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Character Stats:

Here you will enter your character information.
This includes:
1) Your app and character sheet
2) Your wishlist for for Main jutsu/Tool and Utility Jutsu (For basic ideas, and thoughts.)

I will also put a table here concerning your characters stats and skills
Character basic Table: Health & Chakra:
Character nameTotal HealthTotal ChakraEffectsBuffs
Mekasai 54/5475/75--

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BONUS: +2 to all skills (already applied)


Techniques at Present:


One day I'll find more things to put here, but until then, I'll just admire how I make a fine use of space and...oh, wait, I'm not doing that anymore as I typ~STOP TYPING DANGIT!

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Name: Zahc Naltz


Description: Zahc is a blond haired very quiet genin he is about 5ft wears a mask with a Sheikah Eye on it. Tall and lean he is often considered a monster for his ruthless execution of missions and somewhat cold demeanour.

Personality: Zahc is a quiet Genin not having much experience with anyone not trying to kill him. He can be slightly arrogant at times from being considered very skilled for his age. While on a mission he is cold and calculating and will kill or leave anything slowing the mission down be it ally or enemy. Being an assassin has taken a toll on Zahc's ability to communicate with people his own age leaving him a inability to relate to most people his age.

Background: Zahc was found on the battlefield and brought back to the village by one of the shadow ops prodigies from the Anbu. Having been forced to make cold calculated decisions under extremely strenuous conditions as well as calmly completing his hand seals perfectly even when being attacked has given him a emotionless approach to his missions. Trained since being found Zahc has created many new jutsu's since he began his training. During training one day Zahc avoided a hit by sinking deep into his own shadow disappearing all together and doing a full kick to his opponent from there shadow. Seeing great potential form this the Anbu trainer began helping evolve and separated this technique in what was called Shadow Strike Jutsu(attacking from a shadow form) and Shadow Cloak jutsu(Disappear into your own shadow). Reckless and efficient with his missions he never fails a mission doing anything to complete it. Distrust is prevalent among some of the older(less skilled) Anbu who feel threatened by the rate at which he is improving might effect there positions one day. Making distrust between some of the younger Anbu telling them that they believe that he has his own ambition will eventually become a risk to the village.

Writing sample:

Affinity - Yin(Darkness)
Shadow attack Jutsu- User sinks into his own shadow and teleports to his enemies shadow and attacks.(Shadow strike takes a minor action and a standard action to perform handseals and do the teleport and attack)

Explosive Shrapnel tag jutsu - User throws a paper ball, with seals all over it(That contains explosive tags and sealed shuriken, that becomes unsealed and then the explosive tags explode. Causing shrapnel to shower the blast radius around.

Shadow Cloak - User becomes his shadow remaining undetectable by sensory abilities however to remain in this form requires constant chakra usage.

For anyone wanting to Join we are always recruiting in Pokemon Battle Island. PM me for Link to game threads.

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Character NameHealthChakraStrDexStaConResIntChaWisRankTeamDodgeBlockBuffs
Togirama Hyuuga42/4254/5431071791234Genin +5Team 91515 

Togirama Hyuuga1022/1524101115241310/1110505010/243522243517

Character Sheet

Application Togirama Hyuuga
right-aligned image
Name: Togirama Hyuuga (Or Togi for short)
Age: 13
Type: Healer
Rank: Genin
Elemental Affinity: Yang Chakra

Description: Despite being a Hyuuga, Togi looks different than most Hyuuga. The most obvious difference being that instead of having the famous brilliant white eyes Togi has dull lifeless and slightly cloudy grey eyes. This is of course due to Togi being blind which was a result of an unknown disease he contracted in childhood. The second most obvious difference is Togi keeps his hair cut short as the traditional long hair of the Hyuuga being far too much hassle for the blind boy to waste his time on. Other than his slightly disconcerting eyes Togi has a fairly handsome face his features being somewhat refined looking.

Standing at a height of 5'5 Togi is fairly tall, his build while not over muscly is athletic enough so that the young Hyuuga does not appear frail. Togi also carries himself with confidence so much so that it is hard to tell from his movements that he is actually blind.

While Togi does indeed wear the traditional robes of the Hyuuga clan he again highlights his difference as instead of wearing crisp white robes he wears robes that are a very light grey in colour. This choice is perhaps rather strange for although Togi always makes sure to do so he can not see the difference in what he is wearing. When wearing the Konoha forehead protector Togi chooses to either wear it where it was designed to go (ie his forehead) or he wears it slightly lower and covers his sightless eyes.

Personality: Being raised as a servant amongst one of the noble clans of Konoha Togi places a great deal of importance on manners and politeness. He is also a kind hearted soul always willing to help others, that is perhaps why Togi became so interested in healing Ninjutsu at an early age wanting to give something back to the village.

Togi also possess a strong will and sense of determination, despite being blind he does not want to be treated differently than anyone one else and is confident if he tries hard enough he can achieve anything that an individual with sight could. This confidence in himself also extends to other aspects of Togi's life making him a calm and confident individual in even the most dire of circumstances or when chaos reigns around him.

left-aligned image
Background: Togirama was born into the main branch of the proud and noble Hyuuga Clan one of Konoha's most powerful and most influential clans. As a main branch Hyuuga Togi was expected to live a privileged life however fate was not on the poor child's side. Before Togi was even two years of age the child caught a terrible fever and despite the effort of Konoha's best medics he became bedridden for a number of months. For a long time it did not look as though the Hyuuga child would survive, the medics could not figure out the cause of the child's sickness and both his brain and optic nerves had become severely inflamed and surrounded by fluid. It became a daily battle to merely keep the boy alive and there was little hope of a cure. One day however as quickly as it had come the fever subsided and slowly Togi recovered. When Togi finally regained consciousness many months after contracting the mysterious disease he opened his eyes causing his parents to gasp in shock. The usual brilliant white eyes of the Hyuuga had been replaced by a dull lifeless grey. The fever had robbed Togi of his sight, in a clan who were proud of their visual prowess above all else Togi was blind!

After Togi had 'recovered', a clan meeting was held and it was decided that if Togi was without the Byakugan let alone completely blind then he would have to be placed into the branch family. It was also decided however that since the child was without sight there would be little point placing the caged bird seal upon him. It was also decided that Togi ofcourse would never become a ninja. At this time Togi's father Hazirama also decided that his first born son had become all but useless and would need to be replaced. In a matter of weeks Togi's mother Hitali became pregnant with her second child Zoishi.

Though officially a branch member Togi was raised with the rest of his main branch family. While Hitali treated her two sons equally giving them both the same amount of affection Hazirama all but ignored his blind son in favour of focussing all his time and effort on training the younger of the two brothers in the way of the Hyuuga. Despite being neglected by his father and being completely blind Togi was a happy child thanks to the love that his mother gave him.

Rather amazingly despite his blindness Togi adapted to his lot in life rather quickly learning to both walk and run no later than your average child. Togi was a rather determined child and through sheer will he taught himself to walk around the Hyuuga compound completely unaided. At first glance all but the keenest of eye would fail to notice that Togi was infact blind as he moved with such confidence.

Instead of being taught the ways of a ninja Togi was taught how to be a servant and how to serve his clan. Again Togi's determination shone through as he learnt a number of tasks that would seem impossible for a blind child. At this same time Togi's younger brother began his ninja training and Togi would often sit in and listen to this training completely unnoticed or ignored by both his brother and father. Being a curious soul Togi began to practice what he had overheard in secret and slowly taught himself to channel and mould chakra. Knowing that he would never be able to channel chakra to his eyes in order to activate a Byakugan like his father was teaching his brother Togi instead decided to channel the chakra to his ears. Though it took some time and a lot of experimentation Togi eventually learned to greatly enhance his sense of hearing. While still blind Togi soon possessed the strongest sense of hearing in the entire Hyuuga clan.

When Togi was ten his younger brother was sent to the academy meaning he spent less time being taught back at the clan and therefore there were less lessons that Togi could listen in to. Disappointed at these turn of events and eager to learn more about Chakra Togi approached his mother and explained that he wanted to study just like his brother and asked permission to use the Hyuuga clan library. Hitali managed to get her son permission but the vision obsessed Hyuuga had not thought to include scrolls and books that could be used by the blind. Togi's disappointment was obvious but fortunately for the young Hyuuga his mother was resourceful and she was able to get him access to the main village library that did infact have some books and scrolls designed for the blind.

Over the next few years Togi spent all his free time either in the library studying medical jutsus which he had developed an interest in or back at the Clan compound observing the other Hyuugas being taught. Despite not being able to see if he was doing it correctly Togi began to mimic the moves of the gentle fist once again practicing in secret. It soon became a common sight to see the blind Hyuuga wandering alone back and fourth from either the clan compound and the village library or the clan compound and one of the village's training grounds. By this time Togi's younger brother was by now a Genin and one day on the way to a training ground Togi sensed a familiar chakra (sensing chakra being an ability that the blind Hyuuga had developed). Drawing closer to the training ground Togi could hear the sound of battle and moved closer to listen. Togi's younger brother and one of his team mates were sparring and in the midst of the battle a stray kunai flew straight towards the blind Hyuuga's face. Without hesitating Togi's hand flew up and he grabbed ahold of the Kunai mere inches from his face. Such a feat would have been impressive for a normal civilian ( which officially Togi was) but for a blind one it should have been impossible. For the first time in his life Togi's younger brother paid attention to him. After much prodding from his brother Togi admitted to the secret training he had been performing and what he had learnt. Togi's skills did not stay a secret for long and though the Hokage did not relish the prospect of a blind ninja he arranged for Togi to be tested as a Genin.

Writing Sample: As was common for Togirama to do he had just spent half the day at the village library studying in private far away from the prying eyes of his fellow Hyuuga. While Togi did not really mind if anyone knew that he had been teaching himself about chakra and jutsu he found it easier if he was not in a place where he would be disturbed by those who thought his efforts were futile and a waste of time. The day had gone quickly and it would not be long before darkness would begin to falll, whether it was light or dark made no real difference to the blind Hyuuga but he knew he would have to return soon to the Hyuuga clan complex for he had a number of chores and duties that he would need to complete.

Gathering up his books and scrolls Togi returned the majority of them to their shelves while a few he kept on his person and held them to his chest as he calmly exited the building. Thanking the librarians with a polite bow Togi then headed out on to the streets of konoha and began to make his way home. As he walked Togi allowed his chakra senses to waft out in all directions allowing him to safely navigate his way home, every now and again he would sense a presence either familiar or otherwise. Most of the times these presences were rather weak obviously belonging to civilians but every now and then Togi detected a much more dense and concentrated chakra source that without a doubt belonged to a ninja.

About halfway home Togi detected a presence that caused him to pause mid step. The chakra signature was very familiar to the young Hyuuga... while not the strongest he had ever felt the chakra it was strong enough to at the very least belong to a genin. This particular chakra had a very intense feel to it that always reminded the boy of a concentrated ball of fire that felt like it could explode at any moment, the chakra also currently felt as though it was laced with hostile intent.

Sure enough the source of the chakra signature suddenly burst in to action and a projectile was launched in the blind Hyuuga's direction. Staying completely still Togi clutched his books tightly to his chest and waited. At the last possible moment the blind Hyuuga then cocked his head to the side and allowed the small stone that had been hurled at him to go sailing harmlessly past.

"Uchiha-san, I would appreciate it if you would refrain from throwing stones at passers by..." Togi calmly exclaimed as he turned round to face the general direction that the stone had been hurled from.

"I thought you were blind, Hyuuga!" a voice spat back with obvious contempt as a figure dropped down from a nearby wall and stalked forwards. The voice belonged to a boy of roughly Togi's own age with raven black hair, dark eyes and a more muscular build than the Hyuuga youth who was dressed in a pair of dark blue trousers and shirt with the Uchiha fan displayed prominently on the back.

"And you believe that gave you the right to hurl stones at me?" Togi replied calmly as he slightly raised an eyebrow. "I mean no offense but to me that sounds like the action of a coward... to attack someone merely because you believed they would not be aware of the attack..." Togi continued.

"The Uchiha are not cowards!" the boy growled back clenching calloused hands that were wrapped in bandages in to fists as he did so.

"I never said they were Uchiha-san, I merely stated that the action sounded like one a coward would take..." the Hyuuga replied calmly once again.

"That's it, it's time you Hyuuga learnt your place!" the Uchiha declared as he without any further warning suddenly swung a fist at the blind boy. Fortunately Togi was able to sense his chakra building as soon as he tried to strike. Thinking on his feet Togi quickly held out the book that he had been clutching to his chest and used it to block the Uchiha's blow. There was a resounding thud as fist met the hard cover of the book and the scowl upon the Uchiha's face intensified.

Reluctantly letting the books drop and fall to the floor the young Hyuuga hoped that they had not been badly damaged as he dropped in to a rough approximation of the opening stance of the gentle fist. This caused Ryoku Uchiha to hesitate, as far as he knew Togirama was a worthless cast off who had not been taught the ways of the Hyuuga clan and certainly not their fighting style. It had to be a bluff... just a bluff after all it was easy enough to mimic just one stance. Reassured of his superiority once again Ryoku lashed out with a kick this time. Rather infuriatingly however the blind Hyuuga seemed to know exactly what he was doing and managed to easily step out of the way despite the fact he was not even looking at him. With a snarl on his face Ryoku followed up the attack by spinning and lashing out with a back handed strike but once again Togi managed to thwart him this time by catching the Uchiha's fist in the palm of his hand.

"Uchiha-san I have no desire to fight you. I apologise if my words brought offense to yourself or your clan..." Togi exclaimed still just as calm as before the fight had begun. Rather than placate the Uchiha however this just seemed to enrage him even more.

Throwing off Togi's hand the more muscular Ryoku went on the offense lashing out with a number of blows that each became more wild than the last as Togi skilfully continued to evade them. Togi by this point had been forced to back up several paces from where the fight had begun, as of yet the young Hyuuga had not launched a single blow however in his anger the Uchiha had left his guard wide open. "You are in my field of divination..." Togi whispered with the slightest hint of a smirk on his lips. "Double palm strike!" Togi then declared loudly as he thrust both palms forwards landing them both on to the Uchiha's chest and leaning in to the blow, there was a brief flash of chakra from Togi's hands and then suddenly the Uchiha was launched backwards tumbling awkwardly across the ground before landing in a crumpled heap.

Standing back up to his full height Togi then carefully brushed off his light grey robes before slowly making his way over to where the Uchiha now lay. Crouching down beside Ryoku Togi held out his palm which instantly began to glow with a slight green light. The point on Ryoku's chest where Togi had struck it was slightly singhed due to the amount of chakra the young Hyuuga had overloaded in to it not that the blind Hyuuga could see it but he could sense the disturbance in Ryoku's chakra system. Running his hand over the wound Togi then quickly healed the damage that he had caused stopping as soon as he was satisfied with the results. Taking his time Togi then carefully searched for the books that he had dropped which fortunately weren't too badly damaged before returning to the Uchiha's side once again. "We had better get you to the hospital..." Togi exclaimed as he struggled to drag the Uchiha to his feet with only one hand as the other was holding his books. The Uchiha still seemed pretty out of it but with some effort Togi was able to direct the dazed boy in the direction of the hospital.


Hyuuga Art Gentle PalmHyuuga Art Gentle Palm: Togirama's own variation of the Hyuuga's gentle fist. While most of the stances are the same or similar to that of the gentle fist the strikes are more focused around palm strikes that release a burst of chakra aimed for the opponents chakra core rather than precision finger point strikes aimed at individual chakra points. These attacks cause internal damage due to the users chakra invading the targets body.
Gentle Palm Vacuum StrikeGentle Palm Vacuum Strike: This advanced move is part of Togirama's Gentle Palm style. Togi places his two palms together connected at the base before thrusting them forwards and releasing a large amount of chakra into his opponent dealing a large amount of internal damage. This technique is capable of cutting off the targets chakra supply.

8 Trigams - 8 palm technique8 Trigrams - 8 palm technique:Like the gentle fist style that Togi's Gentle Palm style is based on Togi is able to make a large number of consequetive strikes to his target's chakra core dealing massive damage.

8 Trigams - 16 palm leeching strike technique8 Trigrams - 16 palm leeching strike technique: Like the gentle fist style that Togi's Gentle Palm style is based on Togi is able to make a large number of consequetive strikes to his target's chakra core dealing massive damage. After Togi inserts his chakra in to his opponent he pulls back with his chakra reasorbing the chakra he used to attack along with some of his opponents chakra with it. This attack not only deals a large amount of internal damage but drains the targets chakra aswell.

Hyuuga Art revolving Heaven (Kaiten)Hyuuga Art revolving Heaven (Kaiten): By rapidly spinning on the spot and releasing chakra from every single tenketsu on his body Togi is able to deflect incoming attacks and repel opponents who engage in melee with a powerful blast of chakra.

Hyuuga Art Divine Needle SprayHyuuga Art Divine Needle Spray: A seldom used Hyuuga technique, the user channels the equivalent chakra of a Jyuuken strike into a senbon needle or needles before launching them at their opponent increasing both the speed and power of their attack. These senbon are usually aimed at vital points in order to maximise the damage they cause and disable the target as quickly as possible.

Paralysis needlesParalysis Needles: Togi coats a senbon needle in a powerful paralysing agent capable of paralysing his opponent which he then throws at his opponent.

Medical Ninjutsu Mystic PalmMedical Ninjutsu Mystic Palm: This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it very useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount of chakra control.

Chakra InfusionChakra Infusion: By channeling chakra in to his limbs and using precise chakra control Togi is able to enhance both his physical strength and the speed of his movements.

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Ryuu Matsura
left-aligned image

84/84114/11474121017527GeninTeam 12

Name: Ryuu Matsura

Age: 12

Type:CC/Utility (Close Combat, Utility will come later with advanced bloodline jutsus.)

Description: Ryuu can easily be described as an outgoing, cocky and even brash at times just by his somewhat wild appearance. Standing at a height of 5'9", easily mistaken for a young man from behind, he proclaims his growth is due to his 'immense pool of chakra' and he 'needs a bigger body to use that chakra properly'; among many other unlikely stories whether true or not. His posture tends to lend itself to the 'wild' nature of the boy; elegance and refinement would be better suited to someone else. As expected of a 'wild man', his body was rather defined and held cuts beneath his clothing (he'd claim them as battle scars even if he never went on an official mission, but in reality, he was trying out jutsu in his free time only for it to fail and ended up hurting himself.) He tends to wear a secure, tight-fitting black top with red trim and black, loose pants; an homage to his ancestry to which even he isn't fully aware.

Personality: Outgoing, cocky and brash every now and then, Ryuu is every bit the typical loudmouth; if anyone wants to pick a fight, he'll oblige, anyone call him out on something, he'll prove them wrong. Ryuu can be seen as obnoxious, but one of the more quality traits is he keeps his word no matter what. Even with all the rowdy ridiculousness that may spew from his mouth, if he promises something, he'll see it through as expected. Another silver-lining trait is his loyalty to his friends and comrades. Much like his personal way of conducting himself, he will ensure his friends and teammates are safe and alive before returning to hand-in the mission.

Background: Ryuu's family is actually not from Leaf. During the Second Shinobi World War, the Matsura household were members of Ishigakura; a village too small to properly defend itself between Sand and Rock village. His father was killed in battle; defending against Rock and Sand for not allying themselves with one or the other. Fearing for her baby's sake, Ryuu's mother left the village during a large-scale raid; saving them from certain death. Shortly after, the war settled down and after learning her village was in shambles, couldn't risk her son growing up in such a small, defenseless village. Even if there was peace for the moment, at any time, a wandering nin could easily enter their village and do as they pleased to which she wasn't going to risk it. Knowing the sensibilities of the other villages, Leaf was the most nurturing and willing to accept others, so she went there. From then on, she would raise her son safely within Leaf village.

Growing up, being an only child and having a very supportive mother (as well as having a larger chakra pool compared to most of the other students as determined by his mother), he had a bit of an ego. Tending to solve arguments with his fist, even if the other person was a better fighter (which he was an average fighter), he would have no problem obliging someone's tasteless slur with old-fashioned justice. Because his parent(s) weren't from Leaf, and he was already born outside the walls, he would be picked on for it by the more malicious asses of the bunch (to which he would dish out some old-fashioned justice!) Despite it, he always seemed to be smiling; whether telling a joke or getting his face beat in, a smile was usually on his face. Even with the occasional ass, he was friends with plenty in his class because, even if he was a bit obnoxious, he meant well and that was good enough for some.

Writing Sample: It was just another beautiful day in Leaf village: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, Ichiraku is at his ramen-making business and guess who just made genin? This guy. Hold your applause as I don't deserve it, but if you feel so inclined, don't let me stop you. That's right, Ryuu Matsura has just taken his first step to being Hokage! They laugh now, but in twenty years, they'll be taking missions from me! Ryuu Matsura: official Leaf Village's one and only Hokage! Now, I know what you're thinking: "Ryuu, you're so amazing, why are you gonna wait so long?" Well, truth of the matter is, there's a bit of red tape involved; behind-the-scenes, paper-signing, wheeling and dealing, that kinda stuff isn't my style, so I'm gonna give them some time, maybe look around for a pretty secretary to handle all of that boring stuff, and leave the real important stuff to me, like saving the village from the tailed demons. Again, you find yourself asking, "Ryuu, why are you letting the tailed beasts run around if you can stop them?" It's like a game of cat and mouse: it's boring if you just swipe up the mouse immediately; you gotta tease it a little. Give it some wiggle-room. Let it get comfy. Then make your presence known and watch as it struggles. Then, when you feel the chase drawing out, you stomp them down in a fashion they won't forget.

But enough about them, let's get back to me. Yeah, I just made genin, and I admit, I'm not as strong as I say I am; couldn't even touch the instructor until I used my special jutsu, but confidence drives hope into making it a reality, and I will drive my hopes until they're made true: putting an end to these conflicts and allowing everyone the ability to live in peace. Yeah, pretty sappy in comparison to what I was saying earlier, but you know what? That's my way and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.


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Replacement character:

Name: Hina Kugo

Age: 12

Type: Weapon streching technique(staff), Yang(imagination).

Description: A short girl with long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes, Hina doesn't cut for a impressive figure at first sight, but looks can be deceptive, garbed in blue and black clothing with her village head band strapped around her left thigh, and her bo slung behind her back. Hina is lithe and slender.

Personality: Kind, caring and a sweet girl. Hina cares a lot about her team mates and others, often playing the role of peacemaker between the more forward and wild team mates and other friends, whilst remaining objective as possible. She has a very strong will and generally is very focused and precise, Hina is also very polite and gentle, but knows when to be serious.

Background: Raised in the village, Hina used to be a wild reckless girl, having many times gotten into trouble, for her short temper and wild outburst, but that changed when her parents died. At the age of 10 during the last 2 years of the 2nd shinobi war, her parents had both gone for a short but vital mission, but had not returned, only weeks later their bodies were found, and the 3rd hokage informing Hina of her parents death and that he would put her up in her own accommodations. Worried that she would not be able to cope with ninja classes due to the trauma, the 3rd Hokage had thought of removing her from the academy, but changed his mind when he saw her marks and commitment. The Wild, aggressive Hina was gone, the loss of parents having caused a emotional change in her, tempering her aggressive streak, and making her calmer and more polite. Having also passed in the academy exam, she was without a Jounin sensei, due to the number of students who had passed. And had been put aside as a replacement incase any of the teams lost a member.

Character Sheet:

Current Powers:

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Name: Mekasai Hokama

Age: 14 (added a year as she finished the Forest of Death the year before)

Ninja Type: Fire Summoner


Mekasai is a red-haired, lithe teenage girl. She wears only a very simple red robe that extends in a sort of 'loin cloth' over her hips to about mid-thigh. The robe looks decidedly tattered and worn, and it shows clear signs of the edges being scorched. It has no sleeves; only covering her shoulders and a small amount of the top of her arm. She always goes barefoot

She has a simple belt round her waist, a darker red than her robe. Around her neck is a black-stringed necklace with a very polished white stone as the only ornament. She has a black mask around her eyes, and along either temple is a red tattoo. She carries a simple, but well-carved, wooden staff.

Her chakra entity companion, Isubu, is a vaguely humanoid form, although instead of legs its torso trails off into a tail. It is completely obscured and shrouded in red flames, with only glowing eyes visible. Isubu mostly stays within Mekasai until she calls him, but anyone with Chakra detection would pick up that he is within her, even if their chakra is linked. Isubu is always bound to Mekasai, even if she unleashes him from her body for a short period. It would take a pretty radical act to sever the entity from her body now, as after such a long period Isubu has become as much a part of Mekasai as she is a part of him. A violent seperation could easily kill both of them, or at least bring both to the point of death.


Mekasai is a quiet, but very intelligent girl. Having spent most of her childhood alone, she spent most of it reading and studying with only Isubu to talk to. She does not easily make friends with others outside her chakra entity, assuming that nobody else could understand her as well as he.

When she was younger, she both pined for her home and family, and resented them for sending her away. These feelings have become muted over the years; although more her home-sickness than her resentment. She still feels anger to a small degree over being 'sent away' even as she has understood the reason for it more.

Mekasai has a good grasp of good and evil from lots of reading and studying. She doesn't necessarily think of herself as good; she is willing to do some unpleasant things to achieve her goals or the goals of the greater good, but she certainly does not see herself as evil.


The Hokama Uzamaki are a group of people who live in a small settlement north east of the village close to the border of the Waterfall Village. They are an off-shoot of the main Uzamaki clan, sharing their characteristic red hair, tremendous stamina and vitality plus an extremely long potential lifespan. However, they split a long time ago from the main clan, and have a bad reputation for being hostile fire-chakra users who practice strange rituals and commune with mysterious entities.

It is lucky for Mekasai that her bloodline has such strong vitality, or she would likely have not survived the trials she was subjected to as a new born. Shortly after her birth, her village was visited by a strange chakra entity. The elders of the Hokama wished to capture the creature to study its potential. Using a strange ritual, they bound the entity to the newborn girl, hoping to harnass its energy in a containable and commendable vessel.

Mekasai survived the trauma of this union, but in some ways it backfired. Mekasai became convinced that the entity, who she claimed was named Isubu, was intelligent and able to communicate with her. Growing up with the entity within, Mekasai did, indeed, show tremendous chakra reserves and control even from a young age. But Isubu, whether he was really the entity or a product of the girl's diseased mind trying to cope with the trauma of trying to contain it, was a big issue for the elders. Mekasai was very rebellious and unfriendly. She was difficult to control and command; showing very little loyalty or respect to the elders. She grew more and more distant from the tribe as a whole, and more and more obsessed with 'Isubu', who essentially became her only friend and companion.

Eventually, the child's willfulness was too much for the elders, who took drastic measures and struck a deal with the enarest aademy to take the child, raise her and train her ostensibly to raise her to one day serve as an ambassador for the Hokama with the academy. But in reality the elders were more interested in getting rid of the increasingly difficult girl and hoped that through rigorous training she would gain better control of her powers and her refusal to listen to authority.

Mekasai had a difficult first couple years at the academy. She was deeply homesick and was often teased by the others in training for 'being a savage' and 'talking to herself'. Initially, this lead to her unleashing Isubu in a fit of anger that hurt several students, an act for which she was disciplined firmly. Although the elders had tried to begin her some basics of harnassing the chakra entity's strength appropriately, and suppressing it other times, Mekasai still struggled at this young age to maintain control. Upset that her outburst had been seen as a weakness on her part, she devoted herself to learning to control her temper better. She became something of a loner; avoiding others as much as possible for fear of losing control. She often hid in the Academy library, and spent most of her time off studying and reading. And she continued to talk to and take solace in Isubu.

Things continued much like this until her Genin exam, where she had to work with others to pass. The team she was on became her team, which she stayed with for a while. She was still very much on the outskirts of the team, however. When the rest of her team mates died during the Chunin exam in the forest, she was not particularly affected by it, and simply waited to see what was in store for her next...

Character Sheet


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