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Old 03-30-2015, 10:27 AM
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Soldiers of Rythey

Please paste your application below along with a link to your character sheet.

If you wanted to link the character to the campaign, the campaign ID is 392. This is not a requirement, but it will show in your character profile then that he belongs to Mysoth.
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Character Name: Pavel "Silver" Sil

Class: Rogue

Race: Human (variant)

Age: 17

Alignment: CG

Physical Description: Going through the throes of puberty did little to make Pavel seem endearing, gallant or graceful. His lank black hair stuck out at all angles which made a poor frame for his pale freckled face. All knees and elbows the young lad was hardly what awe inspiring although he did stand out because of his natural awkwardness. Not having access to the latest fashions meant that Pavel had access to some faded grey pants and a matching shirt. He wasn't sure what colour they had originally been but they were grey now. A little thread bare but they matched. Usually he wore a loose ragged cloak, some lite boots and thin gloves to help stave of the cool night air. Keeping the clothes on his back was easy since he did have access to a suitable rapier and short sword. After the war weapons were common, sometimes just found lying in a field. All it took was a whetstone to get the rust off and some twine for a grip and two old war relics became Pavels most reliable friends.


Background: Criminal / Burglar
Personality Trait: Always calm no matter the situation.

Ideal: I don't steal or betray others in the thieves guild.

Bond: Trying to pay off an old dept owed to Augustus, years of tutelage and training.

Flaw: An innocent person suffered for a crime because of him.

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DescriptionCharacter Name: Maxine Orianne Beauvilliers (AKA Max)
Class: Wizard
Race: Human
Age: 29
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Noble

Physical Description: Tall and gangly; brown eyes, brown hair in an intricate bun, strands hanging down by her ears. Plain looks, crooked mouth, soft eyes, mild makeup, pristine spectacles down low on her nose. Prefers fancy riding attire.

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn, and lacks self-confidence. Does as she's told. Considers herself lonely. Tends to bury herself in books and other studies, avoiding the outside world. Soft spot for romance novels. Surprisingly good card player. Often frustrated at the affectations and extravagances that befit the noble lifestyle, especially in regards to her own family, who she despises for their detachment from reality. Prefers "Max" for this reason. Spitefully manipulative of her parents; regularly requests money for high-end "desires", which she rarely feels she actually needs, but makes use of simply because the gold would just go to waste on her parents and older siblings.

Background Narrative: Left an orphan by the Orc Migration Wars, Maxine was adopted at a very young age by the noble Beauvillers family of El Stow, who had hoped to use the adoption to increase public perception in a bid for a seat on the Council. The moment the papers were signed, however, the family dumped Max in the care of their servants, wanting little to do with the child, who they never saw as a "true" Beauvilliers.

The one resource they could provide was money, and so Max received the best tutors and schooling available. Knowing her parents and older brother and sister had no regard for their wealth, Max took every opportunity to use it to better herself, especially on fencing lessons and horseback riding. She had no love for the social life relished by the nobility, and tended to stay in, or hide herself when she had to go out. Any semblance of friendship had been found among the servants, who invited her to play cards late at night - she became a good player, but tended to lose anyway, because why shouldn't the servants take home some extra gold?

Despite her accomplishments, however, a lack of concern or respect from her family and those in her family's social circles led to feelings of inadequacy; she found herself lacking in self-confidence, and easily became anxious and doubtful in even her most practiced abilities - all but the cards. She needed assurance, and the solution came easily enough to her young, impressional, sheltered mind: Divination. Why would she need to question herself if she could divine the answers she sought? Her parents were all too eager to send her away to the Wizard Academy. Magic was not intuitive to her, but she studied feverishly - and in a matter of years, she found new uses for her favorite deck of cards.

This year marks Max's last Militia service period. The first few years were laughably comfortable (even the military was easier when your family had power), though she had never actively sought special treatment, preferring to hide her roots. The provided considerations stopped over time. This final year, though, is the one that worries her the most. Her family has stated that, once her time is served, they will be effectively disowning her - sending her out into the world with no guidance and, more importantly, no money.

Other InfoMaxine's Character Sheet

Character notes: Human variant, Weapon Master feat. Will roll for hit points. The arcane focus provided to her as a Wizard is, preferably, a functional set of playing cards; if this is unacceptable, I can alter the deck to be missing a few cards, rendering it unusable for gaming purposes.

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right-aligned image
Character Name: Alahk
Class: Monk (Kensei)
Race: Aarakocra
Age: 5
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Lithe; Alahk is covered by healthy plumage of black, white, and yellow. It does not stretch the imagination to think that every sinew and fiber beneath is finely toned. He moves with an uncharacteristic deftness on the ground, but his grace and poise once he has taken to wing is a sight to behold. The sky is where he truly stands out from others of his species.

He wears the bare minimum of clothing: modesty garb and a specially designed double holster on his back to secure a battle axe and modified longbow for when he takes to the air. With a bulky, downward curving beak and eyes soft for those of his race, the Aarakocra’s features betray a boyishness apparent even to the uninitiated.

Personality: The short lifespan and extreme seclusion of his tribe has fostered a naivety that leaves Alahk woefully unprepared for the larger world in which he now finds himself. Exceptionally talented and lonely among his people, the birdman has a desperate need to fit in. This makes him dangerously susceptible to mob mentality. Fiercely loyal towards Plzen, lukewarm towards the rest of the tribe.

He views his combat ability as his only valuable trait. Possessed with a burning desire to leverage this, Alahk wishes to one day open up a school of training to pass along his knowledge and skill in support of Plzen and the tribe.

Background: The sole surviving hatchling of warrior parents, Alahk was burdened with high expectation, both internal and external, from an early age. Time and time again, he rose to the occasion by besting his peers in feats of arial aptitude and skill in combat. The bow, the spear, even hand to hand combat came easily to the young Aarakocra. Friendship, less so.

His parents were passive in his life, except in training. There an active, even encouraging role was taken. Between mountain patrols and skirmishes with kobolds, they would spar with him personally and encourage the tribe’s tutors to throw increasing challenges at him. The tutors obliged and Alahk’s continued victories in the face of great odds bred an intense dependence on his abilities and a uniform resentment in his peers.

Shunned by hatchlings his own age, the time he spent training grew. And so he was shunned more in return. When the mask was taken and the tribe raided Rythey, he was among the attackers. He was also one of the offenders who tore Plzen’s wings from his back. The shame he feels for the act will follow him to his grave, but it was also the single most significant act of his life.

Plzen’s return with the mask in claw proved Rythey’s innocence as well as Plzen's own. Soon after he was elevated to Tribe Elder, Alahk appeared before him wrought with grief and remorse. In that moment, the new elder’s forgiveness earned him an unfaltering ally and gave young Alahk a purpose.

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BromkuhnCharacter Name: Bromkuhm Dunfal Character Sheet)
Class: Life Domain Cleric
Background: Sage
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Age: 55
Alignment: LG

Character NarrativePhysical Description: Brom is without a doubt a member of the mountain dwarf race. he has the more typical slender build for the mountain dwarf subrace as well as the lighter skin color. He has long brown hair with a well manicured beard that matches his brown hair color. He has carefully placed ornamental rings that separate his beard into 4 strands. In the field he wears chain mail with a cloak adorned with a symbol of a high boot overlaid by a mace. He carries a light crossbow over his back and holds a shield in one hand and a warhammer in the other. Around his neck is a chain with an amulet that matches the symbol on his cloak. He takes great care with his appearance and takes time during his meditation each morning to carefully place all items.
Personality: Brom is very polite and warm hearted to all creatures. He sees the good in all and tries to wash away any evil that would be present. He is not aggressive and does not anger easily. He politely gathers information and then will attempt to provide feedback to advance in whichever way would please his god the most.
Background Narrative: The Dunfal Family is originally from the Dwarven Mine Front and was part of a cursed clan, the Black Gold Clan. As the curse tore through their ranks the elders decided that they would disband their clan and seek shelter anywhere they could for fear they would not survive as a group. The numerous families split that day and have never met up again to the best of anyone's knowledge. The narrative is told that all perished due to the curse but it is unknown if there are any with exact knowledge of what happened. Other than the Black Gold Clan dwarves themselves that is.

Bromkuhn's family relocated to Hay Field as it provided for a large city where they could blend into the populace without drawing to much attention. They have made a new life for themselves as local traders trying to sell dwarven goods. Their suppliers are from the other mines on the Dwarven Mine Front. When asked as to what clan they are from Brom's father will respond with a few different answers, Mostly the Silver Vein Clan or the White Gold Clan. If pushed on the change in clans he will state "Aye, that be me wives clan... mine is.. " and then state the other. No one really pushed them on the exact details. Brom continues to hide his heritage as he fears what would happen if it was made public.

Brom worked in the shop growing up but was enthralled by his father's stories of conquest in the mountains. While Brom originally thought the stories were too far fetched to be true he started to notice that there were some consistent items that his father seemed to know and remember all too well. As he grew older he knew that there were untold tales from his family's descendants that when pushed for information his father would shrug off. Only that they were connected to the Black Gold Clan and that they were to tell no one or else be cursed like their ancestors did his father discuss. Brom turned to the dwarven diety of expatriates, Muamman Duathal, for any answers he could track down. He sensed warmth in the god's light and spent more and more time at the local temple. After numerous years of almost steady visitation at the church Brom decided to become a man of the clothe. Overall it was because of the attachment he had obtained but selfishly it was to discover the hidden secrets of his past, that of the Black Gold Clan.

Just recently he has started to venture out to different parts of the region when hearing about any leads to the Black Gold Clan. The most recent was a discovery by Rythey soldiers of a suit of Black Gold Clan armor that Brom overheard some wizards discussing in Hay Field. He dropped evrything he was doing immediately and started out on his own to track down information.

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Zez App
Character Name: Zezhuanth
Class: Druid (Moon)
Race: Lizardfolk
Age: 18
Alignment: Chaotic Good
HP: 1st = 11 | 2nd = 8 | 3rd = 8 | 4th = 8 | 5th = 8 | Total of 43 (maybe, not sure if I’ll roll, but that’ll be average at least).
Physical Description: Standing at about 6’7”, Zez has almost teal scales with orange coloring around his eyes, and in stripe patterns along his back and arms. He has orangish frills atop his head, and is slightly hunched forward, with a slightly larger lower jaw compared to his upper one. While most lizardfolk would be considered muscular, Zez looks more lean, as though he were built for speed rather than strength.

Personality: Zez places a lot of importance upon his tribe and village, even though they exiled him from their community at a young age. To him, they cannot help how they feel about Zez’ attitudes and opinions, and he cannot blame them for being uncomfortable and fearful of the notions and attitudes he wants to bring to their people.

Likewise, while Zez grew up in a relatively comfortable home, and his experiences outside his tribe has afforded him to meet many people from various walks of life, he does not allow the trappings of wealth or politeness to lead him into a false sense of security. Zez fully understands money and manners are social constructs, and can be tools to lull people into a false sense of security, or distract them from the ubiquitous dangers of our world.

The many unpredictable turns Zez’ life has taken prompts the lizardman to adopt a more fluid and flexible approach to challenges he faces. Not only for himself, but for his people as well. If they were less stuck in their traditions, less focused on the immediate, and instead learned from their history and perhaps even hoped to look forward to their future, then it’s possible they could become a truly great people, even a great society. These are the thoughts that drive Zez’ actions, and encourage his constant search for ways to improve the lives of his people, even if they are slow to understand his perspective. Even if they find his path alien.

However, you can often take the bear out of the wild, but the wild still lies dormant and coiled within the bear. Zez is mild-tempered by lizardfolk standards… but the primal spirit within his chest, and the passion he feels towards his goals, will often result in some spectacularly violent displays. For the most part, Zez can keep his ferocity in check. He’s spent enough time away from his people, within the company of other races, to know that the behavior typical of lizardfolk is not appropriate or conducive to achieving one’s goals. Sometimes though, especially when it is someone who is smug, pandering, or bullying, well then, Zez likes to keep the following anecdote in mind: “Don’t poke the bear...”

Background: Outlander
Background Narrative:


PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
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right-aligned image
Name: Yoldrun
Class: Barbarian
Race: Lizardfolk
Age: 29
Alignment: Neutral

Physical Description: Broad of chest and shoulders, with powerful limbs and sharp claws, Yoldrun strikes an imposing figure even without the fact that he stands head and shoulders over most people he is likely to encounter in the drylands. The thick scales and powerful jaw that one can easily imagine crushing bones only serves to enhance the effect. Suffice it to say that Yoldrun easily stands out wherever he goes, and not always in a good way, though he rarely deigns to give much consideration for what the softskins think of a two-meter tall lizardfolk in their midst.

He wears little in the way of clothing. Armour is of no use to him and in the swamps of his birth there was no need to garb oneself in rags for 'modesty' like the other races insist. Still, numerous incidents early in his journey have compelled him to bend to the sensibilities of the drylands and acquiesce to wearing pants. He dislikes the feeling of rough wool against his scales, but it is easier than the headache of constantly dealing with scandalized softskins.

Personality: To the members of other races, Yoldrun represent the archetypal lizardfolk: stoic, literal-minded and pragmatic to the point of apathy. It would surprise many of them to know that among his own people Yoldrun is considered hot-headed, impetuous and needlessly sentimental. Indeed, the very fact that he left the swamps to pursue something as frivolous as cooking is unthinkable to the coldly utilitarian lizardfolk.

Background: Hatched far to the south of the El Stow Region, Yoldrun's tribe - the Blue Moon tribe - was one of the many tribes of lizardfolk eking out a subsistence existence as hunters and gatherers among the hostile swamplands they called home. Yoldrun was raised by the communal efforts of the tribe - as was the custom - and trained in the ways of the hunter. Strong and hearty, Yoldrun took to his role well, though the first signs of what his tribesmates would deem reckless behavior began to show early on. When faced against a fearsome adversary the tribe would typically withdraw as a matter of course, rather than risk injury or death. Yoldrun however would always continue the hunt. Not by charging straight ahead; he would employ ambushes, traps and hit-and-run tactics to wear down his quarry, but it was still often deemed a needless risk by the other hunters when there was ample, easier, prey elsewhere.

In the swamps, trade with the outside world was rare. Few travelers were willing to brave the difficult terrain and treacherous conditions of the swamps, and fewer still wanted anything to do with lizardfolk. Still, occasionally the tribe would send a few members outside the swamps to barter with the softskins for tools and other useful items. It was while accompanying one such trade group that Yoldrun got his first taste of softskin cooking. It was different than anything he had ever tasted before; lizardfolk ate most of their food raw, any preparation was done only to preserve what couldn't be eaten right away for later.

Intrigued by what he had experienced, Yoldun sought to emulate the softskins' methods when he returned to his tribe. Though his tribesmates thought him foolish for indulging in softskin 'luxuries', even going so far as to bestow upon him a new name - in his native tongue Yoldrun means 'The one who tends fires', originally a pejorative intended to mock his 'novel' idea of cooked meat - Yoldrun persisted.

For some, this might have been a satisfactory end to the story; Yoldrun was still a respected hunter of his tribe, despite his perceived 'quirks'. But Yoldrun was not content to live out the rest of his life with the sole innovation of cooked meat, limited to the same prey that his people had hunted since time immemorial, with only minimal trade with outsiders to bring in some variety. He believed that that was a whole wide world beyond the swamps of the Blue Moon tribe, full of all sorts of wondrous foods the likes of which his people had never tasted before. To improve his craft, Yoldrun decided that he would travel this world, to visit these other cultures and learn what he could of their culinary traditions. And along the way, if he got the chance to hunt and eat rare and exotic creatures that he would have never been able to find back home, well that was just a bonus.

Despite the protests of his tribesmates - who believed him an utter fool, even holding a ritual funeral on the day of his departure to emphasize the point that they considered him already dead - Yoldrun left the swamps of his home, setting out for the wider world. For the next decade he would travel the world, seeking out masters to teach him what he wished to learn - first a grizzled old dwarven guildsman named Duran Kettlesblack who taught him the basics, than whoever he encountered whom Yoldrun thought had something to teach. Along the way he refined his own style, insofar as 'everything is edible if you cook it right' can be deemed a style.
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right-aligned image
Character Name: Kayleigh Duskbreaker

Class: Wizard
Race: Human, Variant
Age: 26
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Physical Description: Soft brown hair cascades across Kayleigh’s shoulders and down her back, fluttering in the wind each time the horse below her propels forward. Hazel eyes that once glittered with constant laughter now hold a bit of weariness behind them. A scar across the left side of her face from her hairline, down across her cheek, and past her jaw lies exposed, set free from the hair that usually covers it. She enjoys simple jewelry and prefers comfortable, well made garments to cover her slender frame - one of the few aspects of her old lifestyle that she embraced after returning from her stint as a mercenary.

Personality: Kayleigh is a bright, charming young woman who enjoys the company of others. Those who knew her before she left would tell you that something had changed in her, even if they would struggle to place what exactly that is. Adventurous and risk taking, she now occasionally suffers brief periods of paralyzing fear or self-doubt, most likely remnants from her time as a soldier. She refuses to acknowledge these incidents or ask for help, a combination of embarrassment and a fierce need for independence keeping her from seeking help even from those she cares most about. Despite her love of socialization, she often finds it difficult to relate to those around her who have never seen battle, longing to once again be around those who can understand what she’s gone through.

Background: Soldier (Mercenary)

Background Narrative: Kayleigh is the younger of two siblings. Raised by her grandparents after her parents abandoned her and her older brother, Kayleigh had a pretty average childhood. They lived comfortably in an old manor that her family inherited generations ago. As a young child, she found an old book in the manor’s small library that spoke of magicians and their great adventures. She studied from then on, proving to be a bit of a prodigy in the arcane arts and her grandparents even hired a tutor for her to study. As she came of age, she yearned to relive the stories that she read, eventually joining a cadre of mercenary spell casters to seek out her fame and fortune. Only three years into her service, her cadre fell, all but her dying. When she awoke, she found herself in the company of a famous cleric artisan. She believed that it was the intervention of his god who was responsible for her surviving with nothing other than a few scars.

After returning home, she tried to embrace a more mundane lifestyle, but she’s found it hard to fit back in and finds the promise of adventure calling to her more and more each day - on the days that she doesn’t wake screaming from terrible nightmares. Once again at the wizard academy, tales of dragons have come closer and closer to her countryside prompting the academy to send her out to investigate the claims.

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