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Old Jul 8th, 2014, 08:50 PM
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Please, repost your applications here, once selected.

Only selected persons should be using this thread.

Feel free to expand on your characters, but please keep the link to your character sheet secret to myself.
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Old Jul 17th, 2014, 03:51 PM
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ApplicationNAME: AleH soundjandro Diego Balbuena-Murillo
right-aligned image

AGE: 12, DOB-9/16/2002
SEX: Male
BASE CLASS: Path of Wisdom? (May change once I know the system better and/or from DM guidance)
ARCHETYPE: Engineer (Mechanic/Scavenger)
STARTING LOCATION: Almost anywhere in the western stream

Alejandro is a bit on the short side for his age, but he has been growing taller more and more as of late. An unruly mop of close cut black hair tops his head, and a matching wisp of what would someday become a mustache adorns his upper lip. He is almost always in torn and faded blue jeans, and a worn button up work shirt with full length sleeves, no matter the heat outside. When he is outside working in the fields, which is often as evidenced by his complexion, Alejandro usually wears a battered old straw hat to keep the sun out of his eyes, and blue handkerchief to keep the dust down. He wears a carved wooden crucifix given to him by his mother under his shirt at all times.

Alejandro was born in Michoacan, Mexico to Marianne Balbuena-Morphene and Carlos Murillo-Aguilar where he grew up in a little hovel on the southern outskirts of Morelia with his two older sisters Lilian and Silvia. Around 2010, Carlos lost his job as a carpenter when the shop he worked at was closed after the owner was brutally murdered for speaking out against the drug cartels. With work scarce and few options available to feed his family Carlos the decision that he would have to go to the United States. Unwilling to completely go alone, Carlos took Alejandro and his wife's brother Sergio with him when he went. Somehow they managed to obtain the services of moderately trustworthy coyote. His breath breath had stank of chewing tobacco, but he had not robbed, abandoned, sold, or killed them in the desert, which was more than many could say of their dealings with the like.

Once they had won through the US-Mexico border, the trio had taken up with one of the various migrant worker caravans, where they had spent the larger part of the last four years. That had been an adjustment for all of them. Unlike in Mexico, Alejandro did not attend school. The caravan moved too too often to enroll any of the children in a single school. Madre Sofia, a kindly woman in her forties, did her best to educate Alejandro and the children in the caravan at night, but it was sparse at best. The work was hard and Carlos and Sergio would more often than not come home with cuts on their hands and aching backs. Sometimes Carlos was able to get a little carpentry work, but it was usually farm work that they did. Strawberries, apples, grapes, they picked it all. What little money they did get was sent off to Marianne and the girls, which left the trio riding the line of poverty no matter where they wandered to.

Once they got used it, life wasn't so bad. Alejandro would help fetch and carry baskets of fruit in the fields, retrieve tools in the shop, and otherwise try and make himself useful during the day. The best days were actually when the rusted out ford truck broke down or began to sputter, not an uncommon occurance given the dilapidated state it was in and the miles it was driven. Carlos would then exclaim "Ay dios mios!", Sergio would curse, and the three of them would get out and gather around the vehicle to fix whatever it was that was wrong with it now. Carlos quickly learned that Alejandro was a natural when it came to keeping the old ford running, not to mention he fit underneath a bit easier. So when it was time to grab Carlos's faded tool bag from the truck bed, Alejandro was always excited for a chance to pick up something new under the careful tutelage of his older male family members.

One day in Lake Port California, Carlos had taken a job as a day laborer along with several others from the migrant caravan, but when the day started to come to a close none of them came back. This was some cause for alarm, but the general consensus was to let it be until tomorrow. That they were likely just working late to get the last of the harvest in. A sleepless night came and went, with no news from the caravan's loved ones. After almost a week of searching for those missing, the close knit group of migrant workers only ever learned that a large work bus had recruited the lot of them promising good wages and a bonus at the end of the week. Several of the workers had been hesitant to board the bus, rather than take their own vehicles to the work site as was their custom, but the recruiter had insisted that they had to be bused in if they wanted the job, or so the Home Depot employee had said. Carlos had been saving up to bring his eldest, Lilian, to the US for fear of La Familia getting their claws into her, Alejandro would later recall. Carlos had little choice in his mind but to take them up on the offer, just as his fellow workers had.

The police had been no help, and promised to call should the uncover any additional information. Human trafficking is actually more common than one might think/hope in the USIt was as if his father had just disappeared in a cloud of smoke, never to be seen again. The caravan dawdled as long as they could, indulging their sorrow at the kidnapping of so many of their own, but the harsh mistress of the real world would not allow them to stay put for long. The group could not stay put for long with their hair thin budgets, and they had a need to move north and follow the harvest and the jobs if they wished to continue eating. When they finally left, Sergio had to physically beat and restrain Alejandro or the young boy would have tried to stay, hope against hope that his father would be able to make it back. From that point on it was just Sergio and Alejandro, though each grew to resent the other more and more. Alejandro blamed Sergio for abandoning his father, and Sergio resented the scorn and anger directed at him, what with his own sadness to deal with. It didn't make things any better between the two when the demand for migrant workers sharply feel with the rumors of a new disease spreading, perhaps through transients like Alejandro and Sergio. The loss of Carlos had been more than just an emotional shock, but a financial one too. Alejandro and Sergio had come to the end of the savings Carlos had socked away to bring in his daughter, and no one wanted to hire a migrant who may or may not be carrying the disease.
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Old Jul 17th, 2014, 04:27 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Anna Brown.
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Base Class: Cha
Starting Location: Kansas City

Physical Description: Anna is a tall and curvy woman, with short, light brown hair. She has expressive brown eyes hidden behind glasses, and striking features largely devoid of makeup. She's attractive enough, but looks very much like someone who could be very pretty if she made any effort at all. She's generally seen wearing jeans and tees, often with a hoodie jacket.

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Old Jul 17th, 2014, 11:10 PM
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Ming-Na Chow
right-aligned image
NAME: Ming-Na Chow AGE: 34, DOB-5/30/1980
SEX: Female
BASE CLASS: Path of Wisdom
ARCHETYPE: Physician
STARTING LOCATION: Philadelphia (Parents Home)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ming has long flowing black hair with dark brown eyes. She is average size for her Chinese ethnicity, standing at 5' 4" (163 cm) and weighing 110 lbs (49.9 kg). Her body measurements are 34B-25-34 in. She often wears her doctor's coat in conjunction with her stethoscope. Ming maintains a professional appearance with her hair neatly combed and well kept.

BACKGROUND: Ming was fortunate to have rich parents who paid for approx. 648,000all of her education expenses. Ming graduated as a valedictorian of from Harvard University Medical School at the young age of 25. Afterwards, she continued her education at Johns Hopkins University in biological sciences to specialize in infectious disease (ID). Ming is qualified as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. After seven more years of medical school and postgraduate training, she has just complete her two years of internship in infectious diseases.

As an ID specialists, Ming has obtained expertise in infections of the sinuses, heart, brain, lungs, urinary tract, bowel, bones and pelvic organs. Her extensive training focuses on all kinds of infections, including those caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Ming is also specialized in treating patients with infections due to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the cause of AIDS.

Along with her specialized knowledge comes a particular insight into the use of antibiotics and their potential adverse effects. Resulting in additional skills in immunology (how the body fights infection), epidemiology (how infections spread) and infection control.

With news of the outbreak and information gathered from the CDC, Ming has decided to try and put a stop to it and sought out others willing to do the same. But first she wanted to stop at her parents home in Philadelphia to check on them before setting off to save the world. Before departing, she picked up some of her Things like a small Bio suit, gloves, cultivation kit/ sample storage container.medical equipment so she would be able to gather materials needed for researching. After her plane landed, she made her way to the storage garage to retrieve her Actually her fathers but he gave his keys to her.
Audi R8 and commute to her parents mansion.


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Old Jul 18th, 2014, 07:27 PM
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left-aligned image
NAME: Renata Crawford (Maiden Name is Voigt)
AGE: 44
SEX: Female
BASE CLASS: Dexterity
ARCHETYPE: Secret until Game start

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Renata has been called by a collegue, Terminally Pretty, meaning she is 5'11" with an athletic figure, a natural blonde, and just barely starting to show her age. She's got a perfect smile thanks to orthodontics, keeps her hair length mid way down her back, but ususally up in a work setting. She is physically fit for her age, and concerned about keeping that way.

BACKGROUND: Renata is a strange racial mix from a French mother, and a German/American Father. She grew up until her late teen years in Germany as a military brat before her parents moved to the U.S. and her father retired from the Army a few years later.
She married young at 19, to a young Army soldier and was happy for many years, having a son when she was 23. She was a housewife and soccer mom until the fateful day someone ran a red light and her son died of his injuries a few days later. She was physically practically unharmed, save a few bruises. In truth, she feels like her life ended as well in that car that day on most days.
Her husband blamed her for it, though he would never come out and say so. She got a traveling sales job, presenting High end copy machines at trade shows and to clients all over the world. Their marriage drug on for 8 more years until they basically just shook hands and she left, leaving him the house and the cars. She now lives out of a small apartment in Houston, Tx a few days out of the year, and hotels the rest.
She loves what she does, but that's another story.


Renata is inbound on a flight from Houston to Kansas city, reading over the description for a top of the line multi-function printer her company sells. This particular one has a unique selling point in that it doesn't need ink cartridges, but instead uses in blocks that look very much like large octogon shaped crayons. She's dressed in casual attire, and
is having a single crown and diet coke as she always does on a flight to calm her nerves. She also has a glass of water in an actual glass to offset the effect of dehydration the whisky has. She has long ago grown accustomed to First Class, and has actually found it keeps her from getting hit on more than if she sat in business class or coach. She glances out the window and thinks of her meeting tonight before the Tech sales convention that starts in the morning.

Posting Status: Better than my Average - If a post is needed from me either as a DM/GM or a player, please PM me.

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Character Details
left-aligned image
NAME: Samantha Bentley
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
BASE CLASS: Path of Dexterity
Weight: 128 pounds
Samantha has an oval shaped face with amber colored eyes and a lightly freckled nose. Her dark brown hair is kept very short and worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. She has tanned skin and an athletic body build. When Samantha is on duty she is usually seen in her Airman Battle Uniform, her beret atop her head. A sidearm, which is a Beretta m9, is attached to her right thigh, and an M4 carbine hangs across her chest. When Samantha is not on duty she can be seen in either a pair of ripstop cargo pants or loose fitting carpenter jeans accompanied by a plain cotton t-shirt and plain sneakers.

BACKGROUND: DOB: 11/5/1992
Samantha was born and raised in La Crosse, WI. She grew up on the north side of town and attended High School at Logan High School. While in HS she was never a book worm or even cared much about classes, however she did enjoy her time in Track and Field. Before she even graduated she knew her testing scores and grades were not great and chances of her getting into college were slim to none. So she spoke with an ANG recruiter and signed the paperwork on her 18th birthday, for a six year hitch. The following 6 months, after she graduated from HS, was spent at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. First for basic military training then for her technical training as a security forces specialist.

Upon completion of her training she returned to WI, and was assigned a full-time job at Volk Field located in Camp Douglas, WI. The area was very rural and sparsely populated but offered a variety of outdoor actives in all seasons. And due to its proximity to the interstate it also offered technological amenities, such as high speed internet. Which Samantha used to attend the American Military University Online, where she duel majored in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice with a minor in Emergency and Disaster Management.

While working at Volk Field and attending school online, Samantha rented a small apartment over a garage in Camp Douglas, WI. It wasn't much, a small living space which combined the living room and kitchen, a small bedroom and a small bathroom. However, small as it was it was her and she didn't have to share it. She was not fond of her time in basic training, sleeping in a large open room with twenty other women was not her idea of grand, she liked her privacy. And while technical training was better, she only had to share the dorm room with one other, and the bathroom was shared between two rooms, she still preferred her current cramped living space to that.

Samantha had timed her education well around her National Guard contract. She had graduated in December of 2015 and had just under a year on her contract. Then the “Flu” hit, it wasn’t bad at first just some reports of an outbreak overseas, not unlike the bird flu or SARS. Nothing she had to worry about. Then it made landfall in the US and she worried if it would affect her here in “Podunk”, WI. When the National Guard was deployed, she remained where she was, having a full-time job guarding Volk Field…
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NAME: Tom Shedd
AGE: 32 (Born January 11, 1984)
SEX: Male
BASE CLASS: Constitution
STARTING LOCATION: Great Lakes, but really could be any, GM's choice. He's a drifter.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He's a white male of old New England blood (Daniel Shedd having immigrated to America from Finchingfield, Essex, England in the 1640's. [True!]) At 5 foot, 11 inches tall Tom is about average height for a modern American. He weighs in at about 220 pounds, but as with most people it has varied over the years. He has exercised enough to achieve a strong, muscled body. Tom keeps his dark hair short as it is easier to clean and can't be used against him in a fight. He has plain, average looks with hard edges, and a few scars as he's seen a fair amount of fights. He has several tattoos. Among them is a barbed wire design on his left bicep and on his right chest a raised hand with two fingers and the words "Two Ds" (not so much a personal motto as something he commonly says.) Sometimes he has a beard or goatee, sometimes not.

Thomas Shedd has led a rough and tumble life. Born in 1984 to Ruth Shedd a single mother. His father is unknown and his mother claims she never knew his real name although a neighbor once told him she was with him for at least three months. Josiah? Joseph? Maybe something like that. He was named after an uncle, Ruth's favorite brother. Tom grew up in a poor neighborhood in Boston but times were always tough. Ruth worked a variety of low paying jobs and struggled to pay the bills and provide for her son. She wasn't always available to give him the guidance he needed. Men came and went in their lives. Tom's uncles did what they could but they lived in other parts of Massachusetts and had their own lives.

Tom was bored by school as most boys were and often wandered the streets, often with a pack of friends. He soon learned to get into a variety of trouble. He fought those who teased him about having no father, at first losing many fights, but later he learned to toughen his body and how to land a punch correctly. He started to win more fights and earned a reputation for not backing down. The bullies backed off. As he grew older his body became his greatest asset. His friends taught him how to pick locks and hot wire cars. Fascinated by the power to open doors and start any car he started to take part in a variety of petty crimes. He was arrested a couple times and labeled a "juvenile delinquent." His mother and family were angry, he spent time in juvenile detention but he didn't care. As a teenager he came to realize the truth about his mother, society and what was expected of him. His anger and desire for glory among his friends overcame his concerns for his family.
[There is a Dark Secret here.]

Tom Shedd never did graduate from high school. He was arrested again after a botched car theft and spent 6 months in jail at the age of 17 (2001.) He became disgruntled when his so-called "friends" failed to defend him or even visit him in jail. When he got out instead of trying to finish school or going for the military (he didn't have the discipline for it) he left the state for a life of wandering and "adventure." (His juvie record was sealed when he turned 18 but police always seem to learn about it easy enough. They just don't like him.)

For the past 15 years Tom has done and seen many things. He's traveled across the country many times. He's lived in cities and small towns. He's loved and lost women everywhere he's gone. Tom turned away from the petty crimes of his youth, mostly, and developed several skills to pay his way through life. He earned his CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and drives trucks from time to time. He also mastered the operation of a variety of construction vehicles (plows, dump trucks) and is even pretty handy with boats. Although he can enjoy the excitement and anonymity of city life he found he often prefers the calm and quiet of rural small town living.

Tom Shedd is still a troubled man. He has yet to come to terms with the events of his youth. He doesn't make friends or keep lovers for long. He still fights when he has to. He's not the nicest of men and is usually suspicious of those he meets. He drinks, sometimes too much, smokes occasionally, including pot, but he gave up harder drugs years ago. He gambles occasionally but not well. He might spend a season or two in a location but always finds an excuse to move on. He does what he can to repair his relations with his mother and uncles, particularly uncle Tom who was nice to him more than he had to be. Tom is more mature but still restless. He knows he can't continue forever living life as he has but his energy is strong, his body tough as ever and he sees no need to change his ways now or for the foreseeable future. He's found things that please him, can earn enough money to keep himself going and has seen more of the country than most. Life is as good as it can be for him, so long as the police don't hassle him. He's a tough guy, a survivor. He'll make it through while others crumble. Not the safest or most secure life possible but he's satisfied.

What could go wrong?


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left-aligned image

Name Lindsay Curtsens
Age 20
Sex Female
Base Class Constitution
Archetype Engineer [Archeologist]
Starting Location Kansas City

Physical Description
Tall, thin, and with long blonde hair, Lindsay has caught the attention of many a male throughout her life. She is fit from her constant days working outside. Her light blue eyes seem to twinkle in the light and her sun-kissed skin is tarnished only by freckles. When out and about, Lindsay will wear a pair of blue jeans and whatever shirt piqued her interest for the day.

Lindsay never knew her father. She was told that a man who had aided in her creation had driven her mother to the hospital, left for work the following day, and never returned. Lindsay never looked for him, nor did her mother. He was a deadbeat, her mother had said, and not deserving of you. Lindsay had heard through rumors that her father had robbed a small grocery store and killed a clerk in the process, netting him an extended stay in jail. Lindsay didn't care to follow up.

Lindsay spent a lot of time at her grandparent's house when she was just a few years old. She learned a lot from her grandparents: how to read, how to write her name, and how to kick a soccer ball without falling over. Her mother was working two jobs to make just enough money to pay rent but Lindsay never noticed how difficult her life was since she was always with her grandparents.

As she grew, Lindsay discovered that her grandfather was a huge outdoors-man, and he practically forced the love of the outdoors onto Lindsay. Lindsay was reluctant at first, as she only wanted to go outside to read or pick flowers, but eventually her grandfather showed her how to properly hop from stone to stone in a creek or how not to eat leaves that looked a certain way or berries that looked odd. Lindsay found that she enjoyed her sleepovers at her grandparent's house for it meant something new to learn from her grandfather.

Lindsay graduated from school--like almost every other teenager--and decided to attend the University of Kansas City to stay close to home. Given her love of the outdoors and all things old, Lindsay chose to Major in History with a Minor in Geo-sciences. She loved it. Lindsay made a small handful of good friends at the college and was the happiest she had ever been in her life.

During her Sophomore year in college, Lindsay started to notice that people were getting sick--really sick. She made sure to constantly wash her hands and take plenty of Vitamin C. More and more people fell ill, classes became cancelled, and Lindsay grew more and more worried. Her grandparents were bedridden with the flu and her mother was just coming down with a cough.

What was she going to do?..


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Janine Nygaard
right-aligned image
"Today is the first of our numbers
We're never asleep
Sometimes there's a voice when I close my eyes
Sometimes I can't hear you speak

Did you learn to take cover
Or are you running away?"

NAME: Janine Nygaard, aka J-9
AGE: 35
SEX: Female
BASE CLASS: Charismatic
ARCHETYPE: Personality
STARTING LOCATION: A farmhouse outside of London, Ontario

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lithe and pale, Janine looks a bit like a relic. Just out of style (if by "just" you mean ten years), she tries to cover up her tattoos, her lacerations: her scars. Not real ones, anyway, more the metaphorical type. Her hair cut short and buzzed on the sides, her pale-olive skin mixes well with her clothing, now dark, practical, and never revealing. Not tight in the slightest, not baggiest in the least, it compliments her constant tone of simply not being paid enough to care, and that perception of her suits her just fine these days. When in work mode, she wears her spectacles, deep-rimmed and black; but on days without productivity, she's inclined to just not see anything, let her otherwise perfected look go down in flames. When no one's there to see, she doesn't care. When they can see, she doesn't care. When does she actually not care? You decide.

The only consistency between any of these is the leather necklace about her neck, bearing two silver rings around it; don't ask to read what they say if you want her to like you.

BACKGROUND: Janine was born to cause trouble. When she was told to wear dresses to dances, she wore suits; when she was told girls wore pink, she wore black. Everything was the opposite of what she was told it needed to be. Quiet and reserved, she came from a deeply conservative household; thus, at the advent of the Iraq War, she found herself suddenly contrary to her parents, and it all went to Hell from there. Despite being Canadian, she campaigned actively at her school, going so far as to found a goth-punk band and even starting a blog. The band, Red Queen, ended when she left after a political disagreement with the record label they were signing to, but her blogging career did not cease to take off. For the last few years, retiring to a farm house owned by her family, she commented on the descent of the Western world, cautiously buying into Hope and Change, verbosely supporting Occupy and the Arab Spring, and of course, being extremely anti-Russian and anti-Israeli with the conflicts of those years. Where there was something to comment on, she was there, and beyond her blog, various news websites courted her, both under her infamous juvenile J-9 identity and as her identity as the sheltered activist, yoga and fitness buff, and proud Canadian/anti-American spokesperson. Firm in her beliefs, her distance from the world has remained something of a mystery to her critics, and to herself, something she hasn't been able to solve.

Not for lack of vodka and trying.
In Repose

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Character DetailsNAME: Derek Jerome Stevens
AGE: 43
SEX: Make
BASE CLASS: Path of Intelligence

Physical DescriptionDerek is a slightly overweight five foot eight inches in height. The hair that remains on his head, forming a horse shoe around his head, is long, straight and kept pulled back into a pony tail roughly a foot long. He wears small, Benjamin Franklin style glasses on the end of his pointy nose, which his blue eyes only look through when reading or working on gadgets with small parts. A black t-shirt, depicting some sort of rock and roll band, hangs below the belt line of his forest green cargo shorts. Black combat-style boots are worn over his ankle high white socks.

BackgroundDerek had been interested in gadgets all his life. When he was only eight years old, he had already dismantled many of his parents simple electronics, a lawnmower and even an old refrigerator that sat in the garage. By the age of fifteen, every new toy with moving parts was taken apart to see how it worked and usually repurposed into some other gadget he was building. He was a nerd by nearly every standard in the book.

When he was eighteen, he had entered a contest for a full scholarship to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With only a day to work on the challenge, and a limited supply of resources, Derek was able to win the contest and claim the scholarship. He then spent the next six years studying at MIT to gain his Master's Degree in Engineering.

He held a few different jobs in the Massachusetts region, but none of them were much more than finding solutions to simple problems; nothing that really challenged him. So in his free time, he would tinker with all kinds of different projects for his own entertainment. He was finally tired of the humdrum jobs he had held so far, and when he was thirty four years old, he moved to Philadelphia with a couple of college friends and started their own consulting business. Business was great for the first year, so great that they were bought out by another company who continued to grow the consulting side of things through better marketing, allowing the technical guys to do what they did best.

In his off time, Derek continued to create odd little gadgets that he thought were really cool, even though they typically only performed simple, every day tasks. One of his favorites was an automated alarm system that would start his shower, begin cooking his simple breakfast of oatmeal and toast, open his garage door and start his car before work every morning. It really made waking up less of a chore and more enjoyable.

He had some darker inventions as well, inventions that were meant to dismember and kill. He always was a bit insecure no matter where he lived, and so he would create weapons and defenses around his home that looked like normal every day items. Once the reports started coming in of a viral outbreak that would turn people into what he could only assume were zombies, he redoubled his efforts, not just around his home, but around himself for any time he may need to leave the house. He knew, it was only a matter of time before the virus might show up in the USA and he was going to be prepared for it.

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Name: Leonard “Leo” Boord III

Age: 25 4/1/89
Sex: M
Base Class: Str
Archetype: Law Enforcement ( SWAT )
Starting Location: Philly
Physical Description: Leo stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 200 pounds. He has green eyes and is somehow clean shaven at all times. His hair is of medium length and it’s thick. It is clear that he treats his body well and does not appear to be overweight.
Leo was born to Leonard JR and Maria, two loving parents. They treated him very well from birth and always made sure he was well taken care of. His father was an entrepreneur and his mother was a stay home mom. Throughout the course of his life he was relatively athletic; he was always occupying time playing a sport.

He lived in Miami, FL for the majority of his life and attended schools there as well. Throughout his high-school career, he was very quiet and did well. He would sometimes eat alone at lunch do to the fact that he didn’t really much for people. As he continued to grow, he hit a growth spurt, this made him feel more confident about himself and eventually began stopping bullying when he could.

Eventually he got into college and pursed several degrees most of which resulted in failure. Finally he set his eyes on Criminal Justice, and he succeeded. Something about protecting others just came naturally to him. Given enough time he eventually got a job as local law enforcement and began his career in Philly.

During his time served as a police man he saw things that the everyday public was not exposed to regularly. He was unsure whether this profession was the right one for him, which is natural. Though like how he normally dealt with things, he shrugged it off and kept on. Promotion after promotion came and eventually he was able to get into the coveted S.W.A.T. From here he was able to do what he liked, protecting people on an everyday basis.

He was always watching the news channel on his spare time trying to keep up with global events and one day noticed something strange. People all over the world were suffering from a similar disease with very basic symptoms. He did what he could to keep himself germ free from that point onward.
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left-aligned image

NAME: Natan Vardi aka Mark Thompson
AGE: 47
SEX: Male
BASE CLASS: Path of Dexterity
ARCHETYPE: Infiltrator
Character Sheet:

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A fairly nondescript man, Natan stands at 5'11 with brown hair and brown eyes. Age has added tinges of grey to the brown hair, and he had put on a few pounds, but still remained respectably in shape regardless of his age. He can probably be called business casual, normally jeans with a dress shirt that has the top button or two undone and a tie loosened and combined with either a jacket or a sweater vest. During his breaks in between class, he can often be outside in a smoking area.

BACKGROUND: Born in Petah Tikva, Israel in 1969 as the only child to Mikha and Shiri Vardi in a poor but happy household, it was quickly recognized that Natan was smarter than most kids. Once he entered and started to grow older, his scores on any assignments in both Science and Shop classes were outstanding, as well as displaying an impressive aptitude for languages when he quickly soaked up the English he was taught. It didn't take long before he popped up on the radar of recruiters for certain government organizations. Graduated from highschool at the age of seventeen, he went around trying to find scholarships so he could pay for college. What he found was he was chosen for a scholarship that he didn't recall applying for or hearing of. It paid for his college in full so he didn't pry any deeper.

Years passed by quickly in study, graduating with degrees in both engineering and chemistry when he was twenty-one. 1990 was when he was contacted directly by a man to recruit him to Mossad. Imagining a life of thrill and adventure, he quickly jumped at the opportunity and began delving into the world of shadows. He didn't resurface again until 1992 when as a 23-year-old freshly minted Mossad agent, Natan went on his first field mission to France, where he and a fellow agent were posing as newlyweds on honeymoon. In reality they were there to kill a Palestinian official named Atef Bseiso who was involved with the 1972 Munich Massacre. It was odd, Natan thought. In 1972 Natan was only three. His partner, he was not sure, but was likely no more than six or seven. None the less, he was going to kill a man for it. A man he had never met. He was only the second shooter, no more than backup and cover story for his partner, but the deed was done. He wasn't sure which shocked him more. Killing a man, or realizing that he was not only capable of it, but didn't feel he had changed from the act.

His career continued on, steady for the next couple of years. It wasn't until 1996 that he managed to make a name for himself. There was talk of a Hamas bomb maker, Yahya Ayyash, being located in a refugee camp. The only problem was how to kill him. Surrounded by so many it couldn't be a large explosion like a missle. A strike team would alert him and allow for escape. How to kill a man with no chance of being alerted, and not destroy a refugee camp? Natan thought over the problem and came up with a ingenious idea. Cellphones were becoming widespread in use. People had them all the time and they had a built in battery. A few days of tinkering in his workshop later, he brought the solution up the chain of command. They'd put an amount of C4 into a cellphone, then wire it so when the phone was answered, it'd set off the explosives a few seconds later once it would likely be next to his head. The job was done though, and he became a sort of name in Mossad. He also found his calling in explosives, much preferring them to execution style gun work. He still felt no different, but suddenly picked up a smoking habit somehow despite this.

More years passed by. A car bombing here, a natural gas leak there. The agents that were there when he first joined had begun dying off or retiring. A car with a faulty gas line. An exploding telephone booth. Suddenly it was his generation of agents that he realized had suffered depleted numbers over time. Before he realized it, he was getting old, almost like an endangered species as he saw multiple new generations come through the ranks. He was an old dog not able to be taught the new tricks of smart phones and laptops. The job was less about a gun and a bomb anymore and more about information, most of which obtained through technology rather than people.

Perhaps his time was up and it was time for him to retire. At least that's what he was thinking until he was handed a final mission. Tensions were building up again between Israel and it's neighbors and he was uniquely set up to complete this mission. A high ranking member of the Palestine government's son was getting his college education abroad in America. He was to become Mark Thompson, a cover accepted by Penn State to fill in for a professor battling health problems that'd keep him from his job for an extended period of time. From there he was to keep an eye on the boy and await further instructions based on the outcome of future events back home. He had now been in country living his cover life for a little over three months, each report coming the same. Maintain position and await further orders. That was until on March 14th he got a short, but highly disturbing message. 'Go dark, you're on your own.' Half a world over, no way to get back home, and not sure if he even wanted to from the rumors. What was he to do now?
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Still a WIP

Gordon "Goose" AndersonNAME: Gordon "Goose" Anderson
AGE: 24
SEX: Male
BASE CLASS: Dexterity
ARCHETYPE: Soldier (honourably discharged)
STARTING LOCATION: 123 Foster Road, Tilbury, Ontario

right-aligned image
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Gordon is your typical Canadian caucasian man of Scottish heritage, light brown eyes and lightish brown hair, with his facial hair having a hint of red in it. He stands 5'10, 180lbs, carrying a muscular frame, but not too much that it would take away from his quickness.

There is nothing "special" about his body, no tattoo's, piercings, etc. He is a fanatic about the purity of his body, so no cosmetic "enhancements". The only thing abnormal is his right ear, it's missing the top part, about one third of the complete ear. To hide his "weakness" he normally wears a thin winter hate year round, the type that are in style these days. He also lost 25% of his hearing in that ear.

BACKGROUND: Goose grew up the fifth of six children in an army family, who were also very much Christian. His father was a drill sergeant, his mother a house wife, and like most military family's they moved every few years. Since his father's position was a domestic one, the family never moved out side of Canada, but they have been to almost every army base in their home country.

Goose wanted nothing more than to please his father, and he showed interest in the military right from the beginning much like the rest of his siblings. All of them eventually joined the Canadian military and are all still in service except for two; one died when his plane was hit by enemy fire in Iraq, the other on the ground in Afghanistan.

Very early on Goose differentiated himself from his peers, always finishing at the top of his class. Thus, early in his career he was approached by his superiors to be a part of Joint Task Force 2, Canada's elite special operations force. He quickly proved himself and became the squads specialist in Close Quarters BattleCQB and forced entry; first guy in, the one who is the eyes and ears as well as the tip of the spear for the team. He was now what he always wanted to be, a military man, and a damn good one.

"I am a soldier, I fight where I'm told, and I win where I fight."

His career took him many places in the world, none of them for vacations, all of them training exercises with allied nations; the SAS of Britain, GROM of Poland, and the Navy Seals of the USA. The latter is where he You'll find out in game if I'm chosen got his nickname, and met his wife Elizabeth.

Lizzy got pregnant shorty afterwards, and being good Christians they were married three month prior to the bth of their son, Robert Gordon Anderson. They decided to move to rural south western Ontario. Lizzy was originally from Detroit, but they couldn't live in the US due to Goose's profession, so they chose the small town of Tilbury where they felt a smaller community was better to raise a family.

Things were going well for the Anderson's, until a mishap during a mission damaged Goose's ear and hearing. His new disability left him unsuitable for field work so he was given a desk job. It didn't last long as shuffling paperwork was not his forte nor interest. He was given an honourable discharge and sent on his way.

Life at home got worse, his attitude and constant anger form the loss of his career took a toll on his marriage. Lizzy left two years ago taking their son with her. They now live in Detroit with family while the court battle is fought for custody of Robby (3). He gets them every second weekend. Goose still loves Lizzy, but he won't show it.

Goose stays around Tilbury, working at Tilbury Steel Service as a warehouse worker and truck driver which supplements his monthly army disability cheque. Lawyers are expensive, so he needs the extra cash.

The flu has Goose concerned, not for himself, but for his kids. The way he sees it, most epidemics hit big cities like NY, Tokyo, London. He'd be OK in Tilbury. But his kids and wife were in Detroit. He's tried to convince Lizzy to come to Tilbury until things get better, but she'll have none of it. Goose is seriously considering going to get them if it get any worse.
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NAME: Yumi Kawasaki

AGE: 24
SEX: Female
BASE CLASS: Path of Charisma
ARCHETYPE: Personality.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Yumi is quite tall for a young woman 5'-8" with well proportioned body. Her fair skin makes her look younger than her actual age. Yumi has straight hair to her waist. While most of the Japanese dyed their hair to all sorts of colors, Yumi decided to keep it black because she believes her natural black looks best on her. Yumi's big brown eyes show innocent, but everyone knows she has already seen too much in the industry.

BACKGROUND: Five years ago, Yumi left Japan in pursuit of fame and glory. She came to Los Angeles for one simple reason; Hollywood is where it all happens. The agent from Japan brought her over to the United States with a six months visitor Visa and within that six months, Yumi was able to seduce Jack into marrying her. Of course, Jack is no longer in the picture now, and Yumi has her green card. That was just something that had to be done.

The path of being a celebrity was rarely smooth sailing. Yumi could stay in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean that she had it good. Her opportunities were limited by her specific Japanese girl look and her poor English because not every movie needs a Japanese girl. She has been living downtown with two roommates in order to lower the living expense. She barely has any money to hire professionals for her pronunciation tutor and her body training. Yumi is cute, but with the language barrier, most of job offered to her are modelling, at least she doesn't need to speak. She also has nice skin, body and hair, so occasionally she would be asked to advertise some female products too.

Five years have passed, Yumi is now with a modelling agency who give her lists of auditions to go to. She is better with her English and more producers are starting to notice her. Today, Yumi got a letter in the mail saying they want her to be in one of the TV shows she auditioned for. Overjoyed, Yumi and her roommates went out to party that night.
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NAME: Nick Alan
AGE: 31
SEX: Male
BASE CLASS: Dexterity
STARTING LOCATION: 4th and California Ave, Santa Monica

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Neither a tall nor short man, thick nor thin, with a pair of weary, cobalt eyes stare out at you from beneath a shock of auburn hair, flattened from a motorcycle helmet. Possessing a tough and wiry frame, this man looks as though he could be pitched from a truck doing 65 down the 101 and still manage to stumble his way to the nearest truckstop. A lifetime of taking hits, both real and imagined, has caused him to adopt a body posture that at first glance would seem to indicate indifference, but upon close inspection would reveal hesitation. Square cheeks roughed with stubble that looks like it's staying at the office past five, and a battered, stained leather jacket not-quite pulled off ironically complete the look.


I really hope this is the only take I'm going to have to do of this.... Leather gloves squeal against the leather steering wheel.
If Giani has the rig done back at the workshop, we might be able to shoot the flood scene after lunch... Exhaled breath threatens to fog the visor of the safety helmet.
Remember, cheat to the left once you clear the second tank... Vision narrows as some idiot is leaning in too close with the Clapperboard.
Tires squeal against the road, and car shoots through the choreographed obstacle course, cameras positioned to shoot for maximum effect. Careening through fake military personnel and borrowed tanks, the car hits a small ramp when crossing a bridge and flips flawlessly onto it's back, sliding some ten meters before grinding to a halt.
First take. That's gotta be good enough for him.....

Nick Alan is a stuntman and special effects designer. Originally from Vancouver, BC, he moved South to LA to be able to open his Industrial design and special effects workshop. Car chases, Full burns, Martial Arts fare, and Animatronics, if it could be done via practical effects as opposed to CGI, he's done it. However, as the industry moves away from the type of work that he does, and the injuries start to add up, he is left wondering if perhaps a change of career is in order.

Time spent off set usually takes the form of a well-weathered stool shoved up to Cedric's bar and a row of shot glasses with a tiny amber tear left at the bottom. Nick finds it difficult to connect to people as a monday to friday of pure adrenaline rush unfortunately makes for distant, stilted conversation and a slightly unapproachable demeanor. The everyday world seems so mechanical and preordained when thrown into contrast against screaming tires and the feeling of a blast wave rolling over your back. Without problems to be solved and danger to be tested, Nick seems content to drink himself into oblivion waiting for the next big rush.

Character sheet:

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