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Old Feb 17th, 2016, 02:49 PM
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Faces Only a Mother Could Love

Please post your original applications as well as a link you your completed character sheet.

Editable character sheets can be found here.
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Old Feb 17th, 2016, 09:35 PM
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ApplicationName: Ambrose Ulmeyda
Character Concept: Collecting Author
Family: Eshmaki
Hunger for the Hoard
Legend: Watchful
Life: Shy
Occupation: Novelist
Age: 22

3 Aspirations :
1. Finish his latest novel, Heaven Smile
2. Prepare for his first Hero
3. Find a way to obtain the Dead Sea Scrolls and keep them all to himself.

Description: Ambrose tends to wear business casual attire to maintain some degree of professional look. His head appears to be bald except for the small hairs pushing themselves up and he is very skinny despite his diet and lifestyle.

Biography: Ambrose grew up in Normal, Illinois, he was a fairly quiet and reserved child without too many friends. At night he would be plagued with nightmares of being stalked in a dark forest but with the help of sleeping pills, he managed to make it through his childhood and preadolescence. However as a teenager, the nightmares became progressively more severe until he began writing them down. He submitted his first short story, "The Cloudman", for a school contest and won first prize for his story's "vividly detailed horror".

After that day, Ambrose decided he would suffer for his new found art and stopped taking his sleeping pills. He would endure the terror of his nightmares as they became his muse. He would write nine more short stories throughout his high school career, each one improving on the last as he crafted his art, and at least two of them were published in a local magazine. At the same time, he began to read and collect horror stories and novels. Now Ambrose was always an avid reader but now it seemed like every other week he needed a new book or collection to read and reread through and soon he began seeking out rarer copies and more obscure authors.

Upon graduating from his high school and getting accepted to Heartland Community College, Ambrose decided it was time to begin work on his first novel. That same night, he finally faced the creature which stalked him in the darkness and thus began his Homecoming. He finally embraced his inner Beast and began to understand his nature as an Eshmaki Collector.

Ambrose would get a job at a local retail store to support both his Hunger and his education. For the most part, he was able to sate his Hunger and make it through Heartland before transferring to Illinois State without much incident. His friends and family seemed to grow a little more uneasy around him but he did his best to contain his Begotten nature. After receiving his Bachelor's in English and finishing his first novel, Shades of the Forest, he believed he might have found a way to coexist with his Soul.

That was until he was involved in a car accident which put him in a coma for two weeks. As his body lied unconscious, his Soul grew restless and hungry. Eventually, it began to starve and went on a rampage throughout the Normal area. The Beast gorged itself on the Nightmares of his friends, family, and several strangers. By the time Ambrose awoke, the Beast had already sated itself but had created an atmosphere of paranoia for those around him.

Ambrose then quietly moved away to Philadelphia after getting a publishing deal from a local agent. Now he spends much of his time writing his newest story while searching for the books which sate his Hunger. In particular, he hunts for the rarest copies of horror stories and the oldest and most obscure occult texts. At the same time, he searches for others of his kin as well as stories of his own Beast so that he may learn more of and refine his nature.

While not as popular as the likes of Stephen King, Ambrose maintains a rather sizable legion of loyal, if slightly fringe, fans who enjoy the terrors that emerge from his books. To date, he has written four novels and thirty-three short stories, most of which have garnered a modicum of success as well as a mixture of praise and questions about the mindset of the author.
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Old Feb 17th, 2016, 09:38 PM
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Name : Igor Pavlevich
Character Concept : Hunting Professor
Family : Ugallu
Hunger of Prey
Legend : Watchful
Life : Cautious
Occupation : Law Professor in University of Pennsylvania
Age : 35 years

3 Aspirations :
1. Establishing himself in Philadelphia
2. Fully expanding his own power
3. Becomes Beast Incarnate

Description :
Igor has friendly smiles and serious attire. He is often dress smartly in public. But many of his dress is mute color, making him inconspicuous with his surrounding. He wears glasses for show, but not actually need one.

Biography :
Igor was born in Little Odessa, NYC from parents that immigrated after ousting of Khrushchev. They were part of sleeper cell for KGB, but KGB never use them (or no one never knows about it). Hence, they live peacefully in New York even die there. Igor is only son in their family and his parents are never talked about his family in Russia, so he lost touch with his extended family. His parents died when he was abroad at Russia to finish his degree because of accidents. Their death was another shock for him, but at that time, he has become Beast and not really care about them anymore.

Igor is kind of living American Dream. Well, kind of. At that time, Russian people are not many and they were looked with suspicion as spy in Cold War. However, even from his childhood, Igor knew that he was different from other kids and had quite stern gaze that made other children fearful toward him, hence in most cases, left him alone. Therefore, Igor likes to read or watch others from distance, instead of playing with other children. Thus, learning and observation become natural for him.

Due to his intelligence, he got scholarship to New York University Law School and then works part time to get his Master in University of Pennsylvania. Because of his unique heritage and his intelligence, he got the offer for a position on University of Pennsylvania if he can get PhD. Igor applied for Saint Petersburg State University and took specialty in Criminal Law and Criminology; Executive Criminal Law with exchange agreement between UPenn with SPSU. This contract also bound him to teach in UPenn for at least 5 years.

However, there was a major thing happened in his life. Some Russian mafias were planning to kidnap him, just after his graduation day, and then ask for ransom from "rich American", although he came from Russia just like them. Their kidnap plan was working but when they learnt that Igor just another average joe and not rich businessman, they were furious. While they were discussing what to do with him, he was tied on small and dark room alone. And there he experienced his Devouring.

Igor had plenty nightmares before. But he thought it just another mind trick. When he learnt psychology, he accepted Freud's theory that dream is just matter of ego and id. The deep and dark place within is just another way of your subconscious tell you that you are afraid of your future ahead. The beat of wings' sound is just another noise that disturb your psyche and so on. However, this time was different. He could see His Horror big black bat in above him and then he was pinned on the ground before there are sharp fangs are tearing into his neck. Then all black. He becomes the Beast. With his new power, he made the mobsters obeyed him. Thus, he could get back safely.

Nowadays, Igor is newly arrived professor in Criminal Law Research Group at University of Pennsylvania. He gets the job as his specialty is about Organized Crime. He postulates many factors that made Organized Crime attractive for many minorities. Thus, he has made some friend on Police as source of data and someone in Russian mobster as contact. Igor has really no qualm with mobster, since he knows that this is like tribalism response toward global society. But he wants to keep progressing and maybe someday get a big time success in his field.
STATUS : Not so good... T.T

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Old Feb 17th, 2016, 11:56 PM
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Name: James Henderson
Concept: Rundown Officer
Occupation: SVU Detective
Family: Eshimaki
Hunger: Punishment (Abusives)
Legend: Judgemental
Life: Loyal
Age: 35

3 Aspirations:
To not appear on IAB's radar this month(short term)
To catch the ******* who killed Sara(Short Term)
To use my job long enough to feed so that I can retire. (long term)

Most often seen wearing a dingy shirt that has not has an affair with an iron since he was a bright eyed detective, with a tie that's pattern went out of style some time around when he gave up on appearances. This overweight, haggard, man has the look of someone who as seen too much corruption, too much hate, too much filth.

Born in Chicago, Illinois James was a true blue died in the wool American man with a heart of tarnished gold. Not the best man, not a great man, but never the bad man. He picked fights in school, but mostly with bullies who picked on the weakest kids in class. He always stood up when he was knocked down, and his school history tough public schooling proved one thing that he was resilient.

When he graduated he knew one thing, he wanted to be a police officer and with that in mind he went to the University of Northern Illinois and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. After spending many years as a Homicide Detective he married to Jane Witfield, and for the first year the marriage was a happy one. Some time later though Jane decided that just one man wouldn't do for her especially one as plain as a mere human, she ended up sleeping with quite a few other men while James had remained faithful to her.

About that time he was transferred from Homicide to SVU in Chicago, it was then the nightmares became too much for him, faced with all that horror day in and day out the wickedness of humanity in his heart he screamed out for someone to step in and do something, to save these people to stand up for them. He started not being able to stand up again, and he had so much trouble keeping his footing on his sanity. Homicide was easy, the victim was dead already, he didn't need to face them other than on a slab and promise their ghost a measure of justice. SVU was so much harder because often times his victim was alive, crying, and terrified.

Finally one night he broke he couldn't take it any more, and that's when he realized, when he learned, he was the monster...still haunted by the specter of his divorce, which finalized only months ago he transferred to Philadelphia where this lurking terror hunts for the scum and bottom feeders that both sides of him enjoy taking down. He knows what he is. He's the moral at the end of the story, the wolf that eats the liar. He is the fear of being caught and he enjoys that knowledge. No matter who black, how crap stained things are, and how bad the things that go bump in the night are there are things like him prowling.

Now a member of Philadelphia SVU this haggard detective is ready to feed on the cities human debris. While working his latest case, he ran into a girl named Sara a 12 year old put out on the streets by a dead beat father who drank up his paychecks. When her father realized she had been talking to the detective and that something was after him, he must have killed the girl because she showed up in the morgue soon after. Though her father is currently in solitary, having to take his meals though a straw. Sadly it wasn't until later that Henderson realized one thing, it wasn't the father who killed the girl, and this wasn't that sicko's first kill.
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