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Old Jul 2nd, 2015, 04:57 PM
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Withdrawn, sorry this one sort of got lost in the shuffle.
The winter wind has sharp teeth indeed.

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Wow - great first day up on the thread guys! Glad to see so many new faces and very glad to see that there's enthusiasm for the game!

Originally Posted by Starspawn View Post
The Background ended up being A LOT longer than I wanted it too. Hope that doesn't turn you off of my character.

There's some pretty fierce competition here with the RPG Crossing veterans. I hope a whelp like me can stand a chance among the big dogs.
Length doesn't look like an issue, Starspawn. Do see that you edited it since commenting though. Content is more important than size to me. The giants wouldn't agree there... And don't worry about being treated fairly! You'll be compared with everyone else evenly, based on the depth, creativeness and compatibility of your character. So take your time to flush her out - make her believable, memorable, and tie in all the components to let me understand them (traits, beliefs, goals, background, etc). If you love it, there's a better chance I will too.

I can give a review once we get about a week from the deadline, for those that want one.

Keep up the good work, guys!
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.
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Old Jul 2nd, 2015, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarl11 View Post
FlavorEpic Heartwarming Struggle of David (you) versus Goliath (not you) using a Solid Mix of Roleplay, Skill Tests and Combat
I felt like this part of the ad spoke directly to me. I don't why? Perhaps it's because my name is Dave.

Jarl has the making of a great GM. He is a super reliable poster both in terms of reliability and quality. He has a wicked sense of humour and a razor sharp wit. Most importantly he has an evil streak that is sure to place your PCs in a world of trouble. So put in app.

With that said I will take my own advice and begin contemplating my options.
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right-aligned image
Jerreth Pilkins III

Race: Halfling
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good - Jerreth is good-hearted and enjoys being able to aid others, but can also be quite mischievous and perhaps immature at times as well. He is the type that will trip you, but then help you back up after a good laugh.

Traits: WIP

Description: Somewhat short for even a halfing, Jerreth Pilkins III certainly makes up for his short stature with an even bigger personality. If there were one word to describe Jerreth, it would be: radiating. He has fiery red hair, which many people joke matches his fiery persona, that seems to spike up in all directions naturally. His eyes shine with a bright emerald-green shine, certainly helpful for charming over the ladies. swoon Jerreth adorns himself with quite colorful clothing, various knick-knacks and musical-related objects hanging off of his belt and pack. His lute, if not cradled in his hands, can be found carefully strapped to his back.

Beliefs: WIP

Goals: WIP

Fears: As one who constantly loves surrounding himself in good company and merry times, Jerreth is most afraid of finding himself all alone in life. Not alone in the literal sense, but meaning that he hopes that the connections he makes with other people aren't superficial. He wants the reassurance that there are people who actually care about him as opposed to simply being just friendly with him. Particularly being in a profession where he makes many new acquaintances regularly, Jerreth has learned quite quickly that true friends are hard to come by.

Background: WIP

Trunau: WIP

Posting Rate: 1/day minimum, at least currently.
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ApplicationName: Felix Mansfeld

Race: Human

Alignment: CG

Class: Ranger Dragon Hunter Archetype

Traits: Dragonfoe, Draconic Vigil (Regional: Lastwall)


Optional additions!

Posting Rate: Once a day, give or take.

Music / Character Entrance Song: Dovahkiin Song

Other: Have I told you that you look amazing today, and I forgive you for being an upper?
I also come into this game knowing that we may not see a dragon for many months in RL time, if not longer. I'm 100% ok with that. I still think he would be a fun character to play, and I hear a dragon slayer may come in handy in the later mods


Mcderth is quietly working his way back onto the site. Don't stare to hard, you might scare him away...

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right-aligned image

Race: Human
Alignment: TN (I feel like I should add a note about the alignment, because I don’t think just “TN” does the character justice.
On the law/chaos scale, he definitely tends towards law. He still believes in a certain order of things and that laws are required to make society work, but they are not as set in stone as I think a LN char would probably see them.
On the good/evil scale he is closer to neutral atm, but leans towards good. He doesn’t want to be like his father (who likely is LE), but his experiences with being a good guy have been limited so far. His believes should help with that though.
So in reality the char is more like somewhere between LN/LG/NG and TN.)
Class: Magus (Eldritch Scion - Blue Dragon bloodline)







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Other: I’ve been RPing for about 15 years now and have mostly been part of fantasy campaigns, with some Shadowrun, Star Wars and an Iron Kingdoms game thrown into the mix. I feel I should also mention that English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse me if I made some mistakes in the text that spell check didn’t catch.

Theme music: Glory to the Brave

*cough* I went a bit overboard with the original background and had to write the shorter version that you saw above. In case you feel like it, here is the long version.



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Wow! Awesome looking game. Will keep.tabs on it, though cannot apply since away on vacation for the month and won't be able to build something up to my standards. Will lurk though.
In Process of Moving, along with new job, posts delayed unit February.
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I'd love to participate, if there's room for me and you don't mind my relative newness! I'll start working on a character!

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ApplicationName: Orrin Stratatoa
Race: Oread (Alternate Racial Traits: Granite Skin and Mountain Born)
Alignment: N
Class: Druid (Mountain) - Mountain and Weather Domains
Traits: Student of Giantkind, Highlander
Description: Orrin stands at 5 foot and for an Oread is quite slender at 190lbs. His skin appears to be a light grey granite like that found in the Mindspin Mountain. Gem-like sapphire blue eyes stare out at the world from a squarish bald head. Despite his rocky appearance he has an aura of softness. Plain brown or grey robes are his dress of choice and he travels with a staff in his hand and a scimitar at his side.


Beliefs: Orrin believes balance is something that needs to be actively sought. Each day a thousand different paths maybe trodden, it is a druid’s duty to travel the one that brings balance not just to himself but balance to the beings and environment around him.
When he was young Orrin's father used to say regularly, "Winners are grinners and losers find excuses." The druid lives by this maxim and never complains when he struggling to achieve success but redoubles his efforts. He finds it hard to suffer those who are not as driven as he is.
Goals: Giants and orcs are natural part of the Mindspin Mountains’ ecology and Orrin seeks not to eradicate them but to understand what has pushed them from their natural path.
Orrin knows to achieve his first goal he needs to overcome his solitary nature and ask others for guidance or even to walk the path of balance with him.
Fears:The greatest fear for Orrin is that his mountain home will be overrun by giants or orcs and then he will no longer have the connection to nature that is centre of his identity.


Optional additions!
Posting Rate: Can post up to once a day.
Music / Character Entrance Song: Travelling Song Battle Song
Other: I think you should have a good sense of me as a player and you know I am reliable and can create and play well rounded characters that grow and change with a game. Orrin is a re-imagining of my Outplay application and I have made him flexible enough to fit in with the tone of game as it develops.



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Mooz and Sass both promoting you on the front page... Don't mind me...

Temor Wildmane
Temor at a glanceRace: Dwarf
Character Sheet: Temor character sheet.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
"Alignment Description": When given a choice to protect someone he will do it but he will blatantly ignore the laws of the realm if he finds them to be unjust or even just a nuisance.
Class: Barbarian (Totem Barbarian, Invulnerable Rager.)
Traits: Player's Guide: Trunau Native. Other: Reactionary. Drawback: Paranoid. 3rd: Blooded.

DescriptionTemor is odd for a dwarf, he stands at a squat five feet three inches but weighs in at over four hundred pounds. He is wider than an ogre and twice as ugly, or so many of his friends would say. He is missing a few teeth from his many years of bar brawls and skirmishes with some of the less civil denizens of the tundra. His face and chest show the brunt of the damage he has sustained in battle as they are both crossed with thick scarring and strange discolorations from bruises that just never seemed to fade entirely. His eyes are the green of gemstones and they are the only thing about himself that he would consider to be attractive, the rest of his body he laughingly calls a rough cut stone. His arms and legs are both thicker than trees and it would be charitable to call the stump that connects his head and his chest a neck. His hair hangs in a wild jangle of braids laced with bits of metal and the teeth of beasts that the young dwarf had been a part of taking down. His beard is a riotous red mass that ends in a braid that is tightly laced with the petals of white flowers. Many question his choice but whenever they get close it is easy to tell why he chose the flowers as a very mild but calming scent constantly flows from the bulky dwarf. The final distinguishing feature of the young dwarf is his tattoo, a great swirling blue dragon ringing both of his arms and cross around the back of his shoulder blades with the tail ending at the tip of his left middle-finger and the mouth gaping open at the wrist of his right hand. On the back of his right hand stands a stout dwarf, enormous hammer in hand, defiantly preparing to be the dragon's final meal.

Beliefs:Believes in: Freedom to live as one wishes to live without harming others is the highest value any society can aspire to.

Believes in: The power of resolve, the stubbornness of the people of Trunau combined with the stubbornness of Dwarves has turned Temor into an exemplar of hardheadedness.

Belief against: Tyranny in any form. The reason the young Dwarf is willing to fight against the Orcs is not because he believes they are inherently evil or even that he wishes to kill them. He fights to protect Trunau from the Orcs that wish to enslave and control them and those that show themselves to be of good intention are embraced as heartily by Temor as any other race.

Belief against: Malicious violence. A tavern brawl is simple fun and protecting others is a duty that everyone has but the want to go and kill another sentient being without reason other than ones own pleasure is anathema to Temor's beliefs.

Goals:As a player: Cleave a giant and then hit a dragon, if that happened I could die a happy man. On a somewhat more serious note I would simply enjoy seeing this game go on for a long time and flourish as I like the concept and I am a huge supporter of this site and have recently had a few of my longer running games finish up so I am looking for another one to be in for the long haul.

As a character: Temor simply wishes to keep his home safe and enjoy life, sometimes that means going away from home and fighting the enemy before they reach the doorstep but sometimes that means digging deep into the trenches and preparing for war.

Fears:1: Temor is terrified of losing those he loves, The town and it's predominantly human population embraced his parents and himself so thoroughly when they came to the small village that he sees all of them as members of his clan and the relative fragility of their position in the world leads Temor to worrying that a single death could have catastrophic echoes throughout the community. While he has experienced the deaths of many members of the city he still fears every new death.

2: Temor fears heights. While he is a capable climber and a generally surefooted person when he stands on a cliff and looks off the side there is a stark terror that fills his heart. This is the only fear that he has that is truly about himself and he sees it as his largest weakness which has led to him fighting to overcome it by seeking out ledges and other high places to look out upon the world from.

3: Temor's final fear, and one that he doesn't speak of often, is his fear that others only accept his family out of fear. While dwarfs are not unheard of in the north his family has a reputation as being battleragers and the carnage that they have dolled out to the orcish warbands that raid the village is common knowledge and rarely will anyone in town oppose the words of his parents or himself whenever it is clear that they are not going to budge on the topic.

Background: "I was born on the battlefield, I mean this in the literal sense, not in the born for warfare sense. My parents were adventurers who were hired to go up to the Holdfast but they got involved in a fight just outside of Trunau. After the battle me Mum shot me out and added a little more blood and screaming to the battlefield. After a time my parents made their way into Trunau itself and brought me along with them, mewling and screaming for all that I was worth. From that day I was embraced here and given the rights and expectations of all Trunau citizens. When I was young I fought at the drop of a hat, I brawled with the other kids and whenever I was finally given the right to protect Trunau I fought the hordes that threatened my home."

The halfling sitting across from him finished his drink and propped his feet up on the table. "So you are saying your mum squatted in the middle of a corpse strewn battlefield and shot you out like a giant throwing a boulder? That is the single most absurd thing I have ever heard." The half-orc woman who sat at a nearby table looked over at the halfling and smiled. "Sad fact is it is true little brother, heard it from his Mam herself, he was born as he claims. In truth the poor boy rarely lies." The dwarf nodded over to the half-orc woman and let a chuckle out. "Didn't notice you there Sara. When are you gonna leave that wife of yours and put the only two women near my age worthy of my affection back on the market eh? If nuthin' else at least let me try and woo you and 'er." A toothy grin and flexed muscles are the visible response but the words that came from the Councilwoman were far from biting. "You couldn't handle either of us. Anyways we are happily married and if you try to lay any moves on her I will show you what being good with a hammer really looks like." The squat dwarf and most of the tavern laughed in unison before he lifted his mug to Sara and shouted for someone to get her another drink on his tab. When the clamor got down to a dull roar Temor continued his tale.

"Well after a time I finally got to take the oath and was given my hopeknife. Humans and you halflings get it at twelve but I got mine at twenty, not even a full grown adult yet but it was given to me the day after my first true battle...

A child of bloodSilence dominated the land save for the slow keening of the wind through the barricade. Like so many other nights Temor found himself staring out at the empty vastness and wanting nothing more than to go out there and explore it. His parents had told him time and again that he would be able to when he was older but as the days, and eventually the years, dragged on without anything of excitement he became increasingly melancholic. He had heard the stories that the people of Trunau told of his parents, the terrifying display of might as his father sent a hill giant to it's knees in a single blow, the breathtaking beauty of his mother flinging axes in a constant volley upon an onrushing warband of orcs. The world was filled with an amazing array of sights and sounds that he wished to see. I just want to live. Can they not see...

A blur didn't even register before Temor pressed himself tightly against the walkway. He was on his feet and pulling his hammer from it's resting place on the wall in front of him. The living boulder hooked the hammer head on the top of the barricade and slid down it's haft before releasing it. The dwarven child let forth a bellow that shook the wood around him and his vision came to him through a veil of red. He finally noticed what his eyes had missed upon the battlements, a band of a dozen orcish warriors, one archer already attempting to get a bead in on the burly dwarf. His call seemed to bring the attention of those men working the wall and before the orcish archer had drawn focus on it's target an arrow took it cleanly in the eye. More arrows flew from the trained bows of the Trunau guard and in his lust for battle Temor flew forward as well.

The small legs that should have slowed the young man to a crawl instead seemed to carry him like an avalanche and when he got near the few remaining orcs showed genuine fear of the dwarven child. The orcs shouted in their guttural language and to Temor's joy their shouts where the same ones that came when his parents were spotted by the foul beasts. As his hammer licked out at the knee of one of the beasts it tried to block the blow but his hammer bulled it's way through the orcish blade and shattered the unprotected leg beneath. An arrow caught the orc that tried to come up behind Temor and the last orc squared away with him, holding his shield up in an attempt to intercept any arrows.

In his youth and his arrogance Temor shouted for the archers to hold their fire, to let this be a battle between men. The orc tossed his shield aside and shoved his sword point into the ground before pulling out an ax that stood taller than Temor himself with a blade nearly as wide. There was no exchange of words, both combatants knew that there was no point to it. There was no circling, neither would lose their footing. Neither attempted to distract the other nor cause misdirection, their eyes were for one another and nothing else. The orc moved first, his blade whistling through the night air but not coming close to contact with the squat dwarf. Temor counter attacked with a probe to the orc's foot and was quickly deflected by the haft of the mighty ax. The orc came in somewhat closer and let forth a whirlwind of strikes that pushed Temor back a handful of steps before he found an opening and slammed the haft of his hammer into the foot of the orc. A light grunt was let out of the orc's mouth but it was overshadowed by the sound of breaking bones echoing through the night.

Another attack, this time slower and more cautious as the orc defends his left foot and carefully puts it behind himself. The hesitation, the signs of weakness, where all that Temor required. The young dwarf pressed his advantage and his longhammer struck upon the orcish ax again and again and as the young man bellowed in his fury the horrid rending of steel pushed beyond it's limit screeched across the barren wastes and the orc who had fought so valiantly against the young dwarf could do nothing but look on in dread as his opponent stood, hammer held firmly in his grip. "I do not wish to kill you. I also do not wish for you to ever return to Trunau and there is only one way of ensuring that as far as I know of. I could ask for your word but there is nothing to hold you to it other than your honor and I do not know if you are an honorable man. Luckily for you I believe you may be, and even luckier I believe there has been enough death this night. Go home, take your injured friend with you and after I have removed the arms and armor from the dead you can have them as well. In exchange for your life I will take your sword, in exchange for your friends life I have already taken his leg." The orcish tongue came easily to Temor, his parents having taught it to him at a young age.

"Thank you for your mercy child of stone. I will not return to this town as an enemy for as long as I am under my own control. If I am enslaved then I make no promises but know that me and mine will not willingly prey upon these lands again. I do ask that you leave the hand-axes of my men. It is our tradition to be buried with them." A nod was all the response given before the dwarven youth stripped the orcs of their belongings. When finished he carried as much as he could to the walls of Trunau and asked for a sled and rope to be brought to the main gate.

The night wrapped up quickly, Temor used the sled to get the gear to Trunau and then returned to the area of conflict before giving it to the Orc with the request that it be returned to Trunau's gate the following night and, like clockwork, the next night at the same time as the attack had started the sled appeared, sliding by the force of a mighty shove, up to the gate itself...

"Next day they gave me my hopeknife and told me I was a proper adult. Parents were none too pleased with it but once you are an adult you have to start working the wall." The halfling looked on in disbelief and sputtered a bit before words finally escaped. "You are going to sit there and tell me you fought two orcs on your lonesome and beat them and then you let them live. You let them live and take the bodies of their dead with them on a sled you took from Trunau and that the savage brought back the sled? Now Sara this time he has to be lying to me." The half-orc shook her head and her grin grew. "I was one of those guards on the wall that night, I actually shot the one that tried to stab him in the back, every bit he says is true 'cept maybe the part where he got an orc to say thank you. Even then he is selling himself a bit short, only took two swings for him to shatter that ax, however he has forgotten to point out that the hammer he was swinging around was one I made him." An uproarious laugh swept the room and Temor himself laughed the hardest. He stood up and walked over to the councilwoman and gave her a crushing hug before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "That decides it, you and your wife are now both required to marry me, anyone with a sense of humor and the ability to give me a fair match in an arm-wrestling match is somebody I need to be married to and make plenty of little bearded babies!"

In the same instant that the final word left Temor's lips his entire body left the ground as Sara picked him up and slammed him mercilessly onto the floor. Despite the aggressive action Sara was laughing wildly and Temor himself kept the grin on his face. "Maybe if you can hold onto me for more than a minute, otherwise it just won't be fun. Now keep telling the halfling your story and keep your grubby little hands off me and mine." "Alright Sara, alright. Okay friend where was I? Ahh yes after my first real fight. Now I will be honest with you, I never much trusted other people, even as a child I didn't trust anybody to do something right 'cept myself and that has kept on into my adult years with little in the way of change. With this in mind I go into my next little story..."

A cheat, a warrior, a murder.The bar was surprisingly silent for the early night hour but Temor didn't appear to mind, his drink came on time and the game of cards he was engaged in kept his attention fairly well. One of Halgra's children was his opponent and the two played for drinks. After an hour or so of playing a man from a passing caravan came up to the table and sat. A few hands in and the man spoke of raising the stakes, a drink and a coin to help keep the game lively. While Temor required little to enjoy a drink he agreed.

In the first handful of minutes something became clear to Temor, the man they where playing was cheating. Temor couldn't tell how nor could Halgra's son, but the man won three out of every five hands without fail. The two Trunau natives had often played with one another and so they began to play the game as a team but it seemed the foreigner was still better. The winning switched to half and half and yet it was clear to the natives of Trunau that it was the man's want to keep the game without bloodshed that led him to losing more. As the night wore on Temor had his fill of the cheat and accepted his losses and settled his tab with the owner before heading out into the night.

It was not long before Temor noticed something, another patron from the bar was following him and he was doing his best not to be seen. Finally Temor took a side ally and squatted within the shadows. The tail came into the ally and a few seconds later a much larger man joined him. "Where did the bloody dwarf go? Martin said he had a hefty purse on him even after the fleecing he gave him." The smaller man hissed as the giant spoke and whispered in reply. "He almost is still here, be silent and help me search." "Wouldn't he have just gone through to the other side?" "I was in here moments after he entered and didn't see him leave, the little furball is still here."

The two began looking and finally as the enormous man got close to the spot in which Temor hid he mustered all of the force of his body to spring into the nose of the massive man. Cartilage crunched and blood spewed forth in a torrent as Temor's head shattered the face of the large man and the moment his feet where on solid ground once more the small ball of fury shoved the man back a half dozen feet before taking a box in the ally and smashing it over the head of the original tail. In moments the young dwarf had the two men tied tightly to one another.

As the dwarven youth approached The Killin' Ground he noticed two things; first that Halgra's son lay in the street, second that the man at the tables with them had a sword that was soon to end the man's life held high in the air. Before his mind could register his actions the small dwarf hurled his longhammer at the man and sprinted as quickly as he could behind it. The hammer connected with the man's shoulder before the sword finished it's arc and caused him to drop the blade. What the man would have done next is a mystery as before he could even respond to the hammer he was tackled by over two-hundred pounds of dwarven muscle and rage. Temor took the coward's head in his thick hands and began to slam it again and again into the frozen dirt, his passion reaching new heights with the near-death of one of his adopted town. It was nearly a minutes before anyone was able to drag Temor off of the man, whose skull now resembled nothing more than a crushed melon with little left to even suggest the original shape.[/b]

"So you went and saved the Chief Defender's son? Impressive." "Not really, learned later the only reason he was on the ground in the first place is the sneaky little blighter clubbed him over the back of the head with the flat of his blade, apparently he was gonna try and make it look like an orc snuck in and made a struggle out of it. Poor dumb blighter should have just stabbed the boy and ran off into the night. Then again I doubt he had reason to suspect I would show up what with his toadies and all. So what other stories can I regale you with?" The halfling paused for a handful of sips from his ale before he finally spoke up. "Anything that doesn't make you sound like a hero from the legends?" "Ahh that is easy friend. There was this time I was up on the cliffs, nearly pissed myself with fear...

Trunau: Temor was born outside of the walls of Trunau and was raised within them for his entire life. While the young warrior has been blooded and proven himself a worthy addition to the town watch he ultimately hopes to adventure further from home to better ensure the safety of his home.

Optional additions!
Posting Rate: Most of the time I can post daily however this summer my job has been more time consuming than normal and it has become three times a week or so.

Music / Character Entrance Song: For your bagpipe hearing pleasure.
Me as a player at a glanceBeen in some great games on this site, I like to play characters from their perspective and I attempt to avoid meta-knowledge interaction whenever possible and as such I will actively avoid reading other people's posts when my character is dead, unconscious, or away. I have yet to leave a game on this site until the bitter end and I try to be prompt about informing when I will be gone for any reason or slow on posting.

rp sampleDone within the background as it gives me a chance to flex different mental pathways. Tried to fit them in with the fears, goals, traits, and beliefs but if I could do so better or need to add more just let me know.
Update: Out of the hospital, long story short had a blood clot that didn't break up with medicine that wreaked a bit of havoc on my lungs, seem to be past the worst of it just some breathing troubles remain.

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I was unhappy with the way Bianca turned out, so I made a new character.

Make way for the Mad Bomber!

He's not really mad, though. Just misunderstood.
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There's the first halflings application

Thanks for the kind words, Dave Neqq! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Welcome to the thread tracman, Mcderth, Blackfyre, Lolita, MK

Sageheart - maybe you can find time to throw something together over the next couple weeks! No harm in trying, is there?

Starspawn - sounds good. You have lots of time!
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.

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Barnabas, Lord Clutterbuck
Race: Halfling

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Rogue (Vexing Dodger)

Traits: Giantslayer Scion -- A direct descendant of the famed Anataeus Clutterbuck, the "Toppler of Titans".
Bastard (Not literally, but it fits so very well.) -- Barnabas' battered signet ring, bearing the Clutterbuck crest, is his most treasured possession.

The first thing that one notices are his muttonchop sideburns. They are, for lack of a better word, magnificent. Regal, almost. These are the sideburns of a halfling who saw his inability to grow a beard as a challenge, not an impediment, to the development of properly manly facial hair. To say that he is proud of them is to vastly understate the case; one would not think that a man could work his muttonchops into so many conversations, but yet....

But there is more to Barnabas Clutterbuck than his impeccable grooming. So much more!

It is his posture that one notices next. Ramrod-straight, almost impossibly so, the mark of a man of firm discipline and iron resolve. Short, even for one of his people, but he holds himself in such a way as to make himself seem to tower over those around him. This is the spine of man to be reckoned with, to be sure.

There is a scar across his left cheek, a slash of livid white. Many are the tales that Barnabas tells of how he received it, and no two are the same. Was it from an Orcish axe? A dragon's talon? None, save Barnabas himself, know the truth.

(He fell from a tree, at the age of twelve. There may have been a hive of bees involved in the affair. We shall speak no further on this matter.)

It must be admitted that his clothing is, despite being finely made and perfectly tailored, more than a little worn. It sports rather more patches than is strictly fashionable, and his cuffs are rather...tattered. If this bothers him, and it surely must, he gives no sign. Barnabas Clutterbuck is not a man who public laments the state of his fortunes. Barnabas Clutterbuck is, above all else, a gentleman. And a gentleman simply does not complain.

More? His hair is brown, his eyes a piercing blue. He generally wears either a smile or a scowl, and only rarely does he deign to allow any other expression to cross his face. He is man filled with joy, Barnabas Clutterbuck, when he is not filled with rage. The line between the two is, alas, a slender one indeed. One should take care, great care, not to make any slights upon his stature. Barnabas does not take well to such insults, and has been known to respond...improvidently.
  • "I am, by d---n, a hero." Barnabas Clutterbuck is brave. Barnanbas Clutterbuck is courageous. Barnanbas Clutterbuck is dangerous, but Barnabas Clutterbuck is also compassionate. That Barnabas Clutterbuck fears, in his heart of hearts, that this all of this is naught but a pack of lies? Makes him strive all the harder to prove them true. Always, always, the specter of his past failure...his past cowardice...hangs over his head. He ran, you see, and left his parents to die. Ran at their urging, ran knowing there was nothing that he could do to save them, ran so that the Clutterback name might not be entirely lost...but still. He ran. He has never forgiven himself for this, and likely never will.
  • "Bullies, of any stripe, are simply not to be tolerated." There are those in this world who are, due to circumstance, unable to defend themselves from the strong. Shameful, certainly, but not to be helped. That there are those who would take advantage of this fact to entertain or to enrich themselves? That can be helped, and by d---n it will be helped, if Barnabas Clutterbuck has anything to say about it. (Surprising no one, he does. Rather a lot, in fact.) His time on the streets, when he was young and weak and so much smaller than his 'peers', has left Barnabas with a profound awareness of well as a near-perpetual state of indignation about it. Woe betide anyone foolish enough to kick a dog, or to strike a child, in the presence of Barnabas Clutterbuck.
  • More than aught else, Barnabas wishes to show himself...and the world, but mainly himself...that he is indeed a man worthy of the title "hero". This means doing great deeds, slaying terrible foes, and never, ever surrendering.
  • Find the resting place of Anataeus Clutterbuck, and recover Crysophrax, the Blade Brightly Shining. Not only is this a deed worthy of a hero, but it is a way -- the only way, now -- for Barnabas to honor the family that he so terriby failed.
Fears: Humiliation and failure. The very thought of being made to look like a coward or a fool (particularly the former) is enough to send him into a trembling rage. It must be admitted that, because of this, he takes insults very seriously, and far too personally.

"Snuff? No? Can't blame you, really. Filthy b----y habit, without question. Barbaric, really. Even so, even so, shame to let it go to waste, what?" Barnabas took a pinch from his ivory snuff-box, inhaled it on the left, and followed with a dose for the right. "Ha!" he roared, "Invigorating, what? Knew there was a reason for the d----d stuff, eh? Eh? Quite." He leaned back in his seat, almost vanishing into the confines of the plush leather, and considered the ceiling. "Quite. So, then! Where were we? Ah, yes, yes, of course. One begins at the beginning! I suppose that's traditional."

Barnabas loosed a long and echoing sigh. "My father was Lord Percival Clutterbuck. Minor Brevoyan noblity, loyal to, and favored by, the house of Rogarvia. No need to tell you what that means, eh? The Rogarvians up and vanished, and it all went to h--l in a b----y handbasket, right quick." He shook his head. "D--n politics, and thrice-d---n those who practice it! My father had enemies, y'see, and they took swift and b----y ruthless action the very moment they saw their chance."

A fist slammed down upon the arm of the chair. "We lost it all," Barabas snarled, "Everything. Our title, our lands, our fortune, gone in the space of a single day! B----y vultures descended to pick the carcass clean, and we fled for our lives. Fourteen, I was. One d----d day short of fifteen, to be specific. We packed what we could into a coach, fled for our b----y lives! Didn't do us one d----d bit of good, of course."

Barnabas took a long drink, refilled his mug, and then drank again. His face twisted into a snarl as he continued. "They took us on the road. A dozen men, masked." His eyes closed, and he took a long and shuddering breath. "Mother died. Father died. I ran, and I lived, and that's all I'm going to b----y to say about that."

His eyes snapped open as the halfling leaned forward. "First, last, and only b----y time in my life that I ran, d--n it all! You can be sure of that!" He relaxed a little, settling back into the chair. "Years passed," he continues, almost absently, "As they tend to do, what? And I survived them, obviously enough. Not that it was easy, you understand! Anything but! I was only a boy, after all. I was fortunate, I suppose, in that I must not have been seen as much of a threat. There's a b----y price on my head, of course, but it's a mere pittance. Not prize enough for anyone to go a'hunting."

Barnabas frowned. "Would have welcomed it, truth it be told! Had a bit of vengeance, by d---n! But no, no...nothing so glorious as that. I...well. I did what was needed, and d--n my pride. I begged, and did a poor b----y job of it. I stole, and did a remarkably fine job of that, I must confess. But I craved honorable work, by h--l! And I found it, in time. I was a hired blade for a time, a mercenary, what? Picked up a few skills. One does what one must, and it left me rather a dab hand with a blade, if I do say so myself. But never, NEVER, did I forget who I was. Barnabas, Lord Clutterbuck, by h--l! And more than worthy of the name."

"I knew, you see, what needed doing." Barnabas sighed. "Took longer than I liked, of course, before I could do it, but in time I found myself with enough coppers to allow me to begin my quest. Ever been in a library, my dear fellow? No? Rather envy you that, if I'm honest. So much b----y dust! And librarians! Lords above, what a dreary lot! Half dust themselves, I dare say! But again, a Clutterbuck does as he must! I read, by d--n, and read like a b-----y titan! I slew them all, book after book (Metaphorically only, my dear chap. Again, those librarians are scarcely to be borne!) until I carved out the very fact for which I sought!"

"Have you heard, perchance, of Anataeus Clutterbuck? No? Of course you haven't. He wasn't one of the tall folk, after all. No, no, my apologies. Perhaps a little bitterness, what? But old Anataeus, he was my grandfather's grandfather, and every inch a hero. Called him "Titanbane", so they b----y did. Had a sword, a magic sword, called Crysophrax. 'The Blade Brightly Shining.' All sorts of poetic, what? Killed a fair number of giants in his day, Anataeus did, and the perishing b-----ds lived in b----y terror of the fellow. And rightly so! We Clutterbucks are a fearsome lot! Were, rather...."

Barnabas trailed off and took another drink, draining his mug once more. He made no move to have it refilled, staring instead into its empty depths as he continued. "He vanished, Anataeus did, in the end. Came North, in search of worthy foes. Seems he found them, what? Last time he was seen was here, in Trunau, before he set off into the wilderness. Never came down the b----y mountain."

"I'm going to find him. His bones, at any rate, and Crysophrax besides. And with 'The Blade Brightly Shining' in hand, I'm going to teach these b----y giants to fear the name 'Clutterbuck' again. It's the least I can b----y do, what?"

"And that, having b----y failed to make a long story short, is what has brought me to Trunau, my dear chap. Arrived just this morning, and d--n lucky not to have frozen my b----y a--e on on the way. Thank goodness there was space here at the Ramblehouse, what?" Barnabas grinned, and raised his empty mug high. "Left me a bit dry, that did! Now then, my good man, I do believe that you owe me a drink...and a tale of your own!"

Posting Rate: Generally daily, although weekends are often tough.

Other: I am seeing Barnabas as a combination of T.H. White's King Pellinore (from The Once and Future King), and Joe Pesci's character from Goodfellas. A fairly unlikely amalgamation, I must confess, but whether that's a point in my favor or against it, it remains true.


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right-aligned image

Name: Rhasadilara "Rhasa" Orobered
Race: Half-elf (
Mordant Spire Half-Elves (Spireborn)
Few in number and rarely seen, Spireborn retain many human features but are still as enigmatic as their elven forebears.

Elven Ancestry Mordant Spire elves
Human Ancestry Arcadian, Ulfen, Varisian
Regions Mordant Spire (Steaming Sea)
Languages Azlanti, Elven (All Spireborn begin play speaking Azlanti and Elven. These replace the default half-elf languages.)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Bonded Mountain Witch
Youíve always had an interest in magic, but youíre fascinated with those legendary magic items known as artifacts. Youíve spent years researching these mythical relics and committed the stories and legends about them to memory, making you something of an expert on the subject.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks to identify the properties of magic items and a +1 trait bonus on Use Magic Device checks, and one of these skills (your choice) becomes a class skill for you. In addition, whenever you first encounter an artifact, there is a 50% chance (+1% per level) that you recognize the artifact and know its name, origin, and something of that artifactís powers, abilities, or dangers. Exactly how much knowledge you possess is left to the GMís discretion.
Artifact Hunter (campaign),
You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the world and desire to obtain it firsthand.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on all Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Knowledge (history) checks, and you may treat your caster level as 1 level higher for all conjuration spells of the teleportation subschool.
Eldritch Delver (magic),
Your spellcasting powers are infused with the powers of the occult Outer Gods.

Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell or spell-like ability with the curse descriptor (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 251), increase the DC of the spellís saving throw by 1. If you cast such a spell or spell-like ability at night, as long as the sky is clear and the stars are visible, treat your caster level as 1 higher when determining the spellís duration.
Starlit Hexer (religion)
You were touched by terrible horrors that live in the darkness just outside the human sphere, such as shadow-beasts or aberrations linked to the Dark Tapestry, and feel your life-force ebb away ever so slightly whenever you return to the shadows.

Whenever you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you take a Ė1 penalty on saving throws.

Description: Rhasadilara is a woman of statuesque beauty. Her snow-white hair makes her otherwise pale complexion seem dark by comparison. Her beauty is marred only by an old scar that runs from her temple, down along her cheek to her mouth. Her pale sky-blue eyes hold a deep intensity that coupled with the grim set to her face, makes her, at times, almost fearsome to behold, but there also occasional cracks in her demeanor that emit an overtone of a deep sadness and despair.



Posting Rate: I am generally able to post at least once a day on weekdays, barring a large influx of work that needs my attention. Weekends, holidays, vacations, etc. I am generally offline.

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Aw, man. I totally have a concept ready to pitch for this AP and now, when my time is least forgiving, an opportunity pops up with a reliable GM. I would love to take part in this but I am going to have to wait until later in the month to see what my work situation has become before I commit.
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