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Point the first: those are some damned good recommendations.

Point the second: Jarl is awesome from my prior knowledge.

Point the third: this looks sweet.

Conclusion: I would be a fool not to give you fine folk a run for your money.

NOTE: I DO know how to use all the fancy BBCode effects, but all my posting has been from a smartphone lately, so while length of post is not a problem (I'm tenacious), I try to reduce unnecessary BBCode. If desired, I would use colors, etc. in in-game posts.

Brannar KendraughName: Brannar Kendraugh

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Brawler

Traits: Vexing Defender (Giantslayer Player Guide), Poverty-Stricken (Advanced Player's Guide)

Description: Brannar is a rough-looking fellow, stout as most of his kin, with unkempt hair and beard hanging loose. His hair is of indeterminate color, as it is mostly just dirty. Bright blue eyes shine from his otherwise rough face, with a bushy monobrow stretching from just before his chops all the way to the center of his forehead. He wears roughspun clothing in forest green and medium brown, all the better to conceal his shape in the woods. He wears a light shirt under his chain, but then layers a heavy green and brown tunic over the top to hide the shiny metal. His frayed pants are spattered tan and brown and green, covering the tops of his tough boots. He carries a satchel containing some camping tools and some dried meat to sustain him.

BeliefsFamily: ever since Brannar left Palin's Cove, leaving his sister behind, he has grieved at the loss of part of his family. He hides it most of the time, but on her birthday, he takes some time in solitude to remember her birth, and to cry over the loss of her presence. Brannar believes that family should not be separated, and will work toward reuniting with his long-lost sister. Along the way, he is very sensitive to reports of sundered families and wants to reunite them if at all possible. He will go out of his way to help bring families together.

The Ends Justify the Means: Brannar believes that sometimes terrible things must be done to prevent greater tragedies. History will judge a person based on the sum of their deeds' not the individual choices. Working with a necromancer may be called for in times of dire need, while he might apprehend or kill the same person in less severe circumstances.

GoalsShort-term: make a name for himself. Brannar wants to become famous for championing the innocent and peaceful. He is willing to sully his own life with terrible actions in order to improve the lifes of others, and the non-orcish (oppressors), non-Giant (father's death) humanoid population of the Mindspins is where he has started.

Long-term: find Darnie. Brannar wants to reunite with his sister, and provide for her. With both of their parents dead, she is the last blood relative he plot hook? Maybe a cousin, uncle, etc.?knows of. Brannar isn't in a rush to reunite because he wants to do penance for allowing his father to be killed so easily first. He wants to leave the mountains with a scoured-clean conscience, feeling like he has made a positive impact on the region.

FearsMild-Moderate: Ogres. Plain and simple. Brannar's father was brutally killed by an ogre right in front of him, and he has a healthy fear of the brutal creatures. He overcomes it regularly, but fear causes him to be more careful, and often to make more stupid mistakes when dealing with Ogres. He may have some sort of in-game issues while encountering Ogres.

Major Fear: ultimate dishonor. Brannar fears that if he doesn't do sufficient penance for his (personally imposed) culpability in his father's death, that he will be an outcast, dishonorable dwarf. His great fear of ultimate dishonor is what drives him to overcome other obstacles and fears in his wanderings.

Background:Brannar Kendraugh was [url]Poverty-Stricken traitnever well off, and learned from a young age to work hard in order to make the best of hard circumstances. His family moved about for the first few years until his mother became pregnant again, and they settled in Palin's Cove for a while, and Brannar's father, Bearnt took up work repairing boats at the harbor.

Tragedy struck when Brannar's sister, Darnie, was born. Their mother, weakened by months of meager rations, bled horribly during childbirth, dying a mere quarter-hour later. The young dwarf watched mutely as his father took the screaming infant in his arms and released her into the care of the temple of Sarenrae in town. Filled with grief, Bearnt packed up what belongings he had and signed up as a caravan guard, taking young Brannar along to learn a trade as he matured. Over the course of two score years, Brannar became quite the odd fellow.

Brannar studied Brawler Classwrestling and street fighting when the caravan stopped for the night, learning from the larger, more experienced guards how to Vexing Defender trait (Giantslayer Player's Guide)deftly avoid their attacks while still getting a chance to get in a few licks of his own. Even before Brannar came of age, he was able to sign on as a guard at half pay, and together, he and his father were able to save up some money. By the time Brannar's fortieth birthday came around, they had enough to purchase a tiny dwelling in the dwarven city of Janderhoff.

Janderhoff was a mixed blessing for Brannar and Bearnt. Stability allowed the two to have a wider array of acquaintances, but they missed the steady beat of travel all day. Both dwarves eventually found work hauling ore to the forges, and set themselves into a life of monotony and hard work, but also of safety. One autumn night, the father and son decided (quite foolishly, in hindsight) to go for a stroll beyond the iron walls, enjoying the surrounding country by starlight. The two dwarves had been walking for a couple of hours when they heard a loud crack, and turned to see a lumbering ogre stalking them in the darkness. The creature was being uncharacteristically quiet, but the unseen branch had given it away. The brute bellowed in challenge and charged the pair, Brannar recoiling from the ferocious visage of the ogre. Bearnt took the charge standing, placing his body directly in the path of the ogre, standing his ground as best as could be managed. His years of experience stood him in good stead, as he was able to halt the advance of the giant creature. The ogre roared once more, swinging a huge club at the elder dwarf, missing by bare hairsbreadths. Bearnt drew his short sword, heirloom sword, available plot hookHearthguard from his belt, the only weapon he had brought with him out of the city. With a shout, Bearnt went on the offensive, screaming "Foul abomination! Begone, ye blaggard!" Hs sword struck true, opening a gash in the creature's left hamstring. The ogre howled in pain and anger, swatting in a flat arc with his club, catching Bearnt full in the face with the head of the weapon, pulverizing his skull instantly. Brannar stood in shock, unable to react quickly enough, as the brute casually picked up his father's sword and placed it into a crude sack. The creature then turned its eyes toward Brannar, lurching towards him, the cut in its thigh hampering its progress. Brannar was still standing there, unable to take his eyes off the scene of his father's demise. An owl hooted in a nearby tree, and he suddenly snapped out of it and, terrified by the creature's advance, sprinted for the walls of Janderhoff.

Arriving safely at the city's gates, Brannar fell to his knees, wracked with sobbing. His mother was dead, his father was dead, and his sister was an orphan amongst humans. He was alone, in a city that didn't mean duergar dung to him, a giant had killed his father, and he'd just stood there and watched. What a pathetic little creature he was. The city guard dragged the emotional dwarf in to safety, and a few mugs of strong ale later, the young dwarf was huddled over a privy, paying homage to the god of sewage.

A few days later, Brannar gathered up what things he owned and sold them. The proceeds were enough to get him some roughspun traveling clothes, some food, a stout walking stick, a few wilderness supplies, and a shirt of linked dwarven chain. With the food and tools packed in a sturdy sack, the lone dwarf made his way to the gates of Janderhoff. Standing at the open gates, Brannar addressed the pair of guards to the left: "Thank you for your service in keeping these people safe. I wish there were more like you out in the wilds, able to protect those not fortunate enough to live here in this bastion. I'm headed out to do just that. I have an Ogre to track down, some vengeance to exact. Stay safe, my brothers." and with that said, he quietly turned and walked out the gates toward the mountains, vengeance on his mind, and hatred in his heart.

For ten years, Brannar has walked the wilds of the Mindspin Mountains, sabotaging Orc raiding parties in their nighttime camps, freeing captives from the hands of ogres, laying traps for hill giants, and generally making a nuisance of himself. Brannar rarely visits the towns, only as often as needed to restock on food, or to rest when he has been grievously injured. As such, he has become a rather nasty sight (and smell) to behold. His hair is matted and unkempt, his beard reaching the bottom of his ribcage, unbrushed. The dwarf wears no footwear, trusting the years of walking the wilds to protect his feet from the elements.

The trails have led Brannar to Trunau, and something tells him it might be a good idea to stop for a few days, maybe take a warm bath, and get his hair trimmed. Something about this town is speaking to him, and who is he to turn a deaf ear? Brannar sets foot in Trunau for the first time in three years, open to whatever the world has in store for him.

OtherTrunau: Brannar has passed through Trunau a few times in his wanderings and is passingly familiar with the holdout town. He isn't especially connected to Trunau, but if there are giants somewhere for him to hinder, he wants to be there. He happens to be passing through town at this time.

Posting Rate: as often as needed by the rest of the party. I am trying to be comfortable with the slower rates of others, but can also accommodate more rapid paces if needed due to circumstances.

About Ziether: Hey there. Yeah, Ziether here. I love player interaction and working out problems. Roleplaying is very important, and I love putting myself in the frame of mind of my characters, who are generally very different in every way from my own personality. While I have a decent grasp of magical effects, I am all about the mundane characters. I greatly enjoy the challenge of getting into the head of a "normal" person in a world populated with "specials."

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Out of his League...
right-aligned image

Edward Nortonsworth III, Esq.

LG Taldoran, age 18
Treasure Seeker in Training (Utility Wiz-->Arcane Arch)
Rich Parents, Voice of Monsters or Armor Expert, Artifact Hunter, Provincial
Flav'a? For Sophisticated Tastes (Play while reading)

This unassuming youth is actually descended from a long line of competent Treasure Hunters and is currently undergoing his own personal training to follow his forefather's footsteps and become a legendary Hunter in his own respects. Up until this point, his life has been one of pure academics and martial arms practicum.

He is Taldoran and as such is used to a certain lifestyle and luxury, meaning he has a lot to learn about the world at large. His University studies that have taught him the fine points in histories, proper social decorum and legends of long lost artifacts yet to be found. At home, he has chosen the bow as his weapon of choice due to his disdain of direct physical altercations. He has received the best training money can buy, and has advanced to the next level of his education.

Now he has set out to apply his skills in field. Being left to his own devices, he has set his sights on the region of Belkzen, where the repeated conflicts and turmoil give rise to many opportunities and rumors of many valuable artifacts being exchanged, hidden, or lost to time. He knows there is much wealth and glory to be had, so he sets out on his own story with no regard to whether he is even capable of surviving these purely savage lands.

APPEARANCE/PERSONALITYAt first glance this child-like manling seems delicate and waifish with his immaculate hygiene and his quality attire, but a second glance would quickly discredit such notion. Though smallish he is built quite taut, and his calm steady stride gives way to knee-jerk reactions soon enough. The boy is quick on his feet and seems to be able to take a hit.

Though trained to be as resilient as any adventurer, his has far too many distinctive quirks that will always separate him from the rough-and-tumbles no matter how "native" he tries to go. His hair in long, blonde and beautifully maintained with a slight hint of juniper. He avoids use of cologne, but still has a distinct clean scent out of place in the wilds. His clothing is kept maintained and in good repair, thanks to the endless toil of his loyal manservant.

With unmarred youthful skin and vibrant blue eyes that reflect constant thought, he shows little situational awareness and tends to come up with naive, sometimes insensitive well meaning commentary. He is a vast repertiore of information that can come in handy at the cost of little actual experience or pragmatic advice.

But few can actually begrudge the lad for his lack of common sense. He has an open honest face that portrays his genuine want of becoming a true adventurer, and he always does his best to aid those he sees in need.
BELIEFS"First and Foremost, History must be Preseved" - This has pretty much been the family motto since the Hunter Tradition arose some generations back. Great care and a lot of leg-work has yielded enough salvaged artifacts to make the Nortonsworth's very wealthy, but the real satisfaction lies in being able to look back in our histories and know how far we have come.

"It's only a matter of time before I become Legendary" - This one is more of an unspoken belief. Edward can't help but feel a certain sense of entitlement, as if Greatness and Glory are virtually guaranteed for him. This leads him to believe he is simply Lucky, and he can do no wrong. So. No different than any other Teenager, really.
GOALS"Holy Grails" - Like every aspiring archeologist, somewhere out there is a long lost treasure with his name on it, waiting to be unearthed. A physical marker, and an easy way to great wealth that will fund further expeditions.

"Truth Bringer" - He is out to get a fresh chew on hidden lore. More than just some valuable artefact or physical treasure, he wants to astound the world with new knowledge and discover something that would shock the worldstage, and not just for the fame. Genuine curiosity drives him to discover new knowledge possibly at the cost of his own safety,
GREATEST FEARS, Vol. 1"Spiders" - Because, Ew.
"Disappointing the Legacy" - Little guy has a lot to live up to. He doesn't want to be the weak link in a long chain of great Hunters
"Broccoli" - Ugh. Just. Don't Even.

I would like to point out that this startling lack of real fears is due to a sheltered upbringing. He just hasn't come into contact with anything truly traumatizing or evil. Yet.
TRUNAUEdward figures the best place to go hunting for ancient treasures would be the savage and contested lands of Belkzen, where few civilized Archeologist have dared tread. He's in the market to begin his adventures by taking on th Big Boys much to the dismay of his poor and wisened humble servant Jeeves. Invariably the old Footman got shanghi'd into service on this journey, because even in brutal and unforgiving peaks of the Mindspin Mountains, one shouldn't be without the creature comforts.

They are passing by Trunau looking for a Guide to teach them more about surviving the harsh wilderness when they begin to pick up on rumors of the settlements local woes.
OPTIONALS/OTHER NOTESPost rate: Acording to the averages of my stats, once every 1-2/days, if I keep to my average 5 games on the go.

ABOUT EDWARD: There is still some flex in character design, but his real role would be knowledge monkey and ranged support. Utility Generalist Wizard I feel suits the theme and the Arcane role, but Archeologist Bard works just as well if there is need for a Rougish. I don't see this character being a real huge help in combat in the first few levels. But I'm selling the concept after all, not the mechanics. It will be more of a heavy RP char that will come into his own as he grows into a man.

His real selling point to the group is that he comes with Jeeves, his trusty servant that is in charge of managing and driving their travlling caravan, and who has a surprising array of skills that can come in handy when the party is in a bind. Expect silliness, cute dialouge, and convinient duex-ex machina thanks to a well stocked wagon.
Canni hear a Woop-Woop?

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Caught that, didja?
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Asgeirr Njallson.
Race: Human.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Class: Cleric of the Travel and Knowledge domains.All-Father.


Traits: Steel Skin, Student of Giant Kind, Child of the Temple.

AppearanceAsgeirr is a solidly built man of middling height, with the powerful arms and barrel chest of a practiced combatant. His eyes are like twin chips of emerald, set into a ruddy face framed by a riot of flame coloured braids and an equally fearsome beard. Outfitted for battle he makes quite a sight - girded in heavy steel with a battered round shield on his left arm, and an oaken shafted short-spear borne proudly in his right. Both the steel rim of his shield and the leaf-like blade of his spear bear etchings of ravens and the All-Father's glaring orb that match the silver and lapiz lazuli pendant always about his neck. Apart from the pendant, his most notable raiment is a cloak tailored to resemble blue-black raven feathers clasped at the neck with a silver talon brooch.

PersonalityOf equal measure are Asgeirr's great mirth and devotion to his patron god. Though perhaps a little over zealous at times both in praise of Odin and consumption of mead - his cheery personality and good nature make the warrior-priest a hard man to dislike. Though it would be easy to mistake Asgeirr for a kindhearted rube, his friendly demeanor hides an intelligence and guile most would never guess at.








OptionalPosting Rate: 1-2 times a week is fine. I can and will post more often if Asgeirr is conversing with other PC's. Probably more once university starts back, because procrastination.
Music / Character Entrance Song: The Sermon - Graveyard Train.
Other: I am looking to become active on the site again after an extended hiatus. If the fact that I have been away so long weighs against me, well, there's not a lot I can do about that. All I can do is promise that I do not intend to disappear any time soon, and that the circumstances surrounding my absence are no longer an issue IRL.

Phase II
GM: The Last Journey.
Status: Catching up.
everybody equal always

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Johonaa'ei Lichii'ya
"Sun of the Red Sky"

"A Giant may be tall, but there are things which even a Giant cannot reach. And even Giants may be cut down to size."
Campaign Trait
Additional Trait
Human-Shoanti, of the Sklar-Quah TribeBarbarianNeutral GoodOrphaned by GiantsAdopted-Dwarf
left-aligned image

Description: Sky is a giant of herself. Her skin is sun-kissed, typical Shoanti, with showings of her birthright here or there: brandings, ritualized scars, and the occasional tattoo. All of these motifs are in the shape or image of the sun, or creatures of the sky; on in particular on her back is a flaming dragon, devouring its own tail: she is told this has grand philosophical significance, but she bears it no mind. Made of muscle, Sky's black hair and dark eyes seem endless, almost Kellid in variety, but she is as she is seen: a pure-blooded Shoanti of the Sklar-Quah tribe. Or at least, her ancestors say as much.

Sky keeps herself covered, her clothes baggy and earthy, with her entirety perpetually cloaked in a red blanket-looking cloth, with similar symbols to those branded on her. It is an ancient quilt, going back generations in her tribe, that bears the stories of her mother's line, and their fight against a colossal red dragon, whom they call The Flames That Rend. Her father told her stories that, in the end of days, The Flames That Rend will rise again and devour the sun, before beginning the final battle with the last remaining member of their tribe.

Despite her hiding her appearance, and in spite of her muscles, Sky is quite seemly. She wears no make-up, and has no need to. Her hair is thick and naturally keeps itself; she requires little maintenance. She is clean without having to
clean herself, something she has never truly understood but never questioned, either.

Standing tall, Sky has a strong stance and walks briskly and quietly, but with power.
  • Trust people to surprise you, and give them good faith-A lesson ingrained into her by her father, and the last remnant of
  • Revenge is not something Sky asked for, but it is something that must be fulfilled. She will see vengeance brought down upon the Giants. And it is for those who stand in my way that I reserve my rage
  • Sky wishes to find the Giants who slew her father and free herself of her need for vengeance, in any way she can
  • Sky also wishes to reestablish her Shoanti heritage, and understand better why her father was exiled from their tribe.
  • Sky fears dragons, blindly; she fears rejection, openly; she fears abandonment, completely; and she fears not being able to let go of her rage. She is kind and good of heart, but she will not give up her rage. Can she truly let it go?

Background: Sky is born of the Sklar-Quah, fearful of outsiders, followers of the sun, battle-born and war-like. At least, that is the blood that flows through her veins. Sky has met only one member of her tribe, and that is her father. What she knows is only what he has told her. The tale was such: their xenophobic tribe took in a young girl, once upon a pity's sake, after a harsh battle with the Orcs of Belkzen. Raised alongside their own children, she took a shining to the Shoanti boy named Hard Sun That Tans. Despite the warnings of the elders, they soon became pregnant, and so the elders warned them to destroy that which had quickened, or face death. They chose their own fate and fled into the wilds of the Storval Plateau, avoiding their captors. Ten moons passed, and so came the child into the world, but at a price. Roaring with the ferocity of a dragon, Sky killed her mother. And so, Sky was raised by her father, Hard Sun. Her mother, now dead, remains nameless.

They were wanderers, and he taught her everything a youth in the wilds of the world should know: how to hunt, how to survive, how to treat a wound, and who to avoid. Hard Sun, eschewing the teachings of his tribe, taught Sky to trust in others to be better than their flaws: anyone can surprise you. There were others, friends of Hard Sky, and none more devout than a Dwarf, called by Sky Uncle Braidbeard. On rare occasions, they lived with Uncle Braidbeard in Trunau. And she was taught to fear magic and dragons above all. And until she was seven years old, she was content to live life this way.

Until the day the giants came.

Her father was part of a hunting trip, then, a pair of rich aristocrats from Korvosa and their servants, and they were hunting game of their own. They came with their clubs and their stones and an appetite for the flesh of Mortals, tose stone giants. Hard Sun thought they could fight them off, and armed everyone. The giants made quick work of the servants, while the aristocrats fled. Now fighting only for their own survival, Hard Sun and Braidbeard held off the giants, with Sky hiding with the remaining mounts, until they were at last cornered in a ravine. When it became clear they must fight and flee, Sky joined the fight, attempting to help. While they showed great valor, Braidbeard's arm eventually became crushed by a boulder. As Hard Sun fought the giants to keep them distracted, Sky helped the Dwarf remove the arm at the bone. Now freed, he did what he knew Hard Sun wanted for him, a private promise made once upon a midnight moon. Throwing Sky over his bleeding shoulder, Braidbeard turned and fled as Hard Sun distracted the giants. But, turned backwards, Sky watched the entire time. She saw what they did to her father. How they dismembered him.

She did not stop screaming for some time. She still screams, sometimes, in her sleep.

All they found of her father was his blades, shattered.

Braidbeard took them, and Sky, back to his home in Trunau. His arm removed, he took up as a hunting manager and blacksmith, working under an associate named Sara Morninghawk; encouraged by Sara, Sky used the blacksmithy as a way to overcome her sorrow, and to temper her rage. Braidbeard and Morninghawk were her only family now. And so, raised by them, the young woman worked as a tracker, guide, and hunter in the wilds of the world around Trunau, her home. But lately she has begun to feel something stir within her, a kind of wildfire, a madness, an anger from within. The dreams are returning. She can see the giants, but now they are engulfed in flame. She knows the stories of her people, and she knows the rage in her heart. Sky knows what it is she must do.

But to do so would break an old Dwarf's heart.

Trunau: Trunau, before the age of seven, was merely the world's biggest city to a young Sky, representing what she was not. But after her father's death at the hands of those stone giants, she has since taken to living here full-time, with her adopted Uncle Braidbeard (real name Tordec Livingstone, though most call him Braidbeard on account of his immaculate and braided beard). While she barely knew her before, Sara Morninghawk was close to Uncle Braidbeard, and Sky looks to her like a beloved aunt. While at first she was shy, since she has lived in Trunau she is more or less a native now. She carries with her a hopeknife, just like the rest; but she is better suited for the wilderlands around Trunau, and acts as a guide, with her Uncle handling the business side of things. When she is not in the wilds, she helps him with his personal forge. She is very social, and very well-known and universally well-liked, for reasons she is largely ignorant to.

Posting Rate: You know how I roll, Brosephus. 1-2 won't be a problem.
Music / Character Entrance Song: Two songs are posted above, with her Shoanti and Taldane translated names. Native American, with a touch of Celtic/Conan, as per Shoanti flavor. The Shoshone Sun Dance music from Civ V is pretty spot-on.
Other: I love you

PlayerCharacterSky's Opinion
McderthFelixHe is a big man. I remember the first time I saw him, heading into the Killin' Grounds. A mercenary, by the look and feel of him, but I hear good things; and word is true in Trunau. I see him as a man of this-or-that. He sees things one way, or another, with no chance of change. Or, perhaps, impressions are that important where he comes from. And I have heard he is a denizen of Lastwall. I would like to see that place, one day; but why is he here, if he is not so dedicated to that place? There is much I do not know of him. But he is a big man. I think one day I will know more. Outsiders are much that way. If they stay for long, you grow to know the back of their hand almost as well as they do; and you might show them yours, if they are worth the wear.
BlackfyreValeriusSince he has arrived, I am of two minds with this Valerius. On the one hand, I have a sense of unworldly taint in him. His eyes, they say much about him. His homeland, Utsalav.... I have heard such tales as to make nights restless and hearts turn to ice in fear. Such a Mortal of that realm is either abomination or insane, and I am distrustful; perhaps I am too Shoanti for my own good. But on the other hand... I sense something kindred about him. Of his blood, and perhaps a hint of tragedy, as if it is not he who is tainted, but perhaps... perhaps the word is "haunted." He is haunted by what was, or what was to be, and did not come to pass. Something about him seems as such... but he is an outsider, new here, and ever looking over his shoulder for something behind him. I cannot say what he is. I cannot know who he is. Can anyone know another? I think, sometimes, empathy is the only connection between us; but I do not deny that, despite what he may be, there is one. Or, perhaps, I should look more closely into what I am?
NeqqOrrinI call him the Mountain Man, because it is as if the spirits came into a boulder, shaped it like a man, and made it one. For truly, he is in tune with the spirits of nature and the world about us all. And in Trunau, that comes in handy. He is a loner, solitary, like a peak. I have heard he is not an outsider, though in my lifetime I have not laid eyes upon him until now. I have heard from others he lives on the outskirts, though I have not encountered him save in Trunau. But I sense much from him. You study a rock enough, you know its nature, its pores, its tale. And Orrin is much the same. Solitary, purposeful, quiet: his nature and his purpose are seemingly the same. And, at times, I feel ours are. Sometimes I like rock betters than people, anyway.
RolzupBarnabusThe childe-like nature of Halflings perplexes me, and that is no less true in Barnabas. He acts like a noble, speaks like a noble.... is he a noble? I have never heard of Halflings being nobles. Certainly I have never heard of a Halfling kingdom. This is not a distrust of Halflings, I have never met a Halfling I did not at least admit amusement by, but instead a question of experience. And that tongue... long have I heard his tales, of nobility and tragedy. And I have wanted to believe it. But his uppity nature.... Trunau is not Magnimar, or Korvosa. This is not the way to act in Trunau. We have traditions, but they pay no mind to lords or ladies. I have no love of them, at least. And since his arrival in Trunau, I have enjoyed his tales, but.... he means well. Barnabus means well, and meaning is all that matters to some. I want more than meaning. A snuff box does not bode well, and appearances matter little. If he hunts for the tomb of a supposed ancestor, why not hunt? I am a hunter: I can hunt. I can help. But why does he not hunt?
ByronBulbAsgeirrAsgeirr's god sounds noble and powerful; but he is the only one I have heard who worships it. I once asked Uncle Braidbeard about the All-Father; he laughed and said it was an attempt by a wayward Man to worship Torag, the Forgefather. They sound similar, I suppose. Ravens make me nervous, and he speaks so highly of them, as if they are messengers. "As in the creature variety from the Bestiary IVPsychopomps," he said once. One-eyed All-Father, yet I see his eyes regard me with such... trepidation. I know whence my anger comes. Where does his god come from? What purpose to Thought and Memory serve if not a goal? And what is that, exactly?
PopCultureBardHrothaI made an enemy in my first day as a resident of Trunau, and her name was Hrotha. She was angry. I was angry. Uncle Braidbeard had me speak to a boy named Caulder, and... the encounter did not end well. Ever since, we have had nothing but bad blood between us. She, so righteous and angry all at once, like a storm. I do not understand her. She is so athletic, so strong; but why? She is a healer, too; how can you swing the sword and heal at once? I know what I am, but she.... she is caught between two worlds! Not that I am saying anything about her.... it does not matter. She does not like me and she never will like me and she judges me. And I admit, I have no interest in Caulder but sometimes speak to him in such ways in front of her as to enrage her. We can be civil, at times, but.... sometimes I wonder if our banter is just banter, or if she hates me as much as I think she hates me. Sometimes I think I don't hate her. I admire her in some regards, yes, but.... she can be just.... so irritating! If I were one for punching, she would deserve it.
CedricEghanI have seen many Northlanders in my time, but none as impressive as he. I am, admittedly, not impressed by his face. It is pretty, but when it moves—speaks, sings, you understand—in that tongue I do not know.... skalds are legendary, and I love the songs of battle and epics he speaks of when he speaks of his homeland. He has a fire, a flare, like he knows how to skip a rock on a still lake with no effort, but with his words. And I appreciate his prowess in battle. And his love of tradition! I envy him. He says he has come to Trunau with purpose, and speaks of wyrm-hunting. I doubt he knows what it is to hunt a dragon, wyrm-sign, or any of that. I would like to lead him to the fate he so desires. Dragons are no laughing matter, but he deserves to sing the song that will make his ancestors proud. It's what we all want, isn't it? It's what he wants of me; he says so, and who could not believe the words he speaks? His tongue is silver; or at least, perfect.
XianMakkariI have heard of the beauty of Elves, but Makkari is utterly foreign. I have seen Elves, and there is more to him than that. Stories of the spirits of the wild, the Fair Folk I have heard them called—he has that look. I like him, I want to trust those wild eyes, but I am uneasy at them. He is calm, confident, everything I wish to be and more. He comes as an adviser, for martial purpose, and his words ring true; yet he is not a martially-minded man. He is a spell-worker, one who deals with magic and its like. A man of many meanings and mixtures. Will they work together, or are they altogether more violently opposed to one another? Oh, and his companion.... I could kidnap it and keep it to myself for my lifetime. Such a wonderful creature!
Hydra-XSophitiaI distrust outlanders from the coast. I do not believe there can be so much water in the world; the earth and sky are endless, but water? I also distrust squirrels; they horde what the earth requires, and we are already sparse of land. She is a lady of looks, I grant her that, and she knows how to use them. "Enchanting," I think is the word she uses. Everything about her is complimentary, and her sense of style... I envy it. I am simple, in my way, and she? I am no enchantress. But there is more to this world than looks, and that is especially true in Trunau. This is not Cheliax. We are not civilized as she speaks, or acts, or is. She would do well to do that, and it would be well for her to stop her lying. One is not so enchanting when the entire town knows what you reek of. And lies are, well... everyone knows what they smell of. She will be left behind if she becomes a burden for us.
VexAndersA stout heart, this Halfling. He is zealous, a proud creature of Iomedae. I believe that his valor in battle outweighs his stature, but makes him no less impressive. I am tall; he is not. But we both are ferocious when brought to the heat of battle. He is impressive to me. Anders will make a fine defender of Trunau, and perhaps might become the most stalwart of them all. I see him as a leader. I would follow him, truthfully, but sometimes even leaders need guides; I am one such who could guide. But I wish only to be of assistance to one such as him. I do not see as clearly as he. And his songs are so pretty. I wonder if he and Eghan have shared their tales of valor before?
ItsaVerbKyraShe follows her own path. Kyra is many things, and all of them at once the same and different. I think we are very similar, in our ways. But she is more beautiful, more otherworldly. I love speaking with her: so much to listen to, so much wisdom in those words. And her movements are so fluid, while mine... I do not think I could walk like a dance, as she does. I have known her for a short time, but I count her among the most positive of additions to our small town. But I would like to see her out of it, to make more of her. She speaks of enlightenment: what does enlightenment look like outside of pristine situations? Not that Trunau is pristine; but behind walls and against the hordes of Hell, I cannot imagine her serenity would be so breath-taking. Perhaps we are more alike than I should think.
PadsSittaniaSitty is too hard on herself. One should always strive to be better, I will never argue with her there. But she could afford to be more complimentary of herself. She is clever, cunning without an equal that I know, and that is saying something; Trunau stands on the minds of its most cunning and its most stalwart. She being a new addition (and we've had so many this year!), she would make a fine strategist, or scout, or... why, she could be anything! But I see the way she looks near a fire, and I wonder why she is so skillful; what drives her? What makes her so valiant, so observant? Why does she want to be so much better?
In Repose

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ApplicationName: Kazuki "Kaz"
Race: Kitsune
Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Kazuki has a code and sticks to it. He keeps his word at all times, which does not mean he speaks the truth.
Class: Sorcerer
Traits: Giantslayer Scion, Charming
Description: Kitsune form: Depending on the season, Kazuki is either a blue-white or light gray furred fox with a short muzzle and a long, flowing tail. His eyes tend towards a stormy gray, and look kind in most situations. His dress is impeccable, and styling vaguely Minkaian. He has not yet adapted to the styling of his new home, but the style fits. He displays no adornment or weaponry that is evident.

Human Form: "Kaz" is a human on the shorter end of the spectrum, with graying hair which was once likely auburn. His eyes are similarly speckled, though the uncharitable could merely think it a sign of age. He dresses moderately, though in a more flowing style than perhaps fits the region of Trunau.

Beliefs: Kazuki believes more strongly than anything that dharma will see him through, so long as he puts mainly positive vibes into the universe, and that those who do ill will find their reward. He also believes himself bound for greatness, based on ancestry and auspicious birth.

Goals: Goals for the character are to make a name for himself and see a legend come of his life; immortality via story. Goals for the player are experiencing a new AP and playing a new variety of character.

Fears: Kazuki fears dying alone and forgotten. His greatest fear is to have been no one, to not have impacted the world whatsoever.

Background: Kazuki is the youngest in a long line of people who have died spectacularly. His ancestors' stories make for rich tales, and growing up hearing them Kazuki could not help but think of two things: One, in his veins runs the blood of champions, and two, he does not want to die like they did. To these ends, he left the safety of his Minkaian homelands, to seek not only his fortune but a taste of immortality. Rumors abound about the various methods of it, including the test of the starstone, but that is more of a last resort than a first plan. He plans further to equal the exploits of all his ancestors, in chronological order. First among these is the slaying of a tribe of giants, but as the tribe itself had already been slain in his homelands, he had to seek out somewhere else to prove his worth. After the giants, he has to free a land from tyranny, and then sire half-dragons, but those aren't exactly time sensitive. Giantslaying seems a young man's game.

Passing for human has been easy enough so far, he is uncertain how they would react to someone of his sort in town. They seem slightly xenophobic, so he is fortunately able to assimilate rather easily. There is not a lot to be done while he waits either for an attack or for boredom to overtake him, so he busies himself with dalliances and research.

Trunau: In his time in Trunau, which has been little, Kazuki has taken residence at the Ramblehouse. Not rich enough to buy a place of his own, especially from the rather taciturn folk of Trunau, he has no great need of one either. Soon he will set out on his adventure, to make a name for himself. He takes work entertaining the folk in the evening to help pay for his room and board, otherwise finding solace in books to study, and occasionally aiding the town's defense as all must who reside therein.

Optional additions!
Posting Rate: I can generally manage twice a week easily, tending towards Tuesday and Friday/Saturday as those are my off days.
Other: Have a nice day.

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Half-Breed Hrotha
Name: (RA-tha)Hrotha Nortjan
Race: Half-Orc
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin of Kurgess (Redeemer)
Traits: Trunau Native, Blade of Mercy, Seasoned Climber; Unlearned

right-aligned image
Description: As a half-breed, Hrotha is a contradiction in terms. She is tall for her age but short for her heritage. Her frame is toned muscle but lacks the bulk of someone who trains as often as she does. She bears the ritual tattooing of her birth clan but appoints herself in the manner of her human kin, both in clothing and hairstyle. Her tusks are deeply underdeveloped but sharp enough to hurt when she chews her lip, a nervous habit. With skin pale enough to be albino on a full orc but tinged too green to pass for human, she bears both races in delicate balance.

Her eyes, however, are distinctly orcish. Deep, sickly yellow spheres in pools of white that are just a bit too large to seem proportional. All her efforts to keep her feelings in check never seem to reach her eyes which frequently leaves them a tempest of emotion that people who know her often have little trouble reading. The right is framed by a dark tattoo, shapes in position that declare lineage and tribe. They've become a source of embarrassment to her as she's grown older and come to understand exactly what orcs have been responsible for. Silver and brass line her ears and she frequently highlights her lips and cheeks with dyes and powders, an attempt to mimic the human concept of beauty. When she speaks, she tends to do so at a measured pace in a voice that is often described as throaty or husky, depending on the listener's attitude towards her at the time. She dresses simply, both out of financial need and her father's insistence on modesty. Light linen and heavy fur depending on the weather, with a tendency toward neutral earth tones and soft blues.

Beliefs: Her father has handed down a laundry list of one-line lessons in his day, but she holds a few close.
  • "First impressions are the worst impressions." Never judge someone based on an initial reaction, as fear and anger are often the driving force behind people's actions and their true nature cannot be seen until those emotions are put to rest. Her early experiences in town have shown this to be true, and she has had to make great effort to gain the trust of people she mistreated when they first met. As such, she makes every effort to present herself well in initial meetings in hopes of preventing further misunderstandings.
  • "The loudest bark says the least." One learns from listening, not from speaking, and one should speak only when they're certain they have something useful to say. Hrotha has learned that a willing ear is often the best way to make friends and she frequently serves as a sounding board for others in the community.
  • "Wounds on the body leave scars on the mind." Along with his natural approach to medicine, her father has always stressed that people who see combat injury are often haunted by their experience. Her childhood trauma with wolves makes this reality very apparent to her, and she seeks to tend to people's emotional hurt as well as their physical pain.
  • Hrotha's wants to seek out her mother and turn her away from her destructive path, a goal that is driven as much by her desire to meet the woman as it is by the tenets of her faith.
  • Her time among the people of Trunau has inspired a comfort with community and she wants to give back to those who have been so accepting. As such, she is considering devoting her efforts towards earning a position on the Council of Defenders as she gets older.
  • Word of competitions such as Oppara's Raptor Run and the Carnival of Kurgess in the Shackles tempts her to set off and prove herself in athletic competition.
  • I would like to see Hrotha overcome an obstacle through competition rather than violence, much as her father did in his day.
Fears: Having grown up on horror stories of orc atrocities, and her father's own frank description of her former tribe's behavior, Hrotha is terrified that she might be like them at heart. Savage, brutal, self-serving...all the traits she works so hard to avoid showing seem intrinsic to her orcish lineage. She is deeply concerned with the opinions that others have of her and uses humor to put people at ease. Overcompensation for this fear led her to embrace religion so heavily, and pursue the path of redemption in her personal philosophy. Also, wolves.

Background: Hrotha was born among the Shattered Skull tribe in Belzken, but her story begins further back and has been related openly and honestly to her over dinner many times by her father. Theron Nortjan was a Kurgan priest of Ulfen stock, his grandfather having moved their family south to Vigil to battle the orc menace there after some undisclosed shame made him an exile. The Nortjan's were respected in Lastwall, and her father was loved for his selflessness and adherence to fairness. He tended the wounded as they returned from expeditions into the Hold, favoring mundane methods over magical when possible. In late summer his assistance was requested on a rescue operation that went south when the group was ambushed four days out.

The orcs demanded his blood but his faith in Kurgess inspired a different option. He was no match for them in battle but years of athletic competition left him far more capable in that regard. He made an open challenge to the warriors; should he best all comers in a foot race, feat of strength or wrestling match he would have the right to speak with their leader. His ability was up to the task and he soon found himself in their camp. Respecting his competitive nature and healing skill, the warchief gave him over to Yurtha, his second, as a slave. The woman was intrigued and their relationship developed as he spent months tending their wounded.

A year later Hrotha was born and tattooed with the images denoting her lineage. Her father claims these early years were happy ones where the tribe almost treated him as an equal. Then the warchief died and Yurtha took his place, the demands of the position souring her disposition and straining her relationship with her human family. When Hrotha was three her father spirited her away in the night, avoiding patrols sent to find them with wilderness skill he picked up from his time in the tribe. One of her earliest clear memories is being harried by wolves while her father was stalking a deer. She still has a scar on her leg and lingering discomfort around the beasts. They found themselves in Trunau, weak from hunger, and he offered his skills in exchange for protection. So began Hrotha's life among humans, the only life she really recalls.

She was an angry child and had trouble adapting to the culture of the town. She fought with the other children often, earning reprimands well into her seventh year for actions that would have earned her severe punishment in places with less sympathy to half-breeds. Her father, exhausted by his experiences and unable to rein her in, called upon the priests of the Sanctuary to take up her education. In time she began to calm, devoting large chunks of her time toward studying the histories of the faiths. While not the sharpest hopeknife in the drawer, she found religious study came easier to her than most formal learning. She found Iomedae's beliefs inspiring but it was her father's faith in Kurgess that called to her most deeply, and she focused the energy that used to fuel her anger towards healthy physical pursuits and friendly competition. The people of Trunau began to treat her differently as her attitude improved. As she aged she began to split her time between the Sanctuary, where she assisted with healing injuries, and the stables, where she would help train and tend the local animals. She smiled more (and scowled less), trained with the militia (finding skill with the shield and defensive tactics), participated in local ceremonies (sometimes officiating small athletic competitions), and even spent more time with her human counterparts than the half orcs she used to rely on for company. She became close friends with a local apprentice blacksmith named Caulder, a boy with a competitive nature equal to her own. When she turned 12 and received her hopeknife she truly felt like a member of the town.

Athleticism was an important part of her life from early childhood and she'd formed a ritual involving scaling the cliffs and running around the city in the pre-dawn hours that led to a critical interaction when she was 14. During that day's run she stumbled across an orc who was badly wounded and sick with fever. Her first thought was the hopeknife under her tunic but that held for but a moment. She recognized the man's tattoos, the same symbols on her own body that marked her a member of the Shattered Skull tribe. Turning instead to the natural world and the skills she picked up from her father, she bound the orc's wounds and treated his sickness. Knowing the town would never see sympathy for an orc, Hrotha hid the man away in a small cave she'd found. She brought food and herbs during her sprints and in a few days her patient was well enough to speak. They spent those first few conversations avoiding painful subjects, as Hrotha hoped it would allow the orc time to process any associated trauma. In time the talk gravitated naturally toward his past and the source of his injures. He claimed that her tribe had undergone a struggle for power, that the current warchief crushed the uprising without mercy, that she had the ringleaders flayed and their families disfigured so that they could wear their shame. Hrotha wanted to know more, to ask about her mother, but she was afraid that if the orc pieced together who she was, he might try to bring her back as a hostage to reclaim his place in the tribe. One day, after weeks of recovery and conversation, she arrived at the cave to find him gone along with his meager belongings. She can only hope that he found some measure of peace wherever his travels took him.

Trunau: While not born there, Trunau is the only home Hrotha can remember. She has spent the vast majority of her life there and the sense of community, that 'we live together or we die together' mentality, is deeply ingrained in her. She trains with the militia, aids in healing the wounded and assists with religious ceremony at the Sanctuary. Some of her peers still whisper the 'Half-Breed Hrotha' nickname that used to earn them beatings when they were children, though never within her earshot.

Despite her faith and her cautious attitude toward judging people, Hrotha is still a teenager and prone to the emotional turbulence of her age. She struggles often with jealousy toward the more popular or attractive and her desire for acceptance has driven her to make poor romantic decisions, leading to ugly rumors among her age group. This has soured her mood recently and damaged her relationship with Caulder, which was already becoming complicated due to the strange feelings she's been experiencing around him in recent years.

Optional additions!
Posting Rate: I can manage 2-3 posts in a week most of the time, but 1-2 is a more comfortable standard.
Music / Character Entrance Song: 'Out of Touch' - Hall and Oates, to reflect her desire to be part of a whole. 'It's All About Forgiveness' - Isy Martin Jr, to reflect the forgiving nature of redemption. '300 Violin Orchestra' - John Quintero, to reflect the adrenaline boost of competition or battle.

Other: So, some background here. I've wanted to play a Paladin of Kurgess for the longest time. A somewhat dim, overly friendly fratboy to the God of Jocks who would respond to getting angry by challenging someone to an arm wrestling contest instead of busting out the steel. That just sounds like great fodder for amusing roleplay. My first instinct when reading the player's guide for Giantslayer was along the lines of "Man, I bet this could present some decent opportunities for a Redeemer paladin to ply their trade".

Taking the two concepts together, I came up with more of a ditsy sorority girl than a idiot fratboy and I really like how it feels. Someone who is half-orc but tries their damnedest to not acknowledge it, who wants to fit in with humans no matter the cost, who truly believes that there is good in everyone and is willing to go to great lengths to prove it.

Jarl11: Why a paladin and not a cleric? Not trying to get you to change your PC, but thought I'd bring up the options because of your god choice.

Ugh, you would have to ask me that. I've been back and forth on whether cleric or paladin better reflects the idea since I came up with it because each provides distinct benefits and drawbacks to the concept. Paladins are more formidable from a physical point of view, which helps represent the athleticism I'm going for. Clerics have domains, and the Kurgess domains are amazing for the theme (burst of strength, anyone?).

Ultimately, in this scenario, I settled on paladin because of the strict code of conduct, which I feel Hrotha would gravitate towards, and the Redeemer archetype, specifically how I hope to see it impact Hrotha's story.

And now that I've said that, I realize I could likely do a very similar thing with a cleric if I researched how to build it that way a bit. The character would work well in either scenario so long as I keep her personality and motivations the same, which aren't reliant on mechanics. Is it crass to say I wouldn't be opposed to approaching it from that angle if that is more in line with the needs of the group once selections are made? Too bad, I said it.

Playing - High Risk, Heist Reward | The Grand Tour

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Cattle die and kinsmen die,
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left-aligned image

Name: Eghan the Pale
Race: Human
Alignment: CG
Class: Skald
Traits: Dragonfoe // Courageous
Eyes the color of silvered moonlight watch the people passing by from underneath pale blonde locks framing his chiseled face. A small braid hangs inches lower than the rest of his hair down onto his right shoulder, it's end decorated with a small rodent's skull.*

Leaning against the wall of the tavern with arms crossed over his chest, showing wide shoulders on a lean and wiry frame, he smiles at a passing gang of boys chasing a terrified cat, revealing large teeth that are perfectly white. It's an infectious smile, the kind that brightens up a room. He appears tall even as he leans against the wall, long legs crossed while one foot taps a slow rhythm and there is no masking the Ulfen blood flowing through his veins. Northern blood, yet his clothing speak of a more southern living; Supple leather, padded and fringed with wolfskin and cut in a military fashion more akin to that of the rangers of Fangwood in Lastwall. At his side lies a backpack with a wooden shield strapped to it, decorated with white colored northern symbols of protection upon it. An axe rests against the wall, made for battle even though it probably hasn't seen much of one. In his belt two smaller axes, made for throwing hang from loops for easy reach.


Far from being shy and composed of equal parts curiosity and charm Eghan has always had an easy time of befriending people. Still he has few that he would call true friends, but a large group of acquaintances.
He is passionate in his beliefs, yet is of the opinion that everyone is entitled to have their own set of beliefs and ideas, even though he doesn't always agree to them. The freedom of living your life as you choose, as long as you don't bring harm to others.
He rarely backs down from a fight and has been put down by larger men than himself many times as he inherited the same “Heroic Idiocy” (as his mother calls it) that got his father killed. But he always gets back to his feet, often with a bloody smile on his face as he finally realizes he's been bested. He's not a sore looser and doesn't hold a grudge, but that won't stop him from throwing punches with the same man again at a later date.




Freedom Town.

A hollow name if there ever was one.
Founded by outlaws and criminals, surrounded by orcs and ruled by the idea that might makes right.

Still, it's home.

I loved my father, I believed him to be the strongest man alive when I was young and the memory I have of him, seen through the eyes of a young boy will always paint him that way. His towering height, dark hair and fierce tattoos of a Mammoth tribal warrior, I have his eyes you know, only resemblance between the two of us really.
He led a group of men who protected the nearby farms from orc raiders, ogres and even the odd giant. In turn Freedom Town got fresh crops flowing into their markets. He was a good man, or so I'd like to believe. At least he was always good to me and mother, he always had time for stories and games. I miss him still.

They say he died a hero, but no tale has been told, no song written. A dragon came from the mountains and attacked the livestock of a village not a days journey from Freedom Town, my father's gang was nearby and they rode against the wyrm. Four of the ten riders came back that day, saying how my father was able to wound the dragon so the terrible beast fled. But not before engulfing my father with it's killing breath.

One day I will tell the death story of the wyrm who killed my father. This I swear.

My mother, my best and closest friend, she is the one who told me all the stories about the heroes of her homeland; the Linnorm Lands that lie Northwest of Belkzen. There, like in the homeland of my father, they praise the cunning and the strong, those who best the strongest of enemies and those who return with a heroic tale to tell. She taught me the stories and the songs, so that they would be remembered. She told me of Gunnar Ormsbane, Hildur Scalebreaker and White Estrid – my mother's niece. She told me of Olaf and his battle with Gremlir the Wyrm at the end of the world and about Sigurd, Bane of Ffnir.

All great people. All legends, Kings and Queens - Wyrmslayers.

Belkzen needs heroes like this if it is ever to be more than refuges in a hostile land.

Most of my youth was spent on the streets, roughing it with the other kids and getting myself into all kinds of trouble. My mother allowed me that freedom, but early on she taught me to read and write and she had a simple rule; that I would read a chapter from a book each night, saying “I can't help if my boy is a fool, but I'll be damned if I deliver an ignorant man into this world. Irori knows we have enough of those around!”

She still lives in Freedom Town, working as a midwife and offering free tutelage to any woman wanting to learn how to read and write. This has angered some of the more backwater men in town, yet there are few who dare go head to head with The Widow Signy, after all who in their right mind would want to anger a witch? Take it from me; you're only that foolish once in your lifetime!

But now Freedom Town is behind me and ahead lies the world. I'll start my journey with Trunau to the south as I've heard nothing good of that town from the people of Freedom Town. That should mean it has good people living there, right?

Trunau is but the first stop on my journey, I found it to be as good a place as any to look for stories and songs to add to my work as it lies not far from Freedom Town.

Posting Rate: Usually I'm good for 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes a bit less.
Music / Character Entrance Song: Tr: Ormurin Langi (The Great Wyrm)


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Made a few changes to my application.
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Old Jul 4th, 2015, 10:51 PM
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Another day and more pleasant surprises on here! Keep up the good work everyone! Will update the table of apps in a few.

Big welcome to the most recent folk to show their shiny faces! DarkNetwerk, PopCultureBard, JonnyGulliver, ByronBulb, and ScorchedOne Thank you for showing interest and I look forward to seeing what you put together.
@Ziether - Thanks for the kind word and welcome back to RPGX! It's always great to see a familiar name.
@Rolzup - Glad to see you tossing your halfing sized hat in the ring!
@Cedric - Another familiar name! Good to see you.
I'm truly humbled by the amount of interest. It's awesome guys. This is going to be a tough job for me from the initial looks of things.

Please be aware that I am currently moving to another city with the wife, new job and all, next week. So I will be around in the evenings and with my phone but may not have time for lengthy reviews until next weekend. This is part of the reason for my choice of deadline in 3 weeks.

I'll try to answer the questions some of you have sent me soon. Please be patient if I don't respond right away. I will get to it though!!

On another note - with the number of apps coming through right now - my intention by the end of next week is to do a proper review of all the apps currently submitted and see where we stand. I will provide some feedback on your submission at that time. No worries if it's not ready by then, I just don't want to wait until the last minute to give those of you feedback that want it and then be overwhelmed with questions and apps. There will be more opportunities for review later as well.
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.
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Old Jul 4th, 2015, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghostwheel View Post
Made a few changes to my application.
Thanks for letting me know!
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.
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Old Jul 5th, 2015, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarl11 View Post
Thanks for letting me know!
Yep, no probs

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Old Jul 5th, 2015, 10:34 AM
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Any complaints if I were to move the deadlines closer by a week?

This would mean phase 1 deadline 17 July (your app would need to be ready by then). I'll make initial selections and we move onto phase 2, which would be complete one week later, around 24 July weekend. Final selections made at that point. That would give us the next week to sort out character sheets and get set up in the forum so we can start squishing PCs the game off by the end of the month.

Let me know your thoughts - good/bad!

EDIT - application list updated. B/G/F = beliefs/goals/fears. If you missed any of those I marked a "N" for no.
On hiatus due to shifting priorities. If you want to reach me, please send a PM.

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