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Old May 18th, 2015, 01:58 PM
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Round 0 - Applications (Shadowrun 5e)

Settled in a major hub between two cities, live the people of Bauerburg, "The Town of a Thousand Shows". The traveling acts and troupes that pass through are the delight of many, and with spring now here, true to form, a freakshow has arrived! Whether you came for the show or are just passing through, flashy neon signs line the streets and colorful holograms and commercials pop into view from all angles, spamming your feed and urging you to come see the marvels that await in the pavilion of paradise!

It doesn't take long to note, however, that behind those bright lights the walls have been plastered over with graffiti and simpler flyers, most just the word MISSING with some basic facts, a few with a photo or holo-vid of the missing person, many of whom are children. A healthy reward has been posted for information leading to their safe return by the mayor herself, Nicola Sherwood. The most recent addition is one of those with a vid-pic, and those who pause to view find that the local shaman and mystic shop owner, Errol Myst, has offered a ton of creds if someone can find his daughter, Sylvia. Sooner or later more information follows the simply stated rewards, whether by query or from a grieving citizen begging for someone to take down the evil circus "Le Grand Cirque de la Lumière et de L'émerveillement". Apparently all the missing persons attended the same circus before they disappeared, but the local police were unable to find any evidence of wrongdoing, or bribed to look the other way. Further inquiries with the police only come up with the admission that the place was rather odd.

Nila Myst, the older sister of the most recently missing girl, is making no secret of the fact that she is suspicious of the circus that her sister vanished at. She says that something is not as it seems, the circus is peculiar and there seems to be a lot of night-time activity there. She was nearly seen the night before and fled, and she doesn't plan to try that again. But to anyone curious about the disappearances (for monetary gain or kind heart, she doesn't seem to care), she points out that infiltrating the circus would provide a good location from which to find out more.

"Standard" character creation rules, per the 5th edition book (as in 25 karma, usual limits like availability 12 for equipment, etc.) & using core rule book only.
No house rules; everything by the book.

We will be judging your applications on three fronts. Are they interesting? Are they well written? Are they mechanically correct? There is no explicit wordcount at this time, but a recommended maximum wordcount is 750 words, about 1 page of text.

Applicants as of May 31, 2015Shadowrun 5e
App # Player Character Class
1 GeoAvanti Kennet Falk Dreamspun
2 Elfman6 Kitty
3 Rahzeil Moses Riley
4 LoveBug WiP WiP
5 Frostburn Qara Yağmur
6 zarzak Vincent Gladstone Human Technomancer
7 Morakai WiP WiP
8 GleefulNihilism The Man That Wore A Star
9 Batty Alistair James Elven Rigger

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Hello! I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm going to be the GM for the Shadowrun portion of the Outplay competition, and 1 of 3 judges. Round 0 will last for 3 weeks during which time you'll work on your character. The basic concept of your character is as important as the characters sheet. Well-written backgrounds or other 'character moments' will go a long way to telling us what kind of person your character is. The due date for characters is May 31st. From June 1 to June 7, the judges will deliberate and choose those characters / players that are headed on to Round 1.

If you have any questions, then please let me know.

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Old May 22nd, 2015, 07:53 PM
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Primary Application
Kennet Falk, "Dreamspun". Word Count: 1273

Assume I am a bear that woke up from a five-year-long nap. Three minutes ago.

That is how I feel.

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Outplay 2011 Second Place

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Thank you for listing the priorities, Elfman6. Anything that players can do to make it easier for the judges to figure out how you built your character will be greatly appreciated - like how you spent your karma and nuyen, what your priorities selections were, which skills were groups and which ones bought as individual rankings, etc.

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Runner Alias: Prestige
Birthname: Moses Riley
SIN Identity: Aleister Crow
Ethnicity, Nationality, & Metatype: Sinti-Romani Human
Gender: Male
Build: Conman, Trickster, Wielder of the Wire



BackgroundFirst, some word association: Magic.
The word you’re thinking of is magic.

Chances are your first associations were something like arcane missiles or old bearded men in gaudy pointed hats, and today those are a very real possibility. Gone are the days when magic was no more than a counterfeit invented by man to tap into the hope and imagination of willing spectators: a contract between a would-be mystic and an audience begging for the constant mundane certainty of their daily lives to be momentarily shattered by a lie in the form of a question:

What's the trick?

There is simply no comparison. The new magic holds untold power and the potential for man to transcend mortality and steal fire from the gods. But the old magic was better: Cards and coins, doves and rabbits. It had something the new magic never will: showmanship. Make no mistake, the new magic may be powerful, but it is science by another name, a skill for hermetics to dissect and decipher until nothing is left but textbook spells and legerdemain.

Prestige was always a fan of the old magic, even as a small child watching black and white clips of Houdini and Copperfield on the net. Prestige is no mage, but he is a magician. He dresses for flare, incorporates gimmicks into his gambits and enthralls those he seeks to delude. Even today, when so many of his illusions have been shattered, Prestige clings to prestidigitation with tenacity, one last lifeline to an impossible world of hope. It may very well be the one temptation he remains blind to. But none of this makes sense, because you don’t know the man behind the curtain.

Prestige is a runner. He was born Sinti, German Romani, one of the vast myriad of races called Gypsy by the sharp tongued masses. Yet Prestige does not identify as Romani and other Romani would not call him such. Prestige is considered one of the Gadjo, the “no longer Romani” who have abandoned their culture, the Romani ways and laws.

The image of the gypsy is a well-known stereotype: part thief, part fortune teller. It is true that desperation has pushed some Romani to crime, as it can any man, but as a rule, the stereotype is a vast oversimplification of any number of complex social phenomena. Yet Prestige is the exception that proves the rule. His ma said it best the day he finally left for good: “The world will never see a purer picture of lust, sloth, or gluttony than that no good faithless boy of mine.”

As a child Prestige was a mischief maker, a kid trickster and master of pranks. He drew pleasure from the rise he got from his victims, and it was this primal instinct, this perverse will to chaos that drew the Seductress to his side. The first time Prestige met the dark lady he did not know her. She took the body of a Romani girl, the object of Prestige’s affections, and in this form she fed him whine until his senses faded, and ravished him. The morning after, Prestige awoke weak and confused, and it was then the lady introduced herself in earnest. She was the apple on the tree of Eden, the key to Pandora’s box. She served as incubus and concubine to the world, a primordial being: Temptation.

For Prestige, the meeting served to prove once and for all the fragility of the human spirit. It was a hard lesson that shattered a boy’s innocence and gave birth to a habitual nihilist. Today, Prestige is a creature of strong desires and flighty whims, but also of startling audacity and wit. Prestige lacks the dedication of a true addict but his drug of choice is booze, due to the convenience owed to its abundance. Prestige will try anything once, and most things twice. He is a true thrill seeker, a joy rider.

These flaws would do most men in in short measure, but Prestige is not to be underestimated. He is a rogue among rogues, enhanced by magic and shrouded in focused magnetism. A fellow runner once said of Prestige that if he ever met the devil, he would stare him down, filch his pitchfork, and fence it back to him. And perhaps he would at that, but there are limits to Prestige’s charisma: he could stir an army to war, but he couldn’t lead a nation. He might bed the noble’s daughter, but he couldn’t keep a wife.
He has an allure to be sure, and seems desirable at first glance, but it’s only a surface assessment, and it fades every time. It has to, because beyond the coy wink and gentleman’s smile lies the heart of a self-serving bastard. Prestige is a conman, but his scam isn’t the long con: it’s the confidence trick.

Prestige made his way to Bauerburg out of necessity weeks ago. Following that nastiness in Breman, he needed a place to lay low, and the geographic convenience of Bauerburg was impossible to ignore. However, upon reaching the town Prestige realized that fortune had dealt him aces, as the town seemed to be calling out his name: the corruption, the mystery, the allure, he knew he ought to keep moving, and yet he wouldn’t dare.
"If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed."

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Just popping in to say that I am interested in SR and am working on an app. I haven't actually looked at SR5 much yet, so the priorities thing threw me for a loop. I'll be trying to figure out what I'm working out here in a bit. With a magic man already, and a Russian, that's two of my previous concepts that I'll probably say "eh" to.

Concept possibilities:
Elven mambo adept, shaman, aspected magician, or technomancer.
One-eyed Human face.
Hippie Dwarven rigger.
Elitist, racist Elven gunslinger.
Teenage Human Technomancer with a penchant for draconic obsessions.
Ilthryn Dahl Tinkerings

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WIP, I have nearly completed my entry, and Elven Rigger, still putting the background together.

Is Bauerburg in Germany?
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Outplay 2015
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Qara QarğaDear Mrs. Qara Qarğa (née Yağmur),

My name is Dr. Regina Schultz, I have been assigned to your case by the Bundesministerium für Familie. I must admit that yours is quite a peculiar case, and I have seen many on my desk in my day. Peculiarities notwithstanding, rest assured that I will do everything to make sure your case gets the attention it deserves.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to expedite proceedings for divorce, as we are unable to locate Mr. Qarğa and, until we can ascertain his legal status, he is still required to sign the divorce papers for it to be finalised. Of course, if you wish to change your last name, that is a different matter and can be handled by the local authorities.

As I understand, you no longer live in München, so the government officials here can pass on your details to your current address. However, the forwarding information I have here is for an abandoned school building in Bauerburg. That must be a mistake, could you please revise the address?

I have to be honest, cases like these are remarkably common. A lot of women claiming benefits tell us that the father of their child is a spirit. But when you told me that you were not pregnant and weren't claiming benefits, that caught my attention. And if Mr. Qarğa is indeed what you say he is, then there should be no problem in nullifying your marriage.

If I may be so bold, please let me express my sympathies. I don't think any of us can fully understand what it must be like to be in your position. I wish there were more I could do to help, but at the moment your case has been referred to our magically gifted colleagues who will investigate your claims. It is my understanding that spirits such as “Raven”, as you refer to your so-called husband, are notorious for playing tricks on humans, and our mages seem to think that, if he has indeed chosen to be your mentor spirit, or “totem” as you called it, you may expect further mischief on his behalf. You are encouraged to contact the authorities if this is indeed the case.

At your solicitor's request, we have attempted to contact your family, but they no longer live in München either. The last information we have is that they have moved to Scandinavia. Your father, Timur, has sold his restaurant. Your mother, Samira, has closed her dance school, and we were unable to locate your brother, Mirza. I understand your choice of life partner was not met with their approval at the time, though I am sure they will understand once they are fully aware of the situation. We can try to contact them through our embassy in Stockholm, if you wish.

I wish you had come to me from the beginning. Perhaps you were not aware of this, but you used to be colleagues with my daughter, Brunhilde. You were in the same dance troupe years ago. Maybe you don't remember, I had the pleasure of meeting both you and your mother at practice. I understand you no longer practice ballet. That's a shame, Hilde told me you were the best in your group.

Forgive me, it's not my place to comment. I sincerely hope we will be able to resolve your case as soon as possible. If there is anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am pressuring my mage colleagues to finish the investigation into the status of your husband.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Regina Schultz, Rechtsanwältin
Amtsgericht München, Freistaat Bayern
Allianz Deutscher Länder

Notes on Qara Qarğa, by Dr. Regina Schultz

Qara's personality is a wilful one. When her mother stopped her ballet classes, Qara ran away. She returned of her own will after seven months, a completely different teenager. She had reached the Schwarzwald Troll Kingdom and discovered in her travel that she was Awakened. Her parents decided this was to be kept secret. It is safe to assume that an elven Turkish-Tatar family did not wish to suffer even more discrimination. This did not stop Qara from training her skills either on her own or with help from street shamans.

After her marriage to a Mr. Hikmet Qarğa (whereabouts unknown), who may be a trickster spirit, her family severed ties completely and after she found out her husband's true identity, Qara left Bavaria and moved North where she currently lives (apparently in an abandoned school house) with her deadbeat lover, a part time musician and fulltime drug addict.

Attached Files
File Type: pdf tmp_12810-Qara28718880.pdf (2.74 MB, 103 views)
File Type: zip tmp_12810-Qara (10.8 KB, 67 views)

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Originally Posted by Batty View Post
Is Bauerburg in Germany?
Excellent questions. Yes, Bauerburg is in the northwestern region of the AGS (Allied German States) - a town formed in 2034 on a previously uninteresting crossroads between Bremen and Hannover.

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Primary Application - Vincent Gladstone, a.k.a. sN0w42 : Human Technomancer
secondary application will be DnD 5e

Story - ~440 words

Mechanics - Character Sheet

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Tarislar ke'Meraerth "Matthias Kreuz" Corporate "Troubleshooter"

"You have to understand, I take no pleasure in my job. But you have something that S-K wants, and I am here to ensure that you provide it. If you do not, I am authorized by the corporation to make sure you regret the decision."


"No, of course I'm not here to kill you. What do you take me for, a barbarian? You're unarmed, undressed, and, frankly, quite a bit overweight. You should work on that, after you provide me with the information I require."


"What do I hope to accomplish if I'm not going to threaten you? What is this, a quiz? Are you trying to tell me how to do my job? Let me ask you, do you tell your daughter how to perform her studies at Berlin university? She seems to be doing well on this picture of her. Or your son, for that matter. He's doing well in the military, but that can change, very suddenly. I hear they're reintroducing live fire exercises."


"...that was a mistake. I told you I wouldn't harm you because you were unarmed. What possessed you to reach for a gun? I assure you, the next one will not go through your hand. Now, the information?"


"There, was that so hard? Ruhr Nuclear and Saeder-Krupp thank you for your cooperation."


"I've called a DocWagon to come take a look at your hand. Keep the pressure on it while you wait, and you might be able to keep it. If not, get a Yamatetsu replacement, they're the top of the line. This credstick should cover it. Consider it a parting gift from Saeder-Krupp, and an incentive to consider employment with our company. You can keep the pictures of your children. Have a good day."


Character sheet in attachment.

Attached Files
File Type: pdf Tarislar.pdf (93.5 KB, 58 views)
Currently playing:
Burke "The Bull" Mattens, Darkest Night (WoD)
Jaheem ibn-Haawiyah, Outlander: The Pathfinder's Saga (WoD)

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Tossing in a character here and putting everything together.


Conditional Priority - Primary if needed for the Shadowrun bracket to make it's minimum, Secondary otherwise.

The Man That Wore A Star>>There's an old joke - What's the difference between the Loch Ness Monster and an honest Cop?
>>Give up?
>>People actually claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster.

Theme - Bad Company by Bad Company

My name is Jay Allen, and I used to be a cop. My dad was a 'runner, my mom a waitress in a 'runner bar. I grew up among a crowd with maybe a handful of SINs between us, I know a few things about how CorpSec talks a good game but rarely means it. I promised my dad thought that I wouldn't become a 'runner. So instead I decided to try and make a different kind of difference. I became a Cop.

I used to be known as Detective Jay Allen of Lonestar. I like to think I was pretty good too. Maybe not the smartest guy but I'm not about to just let it go if I have my teeth in some scumbag who deserves a toe tag. Between that and my love of dogs that earned me a nickname, just on the Matrix and among 'runners at first but soon even the guys at the station started using it too. I was known as Detective Jay Allen of Lonester but I was also called the Hellhound.

I'm not going to say I was an angel but I wasn't on any crime kingpin's take, I never took no money over anything important, and in the end I still believed in Protect and Serve. Call me old fashioned, I know.

But just because I'm not an angel, don't mean I didn't have one. I never was very good at letting go of things, looks like I held onto the wrong case a bit too long. One night I got a fake call, and somebody shot me in the back three times. I didn't expect to wake up at all, instead I woke up the next day in a back alley Med-Bay. According to the documents in my file I had quit my job an hour before I got shot - and someone else upgraded my DocWagon account to Platinum Status for 24 hours. Looks like someone wants me very dead, but someone else wants me very alive and I have no idea who in either case.

Now I have to be a 'runner, because I still believe in Justice. I get that a badge means only as much as the organization behind it and you just can't trust the megacorps to look above the bottom line. I can't promise much, but I promise that unlike them I'll always try to do better.

So yeah, looks like this Hellhound gets his paycheck from the streets instead of the Lonestar but otherwise I'm back in the game because there's no way I'm dropping these cases. Good thing too, because I owe someone my life and someone else three bullets in the back - and I intend to pay up both ways.


The man in the cowboy hat and the duster stands in the cold night rain, just looking at the wall carefully. He's not even bothering with the lights though, just looking over the posters and letting every bright MISSING sign burn into his commlink via his cyber-eye. More though it burns into his memory with every missing face pissing him off. Especially the kids, but he tries not to show it. Just a slow look as he brings a small cigar to his mouth and trusts his hat to keep the rain off of it when he lights it. He should be thinking about who he's going to be asking first, instead he's thinking about the Taurus revolver he has hidden in one of his legs.

"It's the Circus."

It took a second for him to find the girl, a good night rain can hide a lot. He doesn't see her clearly in the wet darkness but the cyber-eyes pick up the ID anyway.

"Go home, Nila Myst."

"No, not until someone actually listens to me. It's that circus that parked at the edge of town. I've asked around, everyone whose disappeared has been to that circus. I've snuck in late at night, they're doing something there that nobody can figure out. The police are useless, you're lucky if you can get them to admit that it's "kind of odd"."

"Go. Home. What makes you think I'm going to help anyway?"

"Because you've been staring at the wall for 20 minutes."

"Doesn't mean I'm going to help. Could just make things worse."

"But you're going to try, right?"

He caught the need for hope in her voice, and he meant to try to get her to go home and stay down. He couldn't just let that go. He should of, damn it - he knows he should of. He should walk off, just try to run her off to keep her alive despite her sister. Instead he opens up his leg, pulls his revolver, gives it a quick twirl, then puts it back.

"Go home, Nila. The part that comes next, you're not going to want to watch."

Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
Poetice Vivere, Aut Mori Stultitiam - Nullius In Verba
UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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The Story
Alistair James - Elven Rigger
Summary Good looking elven rigger, burnt out on life, fighting to stay in the game for his daughter.
Description A good height for an Elf, slender and reasonably handsome. His dyed blue long hair and grey eyes give a coldness about his to the eye. Normally dressed in commonly fashionable street clothing wrapped up in a street traditional long coat, split for riding and sporting a pair of riding goggles.
Personality Ali has a warm manner and is easy to talk to, though that may just be on the surface. Any probing conversation easily reveals a deeper anger and resentment at life. It is obvious that he is only keeping himself going for the sake of his daughter.
History In his prime he had a name, 'Ali Thrash' for the performance he seemed able to thrash out of any vehicle he controlled. He held a number of minor titles for professional racing on two wheels across Europe. He showed promise, had an agent, was invited to all the right parties, met a guy, Jonah who became a feature of all the publicity shots.
 Then the headline 'You can't get Better Than aLi' and 'Ali Thrashed', accompanied by a report of his drugs abuse and addiction to BTL chips. No charges were ever made, there had been 'no case'. But it was the end of his career. He didn't feature on the front of a paper again, he was just forgotten about. That was nearly fifteen years ago.
 He remembers little about the black pit of existence which consumes the next six years of his life. Not until after meeting Nararina. She gave him a life line and pulled him out of the gutter. He can't even remember where they met, though she used to tease him that she fist saw him on stage in a disreputable bar struggling to earn tips. Something had caught her then.
 Except an article on a back page in a sports column nine years ago; 'Do you remember Ali Thrash', it ran to describe a quiet reception for a new couple, Alisair James and Natarina Deschvit. She was clearly showing an old fashioned reason for their marriage. Liliana was born later that year, six months before the happy couple separated again.
 Now Natarina only talks to him for the sake of their daughter who she permits him to see every other weekend on the condition that he continues to see the specialist. All he can do from one day to the next is scrape together an existence which won't widen the gulf between them and jeopardise his time with Liliana, but will earn the money for the specialist sessions.


Ali was sat in his local automated street cafe drinking soy-caf and chewing through a stale croissant he had found in his long coat pocket, he couldn't remember when he's bought it. It was Sunday afternoon, Natarina had been very prompt in picking up Liliana as she always was. Nothing ever delayed her or went wrong for her, how can I say that, she met me! He thought to himself as he mindlessly turned the soy-caf round in his hands. An AR bulletin burst out from the side of the cup as he reached the back; 'Have you seen this girl'. It took Alistair a few moments to convince himself that the girl depicted in the bulletin was not Liliana. Nila Myst, the girls sister, was describing her suspicion of a circus which had been parked up in the local area for the last few weeks. It was the very same place Ali had taken Liliana. A shiver ran down his spine as he thought of how his life would have ended if Liliana went 'missing'. He knew what that may mean and he couldn't drag his memories of darker parlours, bloated fat pigs with nuyen to burn, gorping at the 'entertainment'. There were no morels when money could be burned.
A voice cut into his daze; "Hey chummer, you gonna clean that mess up, some of us just wanna sit an 'ave our caf in peace!" He focused his eyes to realise he had crushed the cup, spilling it's contents across the table and chair opposite. He got up hurriedly, mumbled an apology and left.
He drove his plain jackrabbit the six blocks back to his apartment without even paying attention, pulling the jack when he parked it just outside his bedroom window. The only good thing about it was it was on ground floor and the block warden didn't bother about him keeping his bike inside. He'd always helped out when he could by fixing this or that. Reckon it was the only apartment block this side of town with a working lift. The place was tiny and always reminded him how far he'd fallen, you had to squeeze past his Mirage in the hallway come diner kitchen. But it did have two rooms, one he kept clean for Liliana, the other was strewn with tools and bits of engine. His hand caressed the Mirage as he slipped past, leaving his coat on the saddle. Still no reply from Mischa, but it had only been five minutes. He's sent her a message to see if she knew anything about this missing girl, was anyone else working on it and to let the word out that he was willing.
He stood looking out of his window across the street at the grafitti emblazened walls of the block opposite. Who would know more about the circus? he thought to himself, while bringing up the public files on it, adverts, ownership, license. Anything on record and readily available. This wasn't fun, he glanced back at his coat and the pocket he kept the chips in. No, now wasn't time for weakness you idiot.
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