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Jonas Otto Lechner

ultrasmurf Jonas Otto Lechner MechWarrior  
Gender Male Age 23
Height 5'8" Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Brown Eyes Brown

The Story
Summary Young academy graduate of noble background
Description Jonas is a young, charismatic, and impeccably groomed mechwarrior. His bearing and mannerisms suggest an upper crust upbringing of some sort. He has short, dark hair, brown eyes, and a slight but fit build. A long, thin scar is visible on the left side of his neck.
Personality Charismatic, Affable, Polite, Somewhat naive
Home World Skye
History Jonas Otto Lechner is the 4th son (6th child) of Baron Felix Lechner, master of a large agricultural holding in the Lyran Commonwealth. Being far down in the line of succession for his father's title and lands made Jonas a rather unimportant member of a family very focused on advancing its station and fortune.
 He was shipped off at a young age to military school and later the Sanglamore Military Academy on Skye. Somewhat bookish, Jonas did very well academically in both institutions. He saw a military career as a way to outshine his older and more favored siblings and worked hard.
 During his final year at Sanglamore, Jonas became involved in a underground fencing society popular among the upper classmen. If not for significant peer pressure, the physically unimposing Jonas would likely have avoided participating. An accident during a practice match left Jonas badly injured and his hospitalization forced the administration to take official notice of the fencing society's activities. Many cadets were disciplined and the scandal further estranged Jonas from his family. Upon graduation, he decided to strike out on his own and attempt to make a career of being a mercenary mechwarrior.
right-aligned image


Build 4 10+
Reflexes 5 8+
Intuition 6 6+
Learning 4 10+
Charisma 5 8+

Athletic (18-(BLD+REF)) 9
Physical (18-(REF+INT)) 7
Mental (18-(INT+LRN)) 8
Social (18-(INT+CHA)) 7



Skills (Char)Advanced Academy (15) Target BasePoints Added (28)
Administration (Mental) 1 7+ 1
Blade (Athletic) 2 7+ 2
Bureaucracy (Mental) 2 5+ -
Gunnery/Mech (Physical) 3 4+ -
MedTech (Mental) 2 6+ -
Perception (Mental) 1 7+ 1
Piloting/Mech (Physical) 3 4+ -
Protocol (Social) 2 5+ 3
Small Arms (Physical) 1 6+ -
Strategy (Mental) 2 6+ 3
Technician/Mech (Mental) 2 6+ 3


Wealth 1
right-aligned image

Gear and Resources
In Account
C-Bills 5,000
H-Bills 0
Comstar AccountComstar Account
On Person
C-Bills 10
H-Bills 0

Armored Vest 1
Basic Field Kit 1  
Personal Communicator 1  
Medkit 2  
Sword 1  
Auto-Pistol 1  


Velma Phoenix Hawk PXH-1 Medium 45

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