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Old 07-24-2015, 10:49 AM
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The Prince's Catspaws (Dramatis Personae)

This is where we'll keep track of our character information. Please post a copy of your application below and add the character stats (or a link to your sheet). You can use the offical System Reference Document or Aethera's on-site character creation guide (she also posted a nifty example of a character stat block example in bbcode there... use it to your advantage.)

PlayerCharacterConceptUnique ThingIcons
Avner Varis Tira en' Ithilondo Moonstone Retriever Lunar Sensitive EQ~ PS+ DI-
Osse Aya Auriemma Undercover Healer Weaving the Fixerweb PR~~ PS+
stepanxol Thoda Drunadak Underworld Survivor Crawling Companions DK~ CR~ EQ~
driftwood Gentleman Jack Rose Highborn Scoundrel Contingencies Covered PS~ DE~ DI~
Tongue Efrym Eojs Demonblooded Fixer Eau de Toxines DI- CR~ PS+
Rolzup Aske Emblar Shifting Birdlover Arboreal Heritage HD~~ PS~



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The Acquisitioner
left-aligned image

Maaya Auriemma alias Clara Finebuck
Level 3 Human Cleric
Character Sheet | Background | Aya in Armor

At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.Quick to Fight (Racial Power)
Clerics can cast their spells as rituals.Ritual Magic
Adventurer Tier: This feat allows you to speak enough arcana, dwarven, elven, gnomish, gnoll, goblin, orcish, and other standard humanoid languages to comprehend enough of what most other humanoids are saying or screaming during battle. You are not fluent in all these languages, no one will mistake you for a native speaker, and your vocabulary is adventurer-centric (heavy on words connected to danger rather than philosophy or emotions).
You can also read enough to get by in all these languages.

Fluid Numbers
Hit Points: 50/50
Recoveries: 3d8+38/8
Close-quarters spell
Special: You can use this spell twice per battle.
Quick action to cast (1/round)
Target: You or one ally you are next to
Effect: The target can heal using a recovery.
Adventurer Feat: The target can now be a nearby ally instead of an ally you are next to.
: 2/2 per battle
Ranged spell
Quick action to cast
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One nearby ally gains a +2 attack bonus until the end of the battle.
Cast for broad Effect: Choose up to three nearby creatures (including you); each target gains a +1 attack bonus until the end of the battle.
: 1/1 per day
Ranged spell
Quick action to cast
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One nearby ally gains a +2 bonus to AC this battle.
Cast for broad Effect: Choose up to three nearby creatures (including you); each target gains a +1 bonus to AC this battle.
Shield of Faith
: 1/1 per day
Ranged spell
Once per battle
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 7d6 + Wisdom holy damage, and your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +4 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
Spirits of the Righteous
: 1/1 per battle
Ranged spell
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. PD
Hit: 3d6 + Wisdom holy damage.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.
Javelin of Faith
: At-Will
Ranged spell
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One nearby ally can heal using a single recovery and regain double the usual number of hit points.
Cast for broad Effect: Choose up to three nearby creatures (including you); each target can heal using a recovery.
Mighty Healing
: 1/1 per day

Choose three cleric talents/domains. Each talent/domain provides an ability that can be improved by feats. It also provides an invocation you can use as a quick action once per day, per battle, per party.Class Talents
When you cast a spell that lets you or an ally heal using a recovery, the target also adds hit points equal to double your level to the recovery.

Invocation of Healing: This battle, you gain an additional use of the heal spell (see Class Features, left). The first heal spell you cast after using this invocation allows the target to heal using a free recovery instead of spending a recovery.
Domain: Healing
: 1/1 per day
You gain 4 additional background points that must be used somehow in relation to knowledge or lore.

Invocation of Knowledge/Lore: You must use this invocation during your first round of a battle. When you do, you get a quick glimpse of the battle’s future. Roll a d6; as a free action at any point after the escalation die equals the number you rolled, you can allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2 bonus thanks to your vision of this future.

Adventurer Feat: Once per day, you can change one of your skill checks involving knowledge to a natural 20 instead. Interpret the word “knowledge” as loosely as your GM allows. GMs, be generous.
Domain: Knowledge/Lore
: 1/1 per day
Once per battle, as a quick action when you are engaged with an enemy, roll a d20 (your 'trick die').
As a free action before the start of your next turn, give your trick die to a nearby ally or enemy who is about to make an attack roll. The trick die result becomes the natural result of their roll instead.
Domain: Trickery/Illusion

Magic Items
(Recharge 6+): Forged in the Cathedral for missionaries travelling to dangerous lands, this amulet bears a large white crystal in on a chain. Four smaller, removable charms of orange crystal hang around the central pendant. One person wears the central crystal as an amulet while up to four others carry the removable, orange crystals (these don't take up a chakra.) When you activate the amulet, you create a link between yourself and any or all of the characters carrying orange charms, enabling all affected characters to converse as if standing together. This effect lasts for up to 10 minutes. Quirk: whenever you're alone, phantom whispering distracts you.Farspeaking Amulet
An ever-changing replica of the island.Enchanted Shadowport Table Map

right-aligned image

Free: None
Quick: None
Standard: None
Move: None
Interrupt/Reaction: None



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right-aligned image
Name: Varis Tira en' Ithilondo
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Character Concept: The Ithilondo (Moonstone in the common tongue) name referred to an ancient pact tied to Varis' elven bloodline, an oath that was said to have been sworn during the very first Age. The protection of the Ithilondo was sanctioned in their very name "Tira en' Ithilondo", translating to “Wardens of the Moonstone". The clan of elves lived amongst the Opals, a group of magical lakes within the Queen's Wood. An insanely beautiful place where the moonlight was said to reflect off the waters like nowhere else, and even the moon cast a shadow

Varis' father, Tarlorn, was one such shadow – having lost the integrity typical of an elf, he was a coward and criminal who found himself more aligned with greed than duty. The sanctity of the Ithilondo was betrayed one fateful night when Tarlorn stole the stone from its resting place and fled to the city of Shadowport, purchasing wealth with his honor on a darkened backstreet. The word of his family broken, Varis has sworn yet another oath to the Elf Queen to retrieve the Ithilondo and restore his family's honor. If Tarlorn must be eradicated in the process, so be it.

One Unique Thing: A sacred obligation had been triggered within Varis' blood, and he could now feel the pull of the mysterious elven artifact known as the Ithilondo through the beating of his heart. This allowed him to have a sense of both distance and direction towards his target, but at times he felt infernal forces are were at work disrupting his bond. A gift of this bond was a heightened awareness of things that normally would remain unseen during the moonlit hours, as his soul echoed the missing gemstone's connection to the lunar cycle.

Icon RelationshipsIcon Relationships
The Elf QueenAs one of the only souls alive who were aware of the Ithilondo's true nature, the Elf Queen was understandably very supportive of Varis’ clan. Tension had grown since the treason of Tarlorn but Varis' commitment to the family's sacred duty had mitigated that effect somewhat.Conflicted 1 point
The Prince of ShadowsThis was a relationship of necessity more than anything else. The Prince of Shadows was at best looked at highly suspicious in Varis' homeland. The Icon’s reputation as an information broker was what forced this relationship into being. It was believed that the Prince was not fully aware of the Ithilondo's true power.Positive 1 point
The DiabloistThe Diabolist seemed to be involved in some way with the corrupting of Tarlorn and the disappearance of the Ithilondo. There was suspicion that the stone played a key role in preventing the Diabloist's domination over the world, and Varis' family was in direct opposition to demonkind.Negative 1 point

Bounty Hunter of the Ithilondo tribe- Since his theft there had been a price on the head of Tarlorn. He had so been named Tarlorn the Betrayer, and to regain his family’s honor Tarlorn's son Varis took it upon himself to find both the Ithilondo and his father at any cost. (4 points)

Apprentice Griffon Trainer for the Queen's Special Forces- At a young age Varis was recruited by the Commander of the griffin riders to maintain their stables and care for their needs. Griffins were eccentric creatures and Varis was one of the few who could learn the art, gaining him respect among both the riders and his Queen. (2 point)

Gemstone Hunter for the Queen's Heir-Princess Mirabain was as fair and beautiful as any of the jewels she coveted. She also understood Varis had a talent for finding such gemstones, using his lunar sensitivity to pinpoint the location of other such valuables he was able to provide gifts to the princess far beyond his means. What started out as a favor for the princess soon became something more, despite the Queens disapproval of such things. (5 Points from Ranger tracking Talent)

Sentinel of the Ebonwood Watchtower- The watchtower in Ebonwood was the largest and most strategic of all the watchtowers within the Queens Wood. Only the best rangers have seen the top of it as the only way to approach the tower is to scale the massive trees surrounding it. Many an elf had fallen thinking they were up for the task. The Queen's Rangers watch from Ebonwood Watchtower to protect all the Queens Wood and alert of any approaching danger in advance. (2 points)

Shadow Debt: Varis approached the Prince of Shadows to make a deal for information regarding the Ithilondo. In return for information regarding its whereabouts, Varis agreed to a future favor undisclosed at the time of the agreement. The tip the Prince of Shadows provided has lead him to his current location and it appears the debt he must pay off may be somehow related. He is not sure if he has made the deal with an enemy or friend or if it would all be worth it in the end.

Party Role: Varis is an incredible scout and tracker. He will be able to follow the trail of anything on two or four legs and not be detected in the process, he also knows how to pull his weight if things become more direct.



Stepping away from the site at least until the New Year do to some RL events. Happy gaming until I return and have a great holiday season.

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Character Concept
left-aligned image
Imagine the Musketeer hat
Gentleman Jack Rose, of the Golden Branch of the de la Roses, not that they would prefer to admit it, thank you, but the Silver and Bronze Branches are full of constipated prigs who ... what were we talking about? Anyway! Gentleman Jack Rose - women love him, men want to be him! Theoretically, at least; there have historically been some, erm, hitches in execution. Still, it's true that Jack has many friends, lovers, and associates, and very few enemies who are both a) living and b) not willing to defer their consuming hatred for him if an appropriately-lucrative business case is made. A charming word here, a facilitated discovery of romantic betrayal there, and if he times the tumble just right, well, then at least he's going to fail forward.

The De La Roses are actually the oldest (extant) noble family in the Dragon Empire, having led the fight against the Wizard King. That was the high point before a long, long, LONG slide into irrelevance. The Golden Branch has stayed home, ruling their tiny duchy surprisingly well by living barely better than the peasantry and redirecting most of the surplus income back into internal improvements or rainy day funds. The Dragon Emperor subscribes to the notion that the enduring dynast is the paranoid dynast, but since the De La Roses have never shown any inclination to make hay of their antique and patrician pedigree, they have not been eliminated. Yet.

The Silvers and Bronzes are common enough in the fine courts of Axis, using their paltry incomes from the duchy to finance wild gambling debts and such. The current Duke is Jack's grandfather, his parents having died due to PLOT HOOK. The extended family views Jack as the final step in the clan's long saga of dissipation, but the Old Duke has quietly defended him in steadfast fashion. The emergence of a modicum of magical ability for the first time in centuries is seen as being in very poor taste on Jack’s part, but has been overshadowed by his habit of singing and performing for the public in taverns, which is obviously a far worse transgression.

One Unique Thing: Jack always has one last trick up his sleeve. Unfortunately, these tricks tend to involve jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. If followed, they do take him a step closer to his ultimate goal, but at the cost of personal injury, to his self, finances, or dignity (especially the latter).

Party Role:What crew wouldn't want Gentleman Jack Rose? Why is he halfway out the door? ... ah, scouting. Yes, scouting for danger! And look <THUD> someone just shot a crossbow bolt through his hat! Run awayyyy --- er, yes, to arms!

Icon RelationshipsPrince of Shadows: 1 point, conflicted. The Prince of Shadows certainly likes how Jack rolls! But Jack's misadventures have a subtle and curious internal logic to them ... at the end of the day, although he ends up covered in sewage and out a payday, the criminals have killed each other, the dangerous artifact is back in the Archmage's hands, and if anything the Dragon Empire is strengthened. But for such a series of outrageous contingencies to have been planned in advance and then for them all to have gone off as planned ... no, it couldn't be intentional ... could it?
Dragon Emperor: 1 point, conflicted. Wittingly or not, Jack has been a useful tool to the Empire. The more useful he is, the greater a political threat he makes the De La Rose name, which is still known and carries a great deal of prestige despite the behavior of its bearers. A patrician family fallen on hard times, rebuilding itself through service to the common people, is a dangerous gateway to demagoguery and rebellion.
The Diabolist: 1 point, conflicted. After dissolving a cult cell by deflowering the virgin the night before and causing the ritual to turn against its initiators, Jack was marked for a particularly heinous torture and death. Instead, he showed the Diabolist a rollicking night on the town ... best day off she's had in years! She's still going to torture and kill him - just not yet. Plus, all her senior acolytes keep asking to be assigned to "monitor his activities".

Backgrounds Friends in High and Low Places +3 - Jack spends his days making friends and contacts. As a penniless fop, he has good entrees into both high end salons and low end dives.
Ace in the Hole +3 - Jack frequently loses his home, his possessions, and potentially his ability to walk without a limp. He has acquired the habit of putting his social and property debits and credits into circulation. It takes a bit more effort to climb 4 levels up a chain of social favors owed and redeemed, but at least it's not something that thugs can steal.
Golden Rose +2 - Jack had a proper gentleman's upbringing and imbibed a great deal of knowledge while he snored in front of his tutors. He can ride a horse, fence, write a bawdy sonnet, cheat at gambling, divide a pig as a legal verdict, etc.

Shadow DebtThe Old Duke has ruled for a long time now - with virtue, thrift, strength, and mercy. This has not endeared him to the extended De La Rose clan, particularly the Silver and Bronze branches. The Bronzes, being baser in blood and demeanor, lack the patience to kill slowly with poisons, like the true gentility, and instead turn brashly to blades and bolts. Jack, stumbling across such a plot, was able to arrange for its timely and definitive disruption.

Realizing this might be the tip of the iceberg, he arranged with the Prince of Shadows for the regular interception and duplication of the family's correspondence. This has enabled him to stay on top of plots against his grandfather - along with his regular shipments home of the odd chest of gold or sack of gems, are instructions, bribes, or threats to the relevant parties. Irritatingly, the Prince appears to be aware of the contents, because he always forwards letters with the beginnings of juicy scandals but often withholds ones with their resolution - bastard!

Also, strangely, the Prince never got around to specifying a price for this service...



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right-aligned image
Dull, say 'hi' to your new friends

Thoda Dunadak, 2nd lv Dwarf sorcerer (char sheet)

Miner, survivor, gem & woodcutter, city guard, sailor, cook, dwarf of the world

Useful stats:
Hit Points: 44/44
Recoveries: (2d6+5)8/8
AC: 14Spell Fist talent+2
PD: 15
MD: 12

At will powers/spells:
  • takes some timeRitual casting
  • Oooh prettyDancing lights
  • Crackle crackleGather power
  • Burning hands: +4 vs PD, 1-2 near targets, 1d6+5 dam
  • Chaos bolt: +4 vs PD, 1 near target or far at -2, 1d8+5 random energy damage, if hit is even gain a chaotic benefit
Per battle powers/spells:
  • That your best shot? (racial power, heal when hit using a recovery, half if escal. die <2)
  • Fey heritage (2 battles per day, when rolling initiative): roll d6 and get an elfin power: 1-2 drow cruelty, 3-4 high elf teleport, 5-6 wood elf grace
Recharge powers:
  • Resist energy (16+): me or one ally gains resist 12+ to [cold|fire|lightning|thunder]
  • Lightning fork (16+): +4 vs PD, 3d6+5 dam, chain with nat. even attack roll (even a miss)
Daily powers/spells:
  • Breath of the White (+4 vd PD, 1d2 nearby targets, 3d6+5 damage - 16+ to use each round after the first use in the same battle)
  • Mimic (from familiar): gain the racial power of one nearby ally (without feats)


Icon relationships: yeah, it's... complicatedDwarf King conflicted 1, Elf Queen conflicted 1, Crusader conflicted 1


One Unique Thing: Thoda understands insects and is able to communicate with them (through her familiar, if necessary)

Backgrounds: Thoda really did a lot of things: city guard in Concord, personal tutor (teaching dwarvish) to rich, spoiled brats in Horizon and Eldolan... Anyway, as far as mechanics go we'll settle on these:
  • Deep miner in the Dwarf kingdom +3
  • Cook on a trading ship +2 (but also sailor, since her cooking kinda sucked)
  • Gem carver in Eldolan +3 (but she prefers wood carving, since gems are so dwarven cliché)

Shadow Debt: The agent of the Prince in Eldolan, Zoristar Twoscars, saved her friend Erkat's life. Thoda was herself indebted to Erkat for rescuing her from the Underdark, so she vowed to go to Shadow Port and put herself at the service of the Prince.

Party Role: Thoda can fulfill many roles. She has different skills, can hold herself well in combat, is useful as a scout (thanks to her familiar's abilities) and her ritual casting ability means that, given the time, she can cook up original solutions to many problems.


I have sworn the Oath of Sangus
I graduated with Spankucus at the NPSG Academy
Come over at the Solo Bazaar, have a cozy game!

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right-aligned image
An Unremarkable and Forgettable Smuggler. 'Cept the stub.

Efrym Eojs, 2nd Level Demonblooded Rogue


STR: 8 | CON: 12 | DEX: 15 | INT: 20 | WIS: 8 | CHA: 11
Hit Points: 28/28 | Recoveries: 8/8 (2d8+1)
AC: 14 | PD: 15 | MD: 12




One Unique Thing: Efrym's saliva can turn Poison into Perfume and vice versa. He is not immune to poison, but he can simply pour it into his mouth it, swish it around and spit it back into the bottle. Voila. Perfume. It only works once. So, poison turned perfume by his saliva cannot be returned to it's poisonous beginnings by another swish. Also drinking perfume will surely poison and/or possibly kill Efrym. Final Product: The effectiveness is somewhat random. Most of the perfumes turned poisons are not especially strong but the effect on rare occasions produces a significant toxin. In turn, the perfumes can range from exquisite, to stomach churning skunk musk. CAVEAT

Icon Relationships:
The Diabolist: She embraces the Chaos and the Demonic wildness that has ousted Efrym from his peers since early childhood. He resents his demonic blood and the trouble it has caused him, where she embodies it almost literally. Where pain and chaos are her bedfellows, he seeks to avoid them and when they rear their ugly heads. Lie. Negative 1
The Crusader: Even though he resents his demonic heritage somewhat, the Crusaders view of annihilating Demons and their kind, eradicating them even, doesn't sit well with Efrym. On one hand, he respects the Crusaders "Black and White", "Win at All Costs" dedication to his goals. But overriding this is a very healthy fear of the Crusader's wrath, he wants nothing to do with the icon if he can help it. Probably safer that way. Conflicted 1
The Prince Of Shadows: As Efrym sees it, the Prince (like him) excels at making the most of his opportunities. He plays games with the other icons, screwing up their plans whenever he can and slipping away unnoticed, wealthier than he was before and often, with the blame laid elsewhere. Efrym relishes this philosophy and even fancies himself clever enough to run his own little cons with the Shadow Prince's own agents. Positive 1

A small twin masted smugglers sloop. He sails it alone or with a skeleton crew. It's slow, it's old, and it's unassuming, perfect for smuggling. Unfortunately, it also breaks down A LOT. +3 Captain of "The Cottonmouth.
Efrym's family business and unique talent have exposed him to a wide variety of trade trickery. He has an extensive network of clients and contacts which could just as easily be from a Beauty Salon as an Assassins Guild. +3 2nd Generation Purveyor and Smuggler of Perfumes and Poisons.
Unlike his father Efrym is a more cerebral con man. Where his father relied on old established contacts and flying under the radar, he in turn invents fake persona's and plants false trails everywhere he goes. Often these are small details intended to build rapport with certain guilds or factions for specific reasons and other times just as back story filler. He layers these details whenever he can to reinforce whatever agenda he is currently pushing. +2 Master of the Long Con

Offensive Powers/spells:
At-Will; Melee hit vs AC; and you can pop free from the target.Evasive Strike | At-Will; Melee hit vs AC;If your natural attack roll is even and one of your allies is engaged with the target, you can use your Sneak Attack damage for the roundFlying Blade | At-Will with Momentum and can deal Sneak Attk; Melee hit vs AC; Hit: Normal Dam, Miss: Deal your Sneak Attack damage + damage equal to your levelSure Cut | At-Will; Melee hit vs AC; Always: You gain a +5 bonus to all disengage checks you attempt this turn. You can also move to engage an enemy, make this attack against it, and then use a quick action to attempt to disengage from it (the quick action disengage lets you move again if you succeed).Tumbling Strike | At-Will; Melee hit vs PD; Half of WEAPON + Dexterity damage (including Sneak Attack damage if any), and roll a normal save. If you succeed, you can pickpocket an item from the target that they are not holding. (If you roll 16+, the target doesn't realize you pickpocketed them.) Miss: NoneThief's Strike

Defensive Powers/spells:
At-Will with Momentum; Interrupt action once/rnd; Trigger: A melee attack that targets your AC hits. Result: Take Half DamageRoll With it

You can use your Intelligence in place of your Charisma for any rogue attacks, talents, or powers that use Charisma (e.g. shadow walk and slick feint). You also gain two extra points of backgrounds to spend on knowledge-related backgrounds and gain a +2 bonus to skill checks involving trapsCunning
Against staggered enemies, your crit range with rogue attacks expands by 2.Murderous
You have the Thief background at its full possible bonus of +5, without having to spend your normal background points on it.Thievery

This feat allows you to speak enough arcana, dwarven, elven, gnomish, gnoll, goblin, orcish, and other standard humanoid languages to comprehend enough of what most other humanoids are saying or screaming during battle. You are not fluent in all these languages, no one will mistake you for a native speaker.Linguist
Regardless of your level, you gain the bonus power Thief's Strike in addition to your normal number of powers.Thievery

Saagorski - Viking Cleric, Dungeon Dive

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right-aligned image
Aske Emblar
2nd Level Human Druid


Really, there's not much to him at first glance. He's a big fellow, sure, or he would be it weren't for his habitual slouch. Spends a lot of time looking at his shoes, Aske does. When he does look up, there's not much to see: a beak-like nose, small watery eyes behind thick glasses, a placid...almost empty...smile.

Clothes? Rumpled and ill-fitting, stained by dirt and grass and...is that blood? No, couldn't be. He's got a multitude of pockets, each containing a stone or a piece of string or something he can fiddle with when his hands are idle.

The birds, though, that's the weird bit. They flock to him, perch on his head and his shoulders, chirp and twitter into his ears. Weirdest of all, they don't crap on him. That's just unnatural, dammit.

Does Aske have a personality? Not easy to tell, is it? Mumbles constantly, and always has that foolish smile on his face, as if he's remembering a joke he heard years ago. Even when he's fighting for his life, that smile's still in place. It's unnerving, is what it is. Ask him to do something, and he'll generally do it. Won't ask for so much as a 'thank you', not even if you work him like a mule. He doesn't seem to care, and if you ask him about it he'll just say that one thing's as good as another, that he likes to help. Might even be true. Who can say? He's stubborn, though, stubborn as hell. If he says 'no', there's nothing and nobody that's going to budge him.

There's more to him than that, of course. Takes to discover it, but even so. He's as loyal as he is stubborn, Aske is, and not nearly so stupid as he appears. Not by half. Oh, he's an easy one to underestimate, that's for sure, but that's a terribly stupid mistake to make. Might even be your last, you're not careful.

"It's...hmm...it's a long story, yes. Well not long, no, but not short. A medium story, yes. I was walking, yes, walking down the street. When I heard it. It was a blue-crested...hmm, yes, a blue-crested nightingale. Spectacular, yes, spectacular plumage, very popular for hats, yes. Very rare, yes, very rare indeed. And not happy, no, not happy at all. In a house in a cage, not proper, no. Offered to buy her, very reasonable offer, yes. Very reasonable. Said no, yes, in very insulting manner. Thought to take the bird, but walls too thick, yes, guards too many. Talked it over, yes, talked it over with a pigeon. Very wise pigeon, yes, erudite pigeon. But a man overheard. Hmm, man made an offer, yes. Knew a man, yes, a Prince who could help. Who would help, yes. Nice fellow, yes, but not nice, no. Made a deal, yes, a bargain for the bird. I set it free that night, yes, that very night. Still see it from time to time, yes, still talk. Terrible gossip, that bird, yes. But now, now I owe him a debt, yes. I am told that this is an honor, yes, a great honor."

High Druid: Conflicted (2)
"Hmmm? Oh, yes, well, the High Druid. Don't know him, no, not personally, dear no. Not me, I'm not that sort. But what I've heard, I like, yes. Mother had nothing but praise, nothing but praise. But I, hmmm. I'm not certain that cities are entirely wicked, no. Perhaps a little evil, yes, a little, but not entirely, no. There's still some green here, yes. Still some green, if you know where to look."

Prince of Shadows: Conflicted (1)
"The Prince, hmmm, yes, the Prince. His men, they found me, found me when I needed finding, yes. Did me a favor, yes, and I did one in return. And now? And now, if I'm honest? I don't know who owes what to who, no."

Aske's mother is a tree. This raises certain obvious questions, which Aske will politely but firmly refuse to answer. His maternal heritage becomes most obvious when he is angry, but even when at rest he sometimes has leaves and branches sprouting from odd places.

Child of the Forest (4) -- Quite literally, Aske was raised by an old-growth forest in the far North. This has left him very much at home in the wilderness, and intimately familiar with the flora and fauna that populate it.

"Dumb" Muscle (2) -- Aske is indeed big, and quite strong, and he has very carefully cultivated a reputation as a dull brute. Nothing could be further from the truth, but people are prone to treat him as part of the furniture. He's heard a lot of interesting things that way.

Friends in Very High Places (2) -- Birds are a chatty lot, and Aske Emblar a very good listener. He hears a lot from the birds, and while much of it is little more than trivia or gossip, some of what he learns is very interesting indeed. And some of that is even true.

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Non-player Characters

In the Shadows

Zam Dirrel ~ A Tiefling thief who sometimes speaks for the Prince of Shadows

Lars Redfist ~ A retired assassin who rules a criminal network as the petty king of Valegate Ward

Bartlesby ~ A rhyming midget of undetermined species who runs errands for the Prince of Shadows

Esmeralda and Tiana ~ A duo of exquisite women, wizard and rogue, who were partners in crime to Gentleman Jack Rose until they had a... falling out.

Tarlorn the Betrayer ~ Varis' disgraced father, now at large in Shadow Port where he has pawned off the Elf Queen's priceless Moonstone.

Delicate Jane ~ One of the Masked Delights of the Closed College of Courtesans, an elf lady of surpassing loveliness.

The Golden Axe ~ A legendary champion of the Axis arena, undefeated in a hundred battles and lost at sea.

The Guild of Locksmiths

The Keymaster ~ An oily forgeborn rogue who leads the Guild of Locksmiths. At least 300 years old, late of Glitterhaegen.

Red ~ A dwarf-forged assassin, wanted for crimes against the Dwarf King. Recently captured by the catspaws.

Harmonious First ~ A handmaid forgeborn remodeled by the Keymaster for assassination. Survived the Golden Deer Ambush.

Blunt Razor ~ A sociopathic and unpredictable forgeborn sneak thief. Survived the Golden Deer Ambush.

Smashface ~ One of the Keymaster's huge bodyguards. Unaccounted for since the Golden Deer Ambush.

Dent ~ The other Keymaster bodyguard. Slain by Efrym and Varis at the Golden Deer Ambush.

Clara's Fixerweb

Amanda "Mother Rock" Castillo ~ guardian and the leader of a group of street children, called The Pebbles. She's blonde, beautiful and fat, but moves very ladylike. She likes to indulge herself in life's basic pleasures. She's very protective of her kids.

Giorgio R. R. Money ~ His name is a cross between an Italian fashion mogul and a very slow writer, who loves to kill characters. He's the only living sibling of Angelo Snow's mother. He runs an unnamed boutique at Seam Street, with his family.

The Fabulous Four ~ Local con-women, who regularly act on Valegate's various theaters.

Sexy Beat ~ Real name unknown. Carpenter, smith, engineer, poet.

The High and Mighty

Master Yagis Talley ~ Self-appointed warden of the Latchmound harbor, recently robbed and cuckolded by Gentleman Jack.

Betzabella 'Betts' Talley ~ Master Talley's wife.

Morgan 'the Bloody' Navale ~ Wealthy heir to the Navale estate who likes posing as a pirate lord

Perseas ~ Morgan Navale's elderly and unflappable major domo

Barnacle ~ Head of security at the Navale manor, a dwarf sea dog who sailed with Morgan's grandmother.

Flynbul ~ Gnome groundskeeper of the Navale estate, a drunk

Lady Tilly Carelia ~ a shewd matron of Cite Crescent with ties to the imperial court.

Lady Janelle Bozar-Simtar ~ Buxom younger wife to Lord Bozar

Lord Bryant 'Curly' Bozar ~ a ruthless crime lord turned 'respectable' noble.

Articus Windle of Horizon ~ a dwarf archeologist who found the Winter Seal for Navale

Factor Penhalligan ~ a rotund human who represents the Bank of Glitterhaegen in Shadow Port.

Lady Peaceheart ~ the wife of a Santa Coran marble mogul, revealed to be an agent of the Lich King.
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