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Old Feb 21st, 2015, 08:49 PM
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Accepted Characters:

Player NameCharacter NameConceptComplete?Acceptance
PlodiEladrinel TrefyntalHalf-elf Sorcerer with a snarky familiarYesYes, due to dramatic potential
driftwoodStinkerGnome Necromancer, shard of a previous Archmage, and beloved of HairlockYesYes, with pleasure
KhodexusAiellaHuman/Elf/Dragon Hybrid, maybe, Chaos Mage with a story for every day of the week.NoI'd normally say no, but all signs point to yes.
RolzupTom TildrumHuman Rogue King of Cats! ˓˓ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค˒˒YesWe must. The cats insist
William ImmDonaarAltered Dragon Druid who may have gotten the raw end of the dealYesThe Archmage insists he join us. (And we avoid the uncomfortable Dragon Drop puns)
Plodi (Again!)Karon AthenarHuman Barbarian Mincer of men and words!Yes No, although we may admit him as an NPC (Would an Alt by any other name smell as sweet?)
XQbitorSyanna EmberclawHalf-Elf Cleric survivor of the Pits and bearer of holy handsYesYes, although this may add more blood to her hands.
This thread will be used to store characters for this game.

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Old Apr 5th, 2015, 11:41 PM
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BasicsName: Aiella
Race: Human, Elf, Dragon, Thing... Maybe?!
Class: Chaos Mage
One Unique ThingOne Unique Thing: Aiella seems to have an unprecedented connection with chaos magic, not necessarily to the point of manifesting more powerful spells, but her appearance seems to change from time to time, and she also seems to know things she shouldn't be able to know.
Background/Failed Plan/Writing Sample "Oh hey! Marus, can you tell this guy I'm with you?" The guardsman who had just entered the dimly lit room paused, startled by the familiar way Aiella greeted him.

"I'm sorry." He said after a moment, "Do I know you?"

"You don't remember me?" Aiella pouted. "How could you forget me?"

"How could anyone forget something like you." The dour dwarf merchant growled. "I caught this... thing trying to filch from my stall."

"I told you, I was just looking." Aiella rolled her eyes. "I would have put it back down."

"You put the bracelet on, and covered it with your sleeve."

"That's how it's meant to be worn, isn't it? How else am I supposed to get a good feel for how it would look?"

"Use yer imagination, like a normal person."

"Have there been any damages?" The guardsman interrupted their argument.

"Well no but..."

"Normal is so boring... Why would ANYONE want to be normal?"

Both the guardsman and the dwarf looked her up and down, taking in, not for the first time, her colorful outfit, her elfin features, and the shimmering iridescent scales along the exposed skin of her neck, face, and pointed ears.

"Can we go now?" Aiella turned to Marus. "This walking beard is starting to really bum me out."

"I'll take it from here, Master Dwarf." Marus took Aiella's arm in a firm grip and guided her out the door, while the dwarf grumbled darkly until they were out of sight. "Now why don't you tell me the whole story, how did you run afoul of that merchant?"

"Oh." Aiella shrugged. "I dunno, I think I saw a necklace I couldn't afford, and was thinking about stealing it."

The guardsman stared, "Are you ****ing me?"

"I most certainly am not!" Aiella scoffed. "Why, what does '****ing me' mean?"

"Never mind. Did you actually steal something from the dwarf, and don't you lie to me. I'll search you if I have to."

"Well, there was this crossbow in his armory. It was obvious no one had used it for ages, it was just gathering dust. So I took it, and used it until I ran out of bolts. Not sure where it got off to after that."

"What armory?" The guard scowled.

"The Dwarf King's armory. You just asked about him."

"No, I was asking about the dwarf merchant back there in the marketplace."

"I don't remember any dwarf merchant."

"We were just there, just now."

"I think I would remember a dwarf merchant with an enchanted crossbow." Aiella raised one delicately arched eyebrow over her left eye, which was presently a green color, rather contrasting the ice blue of her right.

"He didn't have an enchanted crossbow! He sells jewelry. You said you saw a necklace and considered stealing it."

"Did I say that? Well that's certainly a plausible story. But you know what would make a better story?"

"I don't want a story. I want the truth. So help me..."

"Are you always this grumpy with girls you only just met?"

"You said we'd already met. You know my name."

"When would I have learned your name?" She blinked at him, looking him up and down. "Where are we going?"

"To the guardhouse. I'm locking you up while we investigate this matter."

"That doesn't sound like much fun. Maybe a little kinky, but not fun. I think I'd rather..."

"I don't really care what you'd rather... hey!!!"

But Aiella was standing a good twenty yards away, just at the entrance to an alleyway. "I'll catch you later, Marus. It's been fun!"

By the time Marus got to the corner, she was no longer in sight. It was difficult to imagine how someone so out of place could disappear so swiftly in such a crowded street, but somehow the strange draconic elf girl had done just that.
DetailsThematic Elements: Aiella is quite literally a wild card. You never know what to expect with her, so she provides so many thematic opportunities by her very presence and existence. Her generally cheerful demeanor could be hiding some inner tragedy, or it could be that she's just a simple soul at heart, or she might just be easily bored and whimsical. If nothing else, she'll keep things moving, by always providing impetus when things would otherwise bog down.

Iconic Relationships: To hear her tell it, she's on good terms with the Great Gold Wyrm, and has faced down an agent of the Lich King, not to mention stolen a trinket of high sentimental value from the Three, and dined with both the Archmage and the Priestess at the same time. At least one of these stories is probably true. Or all of them might be pure fiction.


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Old Apr 6th, 2015, 09:16 AM
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Name: Donaar Steeper
Race: Altered Dragon (technically Dragonic/Dragonspawn)
Class: Druid

Uses Dark Red text for speech.



Appearance: If you took even a cursory look at Donaar, you can tell that, well, he looks very much like a dragon forced into a humanoid shape, minus wings and tail. His head is very reminiscent of a dragon's, with small spikes on the bottom of his chin, fairly straight horns protruding on both side, and piercing amber eyes. His scales are multicolored, mostly appearing crimson with flecks of brown and gold. He wears a mix of furs and hides over hooded robes, though he nearly always keeps his hood down. Even then, the tips of his horns show through the hood. Over those robes, he wears a symbol of the High Druid. He is barefooted most of the time, and he is almost never seen without his herbalist pouch and his metal tea set.

One Unique Thing: Donaar is a true dragon, but was forced into a weakened humanoid form when very young. From what he can ascertain, since the memories regarding this are rather scattered. He seeks to undo what transformed him, and regain whatever his true form was.

Background: Donaar's early life isn't clear to him. He has memories of a wizard of some sort raising him, presumably for his or her own goals, but that changed. For whatever reason, that wizard was... gone. Didn't come back. It was at that point that Donaar left of his own volition, trying to find a source of true shelter and companionship. Which he did.

He managed to find a small town/village located within the Wild Wood, within traveling distance of New Port. From there, he was adopted and raised as a part of the community, though being something of an oddity there (no doubt caused by his unusual, draconic appearance). It was in this community that he got interested in tea making thanks to his adoptive father, Gilfron Steeper. It was a meditative, yet practical exercise for him, and it gave him serious thoughts about immersing himself in this profession more. Even thoughts about settling down and running a tea shop.

That is, until something else clicked within him. Because of the town's location in the Wild Wood, encounters with druids happened nearby from time to time. Donaar witnessed a few of those encounters over the years and life in the town, he felt drawn to them. Felt like they could answer important questions of his life... even questions he may not have thought about yet. It got to the point that Donaar, after seeing a druid just return to his normal form, decided to track down and ask him about joining. And from then on, Donaar trained as a druid. Much as Gilfron wanted another Steeper, if being a druid was what Donaar truly wanted, it was fine to see him go. And besides, Donaar took the tea-making passion of the Steepers with him for the rest of his life.

It wasn't too long before everything changed again. It started with him following a contact in New Port.

Failed Plan/Writing Sample:


Thematic Elements:
  • Can you truly find and determine your identity?
  • The true balancing nature of tea and tea-making.

  • Wild Wood Forager +4 - Throughout his life, Donaar became quite familiar with his location, the Wild Wood, and living in the woods as a result. Knowledge of plants, animals, and survival there, as well as cooking comes as a part of that (among others).
  • Dedicated Steeper +4 - From the Steepers, Donaar carried along knowledge of tea steeping, what specific herbs to use for best taste/effect in tea, and ability to market himself a little.

Icon Relationships:
  • The High Druid (+) - Well, druids do follow in the footsteps of the High Druid as a general rule, and Donaar is no exception. He's quite happy about doing so. That interest is mutual, as The High Druid is interested in Donaar's uniqueness and origins.
  • Archmage (~) - Donaar has a lingering suspicion that this icon and the agents thereof were involved in his transformation. Truth be told, the icon does seem to be interested in Donaar. He's not sure what the icon's motives are regarding him, but he feels unease about it all the same.
  • The Three (+, mainly with The Blue) - These dragons are particularly interested in Donaar, beliving that he was originally a chromatic dragon. They, especially the Blue, want Donaar to return to his true form and his heritage as a chromatic dragon.

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Old Apr 6th, 2015, 02:23 PM
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right-aligned image
Tom Tildrum
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
One Unique Thing: Tom is the rightful King of the Cats. This means that he can speak and understand their language, as well as command the obedience of all normal felines. Cats, however, remain cats. This means that they rarely have anything to say that isn't about food, sleep, or sex, and that they will generally only obey Tom's commands if he happens to demand something they were already going to do.

Background: They came to him in his cradle, bearing gifts. The back half of a mouse, a cruelly murdered baby bird, and something that might have been part of a lizard? Maybe? There wasn't much left, and it was difficult to tell. His mother screamed at the sight, and hurled the carrion out the window in disgust. But the cats were content: they had honored their newborn sovereign, in the way of their people.

Tom was eight years old before he realized that most people couldn't speak to cats; he just assumed that everyone else knew better than to bother. He was twelve when he learned of his title, and the meaning of the birthmark on his chest. He was thirteen when he ran away from home, fourteen when he committed his first burglary, sixteen when took his first life, eighteen when they caught him, and nineteen when he escaped.

Some of those few who know of the King of the Cats say that he learned his craft from his subjects, that the cats taught him how to move in silence, and how to climb, and how to kill with ruthless efficiency. They taught him to lie, and to cozen, and to take whatever he wanted.

Others, the smart ones, know this to be be nonsense. Cats have nothing to teach but indolence, gluttony, and petty well as, admittedly, how to do these things while looking very, very good.

Iconic Relationships:
The Prince of Shadows: ++(The Prince represents everything that Tom wishes to be, and fears he might never become.)
The Emperor: - ("The Tyrant", Tom calls him. Just...not out loud, where anyone can hear. In truth, he holds the Emperor no ill-will, but he symbolizes the Law against which every good thief must contend.)
A Failed Plan, and a Writing Sample:

Thematic Elements:
  • What it means to be a king, what it means to be a thief.
  • How Cats are different than Men, and how terribly similar they are.
  • Does money, in fact, buy happiness? Does power? Can poverty and powerlessness buy anything at all?

Str: 10, Con: 14, Dex: 18*, Int: 12 Wis: 10, Chr: 14*

Initiative: +5
Armor Class: 15
Physical Defense: 15
Mental Defense: 12

Hit Points: 24
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d8+2

  • Independent Master Thief, and Bloody Proud Of It Thank You Very Much +5
  • Master Bulls*****r +4
  • Nimble as a...Very Nimble Thing +4
Class Talents
  • Improved Sneak Attack
  • Swashbuckle
  • Thievery
1st Level Powers
  • Evasive Strike
  • Roll With It
  • Sure Cut
  • Tumbling Strike
  • Thievery (A)
  • Improved Sneak Attack (A)

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Old Apr 6th, 2015, 03:08 PM
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Syanna EmberclawName: Syanna Emberclaw
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Cleric
One Unique Thing: The heat of the Great Gold Wyrm radiates from my hands and I have no idea why.




Thematic Elements:
  • Who removes the rotten apples within the Cathedral?
  • Syanna needs to prove her innocence, but how?
  • What is the connection between Syanna and the Great Gold Wyrm?
Iconic Relationships:
  • The Priestess - 1 Conflicted: Syanna have proven to be a good acolyte of the faiths, but the accusations from the Order of Many and her disappearance have strained the relationship to the Priestess.
  • The Great Gold Wyrm - 2 Positive: Syanna is blessed by the heat of the Great Gold Wyrm, earning her the surname of 'Emberclaw'. While she had never met the protector of the world nor know why she had been blessed/cursed with warm hands, the Wyrm recognize her as part of himself.

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Old Apr 6th, 2015, 07:24 PM
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StinkerName: Stinker (& Hairlock!)
Race: Gnome
Class: Necromancer

Appearance: Ancient gnome, skin the complexion of a liver spot intermixed with faded grey. Wears woolly boots that look like the lining of Uggs, a loin cloth, a greasy peasant’s hood, a quarter-length cape that comes down to his elbows/mid-chest, and a criss-crossed thin leather bandolier across his chest that serves no apparent purpose except to further emphasize his pot belly. He carries his worldly belongings in a large sack he slings over his shoulder.

One Unique Thing: Stinker is operating on only a small fragment of a soul (probably his), but is not especially concerned with finding the rest. Gods help the Dragon Empire if he does.

Squad Mage +2 - Stinker is good at small unit magical tactics, including use of illusions and misdirection to help stage ambushes; less so at frontal assaults; and any grasp of strategy must reside in a different soul fragment
Lord of the Low +3 - Stinker makes friends with the lowest of the low, the ones who can’t even get the prime sleeping spots in the gutters. He has very little competition for their lordship, as even the poorest segments of the general population overlook this crowd. On the other hand, they can often lurk in the background unnoticed, and provide him with a broad if shallow covert network. He mostly employs them for his elaborately pointless revenge schemes, swindles, and gambling scams, and occasional nighttime companionship.
Rotten Gardener +3 - Stinker has a good understanding and fundamental affinity for nature, specifically during the death and renewal phases of the lifecycle. He is an expert at grubs, estimating the flavor tang of a 3-day old cat corpse, etc.













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Old Apr 19th, 2015, 05:05 PM
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Name: Eladrinel Trefyntal
Race: half-elf
Class: sorcerer


One Unique Thing: Eladrinel's horned owl familiar doesn't respect him, and never misses a chance to criticize or demean what the owl sees as behavior unbecoming or underwhelming performance.

Background: the second son of the noble high elf house of Trefyntal, Eladrinel was supposed to take his place as the next great high elf wizard in the service of the elf-queen. For generations, the first son had served as a blade master and the second as a high Mage. Best laid plans...

Eladrinel is one of the rare half elves born to elves without human contact, a remnant of the great alliance between the elf queen and the dragon emperor in a past age. By the elf queen's decree, half elves were to be prized as a symbol of the friendship between the two races, but to the house of Trefyntal, he was a symbol of failure, of broken lineage.

Failed Plan:

Writing Sample:

Thematic Elements:
  • Eladrinel desperately wants to earn the approval of his familiar, although he has no idea how to do it
  • After so many years pretending to be someone else, Eladrinel struggles to find a definitive sense of himself. he hopes that seeking his fortunes away from his ancestral home will bring him clarity of self


Come! And together let's follow the heartwarming tale of a young elven hero defending a land of magical unicorns beset on all sides by hungry munchingobbers!
Or read about how that same hero got crushed under the bootheel of destiny in the Way of the Wicked!...Easy choice.

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