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Old 07-06-2005, 11:56 AM
psionic monkey
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yeah there is...
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Old 07-06-2005, 01:36 PM
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Well that's awesome, My country is beyond screwed now :P

So might as well tell some more jokes

first, an oximoron - Military Intelligence :O

second, what did the mother say to micheal jackson at the beach

Get out of my sun (son)!!!
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Old 07-08-2005, 06:43 PM
psionic monkey
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well ok.. its from star wars 3.. but here it goes...
general grievious: you are no match for me, i was trained by count dooku himself!
obi-wan kenobi: what a coincidence, i trained the guy that killed him.
i think it was in the movie.. it was in the book...
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Old 07-11-2005, 03:04 AM
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This is a skit from a bizarre Canadian cable show called 'Truth Horse' about a group of guys trying to produce a Canadian skit comedy show (Follow that?).


That's not a smiley face...that's a police sketch of the man who stole my baby. - Jim Barry
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Old 07-11-2005, 05:59 AM
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Fraking wagons...
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Farland making a Religion Thread. Funny? Any takers? Come on...
Vindicare -
He is like a Sex Pistols concert in an Amish community.
"Oi, whats with all the fraking wagons?"
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Old 07-11-2005, 03:59 PM
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Three men are sitting in a bar laughing and joking among themselves, basically having a good time. Another patron of the bar decided to get in on the fun and walked over to join them, after the introductions he sat down and the fun continued.
When it came to the next round, the newcomer stood up and walked to the bar with the empty glasses. psst, I have a proposition for you the barman leaned in to hear better, I bet, 200 dollars, that I can urinate into a glass from the other end of the bar without a drop hitting the counter the barman looked to the other end of the bar(a good 10' away) and agreed.
The patron lightly jumped from his stool and onto the bar, then proceeded to urinate all over the bar! The barkeep raised his eyebrows incredulously and asked why the man had made the bet. After paying his losses the man whispered I bet those men over there 1000 dollars that i could piss all over your bar and you would be happy about it then with a wink to the dumbstruck barkeep he returned to collect his winnings...

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Old 07-12-2005, 01:39 PM
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family guy episode

compliments of an website, and my vigalince with the copy and paste button

An episode of family guy
Lois Griffin [Singing] "It seems today that all you see
Lois Griffin "is violence in movies and sex on TV
Peter Griffin "But where are those good, old-fashioned values
Peter Griffin "on which we used to rely?
All "Lucky there's a family guy
All "Lucky there's a man who'll positively tell you
All "all the things that make us
Stewie Griffin "laugh 'n' cry
All "He's a family guy"
Mort Goldman On the whole, I enjoy my job as a pharmacist.
Mort Goldman In fact, many of my customers are your mommies and daddies.
Mort Goldman Jimmy Hopkins, your mother had awful postpartum depression after your birth.
Mort Goldman Danielle, your father had very bad hemorrhoids that stung him unmerciful.
Mort Goldman They were awful.
Mort Goldman They were like stinky little balloons.
Mort Goldman I gave him some special ointment and he hurt so bad that he had to apply it in the car with his sock.
Mort Goldman Thank you.
Boy Cool! I want to be a pharmacist!
Boy 2 Yeah!
Teacher Thank you, Mr. Goldman. Our final speaker is Mr. Peter Griffin.
Class [Cheering]
Peter Griffin Hey, kids! You know what I do?
Peter Griffin I work at a toy factory and you know what I do there?
Boy I bet you're a low-level assembly-line guy who stands there all day screwing heads on dolls.
Boy "Is it on straight? I don't know."
Boy [Booing]
Peter Griffin Why, you little snot-nosed...
Teacher Mr. Griffin!
Teacher [Whispering] He plays kickball in the park. Get him there.
Teacher Does anyone have any questions for Mr. Griffin?
Boy Yeah. Can we listen to the claims adjuster again?
Class [Cheering]
Tom Tucker TOM: Welcome back to Quahog 5 News.
Tom Tucker Here's OIlie Williams with the "Blaccuweather" Forecast.
Tom Tucker OIlie?
Ollie Williams It's gonna rain!
Tom Tucker Thanks. Finally, we go live to Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa interviewing a guy from the upcoming Renaissance Faire.
Trishia Takanawa Thanks, Tom.
Trishia Takanawa Sir, for those who aren't familiar with the tradition can you tell us about the Renaissance Faire?
Man Yea. But first, bride of Genghis thou must explainest thy very peculiar electronic wand.
Stewie Griffin Rupert, are you ready to hear our Mad Lib?
Stewie Griffin [Clears throat]
Stewie Griffin "Cinderella had three wicked step watermelons...
Stewie Griffin "...who were very smelly to her.
Stewie Griffin "So, her fairy god toilet turned her pumpkin into a fanny...
Stewie Griffin "...and sent her off to the poop."
Stewie Griffin [Laughing]
Stewie Griffin How ruthlessly absurd!
Lois Griffin Peter, how was your big presentation at Chris' class?
Peter Griffin It was a huge waste of time.
Lois Griffin It couldn't have been that bad.
Peter Griffin It was terrible.
Peter Griffin Everyone else there had an important job and was way more successful than me.
Brian Griffin Come on, you have a great job.
Stewie Griffin Yeah...
Stewie Griffin [Stuttering]
Stewie Griffin You're doing good.
Lois Griffin Peter, if you're not satisfied, then be more assertive.
Lois Griffin Invite Mr. Weed for dinner to show him what you have to offer the company.
Peter Griffin I guess I could. I just hope it goes okay. We've had bad luck with dinner guests.
Peter Griffin Remember when Margot Kidder was here?
Lois Griffin We loved you in the Superman movies. You were just wonderful.
Margot Kidder [Screaming]
Peter Griffin Mr. Weed, I was wondering if you'd like to come over for dinner Friday night.
Peter Griffin That wasn't so hard.
Mr. Weed WEED: Well, what time?
Peter Griffin PETER: I don't know. 7:30, 8:00?
Mr. Weed Fabulous! What shall I bring?
Lois Griffin Peter, calm down. Everything's gonna be fine.
Peter Griffin I hope so. If I blow this, I'll have to go back to my job at the electric company.
Man MAN: D.
Peter Griffin PETER: Ot.
Both Dot.
Man MAN: B.
Peter Griffin PETER: Et.
Man MAN: Bet.
Peter Griffin PETER: Bet. I knew that. Slow down.
Man MAN: P.
Peter Griffin PETER: It.
Man MAN: Pit.
Peter Griffin PETER: Come on. It's my first day.
Man MAN: F.
Peter Griffin PETER: At.
Man MAN: Fat.
Peter Griffin PETER: That's it, buddy!
Peter Griffin [Fighting]
[Doorbell rings]
Peter Griffin That must be him.
Peter Griffin God! I hope I don't get nervous and lose control of the volume of my voice.
Mr. Weed Hello, Peter. How are you?
Peter Griffin [Yelling] Fine!
Peter Griffin [Quietly] Please come in.
Lois Griffin It's so nice to have you over, Mr. Weed.
Mr. Weed Thank you, Mrs. Griffin. I understand that you have a beautiful family.
Lois Griffin We do, but the children won't be joining us for dinner. It's almost their bedtime.
Peter Griffin [BIowing whistle]
Peter Griffin State your names.
Meg Griffin Meg!
Chris Griffin Chris!
Stewie Griffin And I'm Liesl.
Peter Griffin Mr. Weed, the Griffin children would like to say goodnight to you.
[Cheerful instrumental music]
Mr. Weed Who would think a woman with such beauty would have the culinary skills of Emeril Lagasse?
Lois Griffin Thank you. Bam!
Mr. Weed [Laughing]
Lois Griffin Peter, don't you have something to say to Mr. Weed?
Peter Griffin Yeah.
Peter Griffin Mr. Weed, I don't care what the guys at work say.
Peter Griffin I never thought you were an effeminate weirdo.
Brian Griffin So, what kind of a name is Weed?
Mr. Weed They gave it to my grandfather on Ellis Island.
Mr. Weed Our real name was Bermuda Grass.
Mr. Weed Peter, being here with your wonderful family, your beautiful home and your funny, talking dog, well, I'm impressed.
Mr. Weed In fact, starting Monday, I would like to promote you to Head of Toy Development.
Peter Griffin Holy crap! Thanks, Mr. Weed! You won't be sorry.
Peter Griffin Brian, quit it. You're embarrassing me here.
Lois Griffin Peter, Brian's choking! Do the Heimlich maneuver quick!
Mr. Weed [Choking]
Brian Griffin He's dead.
Lois Griffin [Gasping]
Margot Kidder [Screaming]
Margot Kidder I forgot my purse.
Peter Griffin All right, let's not panic. Nobody even knows about this yet.
Death MAN: Police! Random dead-body search!
Peter Griffin My God, Lois! Stall them!
Lois Griffin Peter, what are you doing?
Peter Griffin Just stall them, Lois!
Death [Laughing]
Death DEATH: Got ya! It's just me, Death. I'm here for the body.
Lois Griffin Peter, it's okay. It's just Death.
Peter Griffin Thank God!
Deaths Dog DOG: Did someone choke on a roll in here?
Brian Griffin BRIAN: No. I spit it up.
Tom Tucker Recapping our top story. Doreen, I lost your phone number.
Tom Tucker We met at the Sky Lounge last night. Please call me.
Diane Simmons In other news, toy industrialist Jonathan Weed was found dead in the home of an employee who claims Weed choked on a dinner roll.
Diane Simmons No charges will be filed against the employee but the roll has been taken into custody.
[Somber instrumental music]
Stewie Griffin I'd do her. Do her.
Stewie Griffin Wouldn't do her. Who hasn't done her? Do her.
Stewie Griffin Lose the pigtails and we'll talk.
Stewie Griffin Do her.
Peter Griffin Now, the last man to see Jonathan Weed alive has offered to say a few words.
Peter Griffin Good afternoon, everyone.
Peter Griffin As you know, we of the Christian faith believe that Jesus is not really dead but that he must let the world think that he is dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
Peter Griffin [Peter humming ominous music]
Peter Griffin Anyway, right before he died, Mr. Weed promoted me to Head of Development.
Peter Griffin I've brought my attorney who confirms that this constitutes a verbal contract.
Peter Griffin Isn't that right, Saul? "Yes, sir. Verbal contract." Thank you.
Leonard Hale HALE: Glad to see you all found your way from the cemetery.
Leonard Hale I'm Leonard Hale, Mr. Weed's lawyer.
Leonard Hale We found this tape among Mr. Weed's personal effects with instructions that it be screened immediately after his funeral.
Leonard Hale Enjoy.
Cameraman CAMERAMAN: Good morning. Camera time.
Mr. Weed Turn it off. I don't have my face on yet. I'm ugly.
Cameraman CAMERAMAN: Tell us what you're making there.
Mr. Weed I will tell you. Just a couple of eggs with the peppers leftover from last night.
Mr. Weed [Smirking]
Mr. Weed Okay, playtime is over. Turn it off, monkey. Okay?
Leonard Hale [Clearing throat]
Leonard Hale [Fast-forwarding tape]
Mr. Weed Hello, friends. If you're watching this, I'm dead and I bet you're pretty bummed.
Mr. Weed But I have good news.
Mr. Weed The Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory shall be torn down to make way for the Happy-Go-Lucky Terminal Disease Institute.
Peter Griffin What?
Mr. Weed The demolition will begin in... Now.
Counselor COUNSELOR: We've got your typing test here and the pertinent data about your...
Counselor [Stuttering]
Counselor skills.
Peter Griffin And?
Counselor I got to be honest with you.
Counselor I only have another week and a half here and I have completely checked out.
Peter Griffin Yeah.
Peter Griffin Well, what should I do?
Counselor [Sighs pensively]
Counselor Chef?
Peter Griffin Sorry, we're out of towels. Let me get that for you, sir.
Peter Griffin [BIowing]
Man MAN: I'm supposed to pay $2 for stickers 'cause this guy can't hear? Come on!
Peter Griffin Hey, I might be deaf but I have feelings!
Peter Griffin I mean...
Peter Griffin What?
Meg Griffin Has Dad found a permanent job yet?
Lois Griffin Your father's going through a bit of a career transition.
Lois Griffin He's just sampling a few things, searching for something that fits him just right.
Lois Griffin [Gasping]
Brian Griffin Clearly it's not that tube top.
Peter Griffin Looking for a good time, sweet cheeks?
Lois Griffin Oh, my God!
Lois Griffin Peter, get in the car!
Peter Griffin But it will cost you. What do you want? A Cleveland Steamer?
Lois Griffin I said get in the car! What's a Cleveland Steamer?
Brian Griffin It means that he'Il...
Peter Griffin Be cool.
Peter Griffin PETER: Yes. You go to Maple Street, and then take a left, and then you go...
Peter Griffin Okay, so you want to party or what?
Lois Griffin Get in this car right now!
Simon It's eerie, isn't it?
Simon Like looking into the future.
Rayburn RAYBURN: Forgetful Freddy was so forgetful...
All ALL: How forgetful was he?
Rayburn He was so forgetful, whenever he tried to remember someone's name he drew a blank.
Lois Griffin God! This is all my fault.
Lois Griffin If I hadn't pushed you to invite Mr. Weed to dinner he'd still be alive and you'd still have your job.
Peter Griffin Don't worry. We'll get through this. We just have to scrimp a little.
Peter Griffin Sell some stuff we don't really need. This'll bring in a couple of bucks.
Lois Griffin Listen to me. When we got married, you always talked about your one dream job.
Lois Griffin Remember?
Lois Griffin And you put that dream aside in order to provide for this family.
Peter Griffin Yeah?
Lois Griffin Well, I've saved some money from teaching piano.
Lois Griffin I say this is the perfect time for you to pursue that dream.
Peter Griffin Really?
Lois Griffin Yes!
Peter Griffin You know, since money's getting tight, I was gonna suggest that we eat the kids.
Peter Griffin Jokingly at first, but then I was gonna gauge your reaction and if you were cool with it, we would go from there. This is a much better idea.
Peter Griffin I'm going to do it, Lois. I'm going to realize my dream!
Peter Griffin I'm going to be a Renaissance Faire jouster!
Lois Griffin Peter!
Meg Griffin [Screaming]
Lois Griffin This is so exciting! My little jouster's first day.
Lois Griffin Here's your lunch.
Peter Griffin Thanks, honey.
Peter Griffin Egg salad?
Lois Griffin Have a good time.
Peter Griffin I'll try.
Peter Griffin Hey, Mort.
Mort Goldman God! Don't hurt me!
Mort Goldman Hi, Peter.
Peter Griffin Hey, you gonna be a jouster, too?
Mort Goldman Yes.
Mort Goldman I'm trying to overcome my fear of swords 'cause a man in a pirate suit stabbed me in the ear when I was 5, and then again when I was 30.
Mort Goldman What about you? The same?
Peter Griffin Not really. It kinda all goes back to when I was 18.
Peter Griffin PETER: I was going through that rebellious phase, and hanging out with a bad crowd.
Girl Here, Peter. Try one of these.
Peter Griffin What is it?
Girl It's a cheeseburger.
Kids [Laughing]
Peter Griffin PETER: Now I know it wasn't a cheeseburger but at that time, I was ready to believe anything.
Peter Griffin I didn't know what was going on.
Peter Griffin I wandered around for hours and somehow ended up at the Renaissance Faire.
Peter Griffin PETER: I can fly!
Black Knight KNIGHT: My God!
Peter Griffin [Screaming]
Peter Griffin I was saved by the one and only Black Knight of the Quahog Renaissance Faire.
Black Knight KNIGHT: The path to knighthood is paved with strength and nobility not LSD and sideburns.
Peter Griffin PETER: And from that moment on, I knew someday I wanted to be a knight like him.
Mort Goldman Mercy! I was once addicted to antihistamines.
Mort Goldman I took so many I thought I was Mr. Peanut.
Peter Griffin Yeah, that's a great story, too.
Coach COACH: You all think you got what it takes to be jousters!
Coach If you're gonna joust, you got to want it! Let me hear your war cry!
Mort Goldman [Feeble cry]
Coach Is that the best you got, you pile of crap?
Mort Goldman Yes.
Mort Goldman From an early age, my parents discouraged loud noises!
Coach You know what you are? You're a candy-ass maggot!
Coach You find something funny, maggot?
Man Sir, no, sir!
Coach You love the Middle Ages, don't you?
Man Sir, yes, sir!
Coach The concept of a geocentric universe gets you sexually excited, doesn't it?
Man Sir, yes, sir!
Coach You want to make 16th century mathematician Kepler your [#][#][#][#][#]?
Man Sir, yes, sir!
Black Knight KNIGHT: Welcome, apprentices.
Peter Griffin PETER: It's him.
Coach Look alive, ladies. Allow me to introduce the best of the best the Black Knight himself!
Coach And this is his trophy wench, Maid Madeleine!
[Dinging in each suit of armor]
Mort Goldman Ding.
Peter Griffin PETER: Excuse me, Mr. Black Knight?
Black Knight KNIGHT: I'm busy.
Peter Griffin I just wanted to thank you.
Peter Griffin I don't know if you remember, but when I was a kid you helped me get my life back on the right path.
Black Knight KNIGHT: Damn it. I'm busy, all right?
Peter Griffin PETER: Okay. I'll come back later.
Black Knight KNIGHT: Damn rookies.
Mort Goldman Are all the other men out of the shower yet?
Stewie Griffin STEWIE: Hey, you, porker.
Stewie Griffin I'm calling you a porker and there's nothing you can do about it because I'm protected by my impenetrable cereal-box fort.
Stewie Griffin [Laughing]
Stewie Griffin Hey, you, drunkie.
Stewie Griffin I'm calling you drunkie and there's nothing you can do about it because I'm...
Lois Griffin The toast is ready.
Peter Griffin PETER: I'll get it, Lois.
Peter Griffin There you go.
Lois Griffin Maybe you shouldn't bring your lance to the table.
Peter Griffin If I'm gonna impress the Black Knight, my lance must be with me at all times.
Peter Griffin You guys are gonna be so proud when you see me out on that field.
Peter Griffin Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go practice.
Meg Griffin [Screams]
Meg Griffin Oh, my God! My earring! Dad, stop!
Mort Goldman Two mutton joints, please.
Man Thou wishes to feast on the appendage of a humble ovine.
Peter Griffin Listen, you freak. We don't all watch Frasier, okay? Give me two mutton joints.
Peter Griffin Thank you.
[Romantic instrumental music]
Madeleine 'Tis a glorious afternoon. Wouldst thou not agree?
Peter Griffin Yea, kind shrew.
Peter Griffin I before thee except after C.
Madeleine Wouldst thou take a gander underneath my frock?
Peter Griffin [Stuttering]
Peter Griffin Whatever floats your boat.
Peter Griffin There you go.
Peter Griffin Frickin' perverts.
Black Knight KNIGHT: Madeleine, go wait in the Hyundai!
Black Knight What were you doing with my girl?
Peter Griffin She walks over here and asks me to put a bird in her panties!
Peter Griffin I'm here going, "What the hell."
Mort Goldman God! Peter, play dead! Curl up in an ass ball or something!
Peter Griffin What's the problem, BK?
Black Knight KNIGHT: I don't like you, your face, and I don't like you hanging around my girl!
Black Knight I don't ever want to see you here again!
Peter Griffin Can we see each other outside the Faire? I'm just trying to understand the rules.
Black Knight KNIGHT: If I see you again, I'll kill you.
Peter Griffin PETER: Okay, that's much clearer.
Mort Goldman God! I think I just miscarried!
Lois Griffin What are you doing? I spent hours soldering that costume for you.
Peter Griffin I don't need it anymore, Lois. I quit the team.
Lois Griffin Quit the team?
Lois Griffin You can't quit jousting. The big meet is today, and I thought you were...
Peter Griffin Did you just say "big meet"?
Lois Griffin My God! I did.
Peter & Lois [Laughing]
Peter Griffin We almost missed that one.
Lois Griffin I know. That was a close one.
Lois Griffin But I'm being serious here.
Lois Griffin We were all set to come see you joust today.
Lois Griffin You were so excited to be on the same field as the Black Knight.
Peter Griffin I'm gonna be watching it from the stands because the Black Knight is just a big jerk!
Peter Griffin Just like that guy who fixed our vacuum.
Repairman All fixed. Turns out a half-eaten meatball was clogging up the intake.
Peter Griffin Did you save it?
Repairman No.
Peter Griffin You bastard.
Diane Simmons DIANE: It's an exciting day here at the Renaissance Faire jousting meet.
Diane Simmons Wouldn't you say, Tom?
Tom Tucker I'd say it was perfect if you weren't reminding us of our grandmas' cleavage.
Tom Tucker Let's go live to the field where Black Knight is preparing to challenge his next opponent.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Monks [Chanting popular sports cheer]
Stewie Griffin How're you doing there, big guy?
Stewie Griffin You holding up all right?
Stewie Griffin You want a soda?
Stewie Griffin Screw it. I tried.
Man The Black Knight's next challenger will be Sir Mort Goldman.
Mort Goldman [Grunting]
Mort Goldman MORT: God! I forfeit!
Tom Tucker TOM: That's it, folks.
Tom Tucker It looks like the Black Knight is out of challengers and is undefeated.
Black Knight KNIGHT: What's your fat ass doing here?
Man MAN: He's my only means of conveyance.
Man But I guess I do spoil him.
Black Knight KNIGHT: Clearly you do. And what are you doing here, Griffin?
Black Knight I told you never to show your face here again!
Peter Griffin We're just watching. I don't want any trouble.
Black Knight KNIGHT: You've got trouble if you don't beat it.
Peter Griffin PETER: Listen, buddy...
Black Knight KNIGHT: I said get lost!
Meg Griffin MEG: Where's he going?
Chris Griffin CHRIS: Dad!
Lois Griffin Let him go, kids.
Black Knight KNIGHT: You see that, kids? Your father is nothing but a fizzle!
Peter Griffin PETER: Nobody calls me a fizzle and gets away with it!
[Heroic instrumental music]
Peter Griffin Except that one guy who called me a fizzle and then ran off. He got away with it.
Peter Griffin But most people who call me a fizzle don't get away with it.
Peter Griffin Actually, that guy who did was the only one who ever called me a fizzle.
Peter Griffin After today only half the people who ever called me a fizzle will have gotten away with it.
Tom Tucker It appears a new challenger has entered the field.
Tom Tucker The crowd has fallen deathly ill, silent. Sorry.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
Peter Griffin My God! I'm gonna die!
Tom Tucker To the owner of a yellow Hyundai, your car is being towed.
Black Knight KNIGHT: What?
Peter Griffin I won!
Lois Griffin Peter, that was amazing. You were so brave.
Chris Griffin Nice going, Dad.
Peter Griffin Boy! That was lucky about the car, huh?
Mort Goldman MORT: Take that, you bastard! Nobody makes a fool out of Mort Goldman!
Coach Spectacular performance, maggot!
Coach How would you like to come on the road with us as our lead jouster?
Peter Griffin Thanks, but no thanks, Coach. I've lived my dream.
Peter Griffin And besides, my life is here with my family.
Chris Griffin CHRIS: But what's Dad gonna do for a job?
Lois Griffin It'll be okay, Chris.
Lois Griffin Remember that episode of The Honeymooners when Ralph lost his job but didn't get it back at the show's end?
Peter Griffin PETER: What was up with that? That bugged the crap out of me.
[Medieval theme music]
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What use would any of us possibly have for this?
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Old 07-12-2005, 03:21 PM
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was there a point to this that I missed?

and make quick quick with the point lest I bust out a form flame on you

Last edited by Flragnararch; 07-12-2005 at 03:22 PM.
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Old 07-12-2005, 03:28 PM
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Um... um... I don't get it. Was there some sort of a point or hidden joke in those words?
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Old 07-12-2005, 03:30 PM
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I found it vaguly amusing, but it needed a narration of the scenes. I've seen the episode and I could barely follow it.

(That is all the lines from an episode of family guy, for those of you above who think it is some sort of joke).

Last edited by Ikeren; 07-12-2005 at 03:31 PM.
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Why would anybody in their right minds read this?

It's like watching the show, except a lot choppier, with the jokes making less sense due to lack of visual, and no voice actors or comedic timing.

Why would you post it here? WHYYYYY???
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Old 07-12-2005, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by PandaCommanda
Why would anybody in their right minds read this?

It's like watching the show, except a lot choppier, with the jokes making less sense due to lack of visual, and no voice actors or comedic timing.

Why would you post it here? WHYYYYY???
I quoted Panda Commanda
Vindicare -
He is like a Sex Pistols concert in an Amish community.
"Oi, whats with all the fraking wagons?"
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Old 07-12-2005, 05:53 PM
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Omg. I feel like an idiot. I could never understand what Stewie was saying at the beginning... "Laugh and Cry." That makes alot more sense.
'If you're crippled and you know it, stomp your feet!'
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Old 07-12-2005, 06:02 PM
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Call me a big downer, but can we get rid of this? Its more than a little stupid and has nothing to do with anything, nor is it a particularily funny episode of the show in question - so can we nix the spam or what?
That's not a smiley face...that's a police sketch of the man who stole my baby. - Jim Barry
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