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Sentient Resource Database

OOC: Post your current character sheet (link) here.

For those who are new to MJ characters this blogger gave a nice overview. Of just post your character concept here, and let me know you'd like a little help and we'll take care of you.

Welcome to our cast of characters!

- Savoy
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Basic Data
CODE NAME: Blood Hound
Occupation: Assassin
Culture: Commonality
Genotype: Commonality Human
Tech Index: T9
Habituated Gravity: +0 Standard
Actual Age: 18
Apparent Age: 18

Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept:Blackops assassin. Aspect can be activate when the party need to kill someone or mindburst.Blood Hound, mentally-unstable, geniurgically-engineered, raw brain-melting machine.
Trouble: Was brainwashed and forgot her previous life. Can start becoming unstable at the sight of children or other symbol that thrigger past memories.Who I'm?
Cultural Aspect: Humanity Transcending
Game Aspects: Cultures in Conflict
Phase One: Can be invoke when the party need to escape.Can't catch a ghost
Phase Two: Can be invoke when her life is in danger, she is unaturally resilient.I wanna live!
Phase Three: Can be invoke when using the mindscape.The mind realm is my domain

Skills+4 Will
+3 Ranged Combat, Athletics
+2 Intrusion, Stealth, Investigate
+1 Resource, Unarmed Combat, Technical, Physique

- Mindburn
- Probe
- Domination
- Illusion //refresh reduction for additional stunt

Mindscape Implant 1A //from culture aspect
Black Chip 1A //from extra's budget
Monitor Band Cloak // 1S
Null Pistol x2

Technopsi (Probe, Mindburn, Illusion, Domination)

BackgroundOn the ever-expanding Frontier there are civilizations more like our own – and just as many far stranger. Everywhere there is turmoil and conflict. The rise of dangerous transhumans, aliens and other civilization, pushed the Commonality government to invest massively in research to create new ways of defending their civilization. Secret projects were founded in bio engineering, cybernetic and weaponry to create the perfect weapon.

One of those project was blood hound, the greatest mind scientists joined force to train soldier capable of reading and crushing mind through the mindscape. For the experiment and training to work, very young subject has to be chosen. The testing subject chosen were mostly charming young women that nobody would suspect as dangerous assassin. Billions of credits later and after a dozen years of failure, the project finally reached some level of success. The first and last blood hound was operational. A gentle face, an athletic body, almond eyes, a smooth Asian skin were characteristics chosen for the prototype, her name was Ayako. Unfortunately somehow the scientist were not able to train other stable subjects and she is one of a kind.

Ayako was trained when she was a child and the procedure made her lost all her memories. She became quickly a ruthless killer and the most deadly assassin that era ever saw, only the most special mind could attempt to resist her powers. Several years later as she became a young adult her female hormone made her erratic and she started to question the reason of her existence and seek information about her past life before she joined the blood hound program. Harder to control, the government was about to consider to terminate her, but then a huge danger started to threat the Commonality and she was sent on a suicide mission... this is how her real life and adventure started.

PHASE 1 - You can't catch a ghostAyako latest important mission was the assassination of a an important minister in Olkennedy. The target was eliminated swiftly in his mansion, but a bio-alarm was triggered when his heart stopped beating. Security guards and law enforcement officers quickly surrounded the residence and an epic gun fight started. In the middle of the carnage, Ayako accidentally shot the young daughter of the minister. She disapear without leaving a trace and left behind twenty dead bodies. The media showed gruesome images of the minister and dead child to the public. The investigators couldn't find a single useful clue such as blood, fingerprint or hair sample. The only thing they could get their hand on was a blury and shadowy image of a Ayakowoman that was took by a security camera that wasn't disabled. That image was shown around the world and blood hound became famous over night in the underworld. The first night after the event Ayako had a nightmare and since then the children face can't get out of her mind. Her training as blood hound deleted all her memories and for the first time she started to remember her own childhood. Since then she started to dig about her past.

PHASE 2 - I wanna live!After the botched assassination of the minister, half the security force of the Olkennedy sector was searching for the bloodhound. Ayako couldn't make it in time to her extraction point and was on her own. After a few close calls she managed to escape in the lower level of the capital and rent a crappy hotel room to take the time to heal and rest. The next day her fixer gave her new instructions through the Mindscape to deploy to a new extraction point on the top of a high skyscraper. This was unusual since a tower is a dead end with little hope of escape if things go south. The blood hound always followed orders so far, so she decided to continue trusting her creator.

The government was very satisfied that the minister was eliminated, but the media and the Olkennedy government were restless after the footage of the dead child and Ayako shadow were published everywhere in the known commonality. They decided to terminate the bloodhound and offer her body to the Olkennedy government to appease Trenton. It was already observed that Agent Ayako was showing signs of instability and it was a matter of time before they had to be shut down.

Ayako took all the precaution she could and she finally arrived at the rendez-vous on the roof of the tower just on time. Nobody showed up at first so she decided to hide for the time being. She didn't had the time to wait much longer that four unmarked flying vehicule armed to the teeth were buzzing on top of her and a squad of professionnal soldiers with power armor started to flood the roof. Ayako cursed herself to trust them, she give them a good fight, but there's little she could do against an overhelming force like that. After giving them a piece of her in another epic battle, she was finally captured and sedated.

She woke up in a laboratory, strapped to a chair with hardware connected to her head, downloading her consciousness. They were man working around her on consoles and injecting her with something. She felt her body getting numb and cold, she was dying. Ayako fate was for her mind to be stored on a disk and be studied so that they could make a better generation of artificial agents.

Ayako was fading away... and decided to just let go. Why live in a world that nobody wanted you, where your own creator decided to erase you? At the last moment, when her body was about to die, she could remember her previous life, she was a child on a beach, very much alike the one she killed in the minister's house, laughing and playing. She could see the face of her parents very clearly and remembered their name and then... A huge explosion shook the laboratory. The machine stopped sucking away her life and mind. Her strength came back to her. The scientist and the guard in the room with her were panicked and most of them left to investigate what happened. Few minutes lates the door opened up again and a uplifted female humanoid with a fox face appear and start shooting on the two guard that was remaining.

After taking care of the guards she approaches the chair where Ayako was strapped helpless. She smiles and free Ayako from her restrain. - " Let's run if you wanna live! My name is Vixen, call me Vi. I think we can help each other. " Vixen gave her two null pistol. The young woman had little time to argue and knew she was going to die if she stays around. They escape the complex together through the ventilation and a secret elevator that Vi somehow knew about. She planned the whole thing carefully.

Since that day Ayako owns her second chance at life to Vi and she is part of her Mercenaries team. Her Technopsi abilities and knowledge of the government intelligence agencies makes her a formidable ally to have, that's why Vi planned to recruit the blood hound.

Ayako childhood memories remained and showed her that there's more to life than killing people and follow orders. For once she was feeling a bit human and she wanted to live and learn to be human.


MilestonesAct 1 Scene 1 Craterport High : - Win a minor milestones after escaping the bar.
Act 1 Scene 2 The Transferance : - Win a minor milestones after surviving the transferance crash.
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Learning mutants and masterminds!

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Ken Un'Drum

Basic Data
left-aligned image

Name: Ken Un’Drum
Occupation: Human Resources: SCI Force
Culture: White Collar Citizen
Genotype: Human
Tech Index: T8
Habituated Gravity: +1 (High Standard, +1.3g)
Actual Age: 25
Apparent Age: 25

Status and Consequences

AspectsHigh Concept:: Thrill-Seeking Bureaucrat
Trouble: SCI Force for life
Cultural Aspect: White Collar Citizen
Game Aspects: Cultures in Conflict \\Current Game Aspect
Phase One: Hope Through Despair
Phase Two: Trying New Things
Phase Three: The Man with the Plan

Skills+4 Bureaucracy
+3 Empathy, Resources
+2 Rapport, Deceive, Contacts
+1 Physique, Will, Drive, Athletics

Stunts+2 bonus for utilizing the sensors in his artificial eye and ear to accomplish actions. Example: +2 on Empathy rolls for lie detection due to biometric analysis of subjects’ vital signs and voice printsSensorview Enhancement
Use Bureaucracy for organization actionsCog in the Machine
+2 on actions to find a job that needs doingFixer

HaloUse +2 for Notice and Investigation through the arrayPersonal Sensor Array
Mindscape Implant
Nanobugs (4)

Other Extras

Raised in the finest tradition of accountants on OKennedy, Mr. Un’Drum is a native of Columbiana, where his parents and his parents before him all managed human resources for SCI Force engineering of the planet. He has a knack for assigning the right people for the job, but wants something more from life than spreadsheets.

Ken is pale and dark-haired, typical of his people. He has a scar down his left cheek from a shrapnel shard and a cybernetic right eye and ear, which he gained as a young boy playing with his sister in a deserted park. An unexploded Venu ordinance was accidently triggered, killing his sister and nearly himself in the process.

Phase OnePhase 1: Hope through despair

One step can make all the difference. If his sister had stepped just to the left or right, they may not have triggered that Venu ordinance. The bomb that had been undiscovered for centuries had been uncovered by a recent rain. Barbara, his sister, was covered in mud as she ran willy-nilly through the vacant lot. Ken was watching his little sister as a favor to his parents, away on business.

He was just about to graduate from the Junior Academy, and was fast-tracked for management in the ranks of the SCI Force. He was thinking about the questions on the exam he just took when he heard a metallic clink as his sister put her foot down. A moment later he awoke in a hospital, amazing pain coursing through the side of his head.

He waved goodbye to his parents, welcoming his departure from their strained smiles. Figures danced across the display which was permanently a part of his vision in his right eye, and their words were recorded by his right ear’s auditory implant, but his mind was focused upon his future at SCI force.

Phase TwoPhase 2: Trying New Things

Ken Un’Drum was always very good at keeping up with records. After an audit of human resources, he discovered that one of his assistant was illegally allocating resources. After an investigation into who and where the resources were going and the surveillance of a nanobot, Ken pieced together what had happened. A minister of the Commonality Culture Executive was blackmailing his assistant for engaging in illegal acts with an Akantack indentured servant.

While Ken could have fired his assistant, he knew that would begin the work of untangling a gordian knot of conspiracy, as the goods received by the minister were genurgic mods that could only be used by the Akantack. Instead, he opted for what he thought would be a cleaner route: assassinating the minister.

He arranged for the assassination through internal channels, citing a need for a “cultural cleansing operation” to occur. When the blurry image of the woman known as the “blood hound” circulated in the media, he knew that his operation was going to get more attention than he would like.

Ken was an honest bureaucrat. He immediately informed his superiors, the SCI Force executive board, of the blackmail and subsequent assassination attempt. While some saw the merit in his solution, he was still docked a grade and given orders to apprehend the assassin agent.

He lured her into a trap using her fixer and allocated several squads to assist in her capture. While the move was successful, something stirred inside Ken as he watched her battle. He found himself wishing he was in her place, in the middle of danger, instead of sitting behind a desk interviewing nervous candidates. He admired her skill and ferocious tenacity. And so it was a happy coincidence that he received a call from "interested parties" inquiring about her extraction.

Ken negotiated with a Vi, Suncat, Dee and Mark to secure her release to exchange for joining them, in hopes of discovering more about his mysterious blood hound.

Phase ThreePhase 3: The Man with the Plan

Ken's one biological ear pops as the pressure equalizes on the lift up to the High Port of Olkennedy. The aperture whistles softly as it opens an iris for him to step through. He casually scans the people around him, random details displaying as their Halos feed him information, just as his are informing them. His is a society in which one knows nearly everything about a person before they open their mouths.

Everyone knows their place within the hierarchy, and no one seems surprised...until he gets to dock 21BX. A child openly stares, scratching its head at the fox-faced hominid before him, while others cast sidelong curious glances. It's not her appearance that surprises them, but the curious lack of information that surrounds her. No halo? It's as if she was some kind of exotic bug. For her part, she doesn't seem to notice the attention.

Ken looks up at the sign for the gate above her head, displaying the information about the arrival and scheduled departure of the starship that's docked. It's the right one. "Dee?" he ventures cautiously. "Nope, it's Vi" she responds. After a short awkward pause, Ken says "Hey, that rhymes."

Vi shakes her head and motions to the airlock, where Ken meets the androgynous "D", the sapient ship Suncat and the querulous Mark. He opens up a briefcase on a table, saying "Ok, I didn't think I'd have to use this, but I brought it just in case!" A hologram pops out of a thin metallic disk, showing a detailed diagram of a detention facility. Ken rapidly points from one point to another in the diagram, his finger tracing glowing trails of information as he presents his plan of attack in the same casual tone he's taken in hundreds of meetings with his superiors. Those of the crew with mindscape implants reel as information is stored byte by byte, and those without stare with glazed eyes as he methodically goes through his plan.

"And that's just about it! Any questions?"

An awkward silence infuses the table as the rest of the crew glances around, silently warning the others to keep their mouths shut as they try to digest the information.

"Ok, we don't have much time, we'll meet back in the bar in two hours. As they say in Olkennedy, Craters Away!"

Ken's gregarious smile is met with dubious glances as he packs away his things. "So, where's my bunk?"

Culture: White-Collar OlKennedian

Culture Aspects:
Genotype: Human
Demeanor: Business and pleasure
Language: Common
Tech Index: Slightly better off than the majority of OlkennedyT8
Occupation: Human Resources
Equipment: Briefcase, Backpack

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