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Old Feb 11th, 2014, 11:51 AM
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The Bonded

Please re-post your character information here. Include a link to your character sheet and any supplementary information you may wish to provide.

The original application thread can be found here.

Also, please adapt the following table or create a format of your own with the requisite information. You can store your code in this thread for easy access, but I would ask that you kindly post it behind spoiler tags in each post you make where combat is a possibility.

Anya Dragomirovich15/15161214Inspire Courage +1+1+6+53

You are also welcome to include such things as prominent spells/abilities/attack modifiers/trained skills/etc.

Here is what a full combat table might look like (hit Quote on this post to get the code itself):


You can edit your character post here until you get the code the way you like it. Please don't start posting the code in-game until it is CLEAN and COMPLETE. I like sleek, simple aesthetics.

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Old Feb 11th, 2014, 12:34 PM
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Old Feb 12th, 2014, 10:52 AM
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"You got a good life..."

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Old Feb 12th, 2014, 11:08 AM
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Old Feb 12th, 2014, 11:45 AM
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Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you want peace, prepare for war.

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Old Feb 12th, 2014, 12:40 PM
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Posting Status = Back, and on the attack. Which means I'm looking for one slow paced, high quality game.

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Old Mar 30th, 2014, 05:30 PM
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Old Apr 1st, 2014, 08:13 AM
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left-aligned image

Name: 'Brother' Radcliffe
Race: Human
Age: 38
Class & Role: Cleric [Healer]
Alignment: Chaotic Good...ish.
Physical Description & Personality: Gods and faiths differ wildly in both tenants and practices but when most people think of clerics, they tend to envision the same thing. Upright and virtuous, true believers and devout preachers of their faith, deserving of the moniker 'holy; men and women - depending of the god in question - who spend their days tending to temples and shrines and meditating in quiet contemplation. They certainly do not think of the drunken, lecherous sot who just fleeced them of their last gold coin at dice in a run-down cesspool of a tavern.

But then, Radcliffe has never been a very good priest.

Of above average height, Radcliffe might be considered handsome in that well-travelled, world-weary kind of way. His brown hair is messy and he rarely bothers to tame it, and his facial hair seems to be is a state of permanent scruff, which does little to counter the assumption that he is a penniless vagabond, travelling from town to town, looking for the next coin he can swindle or drink he can mooch. Wrinkles play at the corners of his eyes, laugh-lines from earlier, happier times in his life, and his hair and beard is splashed in places with a bit of early greying, around the temples and at the corners of his mouth. Though he oft professes otherwise, Radcliffe is not a young man anymore. Indeed, he is veritably old -to hear some of the young, spry and energetic adventurers that so often frequent his company tell it - though when told such to his face, Radcliffe simply laughs along with the rest, but is quick to remind them that some men - like himself - do not get old, they get distinguished.

Indeed, Radcliffe would call himself 'experienced', a laid-back, peace loving man who has been around the block a few times. Others would call him a wastrel. An incorrigible drunk and a lazy idiot who wouldn't know responsibility if it bit him. He is seldom seen without a bottle of liquor close on hand, and he has even been known to show up to perform his religious duties intoxicated.

Background: Radcliffe never chose to become a priest. As the sixth son of a lowly fisherman from of a tiny little spit of land near the ocean, Radcliffe never had the luxury of being given a choice. With too many mouths to feed already, Radcliffe's parents gave their youngest child to a nearby church to raise, in the hopes that their son might have a better chance at life.

Raised by the brothers and sisters of the church, Radcliffe's life was set out for him to moment he was taken away from his mother's bosom. It is the only life he knew growing up, and perhaps that explains why he has never tried harder to escape it. Oh, he could moan and complain - and he did, and still does, both regularly - but to this day he is still thankful for the priests who took him in as an infant.

When he was old enough to take the vows, Radcliffe became a full-fledged cleric and the church sent him out into the world to perform their god's will, to tend to the many people of world, and to aid them wherever he could. Some twenty years later, his superiors would no doubt agree that Radcliffe has done an exceptionally poor job.

Brother Radcliffe33/3318111713 5/5+5+2+94
Spell Level Save DC Spells Remaining
1st 15 Enhance Water, Obscuring Mist, Shield of Faith, Protection from Evil, ***, Faerie Fire (D)
2nd 16 Flame of the Forge, Hold Person, ***, Heat Metal (D)
Bleach d20: Trouble in Paradise (HoF: 2015) [Co-DM] || Purge (HoF: 2017) [GM]

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Old Jul 28th, 2014, 11:23 AM
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left-aligned image

Master Thomas Aloysius Bombast

Class & Role: Sorcerer/ Gentleman, Scholar, Man-About-Town.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Gods above, he’s a handsome man. Tall, well built, perfectly coiffed blonde hair, brilliantly white teeth on constant display, blue eyes that genuinely twinkle.

What’s more, Master Bombast is always impeccably dressed, favoring deep blues and greens accented with gold.

And he always carries himself like a gentleman, Bombast does. His posture? Would put a stone golem to shame. His stride? Confident, assured. His breath? Somehow it smells of mint, no matter what it is that he’s just eaten.

Thomas Bombast is perfect, really, in every possible way. And you’re not. But do not despair! He does not hold this against you. He knows that it's not your fault, after all

Personality: It is, for some reason, terribly difficult to dislike Thomas Bombast. It shouldn’t be. He’s too handsome, too confident, too...Thomas Bombast. He dominates every room that he walks into, he seems incapable of even considering the possibility that he might be wrong about something, and he never ever stops talking….

But somehow? He makes it work. Thomas Bombast, you see, takes everyone just as seriously as he takes himself. He treats even the lowliest servant with unaffected respect, and he’ll tell remarkably dirty jokes to the most dignified of dowagers.

Unlike so many of his colleagues, Thomas is actually gracious to the creatures that he calls forth, even when he’s sending them into battle. Especially when he’s sending them into battle. He treats his familiar, Jasper, as though he was a member of the family, and Jasper returns this affection wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, Thomas is human. And thus, imperfect. As previously noted, Thomas is confident that he is always correct, even when he has no idea what he’s talking about. This leads to what some might call “overconfidence”, which Thomas prefers to call simply “self-assurance.”

He is, perhaps, a little too trusting and a little too generous. It’s difficult for Thomas to fathom the idea that someone might mean him ill.

In the end? He means well, and by and large Thomas does well. Indeed, he does spectacularly well. Except for those times when he does not. Rest assured that when things go badly for Thomas Bombast? They go spectacularly bad.

Background: Thomas Aloysius Bombast was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that spoon? The most beautiful you've ever seen. It's been in the Bombast family for more than three centuries, since the day Fairweather Bombast personally claimed it as one small portion of his share from the horde of the dragon he and his companions had just slain, and...

Well. Suffice to say, it's a lovely spoon, and it likely has a more interesting history than you ever will.

But enough about the spoon. At least for now. We're here to speak about Thomas.

The Bombasts were Olde Nobility, with Olde Money, and, alas! Olde Enemies. The vengeful sort, even: Thomas was only three days old when he survived the very first attempt upon his life. Family lore says that the assassin looked down at the sleeping babe, and was so struck by his beauty that he hesitated for the few crucial seconds that allowed Thomas' father to act. And by "act", we mean "chop the bastard's head off."

Despite all odds, Thomas survived his childhood. And indeed, he thrived. He won friends, he influenced people. He had adventures, he had misadventures, he had narrow escapes and he even gained a scar or three.

Which, damn it all, only made him more handsome.

Thomas came to the Absalom Mages' Academy at the age of sixteen, having already demonstrated some small aptitude as a sorcerer. He excelled at his studies, exposed a false "ghost" that had been haunting the school, and made his first enemies of his very own.

But upon graduation, for the first time in his life Thomas actually found himself at a loss. What was next? What could he possibly do that was worthy of his time and attention? And then came the earthquake, and things began to get interesting....

Party Hooks: From the looks of things, it's entirely possible that Thomas has already been out drinking with Vigg and/or Scant. They seem just the sort that he'd like to spend time with, and to boast at. He'll have done a poor job of hiding his envy at their tales of adventure, and given the chance Thomas will be only too eager to demonstrate his own skills.

Thomas Aloysius Bombast25/25111110~~~~~~+2+1+42
Jasper Poundworthy (Monkey Famliar)12/12161414~~~~~~+3+5+5~

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Old Aug 20th, 2014, 09:14 AM
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New Arrival-Kyra!

left-aligned image

Name: Kyra Viru
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Archetype: Flowing Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The flowing monk is the wind and the river. She knows how the world flows, and forces her enemies to flow with it. Even the most powerful stone breaks under the graceful and persistent pressure of wind and water.

Kyra Viru21/21171714Normal+5+5+71


With long waves of shimmering black hair and dazzling emerald-green eyes, eighteen year-old Kyra Viru’s appearance resembles more the people of her mother’s Chelaxian heritage than those of the Casmeron desert lands of her birth, with soft facial features and sun-bronzed skin illuminated by the underglow of her naturally fair complexion. A sprinkling of tiny freckles across her nose and the tops of her cheeks inkles of her love of sunshine, sea-salt, and open air.

A statuesque six feet in height, 140 pounds, her build is sleek and athletic, with strong shoulders, long, slender arms and legs constructed of perfectly-toned muscle, and subtle but feminine curves in ideal locations. Her voice is soft and appealing to the ear, with a faint edge of rasp adding a sultriness to her tone. Her smile is bright and beams with authenticity. By most human standards, the young Keleshite is strikingly beautiful.


Being observant and attentive, Kyra tends to listen more than she speaks, and when she does speak, chooses her words carefully. Though many might describe her demeanor as serious, she does have a playful sense of humor and will be entertained by a joke or witty anecdote. Her interpersonal behavior is consistent, even predictable. She is not given to drastic swings in mood, rather, she is almost constantly composed – focused.

Kyra is very blunt with her words, and sometimes critical, which can be taken as judgmental, but she does not judge others. Her acute self-awareness, especially considering her beauty, can be taken for egotism, but Kyra rejects ego. To her, an ego is just an inner voice that tells lies.

People know where they stand with Kyra, quickly learning that she is the sort who will truthfully answer a question if you ask her - so if you don’t want to know the answer, you’d best not ask the question. Honesty is a trait she honors above all others. She freely grants trust - holding that others are sincere and reliable until such time as they prove otherwise.


Kyra is the last-born child of the Emir Parumartish Viru of Katheer and his wife Utana, who died during childbirth. The belief that she was somehow responsible for her mother’s death haunted Kyra throughout her childhood. She wrestled with guilt and was tortured with the unanswerable question of why; Until the day she finally understood her path and all of the guilt, anger, and fear fell away to reveal her life’s purpose.

During her directional training, Kyra immersed herself in the teachings of Irori, the god of enlightenment, self-perfection, knowledge, healing, and inner strength. In her sixteenth year, she committed herself fully to the path of perfection, studying under the martial arts master Yumamato Nyiama from the Temple-Monastery in Katheer as a monk in the service of the Church of Irori. She made a pilgrimage to the Open Palm of Sheehad, an Irori temple in the foothills of the Zho Mountains, to take her first Vow - a Vow of Truth - an oath before Irori, and a promise to herself that her lips would never speak a lie.

Kyra values order, truth, and fairness - but also knows that even in the natural flow of the world, where all things are perfect in their essence, things sometimes will not seem fair. She believes that man’s laws should never be at odds with the natural laws man could never fully comprehend, and that seeking individual perfection is the truest way to serve.

Party Relations

Kyra is the sister of Khair Viru, known to most outside his homeland as the bard Vigg Nosam.


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw
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Thematic Music (if you so choose)

left-aligned image

Name: Thangardt Stontosser
Race: Daysighted Drueger Tyrant
Class & Role: So many ideas - if accepted we will continue to work out this part to give you what the party needs and something fun for me to playFighter/Tank
Alignment: The fact that you follow a set of tenants and laws set down by your faith and I do not gives me an advantage.
And if history has proven anything, it is that those with the most advantage always win.
Chaotic Nuetral

Physical Description:

Short even for dwarf standards, Thangardt Stonetosser still leaves an imprint many do not forget. His armor is worn with many dents and scars, almost as many as he has on his body. But despite its gnarled appearance it has stood the test of many skirmishes. He knows from experience how to maintain it so it can best protect him.

At just over four feet tall his mass is over two-hundred pounds of pit-bull personality. His bald head is pot marked with numerous scars of its own, and his bulbous nose is adorned with a nose ring he had placed on a drunken night long ago, he wears it with pride. His long grey beard slopes from his pudgy face like the snow falls across a mountains face, wild and full of danger. He is gruff in his demeanor with a side dish of sarcasm that tends to get him in more trouble than he usually deserves. He may not have the sharpest mind of those you meet, but you will thank your god for his sharp axe and stalwart shield in a tight spot.

"I'll fight for a cause. I won't die for one" ~ Thangardt Stontosser
"It's not stealing if their dead" ~ Thangardt Stontosser
"I go where the trouble is" ~ Thangardt Stontosser


Build details




Personality/Background/RP SamplesBeginnings

Kravenkus had been under siege for two days the orcs were relentless in their attack, forces were weak and supplies low. Jalayr propped himself alongside a wall panting deeply, he ran his stubby fingers through his thick beard. Around the corner two goblins taunted at the end of the corridor, Jalayr raised his axe and charged. The closest goblin let out a squeal of pain before tumbling lifelessly to the floor, thick green blood flowing from the axe wound to his head. The other goblin leapt forward in a blind frenzy plunging his spear worthlessly at Jalayr, who simply sidestepped the unbalanced attack and cracked the goblin with the butt of his Axe knocking him out. The orcs and goblins had struck without warning and were slowly taking the great Dwarven stronghold by force. Jalayr sensed the end was near and had been split from the others while wandering the tunnels alone.

That is when he heard the sound, muffled and almost distant. Was that a toddler he had heard? Jalayr's mind raced through the possibilities as he tilted his furrowed brow to the side to discern the direction of the moans. Through an open door, he found a Duergar lying face down, a dwarven maul in her back - and the moan again as he body quivered. Carefully he turned her over and swaddled in her arms was a toddler. As he gathered the young Duergar and made his way back, he found his sense of impending doom was proven wrong, Kravenkus had withstood the siege and driven back the invaders.

"Our ev'ry dwarf a Darklands' vet,
We own this hall but owe a debt.
Though dangerous, our task be set:
For there's work needs doin'' we're not dead yet."
-- Old Kravenkus Nursery Rhyme, turned Drinking Song (Common approximation)

Early life found Thangardt a foreign orphan in the distressed Sky Citadel of Kravenkus burrowed in the World's Edge Mountains on the border of the Darklands. Thangardt hewed himself in the company of despondent dwarves searching for honour and food in equal measure, along with oath-breaking slugs that had no other places to turn. Few dwarves have chosen to remain at the Sky Citadel, it has become a ghost town of its former self since the lodes ran hollow and the gates to the Darklands became too plentiful to protect. The small community huddled deep within the early, darkest keep, trying to fashion some facade of life in the shade of grandeurs long lost.

Upon coming of age, Thangardt realized that unlike his peers, he lacked any distinct skill at craft or creation. The only area he exposed affinity for was the obliteration of things. His difference as a Duergar alienated him to a point, but with so many other misfits in Kravenkus it wasn’t too much of a disadvantage. He soon found himself working in the only task he was able – clearing the debris of rock and ruin so that more artistic dwarves could rebuild in its clearing. Kravenkus might be a Sky Citadel, but the once great halls found themselves falling into both poor condition and Darklands hands. For several years he toiled, smashing stone and removing rubble. It was rough work, and humbling. It also formed his strong muscles. Actually long days of collapsing columns and tossing large debris make a "stone lumberjack" a far better fighter than he yet realized.

After years of this labor and increasing attacks from the Darklands, Kravenkus had lost all its intrigue for Thangardt, and he set out to find himself in the world.

Personality / RP Sample

HookThe heavy smoke climbed from the tar lanterns outside the tents intermingling with the abundant cooking fires after a strenuous day organizing for the approaching battle. The three friends sat around their fire to discuss what they had just uncovered. They had met at the beginning of the campaign and soon became chums. Thangardt who was veteran with Hunfray’s Raiders was already a member of the troop. The other two, well Vigg was brought in to brighten the mood of Valcrum the current commander and give him counsel while Brom was a Rostlander, a ranger by trade but engaged as a scout.


That was a few years ago, but recently while traveling through Oppara in Taldor, Thangardt had caught tales of a rather charming Bard by the name of Vigg who was making his way to Absolam. He decided it was time to track down his old friends and see how they were. Thangardt awoke in the rubble of Absalom 3 weeks ago after an earthquake had shook the city shortly after he arrived.
My apologies to all I game with, going through some challenging times with RL at the moment but I am still here and will persavere. TY for your Patience.
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left-aligned image

Name: Lee Smith

Race/Gender: Human, Male

Age: 22

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175

Eye Color Grey

Hair Color Dirty Blonde

Occupation: Information Broker and Acquisition Specialist

Religion: Lipservice to the Lucky Drunk, mostly.

Personality/Description: Somewhere in Lee's past, there was most definitely some kind of elf, or maybe even a fey creature. He's tall, lithe, and has a face, that when not actively emoting, brings to mind an aloof elf or impassive fey creature. Generally speaking, his face remains at 'strong neutral' or perhaps 'thinking of stabbing someone' nearly all the time. The most emotive he gets is when he's nervous or scared...which seems to be happening a lot more frequently lately, given the state of things.

He's not a very personable person - unless he's had a couple of drinks. It isn't that he doesn't like people - on the contrary, he finds most people fascinating. He just has difficulties...finding anything to say. Most of his work involves observation, and, over the years, it's become difficult for him to turn that portion of his brain off and actively engage. Not to mention, most of the time he's given a mission and sent on his way - there isn't often room for discussion or debate. He can count on one hand the number of times he's worked with someone else, and he spent the entire time wondering if they thought he hated them by his silence.

He's rarely seen out of dark clothing (given that he works mostly at night), and almost never without his swords. Any period of resting can find him either resting his palms on their pommels or checking that they're in their proper place. He tends to have a restless sort of gaze - if observed for any length of time, his stretching or shifting will reveal what he's really doing - headcounts and exit checks. A natural from birth, all this paranoia has only compounded over the years he's worked for Gauthfollow.

Lee Smith30/301814154Dying a Little on the Inside+3+7+23

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