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The Scions of the Amatatsu Clan

Post Player Rosters here.

Use the Player's guide to calculate your relationship with the NPC's and make a secret section that lists your character's relationships.
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right-aligned image
Sweet is the voice of a sister in the season of sorrow. How do people make it through life without a sister? - Ayako Kaijitsu

An epic journey is about to begin in the small town of Sandpoint on the west coast of Varisia. This ordinary town is the home of few adventurers such as Ameiko the bard, Koya the old priestess, Sandru the rogue and Shalelu the huntress. Most of them decided to settle in town after they earned a fair amount of money during their short-lived adventuring days. Most other townfolks are just ordinary people, but some hold a great destiny in their hands that they are about to discover. One of them is Ayako Kaijitsu who has been chosen to be the voice of the gods and ancestors during that journey.

Ameiko is famous in town for her beauty and talents, but few people know much about her younger sibling Ayako Kaijitsu. She is a radiant beauty that inspire dream and envy, the young woman is well known for her gentle and generous heart. She is growing up in the shadow of her big sister that she loves more than anything. There's no competition between them since Ayako is very humble and doesn't desire to be the center of attention and she prefers to support Ameiko to achieve her ambitious goals. The youngest of the Kaijitsu is smaller than her sister, and she has perfect white skin with large blue almond eyes which is unusual for a Tian woman. Her black hairs are like a forest of silk, when they are not tied up properly they stop at her knee, Ameiko always tease her that one day she is going to cut them while Ayako sleeps. Ayako enjoys to wear colorful clothes, she likes light dresses and often wears her late mother Tian Xia kimonos that fit her very well.

The young priestess is very talented with the With the background skills, I will invest in perform.Shamisen and occasionally play with her sister in the Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon tavern where she help her sister to run the business. The Shamisen duo is magnificent, and travelers are frequently visiting their town just to see them play at the tavern. Ayako doesn't like in particular working in the tavern, but without this business she couldn't live comfortably with her sister.

When she is not working at the tavern, Ayako spends most of her time in the wilderness not far from the town, praying and talking to the spirits that are living in each thing. The forest, the river, the stone, the flower, everything is the home of a spirit that can interact with her if she concentrates and pray long enough. She also feels the presence of the gods like Desna that are living in a different plane of existence and guide the mortals from their celestial realms. Ayako feels that she can't give her heart to only one god or spirit, she must respect and love all of them.

Ayako doesn't have a tendency to violence, but she learned soon enough that she lives in a dangerous world and that she needs to be able to defend herself from monsters, bandits and others calamities that are threats to a young woman like her. She is learning basic martial arts from Shandru, her sister best friend, who teach her how to use her old father katana. Ayako like this old sword a lot, her late parents told her that the weapon is in the family since many generations. The young priestess feels a spiritual connection with her ancestors through the blade. The sword is gracious and elegant, learning kata with the weapon is very relaxing for Ayako and help to prepare for her prayers to the spirits and kami. Ameiko doesn't like exotic swords and has more affinity with light weapons, so she decided that her younger sister could inherit the family blade.

left-aligned image

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

Ayako opened her eyes to the spiritual world for the first time when at the age of six she fell in a river during a storm and almost drown. Ayako should had died that day, but a powerful water spirit saved her. At first the creature looked like a squid, but quickly took the form of a handsome muscular man with blue skin. He smiled at the little girl that was struggling for her life and kissed her on the mouth and gave her the ability to breath underwater for a moment. When she reached out the shore, the spirit introduced himself as Ulak, an elemental prince that is living in another world. The spirit spent some time under the rain with her before escorting Ayako home. They met quite often in the following years when Ayako visited the river, and he taught her a lot about the spirits, the elementals and the gods known in her mother tongue as Kami. Ayako tried to introduce Ulak to her friends, but only her could see him. Eventually, the townfolks realized that she spokes to herself frequently and started to think that she was mad. The young girl didn't mind what people thought, over time she developed a strong bound with her elemental prince, at first as a big brother, but with time they became much closer. She spent most of her childhood and teenage life interacting with spirits and didn't have many human friends.

Ameiko and her sister went through a lot of struggles together after their parents met an unfortunate end. They had to live alone together in poverty but always helped each other to survive and keep their morale up. Eventually, Ayako was old enough to take care of herself and Ameiko decided to leave home to do some adventures. This was a shock for the young priestess to be separated from her sister for the first time and be alone in the house. She didn't eat for two days and decided to live in the wild for weeks to be with her spirits friends near the river. Ayako took a lot of maturity during Ameiko absence and finally became an adult. When the bard finally returned from her travels with a decent amount of money she bought the Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon tavern with Ayako. The two sisters worked hard at the tavern and started to make a very decent income, they could finally enjoy some luxury in their life.

Ayako life took a turn when she healed someone for the first time. The townfolks finally realized that she is gifted by the gods and that she was talking to higher beings all that time and not to herself. When Koya Mvashti the cleric of Desna noticed Ayako abilities, she became her mentor about divine powers and the way of the gods. Lately, Koya felt that she doesn't have many years in front of her, and she is treating Ayako as her successor as one of the town healers. The old priestess hopes that she will become a priestess of Desna, but the young priestess wish to devote herself to all the gods and spirits.

Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars.

A young woman is crying on the river bank and starting to walk into the river. Her beauty is unmatched, and even the spirits are intrigued by her grace that can only be matched by her kindness. Her divine body is covered with water and sounds of life surround her. The birds singing in the forest, the river flowing gently, the wind that is blowing, the leaves that are rustling, the frogs that are croaking, the young lady can feel the energy around her that fuel her soul and make her feel part of something greater.

- " Why are you crying? Such a gentle heart shouldn't welcome sorrow. " The manly voice doesn't surprise her, she barely look over her shoulder to see Ulak, Ayako came here to seek the elemental prince comfort. His powerful hands find their ways on her delicate shoulders, she closes her eyes and releases a lot of her worries. - " My sister left town to live grand adventures, and she didn't want me to be part of it. " The spirit massage her shoulders and can't help it to release a small laugh of amusement. - " Ahhhh... " She sighs with elegance. - " This is not funny... Can't you understand my intense feelings? " He kisses her neck from behind and make her shivers. - " You are one of us, you will eventually see the horizon at the end of the ocean and join us in the spirit world as an immortal. Until then, you need to experience a mortal life to free your soul from this flesh. " She smiles and nods. - " I don't understand, but I trust you. Can you take me to the elemental water world again? There's so much wonders to see in your paradise. " His arms find their ways around her body, and he pulls the beautiful human woman under the water, she hears in telepathy. - " As you wish my precious This mean princess in the Tian languagehime ".

BioName: Ayako Kaijitsu
Race: Human (Tian)
Class: Cleric (She will worship the oriental gods and spirits)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Weight: 129 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, very long
Alignment: Lawful Good
Family: Longiku (Dad), Atsuii (Mother), Tsuto (Half-Brother), Ameiko (Older sister), Rokuro (Grandfather)
Primary Role: Divine Caster (Healer), Face
Secondary Role(s): Support (Buff)
Trait: Younger Sibling (Ameiko), Lessons of Chaldira (The spirit help her against danger), Eyes and Ears of the City (The spirits are looking out for her)
Drawback: Attached (Ameiko). This is so perfect for her background.
NPC OpinionsAmeiko: She is Ayako older sister, she loves and worship her a lot. Ayako is blinded by her family values and can't see that her big sister is irreverent and sometimes arrogant to people, but she will defend her in front of people no matter what. They have a very strong and close relationship.

Shalelu: Shalelu is a loner, but Ayako met with her in several occasions in the wild when she was searching for new spirits. They also see each other frequently at the rusty dragon tavern. Ayako doesn't have a relationship with Shalelu, but she respects her a lot as a defender of the town.

Koya: Ayako is learning a lot about her power and healing from Koya. She perceives the old woman as a mentor to improve her skills and understanding of the spiritual world. The old lady treats Ayako as her spiritual daughter and potential successor as the town healer. They have a student/mentor relationship

Shandru: Shandru makes Ayako uncomfortable. The man is quite charming, and Ayako doesn't know how to deal with her attraction for the opposite sex, this strange feeling burning inside her when he smiles and teases her make her anxious. Shandru is her big sister best friend, so she tries to be nice to him and make him feel welcome when he's home or at the tavern. These days Shandru is teaching her how to use a sword and defend herself.

Ayako Helmet Symbol

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left-aligned image

Name: Garen Mylari
Race: Satyr
Class: Unchained Rogue
Age: 24
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Primary Role: Skill Monkey
Secondary Role: Melee

Background: Garen’s mother, Kaelin Mylari, is a kitsune, and in her time was a relatively well-known explorer and adventurer. Never one to put down roots, she traveled far and wide, always searching for the next adventure or untouched ancient ruin to delve into. That is, until she met Terk. He was a satyr, and a very charming one at that. They met in the ruins of a long forgotten temple deep in a forest. Working together, the pair plumbed its depths and unearthed a great treasure. Overjoyed by the find, Kaelin found herself falling in love with the satyr, and the two ended up spending the night together. To her surprise, however, when she awoke, she found that not only was Terk gone, but the treasure as well. Heartbroken and furious at herself for falling for the con artist, Kaelin decided to take some time off from adventuring to refocus.

This time off was extended to a permanent retirement when Kaelin discovered that she was pregnant. She knew that her life was no life for a child, so she settled in Sandport. It took some adjusting, but soon Kaelin found she liked the quiet life, and before she knew it, her previous life as an adventurer seemed like little more than a half-forgotten dream.

As he grew, Garen was fascinated by his mother's stories of her various adventures. He often dreamed of being off on his own journey, facing danger and finding treasure as Kaelin had before him. But as much as he may have thought about it, Garen was never able to work up the will to actually leave home. The truth was, like his mother, he loved the simple life.

For quite a few years now, Garen has worked as a shepherd, tending the flock of a local farmer. He finds joy in the work, as he loves animals, and has always had a way with them. Beyond his job, he enjoys befriending small animals he meets around the town and surrounding countryside, and training them to perform simple tricks. His (super)natural ability to speak to animals comes in handy for this hobby. But still, despite his overall contentment, a large part of him still yearns for adventure, and if the opportunity presents itself, he may just drop everything and pursue it.

Campaign Trait: Childhood Crush (Ameiko)

This takes place about 10 years ago, when Garen was 14. I believe Ameiko is about the same age?Story:
“Wow, that’s amazing, Miss Mylari! What happened next?” young Ameiko’s eyes were intently focused on Kaelin as she told her story, so she didn’t notice that Garen was more focused on her. He always loved spending time with Ameiko, she was the only one in town who loved his mother’s tales as much as he did. But for some reason, something felt different today. Garen wasn’t sure why, this was certainly nothing unusual: he and Ameiko sitting on the floor, listening intently as Kaelin shared some story from her adventuring days. But today, Garen found he just couldn’t focus on his mother, and his gaze kept shifting to the girl sitting next to him.

Has she always been so… pretty? The thought startled him. Ameiko was a friend, he had never thought of her like that before. But looking at her now, he couldn’t deny it: she was beautiful. Her smile, the way her eyes lit up when his mother told of another daring deed, everything about her seemed somehow more appealing than it did yesterday. When Ameiko turned to look at him, he quickly turned away, focusing on Kaelin and hoping she hadn’t noticed him staring. So it seemed he liked her. Not just liked her as a friend anymore, this was something more. Probably a part of growing up, he supposed. The question was, what to do about it? Tell her? Out of the question. She knew about his father, everyone did. How he abandoned his mother and stole her treasure. There’s no way Ameiko would trust a satyr knowing that story. To be honest, Garen wasn’t sure he trusted himself. What if seducing a girl and running off was just instinct for satyrs? Was what he felt really love, or just his satyr mind telling him to ‘claim’ her? No, he decided, he wouldn't do anything. Hopefully the feeling would go away, and he and Ameiko could just be friends.

Reactionary: Years of listening to his mother's tales and acting out his own mock adventures with friends has honed Garen's reaction time.
Animal Friend: Garen's fey nature gives him a special connection to animals.

Unlearned (Nature): Enjoying his simple life, Garen has never had much desire to broaden his knowledge, apart from what he's picked up from his mother's (often exaggerated) stories.

Background Skills: Handle Animal and Profession (shepherd), possibly an occasional splash in Sleight of Hand.

NPC Relationships:

Ameiko: Garen and Ameiko were friends growing up, bonding over his mother’s adventure tales. Over time, his fondness for her grew to love. Due to fear of being rejected, as well as doubt as to his own ability to be a good partner, he has never told her. Due to his feelings, they have drifted apart somewhat over the years, as being around her is uncomfortable for him. 5 (friendly)

Koya: Garen doesn’t know Koya that well, but she is a close friend of his mother. Kaelin made sure he always showed Koya the proper respect, but they’ve never spent much time together. 1 (friendly)

Sandru: Garen finds Sandru somewhat irritating. This is mostly due to the amount of time Sandru spends with Ameiko. Seeing a handsome, charming man hanging around the woman you secretly love is difficult for anyone. Garen’s jealousy has prevented the two from being very close, but he still considers Sandru a friend. 1 (friendly)

Shalelu: Although he doesn’t know her well, Garen greatly admires Shalelu. Whenever she is on town, he seeks her out to hear stories of her latest adventure, although she rarely shares. Still, even if she’s not telling exciting tales, Garen enjoys her company. 1 (friendly)

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right-aligned image

Name: Davex

Race: Satyr

Gender: Male

Class: Ranger (Beastmaster) Inquisitor of Desna

Age: 27

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 175 lbs

Alignment: NG

Primary Role: Scout and Vengeance.

Secondary Role(s): Ranged and Survival

Satyrs represent the luxuriant vital powers of nature. Or at least they’re supposed to. Davex never felt the urge to dance around a fire with nymphs, drinking and fornicating under the moonlit night. Well…no more than your average human man. The trouble was, that as long as Davex could remember, he was alone, left to fend for himself in the wilds outside of Sandpoint. He had a small hovel he called home, and a few animal friends he’d made along the way, a few chickens and a duck, and even an old ewe named Shirley. It was hard living on his own and because of that he rarely had the chance to frolic in the moonlight like those Satyr in all the human myths.
His most prized possession was his bow, which he takes with him everywhere, which he uses to fell game and monsters alike. Davex travels to town about once a fortnight to get some basic supplies and trade things he managed to procure in the forest for luxury items or items he would be unable to make himself. That’s where he first met Shalelu. She was trading some pelts from a hunting trip the same merchant that Davex normally used, and she was magnificent. She was beautiful, and clearly a skilled hunter. Davex speaks to her whenever they are in town together, and after while Davex learned her schedule so they could run into each other in town. Davex hangs on every word she says, every tale she recounts, and if she asked he would follow her into the forest and never turn back, but what would a glorious elf want with a wretched, lonely Satyr like him?

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Name: Sir Silverbolt Chironides
Race: Centaur
Sex: Male
Class: Paladin (Oath of People's Council)
Age: 20
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 2500 lb.
Alignment: LG

The Mendevian Crusaders are renowned for their elite heavy cavalry. These mounted knights are defined by their horsemanship, but even the adept unity of horse and rider is only an imitation of the power and speed of the centaurs. The clack of shod hooves against the trail signals the arrival of the centaur knight. Standing at an imposing 7 feet, with courtly poise and regal bearing, and his powerful frame wreathed in steel plates, Silverbolt looks every part a fierce but noble knight templar. A heavy cloak/blanket shields him from the elements. Barding can be seen beneath the cloak along with brown fur streaked with silver. A golden cross decorates the front of the tabard on his upper torso. Doffing his helm reveals dull blue eyes and brown locks the same shade of his equine fur. His countenance mingles a kind smile with a stern gaze.

Once you get past the initial reaction of seeing a centaur, you notice the perpetual smile in his eyes, characteristic of his indefatigable cheer. His good humor is terribly infectious, & at times downright inspiring. As soon as he opens his mouth, it is obvious that he is among the gentlest, forthright souls you've met; scarcely anything but a kind word is on his lips. This is not to say that he never gets angry or indignant; it just takes a lot for him to do so. Silverbolt always sees the best of a bad situation; it is never hopeless. Often, he also sees the best in others. His cultured mien and manner readily dispels the notion that Silverbolt is some savage brute. Yet, he remains gracious and without airs, his deeds and reputation notwithstanding. Silverbolt is a noble soul guided by his honor. Beyond the fair play that is the wont of knights, he is quick to offer quarter & slow to draw his weapon when words may suffice.

Silverbolt was born in the outskirts of Mendev. His family was certainly well-to-do but, by no means, lavishly wealthy. His sire, a retired soldier, owned a smithy shop where he provided all sorts of metallic wares from simple blacksmithing to fine arms for those still serving in the Mendevian Crusades. Silverbolt was descended from a long line of centaur Crusaders. His sire instilled this tradition in the young colt as a point of pride and a great legacy to live up to. The colt was constantly playing or practicing (they were all the same to him) with sword & lance from the time he could lift one. His sire taught him the way of the sword, not only how to wield it to deadly effect but also how to wield it with honor. When Silverbolt grew into a young stallion and a formidable warrior, he joined the knightly orders to serve in the Crusades like his sire.

Silverbolt fought with distinction, a veritable wrecking ball against fiendish lines. However, the noble cause came to lull after one particularly decisive battle. The latest upstart demon lord was slain, and his hordes put to flight back into the Worldwound. While a hefty garrison remained to watch for new raids or incursions, a new general to rally the unruly hordes was not likely to emerge until many years if not lifetimes. The bulk of their soldiery had to busy themselves with other things. For Silverbolt, he took to the life of a knight errant, wandering the lands seeking for wrongs to right. In the immediate towns surrounding Mendev, he uncovered a number of fiends masquerading in positions of authority and playing tyrants. After dispatching these local despots, the centaur knight continued his travels westward, taking on petty tyrants as he found them, often uncovering fiendish influences of various sort. His wanderings eventually took him into the borders of the Crown of the World. Whispers reached him of a white dragon terrorizing the settlements amid the icy mountain range. It seemed like as noble a quest as any to undertake.


"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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New Character:
Name: Lilith Moonshadow
Race: Lamia
Sex: Female
Class: Sorcerer (Psychic and Divine BloodlinesCrossblooded)
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Lillith is a creature of beauty. Her upper torso is that of a beautiful human woman. The rest of her body is similar to a panther. Her long black hair and green cat like eyes seem to have a beautiful yet predatory feel behind them. She stands about 6' tall with a body length around 8'. Despite her size, she is very lithe and light, weighing around 650 lbs. She wears a darkened mithril mesh under some bits of clothing that seem to offer her decent protection and accompanied by a magnificent mithril shield and magical pack that she uses to carry good in.

Background: WIP - Most recently, she had joined Silverbolts team in hunting the dragon. However, the battle did not go as expected. During the fight, she was entrapped in ice. By the time she managed to escape the imprisonment, the battle had ended, bodies and blood everywhere with Silverbolt nowhere to be seen among the dead.

Stat Block:
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Vagnar Akselson
right-aligned image
Name: Vagnar Akselson
Race: Human (Ulfen)
Age: 26
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 198 lbs.
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: One look at Vagnar betrays his Ulfen heritage to anyone who knows what to look for. He’s tall and muscular, with thick blonde hair that hangs just below his broad shoulders. He has a heavy beard that he will occasionally braid for special occasions. His eyes are an icy blue that often seem set in a stern, focused expression.


Vagnar’s parents, Aksel and Yigrette, are prosperous merchants in the Ulfen city of Kalsgrad. They specialize in trade over the Crown of the World between Avistan and Tian Xia, answering the demand in both lands for “exotic” items from the other.

As a boy, Vagnar was fascinated by the great trade caravans that set out over the Path of Aganhei over the mysterious lands to the north, and begged his father to let him accompany one. For years, Aksel refused, telling his son the journey was much too dangerous, but as he grew older his father recognized the young man’s irrepressible spirit and finally agreed to let him make the trip.

That caravan was guided by Ingvan Froststride, a wise old druid who had led trips along the path for many years. He delighted in young Vagnar’s enthusiasm, and spent both the trip to Minkai and the return to Kalsgrad teaching him about the lands and people of the Crown of the World, as well druidic beliefs and the ways of his goddess Desna, the Queen of the North Star. When they returned, the two went before Aksel with a request: Ingvan would take on Vagnar as his apprentice, further training in him both as a druid and as a guide on the Path of Aganhei. This wasn’t the path the wealthy merchant had envisioned for his son, but he respected Vaganr’s passion and determination and agreed.

Ingvan was a harsh taskmaster, and his training pushed Vagnar to his limit. The Crown of the World is a hard land populated by hard people, and a guide holds the lives of everyone in the caravan in his hands. Vagnar had to learn the many perils of the long journey and how to protect those under his charge from them. To that end, he underwent similarly rigorous training in druidic arts, forming a bound with a young mastodon. After several years and a few more journeys across the Crown, Ingvan deemed the apprenticeship complete and told Vagnar he was ready to guide a caravan on his own.

With recommendations from both his father and former master, getting hired as a guide was not difficult. Vagnar has already led numerous trips without serious incident. His last, however, proved ill fated. On the return from Minkai, an unseasonably strong blizzard struck and took the lives of several of caravan’s members, including many of their guards. Nevertheless, they managed to press on, and had already made in south of the Ulfen fortress of Turvik when diaster stuck. There, in what should have been the safety of the Thanelands, they were set upon by a group of raiders. Most of their guards gone, Vagnar and others fought valiantly but were defeated. Their goods were looted, and Vagnar himself was taken prisoner and locked within the steading of Asvig Longthews, with his mammoth companion held in its stables.

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