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Old Jan 12th, 2016, 07:23 PM
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Read Me First! Rules, what goes where, etc...

Heya! Welcome to the game

The threads:
Characters go here
The all-purpose OOC thread!
This one is for announceing absenses.
The Chronicle will track all manner of useful information about NPCs, loot, XP, etc.
This is for rolling dice.
And that is the one for having fun!

Character sheets:
Use the standart array for stats (15,14,13,12,10,8) and take standard equipment (granted by class + background).
No need to track arrows/rations and equipment weight - it is shopkeeping I do not intend to get bogged down in

General posting rules:
- Keep the PG-13 policy of this site in mind.
- No godmodding (posting actions and reactions for a character which is not yours - it is not cool)
- Give everyone a chance to participate in the RP sections: wait for at least three others to make a post before posting again. This is to ensure that not two players move along the RP all by themselves, just because they happen to be online at the same time
- Speech and thought: you can use bold for speech and italics for thoughts. Feel free to add (easy to read) colors if you like!
- when we are in combat please include something like this at the bottom of your posts:


Optional rules, we'll be using:

Climb Onto a Bigger Creature - Rules to allow a small or medium character to climb onto a “suitably large” opponent. A contested roll (Acrobatics or athletics versus targets acrobatics) is all that is required for the smaller character to climb onto the larger one and start clambering around him as if the larger creature is difficult terrain. Attacks while on a creature have advantage. The larger creature may try to dislodge the smaller creature as an action by making an athletics check contested by the smaller creatures athletics or acrobatics check.

Disarm - You may make an attack roll contested by an opponents Athletics (strength) or Acrobatics (Dexterity). If the attacker wins the contest the defender the attack does no damage, but the defender drops the item. The attacker has disadvantage if the target is holding the item in two hands (Greataxe). The defender has advantage if it's larger than the attacking creature and disadvantage if smaller.

Mark - When a creature makes a melee attack, it may mark it's target. Any opportunity attack against the marked target is done at an advantage and doesn't expend the creatures reaction. You may only make one Opportunity Attack per round.

Overrun - You may attempt to run through a target square once this turn as an action or bonus action. The mover makes a strength check (athletics) versus contested by the opponents strength check (athletics). If the one attempting the overrun is larger than it's opponent, you gain advantage on the check. If you are smaller you are at a disadvantage.

Shove Aside - You may use this to try to shove the target to the side, rather than away. The attacker has disadvantage on it's strength (athletics) check when he does so. If successful you may move the target 5ft to a space within reach.

Tumble - You may try to move through a hostile creatures space as an action or bonus action. You make an acrobatics (dex) check versus the targets acrobatics check (dex). If successful you may move through the hostile creatures space once this turn.

Cleaving Through Creatures. - When a melee attack reduces an undamaged creature to 0 hit points. The attacker chooses another creature within range and if the original attack roll hits then you may apply the remaining damage to it. If the second creature was also undamaged and brought to 0 hit points, repeat this process until there are no creatures within reach or you have used the remaining damage.

Flanking - If you and an ally are on opposite sides of an enemy you and your ally gain advantage on attack rolls.

Hitting Cover - If a creature is providing cover for another and the covered creature is missed but the roll beats the AC of the cover-providing creature, it hits the "cover".

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