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Old May 22nd, 2015, 04:30 PM
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Crew Personal Bios

Black Box
Crew of the Phoenix
Past and Present
--Personal Data-- SECURED


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Old May 22nd, 2015, 06:43 PM
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right-aligned image
Captain Richard Galloway , Male, Commander/Engineer 40+/-2 years(time distortion near lightspeed) Regimented, Military industrial Description: Captain Richard Galloway was the lead of an engineering fleet tasked in minor skirmishes and repairing larger battle ships. Brown/gray hair brown eyes that appear to have seen many great and terrible adventures. Skin is a light tan with scars and burns from his last battle. Richard is Focused and stone cold in emotions. After losing his crew he has become more weary of his own mortality and lifestyle.
Mettle: +1
Expertise: +2
Physique: 0
Influence: +1
Interface: -1
Skills: upgrade, leadership, unique weapon, Authority, construction
Data Points- <blank at the moment> - -
Injuries- <blank at the moment> - - -
Faction Standing- <blank at the moment> - -
Assets Galloway utility gloves <Class 3 weapon> (impact,glove,energy,severing), these gloves were maid for the field. The gloves use forced kinetic energy to lift objects heavier than the user could without assistance. Spot welding is done through trapped lightning in a power cell on the Finger pads of the gloves. Reinforced diamond blades are pointing from the fingers for slicing through material. captains uniform class 0 uniform, white and clean used for formal meetings and speeches captains pistol class 0 pistol, while still effective for combat it is a decorative piece of the uniform work suit class 2 work uniform (Rig,visor), Brown leather overalls with a welding helmet has many tools available for crafting not available on the gloves and the helmet looks for weak points and alloy composition Space shuttle class 1 shuttle (sealed), small exploration space shuttle
Advancementstructural weakness exposed (unstable zirconiums weakness was exposed causing a large earthquake)

possible roomsWorkshop, briefing room

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Old May 22nd, 2015, 06:50 PM
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<Ansley Green, Female, Wayfaring Student>
<Productive Academic Explorer>

Description: <Cheerful; Curious; and Thin>

Mettle: <+2>
Expertise: <+2>
Physique: <+1>
Influence: <0>
Interface: <-1>

<Deduction><When you first witness a situation, you may ask one of the following questions: Who or what is most vulnerable in this situation? most dangerous in this situation? caused this situation?>
<Education><When you gain one or more Data Points about a subject, each ally that was present or involved also gains a Data Point about the subject.>
<Reconnaissance><After experiencing a wilderness firsthand, tell the GM one strange, unusual, or interesting fact about an aspect of that wilderness (animal, plants, weather, terrain, hazards, etc.). You gain 3 Data Points about that wilderness.
<Vocation (+1 Expertise)>
<Recklessness><When you make a needlessly risky Move where the odds are a million to one, instead of rolling normally, roll 1d6.On a 4-6, the Move is a fantastically lucky success. On a 1-3, the Move is a spectacularly awful failure.

Data Points- <blank at the moment>

Injuries- <Laceration, right forearm>

Faction Standing
<Borealis Republic> <Debt 3>, <Independent>

<Borealin Traveling Attire> <Class 0 Attire> (<Simple>), <Short, kimono-style top; baggy, knee-length breeches; belt with pouch; comfortable sandals>
<Survival Knife> <Class 0 Weapon> (<Melee; and Severing>), <Excellent for fieldcraft>
<Borealin Field Attire> <Class 2 Attire> (<Simple; Tough (protects from elements, hard to damage, easy to repair); and Rig (integrated wilderness kit)>), <As Borealin traveling attire; hardier construction; leather reinforcement at inseam, knees, and elbows; multiple belt pouches; sturdy sandals>
<Research Kit> <Class 1 Kit> (<N/A>), <Leather duffle>
<Dirt Devil> <Class 1 Groundcar (3 Armor)> (<Rugged (+1 armor, protects from elements, resists environmental damage, easy to repair)>), <Small, four-wheeled vehicle; street legal, but at its best when off-road; open air or enclosed; seats four uncomfortably>

Experience points: 1
Previous Advancement(s): Explorer // An alien wilderness is traversed // Recklessness
Current Advancement: Academic // A subject is thoroughly analyzed // TBD (but probably Chemistry)

Miscellaneous Notes
Milo Fawkes; boyfriend; student; has taken Cit-exams; results pending; taking flight classes during the summer term.
Molly Green; mother; Countess of Law.

Need to replace Research Kit ASAP; lost on Unitsila during first session.

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Old May 22nd, 2015, 07:18 PM
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right-aligned image

Doctor Shuang Mei, Female, Famed Chemist
Privileged, Academic, Industrialist: Traits - Kind Hearted, Focused, Groomed

FACTION: New Beijing

Description:Mei is of Chinese descent and stands about 5 ft 4 in tall. She has straight black hair which hangs down to her shoulders and has a confident yet gentle mannerism. She is healthy, but not athletically built. When she is outside of work, she wears traditional Chinese Qipao and Cheongsam dresses. Initial impressions will appear as if she is 'married to her profession' because of how long she spends in the medical ward. She is blunt with her opinions regarding the health of her patients. She is very personable and empathetic during private conversations and has a true sense of motherly concern for others. She appears to be out of her element in social gatherings and tends to hide in the shadows during the gatherings.

Mettle: +1
Expertise: +2
Physique: +1
Influence: +1 (+1 from Privileged)
Interface: -1

Skills:Chemistry, Surgery, Construction, Fame, Techno-babble


Injuries- None, Minor Injuries, Major Injuries, Severe Injuries-Punctured Lung, Critical Injuries, Fatal Injuries

[FIELDSET]The United Governing Councils; Home; New Beijing[/FIELDSET]


Ancient Chinese Jian swordClass 0, (Stylish, Antique), Created during the Yaun Dynasty in 1300 A.D. by a master weaponsmith); is a narrow bladed sword approximately 4' long from hilt to tip. The handle is made from cherry wood and leather lacing with a red and gold colored tassel. The blade was awarded to Mei's ancestor Quin Do'Jing and handed down through the ancestors. Though the sword is non-functional, it is an ancient heirloom.

Dodge Tornado 2000XL flying car Class 1, Sealed, White with Red interior leather, 4 passengers.

Surgical Kit <Class 1, Emergency Surgery, Scalpels, bone chisel, bone cutter, clamps, dilators, pinzettes,forceps, needle holder, various retractors, surgical spoons, etc.

Chemical composition analyzer <Class 2, Prototype, It is a small white box about 10 cubic inches with a scope attached. The individual would slide the scope over an item and the box breaks down the chemical DNA. Unknown compounds would receive Alpha 1, Beta 3, Gamma 6 type of generic identifier until official names are provided.Records and stores chemical DNA for various life forms (vegetation, mammals, aquatic, etc.)

Hand Gun <Class 0, , Small basic pistol with wood handle and hand carvings on the stock.

Surgical Uniform Class 0,
x3/Dresses; Formal Velvet Qipao dress, Silk Cheongsam
x1/Gown; Ballroom Qipao dress
x5/Oufits Simple Qipao and Cheongsam dresses
x2/Outfits Rugged

New Items

Laser Rifle:

Advancements Current Experience Points 1

Old Skills; Chemistry/Surgery
New Skill: Technobabble/

A piece of technology is improved
A life is saved/destroyed by science.
Instruct another person on a technical procedure./ Can now use Expertise instead of Influence during instructions.

RoomsLaboratory, Medical Bay


Debt and FavorDebt 3;

a. New Beijing

b. New Beijing

c. New Beijing


a. United Galactic Council
"If you just stop whining, I'll let you serve me" 0 level player to a dying Goblin

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Old May 24th, 2015, 08:15 AM
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right-aligned image

Kyle Poole, Male, Vigilante
Impoverished Scoundrel Explorer

Description: Kyle escaped a life of slavery at the age of 14. In the past ten years he has seen a lot of horrible things and in order to survive he too had to do horrible things (though he tries to keep this part of his life unknown). He has made many enemies and some rather questionable allies throughout the years. He is looking for a crew that will help him bring justice to those that profit off the blood of slaves and the helpless. He doesn’t have a problem with those who are in a position of authority. But he does tend to have a problem with following orders and feeling as if his opinions and ideas are cast aside.

Mettle: +2
Expertise: -1
Physique: +1
Influence: +1
Interface: +0

Skills: Stealth, Survival, Sneak Attack, False Identity

Data Points- <blank at the moment>

Injuries- Minor Injury - Bloody Nose

Faction Standing- <blank at the moment>

Simple Clothes Class 0 Simple Attire
Combat Knife Class 0 Combat Knife
Laser Rifle Class 1 Laser Rifle
Makeshift Space Suit Class 2 Rugged Sealed Attire with Jump Jets
Heart Rate Visor Class 1 Simple Visor (Heart Rate)

Advancement<blank at the moment>


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Old Jul 7th, 2015, 01:50 PM
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<Franceska Felixa Ferdenand, Female, Estranged Entitled Aristocrat>
<Privileged, Personality, Scoundrel>

Description: <A woman of the ancient and “noble” line of Ferdenands, Franceska grew up in extravagance. Her strawberry curls cacsade wildly from beneath one of her many gaudy hats. Her eyes are a dark green and seem keenly intelligent; however, it’s more often put to the wayside to make room for peacocking and snobbishness. While not considered fat, she certainly can fill out a dress and takes pride in her curves, seeing it as a form of status above the lowly hungered of her birth system SOL. She is a larger woman, not just in girth, as she stands at 6’2”. She is very boisterous when she speaks and laughs loudly, often at her own jokes. She often drapes herself in the finer styles and keeps up with popular trends, however (after her recent societal downfall) she is ashamed to admit she has fallen behind the times. She prefers wearing purples accented with gold and most of her clothing reflects this. Franceska is a high society woman through and through. Having grown up believing that she was superior to many others, it’s a habit hard broken; that’s if she was interested in trying at all. She’s been known to use her wiles to get her way and is mostly used to it. She does have a soft spot for animals and children, though she tries to hide it when amongst commoners. (Soft, sly, snobbish)

She travels with her lifelong butler Sav’el. The equally tall elderly gentleman doesn’t say much in public but is rarely too far from the lady. In his early 60s, he is always impeccably well dressed in the same clothing, a tailored dark grey suit (it’s rumored he only has one set of clothing and just cleans it every night). When he does speak he’s usually very soft spoken, possibly to offset the loudness of his ward. He has salt and pepper hair, dark blue eyes, and the lines of age are just starting to spread on his visage.>

Mettle: <-1>
Expertise: <+1>
Physique: <+1>
Influence: <+2>
Interface: <0>

Skills: <Luxury (Butler: Sav’el)>, <Contacts>, <Diplomacy>, <Criminal>

Data Points- <blank at the moment>

Injuries- <blank at the moment>

Rooms- <Lounge, Den>

Faction Standing- <Star Moat> <Debt 3><Allegiance>

<Franceska’s Finest> <Class 0 Attire> (<Formal>), <Her favorite outfit. A full size dress with a cut out back and low hanging front. There was a golden rope that cinched around the waist. Also, the half sleeves of the gown were embroidered with gold accents. Often worn with her pearls.>
<Laser Pistol> <Class 1 Firearm> (<one-handed, adjacent/close, Laser>), <Projects focused beam of energy that can cut or melt materials.>
<Infiltration Kit> <Class 1 Asset> (<Infiltration Kit>), <Mechanical Lockpics, Glass Cutters, intrusion hardware, chloroform, disguises, ropes, climbing tools, etc...>
<Impressive Meshweave> <Class 2 Attire> (<1 Armor, intimidating and embelished>), <The best money could buy, when she still had money. Hidden among her ample clothing collection, this gaudy full body blue-green dress seems to shimmer and sparkle on it's own. However, it's sturdy nature has gotten her out of a few pickles in her time. >

Advancement<A statement starts or ends a fight>

What is love but an enigma that is always just beyond our reach, taunting us, with its succulent promises of the lives we wish to achieve, to continue our struggle against all odds to end up where we began.

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