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Old Jun 16th, 2014, 09:37 AM
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Student Directory (PCs Only)

This is a directory of all Player Characters at Redhurst! Post here with your character app. Link to a completed character sheet. You can post in the [Introduction] Welcome to Redhurst thread while you're working on your character sheet.

I encourage you to go back and edit your post on this page with additions to your character's story, like "During his first semester at Redhurst, Charlie formed a close bond with his favorite professor, a master of enchantments." You can also track what courses your character has completed.

I will keep track merits/demerits below.

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my name is simon nimblefoot

I'm 13 years old

Im a halfling of the nimblefoot family

I believe evocation might be a school id specialize in.

my mother taught me magic and my father taught me how to fight with his trusty sling staff and my uncle taught me how to handle a strong drink so i have a wide range of skills and know how to help others around me. (Traits: iron liver and helpful. Class: Magus with archtypes staff magus and Myrmidarch as i focus on the weapon halfling sling staff. *basicly a quarterstaff with a sling on one end*)

my spellbook has Prestidigitation i sometimes preform tricks for coins at the market.

I think i would spend my free time studying magic doors. i like to travel to distant places but it often takes a very long time. i heard storys of magic doors that take you to far away places in an instant. id like to try and make doors like that.

I would very much like to take the course "introduction to the magic missile" i once saw a wizard use this spell at an archery tournament and it made one of the targets explode.

I don't think ill grow much taller as a person but id like to be more powerful with magic so folks back at home dont look down on my family or other halflings.

I don't come from a rich family so i cant pay out of pocket for my lessons but im willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to earn it.

Simon being very poor grew up in the more dangerous parts of town and learned to sneak around to avoid trouble. his non magic class would be rogue.

Background info for Simon Nimblefoot and how he got interested in magic.

When Simon was only 9 years old the town he lived in held a jousting and archery tournament for the nobility. the crowd was massive and Simon being so small couldn't find a good vantage point to see anything. Unwilling to miss out on the show Simon snuck into the nobles section and hid underneath the nobles fancy viewing deck. he had the perfect view watching the tournament and listened to the nobles argue with each other.

At one point during the archery competition one of the nobles started making fun of the royal court wizard talking about how he cant even lift a sword or fire a bow so hes not useful to the kingdom in war time. Then to prove a point, the wizard used his magic to lift the noble into the air and hold him upside down. everyone laughed and then the wizard made everyone jump as he pointed his hand at the archery targets for the tournament and five bolts of light flew out of his hand zipping across the field. Each of the bolts of light connected with the target and it exploded in a fiery blast.

Simon had never seen anything so amazing and he vowed that one day he was going to be able to do that. unfortunately that was also when the town guard spotted him under the royal bleachers and dragged him out. Simon limped home after the guards roughed him up a bit and told his mother what he saw while she tended to him cleaning up his cuts and bruises. His mother, a seasoned adventurer, wasn't a wizard but she knew enough about magic to teach him a few things and she promised to teach Simon what she knew but only if he promised not to sneak into the royals seating area again. Simon readily agreed and got his very first introductory lesson in magic as his mother taught him what she knew while lovingly holding a small steak over the eager boys fresh black eye.

Link to character sheet:

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Old Jun 16th, 2014, 10:54 AM
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left-aligned image

Name: Cassendra < -- Click to view Character Sheet
Race: Human
Age: 14
Class: Ranger / Eldritch Godling
Race Trait: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Will saves and a +2 trait bonus to saving throws versus divination effects.Carefully Hidden
Faith Trait: (Her own symbol - a pair of silver eyes, with a silhouette of water droplets , but similar to her mothers Selune) Acts as Divine Focus and grants +2 to sav's vs charm/compulsions.Birthmark
Magic Trait: (Skill: Stealth (+1 to +4 depending on moon's phase))Child of the Moon
Specialist School: N/A
0lv Spell Known: Mage Hand
First Semester Courses: Necromancy, Enchantment, Abjuration, Evocation
Spare Time: Spent Bathing under the moonlight, Cleaning, Playing Games, Hunting and Resting her mind from training so she will be fully rested and able to learn more. With the exception of cramming for a final.
Growth Goal: To master/perfect her eldritch abilities and learn about her human heritage and other races, outside of her home plane "The Gates of the Moon".

Background: Cassendra is a daughter of Selune, and can be easily identified by the Faith Trait: Birthmarkbirthmark on her left arm. However, Cassendra knew little of her father because she spent most of her childhood in her mothers realm, The Gates of the Moon.

As a child Cassendra enjoys exploring her mothers land and would often sneak out of the castle and into the nearby woods. Foolish she was, because mother "always" knew where she was. However, Cassendra believed that she managed to sneaked away successfully.

During her little "mini" adventures, Cassendra began to pick up some woodland skills as she enjoyed tracking some of the pegasi and lycanthropes that frequented the area. However, she also came across a scene and developed a hatred 1st Favored Enemy: Outsider - Evilagainst evil outsiders. Thus she started down the path of a ranger.

Similar to her mother, Cassendra's skills and powers are affected by the phases of the moon. While under these effects, Cassendra learned how to use the Magic Trait: Child of the Moonmoons phases to increase her stealth as she honed her skills to include hiding from Race Trait: Carefully Hiddendivination's as well.

However, unlike her mothers philosophy, Cassendra believes that the moon and cycles can be used for healing as well as traveling. Cassendra believes that when the moon changes it affects the ocean. The oceans, who's greatness is not only used as a means of travel, but it also support life it's self. In this, healing powers can come from water, thus enhanced by the moons powers.

As Cassendra continued to grow and learn, she recently discovered that she has eldrich abilities when she was able to manifest the assistance of an Spell: Mage Handinvisible hand to acquire items that were out of her reach. Enlightened by her new abilities, she now has a desire to learn more about her magical abilities and that of her human heritage.

After inquiring about a place she could learn to harness her arcane magic, she managed to convince her mother to send her to a well renowned Wizard Academy.

Cassendra's appearance was an event that was kept quiet. The school had a reputation to uphold and not many people managed to bypass it's magical defenses by mystically appearing on it's grounds. Leave it up to Cassendra to use her mothers godly powers make a memorable appearance. Hopefully they will allow her entrance. Thus her real adventure begins as she is escorted into the Redhurst Academy.

Dice * str:
2d3+10 (3, 3)+10 Total = 16
Dice * dex:
2d3+10 (1, 1)+10 Total = 12
Dice * con:
2d3+10 (2, 1)+10 Total = 13
Dice * int:
d16rl15 16 (Rerolls: less than 16)
Dice * wis:
2d3+10 (2, 3)+10 Total = 15
Dice * cha:
2d3+10 (3, 2)+10 Total = 15
Dice HP:
d6 5
Stat Rolls

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left-aligned image




Character Sheet

What is your name?
Rogan. Karl’s son.

How old are you?
Not two sure. Meebee twelv?

What are you, exactly?
I am Although if allowed will take the Eye For Talent. Alternate Racial TraitHuhman

Have you thought about which school of magic you might specialize in?
No. But magik to mak mee big and strung wood be good.

What are some unusual traits that would make you stand out at Redhurst? (Traits, Class, and Archetype)
I am very wizardsmart and non spellcaster- Barbarianquik. I no how to read and write, and noone else in mi vilage kan, xsept for the blaksmif.
I am xtremli survivor traitobzervent ov people and ovten no wot thay fink. The blaksmif tort mi to Focused mind traitkonsentrat on wot I am doing.
I also lik animals. I made friends with a magical knack traitraven once and it tort me lotz ov stuf.

I understand you've already recorded a single spell in your spellbook. What is it? (Any 0th-level spell from your class spell list)
I lernt to mak thinks kach fire. The spel is kalled Spark.

If you were admitted into Redhurst, how would you spend your spare time?
Wot spear time? I herd U had a gam called SpelFlag. I am gud at games. I lik two run. And I wood lik to get evin betta with mi lettas.

If you've had a chance to look at our course offerings, is there a course you're especially interested in taking during your first semester?
Introduction to Swordplay. I am gud with a sword. Mabee I shud do Intermediate Swordplay.
Something for Nothing. I like to break rules. This course is gud for me.
Introduction to Language This ma help me read evn betta.
Basic Enchantment I saw piktur ov Dean Delaintrix and wood lik to study her.
Dazed and confused I herd that Professor Adona is nice and profession N’dege is even nicer.
Introduction to charms ditto.
To Sleep perchance to Dream ditto
Running Hot and Cold I don’t lik the cold. Magic to stay worm wood be gud.
Being Someone else This sounds like fun.
Arcane Alternations I think Transmutation sounds best.
Buffing up See what I mean?
Dealing with Heights: I fel down once. I hert.
The Need For Speed: I am fast. If Magik can mak mi faster, evn betta.
Breaking the rules This is the Clas for Mi. I wood lik to attend it as soon as I can. Please.

How would you like to grow as a person during your time at Redhurst?
To abot 6’ 3”. If I do wel in Transformation, I hope two make it to 6’ 8”.

Is there anything else about your history that you'd like to share with us? (Background)

No. But Masta Grayclok sed too giv u this leta.
The Letter

My dearest Andarlin.
I have insisted that young Rogan fills in the main part of your application form himself. I promised him however that I would not to read it before sending it on (I do regret that promise spoken in haste). However I thought it only fair to attach this personal note to shed some light on the tragic history of this poor, but brilliant boy.

Rogan grew up in the village of Ragastburg, a few short miles from my own tower. His people are barbaric, but as you know the region suits my own researches well. To put it kindly, his father is a brutal thug, and his mother.. well there is a tragic tale there as well, but this letter can only be so long.

It appears the local blacksmith took him under his wing and the hours he was not running wild in the hills, he was keeping warm by the fire of the smithy. There he found someone who was willing to impart wisdom rather than blows.

Rogan only came to my attention two years ago. You will remember Elorix my familiar? Well, it was a bright spring day and after a long winter cooped up in the tower I thought I would like to go for a walk and stretch my legs. You remember those strolls by the river Aulian back when we were students? Anyway, I digress, it was then that I realised that Elorix was not in my tower. Casting my mind back, I realised I had seen little of the fellow all winter.

Summoning him to my side, I enquired whether he had found a pretty little raven to distract him from me, and he replied he had found something else entirely. A pet project was how I believe he put it. Imagine my surprise when two days later when we were out stretching our legs. Well, my legs and his wings. Anyway, we were out in the woods and then Elorix introduced me to the young Rogan who had lain in ambush for me!

You will know that I am not given easily to overstatement Andarlin, however the boy is a literal genius. He has an instinctive grasp of nature, the world and magic that is truly astonishing. I have spent the last two years teaching him as much as I can, without the locals getting suspicious.
I know his writing is atrocious. There is no way that can be rectified here.

Also, Rogan is starting to hit adolescence. He is showing an increasing interest in girls. With his natural talents, he’d soon find himself married off and with children of his own on the way. Maybe at Redhurst you’ll find a way to redirect his energy and let him reach a potential greater than he will ever attain here.

If you can find something that interests him, he will stay looking at it for hours. A very uncommon trait in boys his age. Finding the item of interest will be your key problem. Likewise with magic. Evocation seems to bear little interest for him 'Why blow it up when I can just cut it in two with my sword', but find the right incentive (starting a fire in wet wood in the rain) and he'll make such rapid progress you'd think he was under a haste spell.

Please consider his application carefully.

Your friend,

Master Kilmarian Greycloak

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Character Sheet Link: Poor aspect implemented. +1 Wisdom, limited supplies. Crafting skill implemented: not sure I should bring a sculpture worth 50gp though, but I have the skill!

Original Application



Further will be added as my brain stews.
One day I'll find more things to put here, but until then, I'll just admire how I make a fine use of space and...oh, wait, I'm not doing that anymore as I typ~STOP TYPING DANGIT!

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Simon Nimblefoots stat rolls

Dice str:
2d3+10 (2, 2)+10 Total = 14

Dice dex:
2d3+10 (1, 2)+10 Total = 13

Dice con:
2d3+10 (1, 3)+10 Total = 14

Dice wis:
2d3+10 (3, 3)+10 Total = 16

Dice cha:
2d3+10 (3, 1)+10 Total = 14
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left-aligned image


An image flickered into existence in the middle of the front room of Thomas's home, it was difficult to discern the person in the image for a moment but soon the figure of the interviewer became crystal clear. After a few brief formalities the illusion began speaking.

"What is your name?" "I am Thomas Maribrook, soon of Lyra and Sten Maribrook of Dirge Singer's Hollow. If you don't know the place I can't blame you, we aren't even a blip on the map to be honest. it lies deep in the heart of the Dank Waste and very few go there. We don't trade anything of real value mostly because we don't produce much more than we need for day to day life. It is a somewhat hard place to live but it is rather rewarding."

"How old are you?" "I am 12 and 1/2 years old. Though most in the Hollow tell me I have an old soul, though that saying has always confused me, my soul and body should be at least somewhat close to one another in age."

"What are you, exactly?" "...Human. I am human. Just because I am short doesn't make me a halfling."
Thomas takes a deep breath before continuing, "I am sorry, I should not be so defensive it is just that most folk where I am from are of rather prodigious height and I am, well, not."

"Have you thought about which school of magic you might specialize in?" "Necromancy, there is just so much to learn from the dead. On top of that the Hollow is beset by undead constantly and if there is anything I could do to help I am sure necromancy will be the school to teach it. I would also like to learn some weapon enchantments because I love to create new things. I would also like to find a way of creating a permanent warding against undead in my home, I am not sure which school that would fall under but it would be of great interest to me. I suppose really I just want to learn everything but being human I suppose I have a bit more limited of a time then some of the other races. Although not a school of magic I would love to learn more about the creation of machines, they have always fascinated me and only in recent years have I been able to start indulging that passion. You see my parents saved up enough scraps of metal from the morning rounds for me to finally start trying to make some of the things I have thought of. The best part is for the most part they have actually worked!"

"What are some unusual traits that would make you stand out at Redhurst?" "Well I suppose there are at least a few Halflings at Redhurst so my short height will be unlikely to mark me. My hair is rather wild most of the time so I suppose that would be somewhat unusual." "We didn't mean physical traits, what will set you apart from the rest of Redhurst mentally?" "Ohh well if you would have just asked that in the first place I could have answered better. I suppose I have more than a few quirks. I have grown up in Dirge Singer's Hollow which has led to me Reactionaryhaving to be ready for anything to come up at any time and has overall made me a bit jumpy. While zombies are little threat to a full grown person in the Hollow I am still rather young and the safest thing for me to do is just respond as quickly as possible and run away to get help from one of the adults. On the topic of the Hollow I suppose I would be remiss to not talk about my parents. My father is Sten Maribrook, Pale Hunter of the Marsh and my mother is Lyra Maribrook, The Bone Lady. My parents have fought the evil undead for years, and doing so have Hunter's Bloodgarnered more than a few enemies among some of the more ruthless vampires and lichs in the region. I guess for completeness I should tell you that my father is now a vampire, he was once a human and only last year was turned into one of the undead.

He was fighting a vampire lord and and with his last breath he plunged the stake through the creature's heart. My mother dragged the beast into the light of day and watched as it burned away. That night after she had rested and healed her wounds she dragged my father home, so he could be put to rest properly. As the bleacher began cutting his clothes off my father woke up. He did not attempt to devour the bleacher. It was odd that my father had come back as one of the things that he had fought for so long but unlike so many of the undead he managed not to succumb to the bloodthirst or the evil that becoming a vampire awoke within him. Since my father's change he has become the defender of our town during the night, where my mother defends the town during the day with her magics. The Hollow has actually created a fairly efficient system where each night one person gets a needle in them and is drained of some of their blood so that my father can more easily control his urges.

What else makes me stand out... Ohh I really like to learn how things work, though I suppose a lot of people in Redhurst do. Some times it has Dangerously Curiousgotten me into some trouble, like the time I tried to see how a zombie walked despite blood not going through its body to give it everything needed to move. Lets just say that doing so while the zombie is not only still functioning but also not bound at all is probably not the smartest thing I have ever done. I guess talking about learning how things work I should probably say that in my spare time I like to Tinker classwork with metal in trying to make machines for non-magic users and trying to learn how to create a magical crystal that doesn't ever run out of energy. Wizard (necromancy)I have learned magic from my mother Lyra, she specializes in necromancy, particularly in its uses to destroy or control the undead so that she can use them against the other undead that besiege our town. Now a days she is trying to find a way to bring my father back to true life but so far she has had no such luck. For his part my father doesn't really seem to mind being a vampire, as he points out it allows him to fight all night without tiring and he no longer has to worry about getting struck down by a disease that some undead may carry. I could go on for hours about my little quirks, like how I move my hands when I get frustrated or excited, or that when I am bored I tend to do calculations in my head or come up with new magical or mechanical ideas but I think most of those are probably represented in one form or another at Redhurst."

"I understand you've already recorded a single spell in your spellbook. What is it?" "My mother taught me how to deal with the lesser undead without the need of an older townsperson. The spell she taught me is known as Disrupt undead to most, basically it causes the link that holds the unliving to this world to be frayed and with a few uses can deal with the majority of the undead that roam outside the walls during the day. It is a simple spell that most everyone who can learns because it gives us children a way to help out the adults when things get really bad."

"If you were admitted into Redhurst, how would you spend your spare time?" Honestly I would spend my spare time on a couple different projects, first and foremost I would try to create a magical conduit that produced energy without having to pour more back into it. In essence it would be a crystal, as they tend to be the best material for storing magical power, that would be able to have a steady output that was offset by a constant generation of energy. I have done what research I can given my mother's library but so far I have found no concrete answers. My second project would be to create a full body suit of armor that was thick enough to protect the wearer from all harm but mechanized so that it was not unbearably heavy. I believe that this goal would be easier to reach by combining both my magical and mechanical interests and that ultimately I would like one purely mechanical so that if it actually managed to get harmed in some way a non-magical individual would be able to repair it. My third major task would be to find a way to bring my father back to true life without first destroying him, or find someone who can do so.

"If you've had a chance to look at our course offerings, is there a course you're especially interested in taking during your first semester?" Well this is a difficult question isn't it? Honestly I would really like to take Graveyard Exploration 101 because it would still feel like being close to home but the course book says that the Mordant school has classes that are likely not on the regular list so until I see that I can't say for sure. Other than that anatomy for humanoid and monstrous creatures sounds amazing, I have always been fascinated by how the body functions and learning more about it would be wonderful."

"How would you like to grow as a person during your time at Redhurst?" "Well in height obviously, though I suppose in experience would probably help. Honestly I would love to go to Redhurst because it is somewhere that I can become more than a farmer or a warrior defending the gates. At Redhurst I could find a way to end the problems of my village forever, I could make something that could save a million lives, or even just make something that makes everyday life easier for everyone. I want to help out the world because I know things can be kinda rough sometimes."

"Is there anything else about your history that you'd like to share with us?" I suppose there is a lot I would like to tell you about my history, some I haven't even hinted at, but I suppose I should just talk about the important bits. I have been raised my entire life to fight for the good of those around me and I have let that define me in many ways, I first fought one of the walking dead when I was six. The fiend had knocked one of the children of the Hollow to the ground and began leaning over it when I disrupt undeadsnapped my fingers and and uttered my first spell snapping the connection between the creature and whatever kept it moving. Since that day I have constantly tried to do my best to save those in danger, though in the Hollow a child can only do so much. I have crafted a fully functional automaton. I have made it with utility in mind and as such have given it arms so that it can do tasks like take arrows to the archers on the town wall or even hold medical supplies while one of our healers sews someone up. I think at Redhurst it would likely just be used to help me transport books back and forth from the library but I am sure I will find other uses. I guess since you all have spellflag I should tell you I haven't played many sports, it just isn't that big of a priority where I am from, but I am fast and surprisingly strong given my small stature. Who knows I may just grow up to be the best spellflag player in the world, though ultimately that is not very high on my list of goals. I think that is all, if you have any other questions feel free to ask but I find myself growing a bit tired."

"No that will be all, we will contact you shortly about the status of your application."

"Thank you very much, have a nice day and a good night."

The magical image of the interview began to fizzle out and the young boy turned toward his mother, "So these are the people you want me to learn from? I guess I can try but I hope you are not disappointed if I don't get accepted." "I won't be sweetheart, I just know you have so much more potential than what this town can give you. I am sure you will get in, I just know it." "Okay Mom, I am gonna go to bed so I can be up when Dad gets up." "Okay sweetheart, sweet dreams." "Sweet dreams Mom."
Update: Out of the hospital, long story short had a blood clot that didn't break up with medicine that wreaked a bit of havoc on my lungs, seem to be past the worst of it just some breathing troubles remain.
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