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Old Sep 14th, 2014, 03:29 PM
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Complete Write Ups

You will need to put together:

1.) A short public knowledge section. This will be visible to all players and it will be common knowledge for NPCs.
2.) Your Application behind a spoilerbutton
3.) A secret link to your character sheet. Any magical items that you purchase will need a link to the PRD for me to check them out. You will also need to keep a good tally on your funds.
4.) A list of possession, including the amount you invested in the redecorating/building of your district headquarters and your personal residence if they are not one in the same.
5.) Your total military power and their breakdown. Infantry make 1gp/month and for each rank higher it is an additional 50sp. This goes the same for Seamen. Militia are 1/2 cost but take an additional day to muster. This is not optional, you will have at least a modest force. This can be secret excluding all official military personnel.
6.) Your revenue sources. I will fill in the income each provides you, but if you want you can use a percentage to show importance. This can be secret.
7.) District make up and what they are employed in. Most of you stated something about your district make ups, but a percentage of each race will go a long way.

After that is all written up I will let you know if there is something that I missed.
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Old Sep 14th, 2014, 04:16 PM
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1) Rumors and General Information on Carradyn and the Argent District
-The past forty years have proven Carradyn both a generous district governor, and an open one. Open, for whenever he is not attending to the Meeting of the Eight, the first day of each week he is publicly available to judge disputes, answer questions, and even give advice, all of this regardless of the size of the issue. Generous, for when ten years ago saw a drought sweep the land Carradyn nearly emptied his own coffers to feed the farmers otherwise unable to feed themselves.
-It is well known that Carradyn's best friend is Marcus Renar, a now sixty-four year old man who is the proprietor and owner of the White Hart inn and tavern, the same business in which his wife Maria is well known for her cooking. Carradyn is known to drop by several times a week, and vice versa.
-Marcus' first son Marric, forty-one, follows his father's footsteps, and does much of the work around the White Hart with Marcus getting on in age.
-Marcus' second son Tobryn, thirty-two, serves as court mage and chief adviser after having been put through his arcane schooling on Carradyn's silver.
-Marcus' youngest child Telria, is also the sole daughter and at twenty-five, was the surprise baby of the family. Her passion for alchemy is relatively well known in local circuits.
-It's relatively well known by most of Fairford's gossip circles that Tobryn and Arina Fayne(Court Priestess and Healer) have had something of a romantic interest in one another for the past year.
-With his age creeping up, many residents fear they will never see a proper heir to the district. The man doesn't seem pay either man or woman any extra attentions that would indicate such interest, and has never taken a bride. This doesn't keep the more wealthy of the local merchants and minor nobles from occasionally parading a daughter or a niece before him every now and again.
-The district has overall seen a sharp turnaround from the state of things forty years prior. Then bandits and warlords leading petty armies of thugs ran wherever they pleased, now any problems the district has is more in the line of petty thievery.

Rumors of Dragons
-The Dragon of the Dragon's Teeth, the same one which adorns the district's banners, was first sighted roughly one hundred and fifty years ago.
-Many rumors and theories abound on how it was Carradyn persuaded the dragon to aid Fairford first against the Warlord Teljo, and then the raid more than a decade later, but for the most part it is speculation.
-Some say the dragon was and continues to be bribed into the service of Carradyn, others that the district governor pleaded on hands and knees, and the silver scaled beast felt moved by the man's plight, and still many more besides.
-The bribed rumor does have some basis in fact, it's fairly well known by now that the Governor occasionally purchases gifts for the dragon.
-The more superstitious folk believe the dragon is somehow behind the sheer abundance of silver now known to be in the mountains. Most decent folk consider this to be hogwash of course.
-Twice, in the time since the dragon first appeared, has a team of 'dragon slayers' attempted to seek out the beast and kill it for its hide, hoard, and the renown. The first group, about thirty-five years back, never found the lair. The second never came back at all.
-Many people in Fairford, and some in the land around, think of the dragon as something along the lines of their patron saint. It's name is said to be Keltoriax, though most of the townsfolk simply call it the Protector.







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Old Sep 14th, 2014, 05:15 PM
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1.) Some various tidbits that are probably common knowledge:
-Blithe is actually his late mother's maiden name.
-Garrick grew up a bastard street urchin and made himself from a poor commoner to the land ruling nobility he is today.
-He used to be a fairly well known pirate, Captain of a few ships that prowled the waters until the previous King offered him a pardon and a landless title in exchange for the help of his naval force in a conflict. The same ships that now anchor and patrol around the district as "protection".
-Garrick has a number of close followers who are all half elves like him.
-His symbol is a simple black circle with a white anchor in the center of it.
-One can find many things they might want on the SE island of the district if they look hard enough.
-Nobody is quite sure exactly how old Garrick is due to his half-elf blood, but early thirties is a likely a safe guess.
-If you're looking for sailors and marines to hire onto your crew, the bars on the SE island generally have a good amount looking to sign on with a ship.
-Despite already being a huge city at around 35,000 inhabitants not counting it's guard and armed forces, Gateway City can often have easily two to five thousand more people as a sort of transient population in it's borders at a given time from a combination of merchants, sailors taking liberty in port, drifters looking for work, and travelers looking for a ship to take them to their next destination.
-It only costs a copper to get a ride on one of the double sized Jollyboats that constantly ferry people between the three islands and the mainland.
-"I'd rather steal from Garrick Blithe." is a relatively common phrase in the Isles among the common folk to express how little someone wants to do something, though none could tell you where or when it started.
-That Garrick has bastards around the various nations from his life at sea is widely regarded as truth despite none being specifically known or officially acknowledged.




-1/2 Bank (N Island): 35,000 gp
-Governor's Mansion Upgrade: 30,000 gp



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Old Sep 14th, 2014, 08:07 PM
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Governor Mansion is used mainly for administration. It is sparsely decorated and its interior is painted in earthy tones.

Quinn owns the inn next door to the mansion and often uses it for entertaining. The chef is quite accomplished and specialises in wild ingredients. The Arch Druid also owns a near by brewery.










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Old Sep 14th, 2014, 08:10 PM
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1) Public Knowledge
  • The seneschal of the Grey District is a wizard of considerable skill and, like many wizards, of a histrionic temperament that comes buried under decades of cautious living. His position has slowly drawn arcane talent to the Grey District, and several other wizards of note have set up in the northern wilderness.
  • The scar under Malachi's left eye was received when a noble whose family he had insulted challenged him to a duel. How the duel ended is a bit of a mystery - the noble fell out of the public eye and Malachi received a royal appointment (an exile, or so it was assumed) to the Grey District - but the common consensus is that it embittered the castellan against blooded nobility.
  • The Grey District has always been plagued by magical beasts and dire creatures. Under the current castellan, however, attacks have slowed and fantastic beasts have become scarce. Taproom tales even tell of beasts coming to the aid of townsfolk. Speculating on how the castellan accomplished this - a pact with a cabal of druids or some deal with the darker faeries that haunt the wilds - is a favorite pastime of the peasantry.
  • Briarstone Hold, the pride of northern craft, has weathered attacks from orc hordes, ogre clans, and bandit armies for over two centuries. While shielding the heartland against everything the mountains and wilderness can muster, the castle itself has endured the test of time only thanks to unceasing care of its inhabitants.
  • Given their reputation for strange creatures and foul weather, it's little wonder that the natives of the Grey District informally named the tallest peaks 'The Crones' after infamous hags. From north to south, the peaks are: Cackling Maud, Black Alice, Solana Breath-Stealer, and Deidre of the Long Knives. Despite the grim names, the locals hold affection for the mountains that provide them their livelihood. It's not uncommon for locals to address the peaks when they need to clear their heads, in fact, a practice known as 'gabbing with the Crones'.

2) Original Application

3) Character Sheet

4) Possessions & Construction

5) The Honorable Grey Guard

6) Revenue Sources- Stone quarreying ~ 30%
- Iron mining ~ 25%
- Lumber ~ 20%
- Copper mining ~ 10%
- Construction, furniture, other products ~ 10%
- Weapons smithing ~ 5%

7) District CompositionDemographics:
- Human 71%, the majority and dominant culture
- Dwarf 15%, concentrated near the mountains
- Gnome 6%, concentrated in the hills
- Halfling 5%
- 1% Half-Elf
- 2% Monstrous (half-orcs mostly, but also tieflings, dhampirs, even a natural lycanthrope or two). For those souls who, throughout the rest of Tylanis, would be regarded as nothing more than monsters in human form, the long winter nights and vast wilderness of the Grey District offers a safe haven. Those who forsake hermitry to live among its people (and make it past the initial 'torches and pitchforks' reaction) find themselves judged not by their race or past but by their willingness to work and help fight when the *real* monsters come to call.

- 35% miners
- 30% loggers
- 15% craftsman (smithing, architects, etc)
- 15% service providers (cooks, doctors, merchants, etc)
- 3% military
- 1% criminal (highwaymen, thieves, lawyers, etc)
- 1% other

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Cthuun von Ruuth will sadly no longer be part of Tylanis. Please do not delete or move this post.
Cthuun von Ruuth in Tylanis, Kingmaker

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Old May 16th, 2015, 02:55 PM
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Public Knowledge
  • The Gilded Tome has lots of farmland--they grow more food than they need.
  • The Gilded Tome trains many of Tylanis's artisans, bards, and Wizards at the Tylanis College of Arts and Sciences in Cantona.
  • Aaralyn Rue, the new Governess, is a famous educator. It's rumored that she pulled the Tylanis College of Arts and Sciences from the brink of bankruptcy during her time as Assistant Headmistress, and ran it very well as Headmistress.
  • Aaralyn's right-hand woman is a mysterious Kistune named Jalia, who seems to have an uncanny knowledge of the future.
  • Aaralyn's first act as governess was to build a library in every major settlement in the Gilded Tome.


Character Sheet



MilitaryThe Gilded Tome's armed forces include three groups: the City Guard, the Gilded Rangers, and the Common People's Militia. The Gilded Rangers number about 500 and keep the roads and fields safe, and they are the district's most deadly force. The City Guard is divided into groups of 100--2 groups in Cantona, and 1 each in Antiona, Bakandrum, and Spenna (500 total), and they enforce order and safety. The two thousand members of the Common People's Militia are trained for emergencies, and specialize in using their shields as a powerful defensive mass.

Industry%District GP InvestmentBuildings/Locations
Education25%205,000Magical Academy in Cantona, 4 libraries in the 4 major cities
Food17%140,0006 hexes of farms, 2 fisheries, 2 mills, 1 granary, and 3 cisterns
Land Trade16%132,5007 hexes of highway, 3 hexes with roads, 3 shops in Antiona, and 1 shop in Spenna
Magic10%75,0001 caster's tower in Bakandrum; Ayliana also owns a Magic Shop in Cantona
Arts10%80,0001 smithy in Bakandrum; 1 smithy, 1 guildhall, and 1 exotic artisan shop in Cantona
Sea Trade9%75,0001 pier in Cantona and 1 half-size pier in Spenna
Mining8%70,0002 mines and 1 foundry in Bakandrum - copper, tin, and zinc -> brass and bronze
Horses5%20,0001 stable in Antiona

PersonalGm's Eyes Only

District Demographics

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	The Gilded Tome.png
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Information for the Isla Rew






Cthuun von Ruuth in Tylanis, Kingmaker

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