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Registry of Chosen Souls (Player Characters)

Post of All Player Characters Here
Posting Status: Apologies! Catching up after another unexpected medical-induced hiatus.
DM:The Forsaken Plane: The Plane of Elder Evils
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Kallev Littleton
right-aligned image

Name: Kallev Littleton
Age: 17
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Female
Class: Sorceress (Celestial Bloodline)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description/Appearance: Kallev is of average size and height, thou she appears a bit pale, weak and frail. She stands at five foot ten and approximately one hundred and ten pounds. She wears a finely crafted light blue/black dress, tailored perfectly to her body. Her long luscious platinum hair flows freely, though at times she pulls it to one side. At her side she wears a long sword, accompanied by a backpack and long composite bow, both of exquisite taste.

Kallev's First Thoughts/Impression
Character Name Kallev speaking her thoughts about each person...
Valtyra (Val) Shunso I view Val as a sister kin even though she is not from the Forsaken Plane. With her recent outburst, she seemed a bit emotional, but I suspect that was caused by the loss of connection to her god. I feel sorry for her as the pain must be intense along with a sense of failure or abandonment, perhaps self pity of wondering what she did to deserve such a fate. If we have time later, I wonder when a good time to speak about the gods in this land might be. Perhaps once she learns a little, she might be able to call out too one of them and see if they can reach further, out to this god she calls Torak. Although I am not a practitioner or well versed in religion, I did study it a little and will wait for a good time to approach her.
Kilara Night Now there's a woman to follow behind if your a caster like me. With her heritage and specialty for killing demons, I'm sure she could make short work of other baddies that might be out to harm us. Though I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, I'm sure she would be a fun companion to be around, if one could gain her trust.
Brooklyn "Rook" Requiem I'm not sure where to begin with him. I can appreciate the tattoo art, but fail to understand the beauty of the odd piercing locations. Suppose there is an art there too that I am not familiar with. He says he's an investigator, thats great, but what is a scientist? I know of professions like alchemists, arcanist, priestess etc... That must be some unique name from where he is from for something. He seems like an "OK" guy so far, time will tell.
Dennis Crispin Dennis seems like a very nice, educated and sincere man who's seen many years. Although I wonder why or how he developed his stuttering, could it have been some adverse effect from his potion making? I find him a very interesting person and would like to get to know him better.
Akadis Stormhal I think he's the only other native of the group. He is also a practitioner of the arcane as well, thats just awesome. The only practitioners I knew before today were my own family members. He has a rare talent indeed and also some interesting tattoo's. I can't wait to see him use his art, perhaps we could share knowledge and learn a thing or two from each other.
Ephram Du'chaine Ephram is a man with a sense of purpose and not afraid to step up to ask questions. He seems to be some type of knight or bounty hunter. I like his focused personality and find him attractive, but he has a long way to go if he thinks he can compare to Leiv. Of course I would only blush and refrain from mention anything if asked.
Alexis Lightbringer This guy just scares me outright. I don't know if he is human or something else. But I do know I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark ally when he's having a bad day. Heck, I wouldn't want to see him in a bad mood anywhere. I'll be sure to stay on his good side. If he is as good as he looks mean, then I have faith the group could overcome difficult battles. He's the kind of man I would put right in front of the one you want dispatched the most.
Raven Ah, now there's a woman with a bit of style. Conservative, yet sexy and mysterious all at once. Shadows seem to follow her around, but thats OK. You never know what can happen in the dark. Can't really see her face or anything, but she has a nice body and seems to dance well. I can't wait to get to know her better.
Seamus McManion He's skinny, toned, quick on his feet and skilled with the sword. Look out ladies, this guy's also young, tall, dark hair and handsome! Of course if Leiv was here, there might be a challenge going on about now, but it's all good. I can't wait to see how he handles himself in battles.
Kallev Littleton An awesome sorceress whose kind, caring, into fashion and... wait, thats me...

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left-aligned image

Name: Dennis Crispin
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian 1 (Urban Barbarian)/Alchemist 2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Appearance and Personality: A well dressed man, his face is pockmarked with scars won on the street and scars won through experimentation. He is older than most, and his age reflects his experience with the world. He has seen much, yet lusts for more always-his power and ambition is always growing. His third arm he keeps hidden very carefully, in a sling-like strap on the inside of his jacket (left side). Anyone who comes too close or questions the slight bulge he has there is met with a withering stare and a tight lip. To those who meet him, he appears careful and reserved, but back him into a corner and he will viciously defend himself. Stiff-upper-lip sort of chap, he will not tolerate fools lightly and expects those around him to get on with the job quickly and efficiently.

Place of Origin: Daggermark. Dennis grew up on the streets of Daggermark until he had enough of the infighting and wars that almost cost him his hand. Joining the Poisoner's guild, he learnt his alchemical craft there before making his own way once his studies into body transmorphing became too hard to hide.

What aspect of your character attracted the attention of the Dark Powers? That would be the body mutation. Dennis' experimentation and his knowledge that it would be forbidden in his home city has attracted the eye of the Dark powers of the Forsaken Plane.


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left-aligned image

Name: Valtyra (Val) Shunso
Race: Aasimar
Classe: Cleric of Torag, God of the forge, protection and strategy
Alignment: LG
Appearance and Personality:
Val is 6' tall with an average build and weight of 150#. Her hair is light blonde to white and shoulder length. Val's golden eyes easily expose her nature as an Aasimar.
She is kind, loyal and sociable; an extrovert who always states her opinion even when it was not asked for.

Place of Origin: Southern Golarian, Isle of Kortos, City of Absalom, Westgate District

Why was Valtyra chosen by the Forsaken Plane:

PC Version: Once Valtyra figures out where she is, her belief is that some good force, perhaps even Torag himself, has brought her to the Forsaken Plane. Her quest is, as is her life, to war against evil and destructive forces.

Player Version: Perhaps as evil as the Forsaken Plane is, somewhere within the cosmos is a spark of good calling out to save it. Val is the epitome of good, thus why she was chosen.

10-Minute Background
Concept Elements:
  • Valtyra was born and lived her entire life within Absalom.
  • Her life is dedicated to eradicate evil and protecting others.
  • She is selfless and willing to give her own life for her beliefs.
  • Valtyra discovered that she was an Aasimar in her late teens while on a vision quest.
  • It was right after this that she dedicated her life to Torag and began training as a Cleric.
  • She is extroverted and opinionated which sometimes gets her into trouble.
  • When not in service to the Temple of Torag she loves to read and meditate.

PC: Valtyra's goal is to become a high priestess and establish a temple to Torag in Absalom.

Player: I would like to get Val to a minimum of Level 7 and the Prestige Class of TBD.

Known: Her parents bore her out of wedlock but hid it well. If known this would disqualify her to become a Temple Priestess.

Unknown: Besides being unmarried, her mother is a fallen Aasimar and leads a dual life. She appears to be a worthy citizen but is cruel and evil but keeps her corruption well hidden.

Esvele Shunso (Mother): A fallen Aasimar. Although she earnestly loves her daughter, she detests her goodness and would like to change her.

Tai Pisacar (Childhood Friend): From a very early age, Tai lived next door to Val. They played together and went to school together; they were best of friends. When Tai became an adult she moved away and Val has not seen her since.

Barakas Hornraven (Tiefling, Nemesis): Valtyra's first encounter with Barakas was stopping him from robbing and beating a local drunk. Every week it seemed she would have a run-in with the aggressive bully. He ran away from home at the age of 20 and is likely causing trouble wherever he is.

Memories, Mannerisms and Quirks:
Memory: Val's fondest memory is her Vision Quest at age 17. It is when she both discovered her Aasimar bloodline and her calling as a Cleric.

Mannerism: The Cleric is kind and generous, perhaps too much. This has caused many to take advantage of her easily.

Quirk: Compulsively interrupts people to voice her opinion on most any subject.

Quirk: Val easily gets lost in a book and will read for hours on end, often ignoring other tasks.

Initial Sample Post:It was nearly sunset and as usual, Valtyra Shunso was sitting with her back to a large Oak tree, her nose in a tome she had purchased. It was a book on the history of Absalom and she had been reading for several hours. It was her stomach that finally got her attention.

"Did I have lunch?" She said aloud to no one. The answer was no as the Cleric realized she was famished. Marking her place in the book Val stood and looked around. The day was clear and warm with the tall oak providing her shade. Walking the short distance home she waved to her father as she passed him. That man is always working on something she thought to herself.

Inside her abode Val took some cheese, bread and an apple before going to her room. She ate the food greedily before sitting sown on the floor to do her evening meditations. With eyes closed she contemplated her life and relaxed her entire body, opening her minds eye. Her only desire was to obliterate evil and as she contemplated the thought Val heard a deep, boding voice.

“Then you shall”

Valtyra felt an energy flow through her body, an experience she had never had before. Startled she opened her eys and...

“What? Where am I” she said with fear in her voice. Her home was gone, as was the grass, the tress and, well everything! The mature woman stood and looked around at the barren landscape that encircled her. Having no idea what had happened, Val closed and opened her eyes a few times. Was this real? Had she fallen asleep and was dreaming? Taking a dagger that she kept with her, the woman stabbed her own arm.

“Ouch! OK, I am not dreaming” she said aloud as a drop of blood formed. Not knowing what else to do, Val began to evaluate her circumstance. She needed to find out where she was, to find water, food and shelter. Pushing her emotions aside the Aasimar focused on her training and survival skills as she began to walk towards the unknown.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Impressions:

Interaction 4 • Kallev • kaylaraVal liked Kallev from their brief interaction. She was generous, buying the cleric a drink as well as compassionate. She seemed to be the only one in the place that perceived Val's broken countenance. She must also be alert and observant as well. And she gave good hugs.

Interaction 6 • Raven • OneDarknessThe cleric only saw Raven for a fleeting moment as she ran past her to the Loo.

Interaction 7 • Ephram • PopCultureBardVal was taken from her panicked state when Ephram asked about Torag. Did he know him as well? Did he worship him? She inquired of those thing but Ephram seemed double-minded and never answered her. How rude and disappointing.
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Alexis, The Lightbringer
NG Male Shifter Feral Hunter

Personality: Alexis is loyal to a fault and noticeably more prone to issuing his trust than most Shifters. He is generally well-meaning, but a non-existent education growing up has left him with a number of yawning voids where common knowledge should be. He is every bit a Shifter, however: tough, adaptable, and dependable. Although inarticulate on his own, he is quick to form bonds with those he serves besides, and he gives himself over quite willingly to an instinctive pack mentality.

Alexis is comfortable with violence, because it is what he has known for the vast majority of his life. Peace-time matters leave him feeling ill-at-ease and anxious. He would rather be doing something physical instead of nothing. While of generally buoyant spirits, Alexis can quickly become gloomy if he is pushed to be introspective. He craves companionship in a way that can occasionally seem desperate.

Origin: Graywall Arena, Znir, Eberron

Chosen: Alexis is the light in the dark. No matter the depth of shadow or the crush of darkness, the light is there for those who wish to find it. Alexis is a challenge and a herald-- he is an icon that the Forsaken Plane desires, for he is a light that cannot be easily quenched. Death is a simple matter, and one easily accomplished. Yet, the Forsaken Plane is dawn to challenges, and pushing Alexis to the edge of hope and into the abyss of despair is nothing less than the great struggle it desires.

Core Concepts
•Alexis is a slave gladiator, thrown into the pits to fight and die for the amusement of others. He has fought and survived for many years. He has made as many gamblers wealthy as he has bankrupted.

•Alexis is never beyond hope. Despite the threat of a violent, gruesome death hounding his daily life, Alexis is able to find both the simple pleasures of life as well as the light at the end of the tunnel. He has a knack for finding the best in the worst situations, and he believes that despair is a worse fate than death.

•Friends come quickly to Alexis. Open, gregarious, and often affable, it has been a tremendous sadness that most of his friends will inevitably die-- many by his own hands. He remembers most of them fondly and often. He is pleased to be the one to bear the burden of having murdered his friends; their spirits can rest easier for that, he believes.

•Alexis will fight to the death to protect his friends and family. He was captured by gnolls at a young age when he chose to save his younger sibling instead of flee. He values his life, but he values the lives of others more.

•Alexis no longer fears death, but he will not be content to meet it under anything but his terms. To die in a violent battle is expected of him. To meet death stupidly or by giving anything less than his best is anathema.

•Alexis has many goals, most of which are quite easily achieved. For example, he wants to write down the name of every friend he has had to kill, so that someone else can know that they lived. He wants to dine on a meal of fine food and drink. He wants to have friends, so that he can have happy memories before he dies. He wants to spend a night with a woman who cares about him more than him just being a slave. In so many words, Alexis wants to live, not just survive. A surname would also be nice.

•Alexis is inspired, in many ways, by the Slayer Oath. He is so sure that he can die at any moment that he has forgotten what it even means to live. Seeing him forced into a position where he must alter this perception of himself and his surroundings is what I want to see to push him into very dark corners. To him, all he has is his death. What happens when he truly realizes that he has more that can be taken?

•Alexis doesn't remember the exchange, but he agreed to be sent to the Forsaken Plane, though he had no idea what it was at the time. He occasionally experiences half-remembered dreams of a conversation with a Shadow. He doesn't believe that he would have ever had a good reason to make a deal with something like that; he dismisses the dreams as just that. Still, he occasionally wonders what could possibly I know. tempt him into a deal.

•Alexis has been growing sicker since coming to this place. His muscles ache more every morning, and his vision occasionally swims between chromatic and monochromatic; he hears whispers at the edge of hearing, and every sleep he wakes from feels one step closer to not waking at all. He assumes that he is dying, however, this “sickness” has yet to meaningfully affect him-- it does not hamper his ability to fight or survive; it usually strikes in times of tedium, when he has little physical activity to occupy his mind. The idea that he might die to a simple disease terrifies him, and he refuses to speak of his condition for fear that giving it voice will make it real.

•Since emerging on the Forsaken Plane, Alexis has been busy. As a former-gladiator of no mean skill, he endeared himself to a traveler being stalked by hungry predators. Gabrielle Heradin identified himself as a merchant of many wares! Although in truth he is little more than a snake-oil salesman, he proved himself appreciative enough to Alexis to gift him with a fine, Read: old cow leathergenuine royal-ambrosia-bullhide greatcoat. For whatever reason, Gabrielle has yet to try to pull any cons on Alexis, and Alexis has made a friend and got a fine coat out of the deal. All for the low price of killing some hungry wolves. Also, he got dinner!

Alexis ought not to be allowed to name thingsMs. Snugglekins is a large wolf spider that sometimes follows around Alexis and occasionally brings him cocooned and organ-liquified presents. Alexis first found Snugglekins when she was the size of a small dog; he fed her a small or, more accurately, a small canine-like creature that was too stringy to properly eatdog. While not exactly inseparable, the now horse-sized arachnid has clearly taken a liking to Alexis. Luckily, he isn't arachnophobic. Anyone unfortunate enough to be with Alexis when Ms. Snugglekins is around has it pointed out to them that she got her name because she really likes getting hugs.

•Kelles is an awakened giant vampire bat with a grudge against Alexis. For a modest monetary fee, Alexis slew her offspring with steel and flame at the behest of a village she had been preying upon. She escaped the flames and the former-gladiator's weapons, and now she eagerly plots her revenge against the hero-apparent.

•Alexis is quite thick-skinned, literally and figuratively, and he is keen to forthrightness and blunt honesty. He is quite capable of issuing offense without intent, for it takes great effort to leave him feeling offended. A life of pit-fighting has done little to provide him with any sense of decorum, and his sense of fashion would frighten even the most resilient courtiers.

•Alexis is not very smart, but he is by no means slow. One of the few things that can get under his skin is treating him like a brainless savage. His issue isn't in his intellectual capacity, but in the fact that gnoll slavers are not very big on offering a well-rounded education. Teach him something, and he will remember it. Treat him like a brainless fool, and he might not step in front of the next arrow aimed at you.

•Seriously, don't let him pick out his own clothing if you want to ever be seen with him. You will never be respected. You will never be invited to fancy parties. The simple notion that you are associated with him will be enough to disbar you from everything but the lowest of social circles. He's an absolute delight at those fancy parties, though! Just make sure that you pick out his clothes for the occasion. Your reputation will be dragged through the most vile of feces if you don't.

RP Sample
The sunlight burned his eyes. Why did it burn? It had never done that to him before. Where was the noise; had he gone deaf? The cheers, the jeers, and the howls for blood, death, and more blood were conspicuously absent. The burning in his eyes faded, and Alexis observed the place he was standing in. It was not Graywall Arena. It was not even an arena. It was an empty glade, surrounded by tall, dense trees. Immediately to his rear was a small cave-- more of a rocky hole in the ground, really, which he had emerged from.

He sniffed at the air. Foreign scents assaulted his brain, and his memory turned over and over again trying to place them. He failed. This place was not Znir, either. Which meant he was where? Dead? He lifted his hand to his mouth and bit it hard enough to draw blood. Pain. Probably not dead. Probably. So how had he gotten here? Alexis thought back. He didn't have amnesia, apparently; he remembered most of his life. But his recent memories are... fuzzy. Like a peach. Like every time he tries to grasp them, they tickle him, and he can't hold onto them and laugh at the same time.

Magic, probably. This wasn't some wizard's illusion magic, though. It was too real for that. Those illusions always had a flaw, a weakness to findig the way out. Hunh. Maybe this was just a really good one, then. Or it was something else. Could a Wizard have sent him somewhere else entirely? It certainly wasn't against the rules, but it did seem like an awful lot of effort over simply killing your opponent.

He stretched. By all the gods and their holy whores, that felt good. Being free of his fetters felt nice. He also felt the familiar weight of arms and armor. How had he forgotten those? No matter. If this was a wizard's illusion, he probably didn't have time to escape it bfore his throat would be slit. If it wasn't... then it still didn't bring him any closer to understanding where he was standing or how he go t there. Alexis shrugged. He knew that he wasn't smart enough to figure this out on his own. He had to assume that this place was real until proven otherwise.

The idea of it being a cheap trick brought a scowl to his face. There were ar better ways to die than having your throat slit while your consciousness was somewhere else. He had to try and get out, just in case. Best way to do that was to test its limits. He spent a moment securing his few poor-quality belongings. Then he picked a direction and started moving in it. At first, he jogged his way to the treeline, then he moved slowly, but surely. The terrain was unfamiliar and broken. Turning an ankle could prove as deadly as missing a parry, so rushing seemed like a poor move.

Until he heard screaming. Long and drawn out. Terrified. It lacked the stutters and pitch of someone being actively harmed-- or eaten-- but that probably wasn't far off. Then he heard the wolf howls. Ah. That was a troubling bit of news. Alexis wasn't sure if he could fight off a whole pack of wolves, but even if he couldn't, attempting to save that poor sodding soul who is about to be eaten isn't a bad way to go out.

Trusting his instinct more than his eyes, Alexis broke into a full sprint over the broken ground, heading toward the sounds of inevitable bloodshed.

First Impressions
Dennis "Well, I'd be lying if I didn't say that you were a touch on the strange side, but you're a good friend-in-making, I think. That wine doesn't suit you. We need to get you more of something stronger-- wait. Wait. Don't you alcha-people already drink a lot? Huh. Here I thought that more ale might get you to lose that pinky-thing you do when you drink your wine. Alexis requires better plan."
Ephram "You are too much like a spear, friend-knight. Too pointy and direct. Alexis knows nothing of this man you hunt. But Alexis enjoys hunting for a challenge. If you say this man-prey is a challenge, then I have deal for you: Let us stay the night here. Find you a good ale and a better lay, then Alexis will help you hunt for man-prey in the morning. Is good plan, Alexis thinks. Need make sure you not forget about good parts of life-living, yes?"
Kallev Littleton "Alexis thinks that you are very pretty woman, but also very noisy. You move-talk like you are always in charge, but you look too clean to know what it means to be a leader-of-men. Words are pretty and lost in the battle-sounds. Actions are louder; actions are always heard. You are too clean to have stood in battle. Fighting is messy. Dirty. Leading is messier, dirtier. Guiltier. If you know not these things, then you are just noise. If you do, then wear your dirty-dresses, and I might be willing to listen to you."
Raven "It is hard to be lost when home is with you. This was taught to Alexis by necessity. You should ask yourself what makes you look for home-behind instead of home-ahead. Maybe you are away from home because it no longer holds-owns what made it your home. Now, unless you have a worthy challenge to fight, I doubt Alexis can be of any help to you unless you wish a drink-friend or a lay."
Val "...Um, who is Torag? I don't like men who make pretty women cry-sad. Would your sadness be improved if Alexis broke Torag's kneecaps?"
Not dead. Which is a significant improvement over how I've felt for the past two months. Nurgle is a . . . very unpleasant fellow.
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left-aligned image

Human, Female, Twenties, Lawful Neutral
On path towards ShadowdancerInquisitor of Dou-Bral/Zon-Kuthon

"I've lived in darkness a long time. Over the years my eyes adjusted, until the dark became my world and I could see.

Appearance and Personality
Whether she is part of the darkness or it a part of her is immaterial for she embraces it and is where she finds herself truly free, for there is no judgement in the dark as the light which seeks out flaws making them plain for all to see is denied. She stays tightly clothed and even in layers if possible exposing only her face which can been seen to varying degrees depending on the amount of light she is exposed too, now and then small portions of raven black hair escape her hooded cowl and when she lays back the cowl it is often exposed as short cut a little above the shoulders but straight as can be. Pale skin, blue eyes and reddish lips all stand in stark contrast against each other but not other features can be seen about her except for her build which is very much that of a dancer lithe, long and graceful.

Why was she taken...
Being a tortured soul with many dark events in her life that she has managed to survive and still find some moments of joy is probably a minor miracle in itself, but the moments of rage, fear and anger mean there is still a chance for her to slip across to the other end of the spectrum and they wanted a front row seat to watch it happen and delight in tormenting her further.

Place of Origin: Absalom, City at the Center of the World

Character Concept, Background

Concept Elements
  • She is horribly burned and scarred over almost her entire body stopping just below the neck, taking great pains for them not to be seen.
  • She spent many years in the care of a temple of Shelyn never seeing the light of day
  • Dancing is a form of release for her whether its fear, stress or joy and he movements mimic such emotions.
  • She believes that Dou-Bral is a part of Zon-Kuthon and that by following aspects of both one day Dou-Bral might once again gain control.
  • She still has fears over fire and those who use it in a combative way and depending on the user and threat to her it can invoke violent tendencies or just simply fear.

  • As a player I have always wanted to try out a shadowdancer from my 3.0/3.5 days and never did, so hopefully she makes it to that point.
  • Somehow discover some sign that Dou-Bral knows she exists.

  • Her burns and scarring are a result of life of slavery and abuse of her master whatever company he kept over the years, though she denies to any of who ask about nothing anything of her history before the temple.
  • Her birth was arranged and purchased by her old master, though she was raised away from his house till she had reached the age of twelve.

  • Master, resents the loss of her after those many years of waiting and despite the years of abuse feels he is owed more.
  • Sister Treble, the priestess of Shelyn who found her on the temple grounds that night has been the closest thing to family she has experienced and is more like an older sister.
  • Sway Stokes, the only other initiate at the same time she was at the temple, she is boisterous and pretty and perhaps what Raven could have been and who frequently attempted to drag Raven out of her shell.

Memories, Mannerisms and Quirks
  • Raven frequently has nightmares, sometimes short sometimes long enough to wake her from her sleep where she relieves her abuse.
  • Raven instinctively shies away from open flame, hot metal, burning coals or the like.
  • Raven is obsessed about staying covered as much as humanly possible for she fears her wounds are too horrendous for others to see, so she is constantly checking to see that she is covered.

Initial Sample Post - still a WIP
She woke with a sudden intake of breath like that of someone gasping there last, her skin was slick with sweat and she could feel the burning sensation all over her skin as if the flames were licking her very skin at this moment, and yet it passed quickly as she realized she was still within the safety of her temple cell safely in the darkness with no sign of the Master in sight. She relaxed back in her bed as she caught her breath, taking deep breaths she could feel the beat of her heart slowing back into its normal rhythm and the her muscles relaxed one more in cool darkness. Finally she swung her legs off the side of the bed and by the barest amount of light that snuck past the heavy fabric over the small window and from the hallway beyond the door she made her way to the small wardrobe along the opposite wall and proceeded to clothe herself in her blueish black form fitting attire before attaching the hood cowl that she left pushed back. Before kneeling in the darkest cornor of her cell facing a wooden stand where she made her heartfelt devotions to Dou-Bral for the grace of darkness which within she ultimately found peace, by all accounts an odd activity within the walls of a temple of Shelyn but given Shelyn's devotion to her lost brother maybe not so much.

"Dou-Bral, the beauty within the darkness, help guide me this day that I might through your love find relief from my pain and experience joy once again through your movements...." Raven continued through her service in a quiet voice, grateful in its tone without a doubt and calm despite having not long ago having woken in fresh pain and agony. Once done she reached a gloved hand out to gently lift the spiked chain from where it hung upon the worn wooded stand, though it was more a tool of Zon-Kuthon than Dou-Bral it was the dominate facet of the two and it felt comfortable within her hand. It was at that moment that she became aware of the mists swirling about the room where there had never been any before and she felt panic as she thought of smoke and fire before the mists obscured all vision and she became lost within in them.

Then there was nothingness, only mist, and her initial fears of fire evaporated as there was no smell of smoke or burning just mists that obscured her vision in every direction, it was incredibly disorienting until she closed her eyes shutting out the mist and acting like it was simply the darkness of night that surrounded her instead. Moving blindly in what felt like a forward direction she begun to wonder if she was not still in a dream for if she had still been in the temple cell she would have walked into a wall by now but she seemed to be able to walk far past where the wall should have been and she came to a stop when she felt the slight give of ground beneath her feet and opened her eyes to find herself on the edge of a forest looking down over a village by the side of a river with a castle overlooking it all. "I don't understand......what is this place and how did I get here?"

Her question was meaningless in the face that there was nobody around in sight to answer her question, and she still was not entirely sure if she was awake or in some powerful dream but if it was a dream it was more intense than any she had ever experienced before. "I am not going to find any answers standing here."

Walking away from the forest's edge she approached the town below wondering what she would find.

Character Name Raven's thoughts
Valtyra (Val) Shunso "While she is lost without her connection to Torag, it is not something that can not be overcome for Dou-Bral does not speak and the connection is weak but it is enough to know he is there. Torag is a god of protection and a true believer of him would have the qualities of a faithful defender and protector of Good. Over time she could be a friend and at the least I can count on her not to betray me."
Kallev Littleton "A woman with some power and is from this place, she has been friendly so far and shows signs of leadership which will be necessary if we are to work together. Something about her draws me closer to her like a moth to a flame, but does flame guide or burn is a question I will discover."
Kilara Night "Kilara feels like a kindred spirit in many subtle ways, including her difficulties trusting others and men due to events in her past, the way she hides her appearance from those who might judge her, yes I suspect we might have a few things in common."
Brooklyn "Rook" Requiem "Seems a bit off, not the type I would usually be close with though there is nothing obviously wrong with him and is more of a feeling I have. If I had to place my finger upon it, it might be the slenderman he seeks who is a being of darkness that stole his wife from him, would he sacrifice me to gain back his wife I would suspect so."
Dennis Crispin "Another odd man, with scars and defects that suggest he had some issues of his own in the past that I might be able to relate too. He stutters when he speaks and is a bit stand offish which gives him a bit of a nervous quality, which doesn't make me feel like I need to worry about him."
Akadis Stormhal "Almost devoid of color with pale skin, eyes and hair it is hard to truly focus upon him but that might be what gives him some interest. He seems almost scholarly or has spent a lot of time with books, as he doesn't seem all that comfortable in a social settings, not a bad thing but it makes him harder to read."
Ephram Du'chaine "Young man, seems bit brash and bold which could be useful but being bold with the wrong people can bring down hardship as well. He has some strength about him and likely has some skill with a blade meaning he could be useful to have around, if he is truly a knight than I would want to know more about the codes he follows or allegiances he has given."
Alexis Lightbringer "He seems more animal than man though that is not necessarily a bad thing as an animal is more predictable, he looks strong and fast and I would guess is a better than decent warrior should he get into a fight. Average intelligence at best, but given what i have learned of him that should not be surprising, his life for a long while has been about fighting and books or intelligent conversation was probably let aside for a rainy day."
Seamus "There is something about Seamus that is intimidating, the way he moves and stalks like a predator about the room that makes him look like he is on the verge of imminent action. While I don't think I could be alone with in the company of others he would be useful."
Posting Status: Posting is slower than usual, less free time, bear with me.
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Basic InfoName: Mirianna Loskom
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Witch
Alignment: Neutral Good

Origins / Why she was Chosen

~~Another time, another place~~

Lost to the annals of time ~ nothing more than a footnote in history there was a village on the borders of the Mushfens. There was nothing notable, or distinguishable about this village, and indeed, situated as it was in the proverbial back end of nowhere and lost in the dreary marshlands that comprised the southern half of Varisia. At least, it would have been indistinguishable had it not been for what was to unfold. There was, on one stormy night, a girl born to a peasant family on the summer solstice. This girl, named Mirianna, was the apple of her parents eyes, and the timing of her birth was seen as a good omen for the superstitious villagers. It was said that she was a child of fortune, and that her presence would ensure that their crops would grow, and that the people would be prosperous.

Yet, good reader, this is a tale of anything but.

Deep within the Mushfens there was said to be a witch. This witch had lived for countless hundreds of years. Legends held that every hundredth year, the witch would come and take an innocent from the villagers. It was said that the witch would feast on the innocent to prolong her own life and her youth. Although none alive had ever seen this witch, legends and rumours persisted of her unearthly beauty ~ a beauty that was stolen from her victims.

The truth of the witch was even more disturbing.

The witch had lived amongst the villagers unknown for many, many years. And whilst she did indeed feast upon the blood of her victims to prolong her own life, she went one step further than that. Using powerful illusory magicks, this witch, this Lady of Masks, stole their very identity and became the person she had killed. And thus as she maintained the guise of the person who's identity and life she had snatched, when it came time for her to feed once more, she discarded her illusion, killed another, and stole another identity. The villagers were often puzzled as to how and why one of their own suddenly disappeared without a trace, but they were unsuspecting of the dreadful truth hidden inside their midst.

The Lady of Masks eyes settled on Mirianna, and from that day forth, the babe's fate was sealed. And as the years went by, as the babe grew into a beautiful young woman, the Lady of Masks watched and waited, as a spider eyeing their prey from the center of their web.

But what the Lady of Masks did not know, and could not know, was that Mirianna was indeed blessed. That one of the gods in the skies far above had noticed the girl, and had divined her fate. Mirianna started to receive prophetic warnings in the form of nightmares about her fate. At first, the girl passed the visions off as nothing more than the musings of an overactive imagination, but as the days continued to go by and the nightmares remained, she began to wonder whether there was something more to them ~ seeing as she did her death at the hands of a withered old crone each and every night.

And as the days continued to pass, as she unwittingly came closer and closer to the time of her appointed death, Mirianna became aware of something watching her from the corner of her eyes. Although she could not see who it was that spied on her so, her suspicions became aroused. One day, whilst seeing to her appointed chores, Mirianna was accosted by a dark, shadowy stranger.

The stranger whispered to her that her time drew near and that she would need protection if she was to survive. He placed something in her hand and told her that when the end came, she was to wish all her fears away, and that if she did so she would be safe. The stranger fled, and looking down to her hand, Mirianna was surprised to see a ring there, pressed into the palm of her hand..... She never saw him again.

Two nights later, as the village slept, the Lady came for her. Entering Mirianna's bedchamber, she put her hand over the sleeping girl's mouth and drew a knife. Mirianna woke, and she struggled....kicking the Lady back. And as the terrified Mirianna started to rise, the Lady's hands glowed as she summoned all her might...... Seeing this, Mirianna remembered the stranger's words, wish all your fears away....

But Mirianna did not wish her fears away. As she saw the magicka the witch commanded, Mirianna could think of one thing only......I wish I had your power, then I could drive you away and we would never fear anything ever again....

And she made her wish.

There was an explosion of light, and the witch was gone. Mirianna lay there in her room, alone, breathing heavily. Little did she realise that she had essentially absorbed the witch's power inside of her body, her spell having been interpreted literally. The Lady simply ceased to exist. The magic also had a side effect.....she could remember nothing of what had happened. The ring, the stranger, or the witch, it was all gone. There was another that had noticed the event though.....a power both dark and malignant. And they were intrigued by what they had seen. That night, dark tendrils of mist crept into her room, swirling around her as she twisted and writhed -- victim to terrible nightmares.

When the morning came, Mirianna was gone, absorbed into this forbidden land.
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AureliusName: Dr. Aurelius Aylmer
Races: Elf (envoy variant)
Classes: Alchemist (promethean alchemist & chirurgeon)
Alignment: LG (as a start anyway)

Appearance and Personality: Tall, thin, and clad in a long, formal coat with spectacles, Aurelius' bearing gives the impression of austere academia. However, the smiling twinkle in his eyes hints the kind & generous spirit beneath his stern exterior.

Place of Origin: Aurelius hails from a respected family in Vieland. Before being snatched up by the Forsaken Plane, he was most recently at the University of Lepistadt as a professor and researcher.


Happy Easter!
"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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right-aligned image
Name: Jonathan Rawncer
Race: Aasimar: Archon-Blooded
Class: Bloodrager - Golden Draconic Bloodline (Archetypes: Blood Conduit, Primalist)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Trait: Truth’s agent , Influence
Place of Origin: Forsaken Plane - Baleford: Dementileau Providence

Why chosen by Dark Powers: Rawncer is a man of very strong morals and ethics; The Dark Powers wish to temper and test his merit. His spontaneous mutations cause great inward torment. They are both a very strong tool and a heinous curse if not controlled accordingly, and this is where he is being tested; can he safely wield these commanding powers without going overboard into unnecessary destruction. He feels he is constantly holding back a devil that lives inside himself. In actuality, he might very well be a descendant of a great Lord, and a descendant of the great Lawful Good, Golden Dragon Bloodline - that he has yet to comprehend. Until then, he must cope with his new and budding abilities, learn to wield them safely, and remain discerning to whom is indeed friend and who is the true foe. His inner raging strength must be kept on a very tight leash as to not cause him to do things he will surely regret.

Personality and Appearance:
His life has not been easy in any respect at all. Growing up in poor towns with crime around every turn, was his normal upbringing. His good looks and striking appearance got him into much trouble from envious people. He was a good boy that cared about the well being of the common folk, and for this reason, bullied to no end by jealous individuals that simply don't understand him. Because of much of this, he is very to himself. His talents, his charisma, his good looks have all got him into many difficult situations; with women and jealous men, competitive military rivals, and corrupt magistrate and authority figures. He is said to be wise beyond his years; predicting outcomes accurately, a good judge of character, not being fooled very easily, diplomatic talents, and a gracious demeanor, all round out his ‘old soul’ personality. Standoffish is a common description of Jonathan also. Reluctance to get involved or even to take prominent positions in fear of others tearing him down, fear of taking on too many poignant responsibilities, are all common personal outlooks in his self image. Although, he is a gentleman when he feels safe to open up. He has a good heart in the end. He has maintained his morals and ethics that were cemented from a very young age, seemingly from birth. The “Golden Boy” was a nickname given to Jonathan that lingered throughout much of his life. He accepts the title with humility and a sense of hidden pride.

His job as a supernatural investigator is difficult. He is confronted with dark and ugly situations on a routine basis, as are the hazards of the job. He feels like he must fulfill his duty to the best of his ability - with no choice of the contrary. He needs to do his part - to strive to unravel the evil powers. He believes he has a gift, a gift to stand in the midst of sheer darkness…. And to hold his ground, where others would have surely faltered.

His most terrifying fear is the internal and psychological snap that takes hold of him when he sees injustice or evil acts done to good people. A great beast brims inside of him, that rages out of control sometimes. He constantly fears that he may go too far and kill innocent people. To sum it up, he has this unrelenting, burning desire to rid the world of evil-- without unfortunately killing everyone insight first…

Background Narrative - Extra Material (entirely optional).

10 Minute Background

Writing Sample:
The baby screams its little head off in the corner of the room, as Rawncer stands there stern and defiant, eyeing down the gangling and skulking creature. He has finally cornered and confronted the perpetrator that has been behind the numerous child kidnappings of the township Hofstra. The creature displays across its charred and oily face, a long and sinister grin of carelessness and recklessness, clearly un-intimidated by the human inquisitor that stands strongly before it. Rawncer has cornered a Black Forest Demon in one of the villager’s homes at the very early hours of the morning. The creature stands very tall, almost touching the ceiling, bearing hairy and mangled talons as hands, animal horse-like legs and hooves as feet. Its chest is slashed and scarred numerous times with what looks to be self inflicted wounds, and his hideous face is crossed with human features, but protruding with an animal’s snout, long and curled goat horns, and deep black eyes of an endless abyss. The baby’s mother behind Rawncer cries and screams, "Please, PLEASE Johnathan, don’t let it hurt my baby!!" The creature snivels and sneers with the most sinister voice imaginable as it scolds Rawncer in an abyssal tongue. But before it can even utter its words, --"I don’t want to hear your words of darkness you servant of the evil powers!!!" -Rawncer cuts the creature off prematurely. "I am here to bring you to your end. Your time is up demon! I will not let you continue your demonic deeds."

The beast doesn't understand the inquisitor’s words, but recognizes his tone and emotions. It lumbers forward closer to Rawncer, but the inquisitor reprimands him further, this time, unfortunately, with more of a shaky and nervous inflection in his voice. He knows that his brooding emotions within are bubbling violently, reaching that terrifying threshold he does not want to cross, "Beast, disappear now!! Leave this realm!! Or your being-- will be undone!" He doesn’t want to go any further than this. He's worried. He hopes the creature will heed his words. His heart begins to race and the heat from his blood begins to swell, coursing down into his hands and up into his face. Rawncer trembles now openly, furiously holding back his brooding sensations to burst into rage with the uncooperative monster.

The demon lets out a commanding wail at the top of its lungs in sheer defiance and retaliation against the small human--spurring Rawncer to advance on him without the slightest disregard.

That’s it! He’s lost it! Rawncer, being finally triggered by the demon’s threatening scream, cracks with thunder and rushes him with arms spread open, wielding gigantic golden-scaly dragon claws that have just been released from restraint. The furious inquisitor collides with the demon, rending his great claws left and right, tearing and mangling at its body, spewing black blood across the room and demonic flesh shedding in pieces around the floor. It only takes one moment of collision and the demon is down and deformed on the ground, lifeless and bubbling with internal fluids. The fight is over instantly. This demon is simply no match.

Rawncer, in a crouched position still enthralled with passion, turns his gaze to the collection of town’s people that stand in the doorway behind him. His face has begun to take shape of a reptile, and his eyes burn bright with a color of golden fire. In Draconic words, he barks at the bystanders to flee from the scene before he turns on them. The villagers don’t understand the Draconic words. Rawncer rises to his feet and advances on them with rage in his eyes, doing his very best to contain himself-- his inner beast wanting to continue its rampage so desperately. Yep, The villagers understand now!! No doubt about it. They bolt out of the room instantly, leaving Rawncer to contort down onto his knees, suppressing his frenzied emotions, while his fury slowly dissipates--breathing and panting heavily, and eventually falling unconscious in a fetal position for the next few moments.
"All that is gold does not glitter/not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither/deep roots are not reached by the Frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken/a light in the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken/the crownless again shall be King."

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Subaru Litner – The Free Fox
left-aligned image
Name: Subaru Litner

Race: Kitsune (Superior Shapeshifter trait)

Class: Bard (Masked Performer archetype)

Alignment: True Neutral (Subaru) / Chaotic Good (The Free Fox)

Appearance and Personality: It would be very hard to conflate Subaru Litner and the Free Fox with one-another. While Subaru is a light-tanned young man in his late 20s with a head of messy black hair and almost unsettlingly-bright blue eyes that are usually found cast down in a book or else just a warm drink that he always seems to have on him, the Free Fox is a good five inches taller than Subaru, sporting a shocking bright-red mane of hair with his true face hidden behind a grinning white fox mask that oddly manages to not muffle or obscure either his banter or songs. Clothing-wise, Subaru prefers dark muted colours and often hides his face in the hood of a long cloak while the Free Fox dresses in long robes in the manner that a tradition-bound true Kitsune would…Only his are often decorated in garish colours and designs.

Place of Origin: Sigil – The City of Doors

Character Concept: 10-Minute Character Background:

Step 1 – Background and Character Concepts

1) Neither of Subaru’s parents were native to Sigil – the two Kitsune were originally a pair of cat-burglars from Neverwinter who, while escaping from a heist one night, ran through what appeared to be an abandoned building in the warehouse district that turned out to be a portal leading straight to Sigil.

2) Subaru managed to avoid falling into the same bad habits as his parents, despite Sigil’s nature making it very tempting, and he worked as an innkeeper before drawing the attention of the Dark Powers. He still has most of these skills and prides himself on being both a decent cook, as well as being able to make a bed faster than most people.

3) It was while working as an innkeeper that he met Wilsa Everheart, a dhampir bard who often performed for the guests on nights when they were particularly full. The pair seemed to be an odd match, the quiet dutiful innkeep and the vivacious, spontaneous bard who enjoyed her free drinks a little too much but the pair developed a friendship after Wilsa discovered that Subaru had a beautiful natural singing voice and attempted to get him to join in on her act though the chronically-shy innkeep initially refused. It was only after two months of badgering that Subaru finally agreed to let her teach him how to sing, having decided it wasn’t something that would take up too much of his time and besides, he had grown quite fond of the young dhampir in the intervening time and saw there being no downside to spending more time with her. With that, he began slowly learning the ropes of singing from Wilsa, and slowly began climbing out of his shell.

4) The pair’s relationship blossomed into love after Subaru finally worked up the nerve to perform to the crowded inn one night (and then only after several drinks of encouragement from Wilsa) and sang a rather cheesy love song to her that he himself had composed, which rewarded him with an equally-drunken kiss from the target of his affections and a muttered “I was thinking you’d never get around to saying it…”

5) What followed was a whirlwind romance and the pair eloped in the middle of the night after a last rousing performance at the old inn where they had met. They became a pair of traveling musicians, roaming the planes with no goal other than bringing a bit of musical joy to those who needed it. Sometimes it was a struggle, with food or money occasionally hard to come by, but the two had each other and felt that was all that they needed. Even though he had forsaken stability (or the closest the Planes had to it) Subaru had never felt happier, and from the moment Wilsa announced she was expecting their child, it was said his songs and melodies could bring even the most downtrodden to smile.

6) Alas, it was not to be for too long. Several months after they found out that they were to be parents, Wilsa and Subaru were walking through the street of Curst when a thick mist started enveloping them. Despite having been holding hands with each other, the mist seemingly pulled them apart and Subaru’s panicked yells were answered with Wilsa’s own, though they grew softer and softer until it felt like he was only screaming into the white wall in front of him. When the mist finally cleared, Subaru found himself not in Curst, but in the fields outside an unknown town, the smoke and bustling noise of the city replaced by a deathly-quiet hiss. Subaru took a step forward, his foot kicking a small object and he bent down to find that it was Wilsa’s mask, the grinning white fox she used when they did a comedic performance, mirroring the brown bear that he used. Stooping to pick it up, Subaru felt the bright flame of hope and happiness that had burnt inside of him dim slightly, before he steeled himself – he would find his way back to her, to their child.

Step 2 – Goals

1) Subaru wants to get back to his own world – he doesn’t know how, or why, but anything else is of a secondary concern to him.

2) Whisper-whisper…

Step 3 – Secrets

1) Wilsa herself was not left stranded in Curst – she was brought to the Forsaken Plane, just as her husband was. Both are trying to find their way home, not knowing that the other is on the same plane.

2) The night before they ran away, Subaru stole all the money and a good amount of the very expensive alcohol from the inn, reasoning that he had been a good person all this time, and it would only be this one time, to give them a start on their new life. He’d never told Wilsa where the money came from, as despite her flightiness and occasional lax respect for the law, she despised thieves.

Step 4 – Characters of Note

Wilsa Everheart
left-aligned image

Subaru's first and if he had his way, only love. A dhampir native of Sigil, she started performing at the same inn that Subaru worked at by complete chance, having gotten lost on the way to another engagement and ending up at the inn that happened to need an entertainer for that night. She'd later say that it was Fate that she'd gotten lost that night to end up at the same place as her eventual husband. Wilsa's vivacious, loud and utterly-incorrigible behaviour drew her more than her fair share of admirers but her eyes had been on the quiet innkeep since the begininng. That being said, she's fiercely protective of those she cares about and will do anything to keep herself and her new family safe.

Step 5 - Mannerism and quirks

1) Subaru’s personality is the usually completely opposite to his alter ego – while the Free Fox is loud, gregarious, companionable, friendly and an incorrigible flirt, Subaru keeps mostly to himself and says comparatively few words unless he gets to know someone very well. Once he is out of his shell, he does show flashes of the Fox’s personality from time to time with a snarky remark or a joke, though he never lifts his voice above its even tone.

2) The Free Fox has a habit of treating his instruments as if they were real thinking, feeling things and often makes them a part of his act, via both his Animate Tools spell, or if more varied, theatrical movements are needed, he will subtly use Mage Hand to manipulate them.

Step 6 – Why were you chosen?

Subaru was an interesting contradiction - the child of thieves, with all the cunning, dexterity and charisma to take what he wanted, whether it was through theft or honeyed words, but he did none of those things, subjecting himself to a mundane, almost boring job in order to not break the law. That, combined with how bright and optimistic he was after meeting Wilsa and learning of his impending fatherhood, the Dark Powers decided to conduct a small experiment: Take away everything that makes the perfect criminal, the perfect conman, the perfect assassin, a good, happy person. Bend him, break him, extinguish the flame that burns and put him in a world that would welcome him, would tempt him with dark powers...See if a good man remains good when you take away everything he cares for.
Country's currently on lockdown due to COVID-19 but still working away - posting to be sporadic at times. Please NPC my characters where needed so I don't hold anyone up :)
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Application: Luminara Starshimmer
right-aligned image
Name: Princess Luminara Starshimmer

Race: Human

Class: Summoner (Synthesist archetype)

Alignment: CG

Appearance: Lulu is a fairly ordinary young girl - at least she never thought of herself as anything special. She always lagged behind her peers in height, and physical development in general, often causing her to be mistaken for younger than she is - a misconception her softly rounded cherubic face and her wide, guileless eyes do little to dispel. When not merged with her Eidolon, Lulu dresses very simply, in a common peasant dress made of plain cloth that typically carries a layer of dirt on its hem, and heavy boots far too big for her that give her a somewhat clownish appearance. There is a brightness to her smile that can be infectious, though.

When she merges with her Eidolon, all of that changes: she no longer looks anything like a simple peasant farmgirl. Instead Princess Luminara Starshimmer appears as a tall, robust warrior encased in ornate, golden, glowing, magical armor. All her bumbling clumsiness is suddenly replaced by majestic grace and power, and her typically unruly hair grows longer, and yet manages to stay out of her way far better than when she is “just herself.”

Personality: Lulu is ever the bright and cheerful optimist, who prefers to see the best in others and views strangers as simply friends she hasn’t met yet. She sees the world as a fundamentally good place full of good people and can’t quite bring herself to believe that anyone could ever knowingly and intentionally be “evil” without reason, which makes her more interested in figuring out what causes some people to behave badly (since there must be a reason, right?) and sees beating people up as a last (though sometimes necessary) resort.

Place of Origin: Lulu is definitely not native to the Forsaken Plane. However, I don’t actually know enough about Golarion lore to say where she’d be from (somehow all of the Pathfinder games I’ve played have been set in home-brew worlds. Is it okay to say she’s from a home-brew place, or should I go do some research on Golarion?


"He looked to the Kender for wisdom. If there was one thing she was good for, it was pearls of wisdom. Wisdom buried beneath twelve hours of stories about obscure relatives."

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Hadesh "The Apprentice"Race: Orc
Class: Trapper Ranger 5/Living Monolith 2
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: Hadesh was born to the bow, his broad shoulders, thick waist, and trunk like limbs give him the strength to draw back his horn bow and unleash hell on any foolish enough to break his master's law before closing the distance and using the claw bestowed upon him by his master to complete his mission.

Personality: There are two aspects to Hadesh presented by his two faces. When his face is bared to the world or he only has a sand mask covering the bottom of his face he is sociable, gentle, funny, and kind. His laugh is infectious and booms across the dunes at the simplest of provocation and it seems there is always a gentle smile on his face.

The second aspect of Hadesh is the uncompromising iron edge of his Master's will, represented by the magically hardened porcelain mask in the form of his Master's guise. Master Idaxis the androsphinx had bestowed the Ka stone to Hadesh years ago and with it the mighty sphinx had showed him his past, a thousand of his futures, and in so doing had shown him his purpose with this life. That purpose was, when needed, to enforce the laws of Idraxis and execute his will. Idraxis has only imposed one law, to not initiate harm against another, for which there was only one punishment, death. Idraxis trusted Hadesh to make a judgment call if the punishment was beyond the scope of the crime but in the desert mercy was too often foolishness.

Place of origin: Hadesh is from a remote stretch of the Osirian desert ruled over by a mighty androsphinx named Idraxis.


Sample post: Hadesh had been hunting the bandits for well over a week, he should still be firmly within his Master's lands in the dunes of the Osirian desert but instead he was thigh deep in a fetid swamp that had five less crocodiles and one less anaconda than when he had first entered.

His mask served as well to keep mosquitos from going after the sensitive tissue around his eyes and nose but the constant moisture had forced him to carry his clothes draped on his shoulders, the light silks were perfect for the dry heat of the sands but tried to meld with his skin in the moist swamp air. The occasional broken twig told him he was going in the right direction but he wanted solid ground to confirm the footprints were still that of his quarry and not some random boar cracking it's way through the swamp.

As the sun was setting Hadesh got his wish, the swamp opened up into more solid moorland and, sure enough, the boots he was following were the same and, as fate would have it, led straight to a cottage mysteriously alone in the swamp. When The Apprentice got close he noticed that the tracks continued away from the cottage, it appeared no one had given umbrage to the killers which certainly spoke to the owners wisdom.

Hadesh removed his mask and hung it from his belt before he knocked on the door, hoping to borrow a brush to scrub the grime from his flesh before continuing on his way. He was greeted by a wizened old woman with a mischievous grin upon her withered face. "I knew you would be coming. Come in my boy come in. Now that the last member of the tea party has arrived let's get this underway!"

To say Hadesh was confused would be an understatement but he had been greeted by Idraxis in much the same way, though without mention of a tea party. He followed the woman down a corridor be could swear was too large to fit in the hut, especially after the first full minute of walking, before the woman took a right and walked through the wall, dragging him with her.

The room he now found himself was thick with fog but she walked him confidently to a well worn but heavily padded chair before bodily shoving him into it and putting a cup of tea in his hand. "Drink up boy, gotta meet the others." And, for reasons beyond Hadesh's understanding, he drank the tea and promptly fell asleep.

He awoke back in the room but the fog was gone and now there where five others sitting in similar chairs arranged in a loose circle. An elf sat to his left with what appeared to be four humans completing the circle. "Where are we?"

The elf raised a hand at a student at a lecture, or perhaps like a professor trying to draw the attention of the class. "Let's think logically. Those of us outside of yourself were gathered into a room by a kindly old woman and invited to tea, I know I for one fell asleep, an odd feeling for an elf, and now we are all in a room much the same as where we slept and you have joined my companions and I so I must posit that this kindly old woman is a witch who had reason to bring us all together, perhaps you are here to assist us or, conversely, we are here to assist you. So who are you and why are you in this hut?" Hadesh sat in thought for a moment and couldn't help but agree with the academic elf. "My name is Hadesh, apprentice and enactor of justice for Master Idraxis of the Temple of the Dunes. I am here because bandits slaughtered a caravan in my Master's lands and I must bring them to justice. I should still be in Osirian so I must assume they set a portal somewhere in the path that I somehow went through without detecting it. I find it hard to believe but it's the only possibility." The academic tapped his chin and nodded thoughtfully.

"I can take over from here Doctor." A pale and slender human spoke up from opposite the circle, her skin and hair nearly glowing in the dim light. "You arent on your home plane anymore, or really in your home planar system really. To avoid getting into a very difficult to explain situation you are in the Forsaken Lands and I can promise you those bandits didnt choose to come here." "Thank you, I suppose that makes as much sense as me stumbling through a portal. Though it does raise many questions to be asked later." "Happy to answer any time." Hadesh ruminated over the new information for a time before he nodded at the gathered group. "So why are you all here?" The handsome human fielded the question, his oddly dour countenance betraying little of his thoughts in the matter. "We are, one and all, being tested. Now to find what is to test you may be added to the list." Hadesh smiled at the group, his tusks jutting up above his lip prominently. "Well Master Idraxis says I am a terrible test taker, hope I can prove him wrong on this one." The big orc howled with laughter from the look on the faces of those gathered, this was going to be a fun hunt indeed.
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