
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Character DetailsName: Manacoat
Origin: Other Earth
Race: Unicorn
Class: Wizard
Gender: Male




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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 10:12 AM
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Box!Name: Dylan Alistair
Origin: Original Flavour Earth
Race: Vanara (formerly human)
Class: Fighter (lore warden)
Gender: Male

Dylan is a skinny spider monkey person with dark brown bristly fur and a nervous disposition. He's got long gangly limbs which make his body look small and a stance that hides the true extent of his height, but he's still more human shaped than monkey shaped. His tail is long and often used to carry things or notch arrows.
His eyes have gone from unremarkable and brown to huge and deep blue. He stares at things intensely, like he's trying to memorise them.
He is usually found inside a hero of life hoodie and an old pair of grey jeans. Since his transformation he always carries his quiver and bow and has sworn off shaving and shoes forever. His wrists are adorned with arm bands from the many gigs and festivals he has hidden at the backs of over the last few years.
His eye-contact skills are terrible and his crippling shyness obvious.

Background: Very Bad Things have clearly happened to Dylan. He doesn't talk about it and these days doesn't even think about it that much, but the important thing is he was never prepared for normal life. He hasn't lived an angst-filled life of isolation, but he has been a borderline recluse, focusing on hobbies and skills rather than work and friends.
He enjoyed archery, so he practised a lot and got very good. He larped, he re-enacted, he competed and somewhere along the line he started winning prizes. By the time he got sucked into the Other Earth he was taking his first steps as a pro archer.
He's about 19.

Personality: He's not good with people, preferring books and computers because he can throw them in the bin if they become unreasonable. He likes you and pretty much everybody else too, but you scare the hell out of him. The consensus among those closest to him is that this is both adorable and sad.
Dylan is brave, focused and knows his strengths but he struggles to even talk. If a negotiation were to go south and turn into a fight, he'd be relieved; everything was so scary and complicated, but now he can just kill the jerks. Problem solved.
He could benefit from a hug, but if you were to hug him he'd stiffen and remain stiff for some time.
Since Other Earth has a lot of demand for his only significant skill, he had few attachments back home and he much prefers being a Vanara, Dylan has no intention of ever returning to Earth. Even if Other Earth turns out to be a worse place, that just means it needs him more.

Other Nonsense: Dylan is Lawful Good, has a Charisma score of 5 and can go to sleep in almost any time or place if he desires. He is a pretty good driver and better than average at math, but these skills will not help him at all. He can be compulsively neat, but he's too introverted to be annoying about it.
Ingle Land?

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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 10:10 PM
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Name: Naomi Tola Imoan Alot
Origin: A mirror
Race: Slyph
Class: Qinggong Monk
Gender: Female

Appearance: Naomi Imoan is a relatively short Slyph girl with long white hair and strange blue red tattoos and eyes. Imoan, like other members of the Slyph race, wears very little clothing; however, unlike normal Slyphs, Imoan doesn't seem to have a prevailing wind about her. Imoan is right left handed.

Background: Imoan came from a mirror with a magical disposition to murder the person who looks exactly like her (but backwards). Okay, so I suppose a little more backstory is required. Once there was a girl named Naomi Tola. Naomi was a strong, healthy young student of Kabuto Kimma; a monk who had found Naomi as a small child and trained her in the art of ki manipulation...

Her master, however, was late in his years, and died before Naomi could fully come into her training. Left without a master to teach her, Naomi set off into the world, to develop her blossoming ki abilities on her own.

Her first destination was a town 5 miles down the mountain. However Naomi had a poor sense of direction.

Naturally, she went off and got lost in the woods, and then found herself in a desert. Shortly after she found a ravine, and promptly (but accidentally) fell into it. Naomi eventually woke up and stumbled upon a forgotten ruin.

Inside of the ruin she found a mirror, and the person behind the mirror began to move on its own and emerge from it. Naomi, for some reason, freaked out and ran away as fast as she could. She fled the ruin and stumbled into a forked path at the bottom of the ravine. As with all important decisions involving direction in her life, Naomi ran left (because left is always right, which often leads to confusion and bouts of dejavu).

Imoan Alot was born in this world with an uncurable hatred, it's as if this Mirror of Oppositionmagical device that created her, summoned her for one purpose; to kill herself (?). Seeing herself fleeing from the ruin, Imoan gave chase. However when Imoan arrived at the fork, she did what Imoan always does in situations involving direction... she ran right (because right is clearly right, right?)

Needless to say, she has found that; in order to kill oneself, you must find yourself (which sounded awfully philosophical and reminded her of some old man that she didn't know)... and set out on a quest to find her dopplegangee(?).

Thus far, Imoan has had no luck in murdering herself (which explains why she still exists), but she has made very important discoveries otherwise. Like, for example, the world is a much bigger place than a forgotten room in a lost ruin. And that most things (all things, actually... except for one) in the world didn't revolve around her finding and murdering her twin for no actual reason.

Note: this wouldn't stop her from murdering herself should they(?) ever cross paths, however, the revelation has allowed her to take more time to pursue other interests. Like delicious foods and interesting people! In fact, she has grown to love people (even the mean ones), and was extra-delighted to find that a whole bunch of them had just suddenly appeared in her world!

Personality:Imoan has a bubbly, bright eyed view of the world; partially due to the fact that she is kind of an idiot who Low Intelligencedoesn't know anything... however the other part is due to the fact that she seems to have a certain high wisdom!enlightenment about the world, granting her unyielding optimism. Imoan hardly ever lies, but is never too cross when others lie to her. Despite her intuition and sharpened instincts, the monk-in-training has a notoriously bad sense of direction. Additionally, she never quite understands why people smirk whenever she says her name. She likes new experiences (since everything is new for her), making friends, and helping people; which all seem to go hand-in-hand.

Additional details: Imoan Alot has no actual memories of Naomi Tola, besides her 'name', and general skill-set. Of which, she is able to realize that her training is far from complete, and makes strides towards self-learning how to enhance and control her powers. (To enable her to help people more... and eventually kill herself.)

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Old Jan 14th, 2014, 11:51 PM
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The ThingName: William 'Seriously, just Will please' Keith
Race: Human
Gender: I'm a guy, can't really believe you had to ask.
Age: 23
Origin: Earth, I'm not from Mars or something, sheesh.
Class: Sorcerer(Draconic, possibly going into Dragon Disciple)


PIG: Birch VERSES China, Fight!
Me: money is on Birch for the record.

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Old Jan 16th, 2014, 05:13 PM
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Name: Marcus Zegalbuster/ Almond Lobelia The Joy Thief
Origin: Earth,
Race: I'm a pony... Why the... why am I a pony with a horn on my head?
Class: Rouge
Gender: Supposed to be Male, Am now Female. Again, why?
Appearance: Well just looked at a mirror not to long ago, I seem to be the average height for …. other ponies, again (whhhhhy). I seem to be the fulfillment of little girls dreams if the horn jutting out from my forehead is any indication. The horn seems to be the same shade of dark red, something close to moist red velvet cupcake. My hair... mane looks to be a dark indigo, my eyes are a light green... All this I can deal with, I'm not happy about any of these changes but the thing that just right our pisses me off about this? Well the most telling thing, is the fact that instead of the firebird tattoo that I should have there's a Peep on my left side. Once more I ask WHY!?

Background: There's not much to tell really. When I was about ten my family moved to a town stuck in the mountains away from anywhere lively I could get to. We moved since mom got a job at some lab that was near the town and dad was able to get work as a florist, he's why I know a few things about flowers. Around that time I realized just how pointless my life was. It started as a general boredom that grew, I tried to learn new things but it didn't help. I'm not an idiot by any means, but I just couldn't find anything to put what I learned towards. So I stopped trying, I just coasted through school as I put up living in that town. My parents were no help, mom was too focused on her work and dad, well lets just say he spent a bit too much time in the greenhouse growing more than just flowers. Around fourteen I learned how to pick locks, my first practice was done on the liquor cabinet that mom kept well stocked for her daily drink. After that I would sneak out some of dad's regular smokes every so often, it was the encouragement I needed to go out and see what else I could grab. It was just small things here and there, but each one gave me a thrill. I made a few acquaintances that helped to relieve the boredom, though really they were best at providing better access to smokes and cheap beer. Things were going on that route with little chance for change. My grades weren't good enough for a scholarship anywhere with a pulse and after an incident where I did get caught and arressted when I was seventeen had my parents pull the offer to help with college till “I learned to behave like an adult”. Suffice to say I was happy to see their faces when I showed off the tattoo on my lower back after I had turned eighteen. And after a year of putting up with everything then I was getting antsy to get away however I could... just didn't expect this.

Personality: Don't you even dare trying to put me in a box, weirdo. I'm surly, easy to get rilled up, and have no problem taking what I need what I can. What can I say, nabbing things helps me get over whatever situation I'm in makes me feel better.

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