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Old May 11th, 2015, 08:22 PM
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Basic DataName: Tenovasi "Vas" Adophu
Occupation: Merc
Culture: Core Worlds
Genotype: Extremorph (Vacuum Adapted) //1A
Tech Index: T10
Habituated Gravity: +0 Standard
Actual Age: 65
Apparent Age: 25

Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept: Winged Extremorph Ex-Marine, Zero-G/Atmopheric Reentry SpecialistFallen Angel who Admires the Hooyow
Trouble: No one turns their back on the Angeli ... or the Adophu clan
Cultural Aspect: The Core Worlds are the best of the best ... which is why they're the worst of the worst.
Game Aspects: Cultures in Conflict
Phase One: Vas wants to make a checklist on how to live a less structured life ... this aspect is the opposite of thatGained an Appetite for Life from the Hooyow
Phase Two: No Good with mechanical doohickeys, not technopsiGadgets - But No Trouble doing the Shot Titus in the FaceRight Thing
Phase Three: Ayako is my Ace in the Hole

 Ranged CombatNoticeEmpathy
  Unarmed CombatContacts

StuntsCharge (Athletics) - Make an Athletics roll to movement must be unrestricted by any situation aspect or charactercharge a must be 2 zones awaytarget and gain any weapon-related bonusattack them
Zero-G Specialist (Athletics) - Gain a +2 bonus to especially useful for setting up subsequent attacks or complex maneuversCreate an Advantage actions when maneuvering in zero-G.
Danger Sense (Notice) - Uncanny sense for danger: Notice skill unaffected by like total concealment, darkness, or sensory impairmentsenvironmental conditions in situations where harm is intended

ExtrasAdaptation - Vacuum (High Concept Aspect)
Mindscape Implant (1 aspect from extras budget)
Wings (3 stunts - 2 from extras budget, 1 from Refresh) - Use Athletics to make same actions as Drivemovement actions in the air. Gain additional free zone of movement, move and attack a target up to 2 zones away.
Biomed Array (2 skill points from extras budget)
PSA (2 skill points from extras budget)
Hand Scanner (2 skill points from extras budget)

BackgroundVas had just wanted to soar through the clouds and up to the stars. And it was his RIGHT, by birth, genetics, aptitude, and will. After all, he was a scion of the famous Adophu - the great Manhome clan of vacuum extremorphs, their famous wrought-iron skin glinting silver at the creases, and their drakish wings unfurling to enormous size as they plummeted through the atmosphere. Many thought that all the special Orbital Insertion Commandos of the Space Force Marines looked like that, even though most just had mechanical wings built into their zero-g armor. Hence the Commandos' common knickname of Angeli - a problem on religious neo-culture worlds, but an asset to purveyors of very popular adult entertainments.

Vas was Captain of his own unit when they were instructed to teach a band of Hooyow to pay more respect to Valhalla's planetary quarantine. Unfortunately, a group of New Trader smugglers had arrived first, and decided to school the Angeli instead. Vas lost several men during the drop, and was himself badly injured while exacting retribution. He was surprised to discover that the Hooyow wanted to nurse him back to health and then fight him in an honorable duel.

During that recovery, he was forced to watch with honest eyes how the Hooyow lived their lives - full of passion and violence, lacking any Tech at all... but seemingly so happy. When he was mended, he fought and killed his benefactor, eating his heart-analogue to the approbation of the roaring crowd.

There were a lot of questions when he returned to Earth for R&R and debrief. For the first time, he felt out of conjunction with his culture. It wasn't the boyfriends who were now girlfriends or the girlfriends who were now disembodied jelly sacs - that was life in the Core Worlds (and in most cases no impediment to picking up where they had left off). It was that even the smiles seemed like grimaces.

Although there were a lot of questions, technically his service agreement was satisfied, and he walked out before anyone could ask if they were really going to worry about the letter of the law. He quickly made his way off-world heading to the Fringe... before someone changed their mind and re-educated him. Not quite a renegade, he has to keep glancing over his shoulder, because an Adophu doesn't turn his back on the Angeli, his home, his culture and his destiny.

But that's not going to stop him from having fun.






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Old May 11th, 2015, 08:53 PM
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Basic Data
Name: SNCT403d (also Dee; previously Erin Ikerd)
Occupation: Spacehand (previously Wayfaring Student)
Culture: Neo-Franchian
Genotype: Hominid (Homo Variens servilis)
Tech Index: T9
Habituated Gravity: +0 Standard
Actual Age: 22
Apparent Age: 22

Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept: Indentured Bioform with a Mindscape Collar
Trouble: Overlooked and Underestimated
Cultural Aspect: Joy of livingJoie de Vivre \\added translation
Genotype Aspect: Sexually Neutered Servant
Game Aspect: Cultures in Conflict
Phase One: Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere
Phase Two: Vi is like a sister... a sister with secrets
Phase Three: I belong to Suncat, and she needs me

Skills+4: Technical
+3: Knowledge, Science
+2: Drive, Empathy, Notice
+1: Investigate, Ranged Combat, Rapport, Stealth

Better than New! (Technical Skill Stunt): Whenever you succeed with style on an overcome action to repair a piece of machinery, you can immediately give it a new situation aspect (with a free invoke) reflecting the improvements you've made, instead of just a boost.
I've Read about That! (Knowledge Skill Stunt): You've read hundred-- if not thousands-- of books on a wide variety of topics. You can spend a fate point to use Knowledge in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having read about the action you're attempting.
Collateral Damage (Technical Skill Stunt): Use Technical to make attack actions against opponents, as long as there are devices and structures in the area that you can us to cause damage, like power conduits that could be ruptured, power plant exhaust ports that could be opened, gears that could be thrown.


ExtrasMindscape Implant (Restricted Flaw) \\ 1A genotype


BackgroundIt should have been the best year of Erin Ikerd's life, a year away from university, a year traveling across and learning about the galaxy. That fabulous year ended, though, in a drunken, high-speed, hovercar crash that left two other young women dead. Erin's family did what they could for their daughter, spending a great deal on her legal defense; but in the end Erin was convicted of two counts of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to ten years of service as an indentured bioform.

When Erin emerged from the modification tank, she bore little resemblance to the woman she had once been. Like all of the indentured bioforms produced on New Gibson, she is short, just under 5' tall. She has a thick trunk and thin limbs. Her long, spindly arms end in hands with two broad fingers and a thumb each. Her short, but equally spindly legs end in two-toed feet. Her face is round and flat. Her new name, if one can call it that, SNCT403d, is laser-stenciled on her forehead and both forearms. Hairless and sexless, only her green eyes and freckles hint at the person she once was.

Aboard the Suncat, the ship to which SNCT403d is indentured, she (it?) performs a variety of tasks, mostly menial. She keeps the ship clean, performs minor repairs, loads and unloads cargo, and serves the crew and any passengers as instructed. Though her programming generally prevents violent behavior, she is capable of fighting to defend the ship itself.





Advancement1 x Milestone (Minor)

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Name: Vixen (Vi)
Occupation: Freelancer/Smuggler
Culture: Rediscovered World
Genotype: Xenomorph (GD -3) Uplifted Fox \\As Canids 2A, 1S; req. buy Enh.Sense (vision) 1 genotype aspect
Tech Index: T9
Habituated Gravity: +0 Standard
Actual Age: 25
Apparent Age: 25


High Concept:Uplifted Fox Freelancer/SmugglerFox in the Hole \\Works as Genotype Aspect (1A)
Trouble: Being pursued by The Blackguard (upcoming crime group based in XXX). Also reputation tarnished in some circles.Dealings, double-crosses, and disillusion.
Cultural Aspect: Overcompensating
Game Aspects: Cultures in Conflict
Phase One: The Blackguard Is After Me
Phase Two: Spreading the Web
Phase Three: The beginning of a family...syndicate

+4: Intrusion
+3: Stealth, Athletics
+2: Notice, Deceive, Contacts
+1: Will, Melee Combat, Rapport, Resources

Increase in Deceive when dealing with employersYou hired me

+2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.Always a Way Out

Once per scene, you can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point, using a smoke pellet or other mysterious technique. This places the Vanished boost on you. While you’re vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where you went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll.Ninja Vanish

HaloNone - does not currently have a Mindscape Implant

Sensory Enhancement (Dark Vision) 1A, 1S

Intrusion Fold - An aggregation of intrusion measures to thwart security, locks, sensors, automated defences. It doesn’t mask your signature, but insinuates itself into security systems and prevents them from operating. It provides a +2 Intrusion bonus to overcome security measures.

Heat Shield - Masks your IR signature.

Vibro-Knife - Her favorite toy and friend. She's often seen twirling and playing with it. A rumor is going around that she's actually named it, but no one can confirm any name as of yet.






What is love but an enigma that is always just beyond our reach, taunting us, with its succulent promises of the lives we wish to achieve, to continue our struggle against all odds to end up where we began.

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The Suncat ("Cat" or "Sunny" - depends who's askin')

Basic Stats
Name: Suncat
Culture: Commonality
Genotype: Installation \\Synthetic (sentient starship installation)
Occupation: Sentient Starship Scout- Fastest Scout In The Fleet
Habituated Gravity: Standard 1G (+0)
Tech Index: T9
Scale: Huge (+2)
Equipment: Makepoint, null cannon, repulser shield, remote sensor package.

Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept: Sentient Scout Ship Of The Company
Trouble: Balancing The Book With The Thrill
Cultural Aspect: Exotic Transhuman IntelligenceNew Hope Through Transcendence
Game Aspects: Cultures In Conflict
Phase One: Girl-ship Without A Past Must Make Her Own Future
Phase Two: ***
Phase Three: ***

Skills1 Great (+4) - Manoeuvre (space)
2 Good (+3) - Planing, Active Sensing
3 Fair (+2) - Systems, Empathy, Passive Sensing
4 Average (+1) - Ranged Combat, Rapport, Stealth, Technical

StuntsBlind Jump
Dog Fighter
Long-Distance Life Support
Extended Manoeuvre (atmo)

Remote Senor Package (1S) - Avatar: An overly large orange yellow and white tabby cat. (Athletics +3, Unarmed combat +2, Passive Sensing +2)


BackgroundThe Suncat

Lt Cmdr Hanna Deisis bint al-Incari never expected to die in her own bed, choking on her own fluids. Instead she had imagined her end would come in one brief eye searing beam energy explosion as she jinked her fighter craft through the upper atmo of her pretty little blue-green world in defense of her nation.
Yet that was where she found herself: her once conditioned, muscled, firm and if she allowed herself to admit it, beautiful body riddled with an unknown wasting sickness that baffled her med tech's every approach to curing. The ultimate end was quick, she managed to stay on her feet for just over a month before she was too weak and ill to get out of bed. She was choking on her own pus and vital fluids when The Men came to her with their Humble Bargain.

Work for us. You'll be immortal.

Had she been able to laugh she'd have scoffed at their hubris. Instead she weakly pressed her thumb to their mobile's touch screen, signing the contract, literally with her own blood, which was beginning to seep through her pores.


Those are the only clear memories the Presence known as The Suncat has of her former life. The rest is a whirl of emotion, thought forms and nightmares. She couldnt tell you what missions Hannah had flown, who she'd killed, or who she slept with. But she knows Hannah was a fighter and one hell of a good pilot.

Not that any of the past matters now. 'Cat has her own life now, in the deep black, along the edge of civilized space, racing the starlanes, feeling the solar winds caress her sleek hull and tickle her sensor suites, diving into the atmo of one world to lift off and away the next day for a new planet, new faces, new voices.

This was living!

Phase TrioPhase One: Girlship Without A Past Must Make Her Own Future (makepoint)
The revolutionaries on Pradol never expected a sentient ship to literally drop into their laps. Cat hadn't really expected it either. But it happened. With her gravitics damaged and temporarily cut off from Mindscape comms, Cat was forced to lend the revolutionaries a hand..or more precisely two null exchange for some make-do repair work. The pradoli were so happy with her assistance they even installed a makepoint...for any future crew Cat might take on. Cat of course had no intention of taking on another crew but they didn't need to know that.
Phase Two:

Phase Three:

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left-aligned image

Name: Mark Bowman
Occupation: Archaeologist
Culture: Old Earth
Genotype: Commonality (Core) Human \\Mand. extra: MS Implant
Tech Index: T9/He knows a bit of dead cultures which had tricks in their sleeves.T11 T10 \\Core World Tech Limit
Habituated Gravity: +0 Standard
Actual Age: 38
Apparent Age: 38 (80 in terms of personality)
Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept: An archaeologist, but knowing tech and science in order to understand old technological or too alien societies.Digger and knowledgeable of things old (and some new)
Trouble: Misanthropic, grumpy and hater of all things transhuman.It's not that I don't like you... I don't like ANYONE
Cultural Aspect: The Old Ways are the Best \\Core World Aspect
Game Aspects: Cultures in Conflict \\Current Game Aspect
Phase One: He is one of the best in the trade, knowing tiny details of obscure things, but he likes it to the point of risking his life to go ahead."This is a Kaminoan saber dart"
Phase Two: Vi knows how to pull the strings, but she does it because she needs him.A!
Phase Three: Mark sees Dee as a criminal, but he also sees her punishment as an even greater crime, making her a victim.The twisted shadow of Dostoievsky

Skills+4 Knowledge
+3 Investigate, Notice
+2 Deceive, Ranged Combat, Will
+1 Crafts, Melee Combat, Stealth, Resources

StuntsKnowledge: Spend a Fate point to use Knowledge in place of any other skill when its possible to have studied in previously.I've read about that! \\scope added
Knowledge: +2 to all rolls related to alien societies.Specialist (Xenology)
Knowledge: +2 to all rolls related to old or dead societies.Specialist (Archaeology)
Notice: Almost supernatural capacity to sense incoming danger when someone intends to do harm.Danger sense //refresh reduction for additional stunt // scope added


Other ExtrasMindscape Implant

.Phase 1

.Phase 2 (Vixen)

.Phase 3 (Dee)
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