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The Heroes in the Mist

Once you've decided on your character concept, you can post it here.

ArachobiaTheria OrshRangerHumanWaterhavian Noble
GritpipeDanforth PottingerWizardHumanSage
MontageManiacDramoth "Nova"BardTieflingEntertainer
SassafrassSer Jerrof TalmaraynFighterHumanKnight of the Order
SpankucusDesdemona TalmaraynFighter ClericHumanEntertainer

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Danforth Pottinger
Class: Wizard
Race: Human (alternate)
Description: Pottinger is a balding, bearded man in early middle age. He dresses in nondescript travelling clothes but tells everyone within earshot that he is involved in important field research for Margrave University. He constantly makes quick notes and draws diagrams in a leatherbound notebook that is never far from his hand.

Lunn Rognisson Danforth Pottinger

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Ser Jerrof Talmarayn
The Sleeping Wyrm of Immersea
"Age has taken much from me. Glory. Family. Camaraderie. It shall not take honor from me too."

Human (Chondathan)FighterPurple Dragon KnightSuzail, CormyrKnight of the Order
1 2 3 4
I. Background
  • Jerrof was born the second son of the noble Talmarayn family, a retainer clan of the House of Ebonhawk. As such, he was given a choice as a boy: go into the knighthood and serve the Royal Family, or go into the priesthood. He elected the former, with great prejudice, and took to martial combat like a fish to water.
  • At thirteen, he was one of the best trained men of his house, and with such ferocity, began training to become a Purple Dragon Knight. Due to his careful fighting style of shield and sword, he gained the title "The Sleeping Wyrm."
  • At seventeen, as a full-fledged Purple Dragon Knight, he joins the entourage of a cousin of the King of Cormyr, and near Immersea, he and his companions, all brothers and sisters in arms, were ambushed by a troop of Hobgoblins. The prince, Auzreal Thaulgonbane, was knocked off his horse and in threat of death when Jerrof fought ferociously to be by his side, fighting tooth and nail and taking more than a few near-fatal wounds, primarily to his ribs, his right eye, and his left leg. When they pulled the bodies off of the two, Jerrof had spared Auzreal death by Goblinoid, and the two men were healed side by side while the Goblins were hunted down and exterminated. Clear that Jerrof would never recover to become a true Purple Dragon Knight, at least to everyone but he himself, he was given a comfortable position administering justice in Immersea. He always swore to leave one day.
  • The priestess of Tyr who oversaw his recovery was a woman named Ysolde, and though she promised to get him back on his feet, they instead found their way into the bedroom and married quickly, giving birth likewise quickly to a daughter, followed by four sons: Gevayne, Gwevon, Charnace, Reinhardt, and Erendell. Building their own family to be powerful, boisterous, and and well-regarded by the people of Immerea, Jerrof trained each one with a weapon of their choosing, almost getting back to his martial prowess of youth. All but Reinhardt reached adulthood and had children of their own. He does not speak of Reinhardt's passing.
  • At 56, swearing he was going to retire, Jerrof oversaw the trial of a peasant man named Renfeld, accused of killing the livestock and potentially the young daughter of a locals. Sentencing the man to death, Jerrof fell ill not long after, going into a fevered sweat, seeing visions of the living and the death. When he awoke a month later, all but his youngest granddaughter was dead, killed by a wasting virus that seemed only to affect his family. In his visions, he saw the man, Renfeld, taunting him, daring him to follow him into a strange fog. Jerrof awoke, finding his leg strangely painless and his limbs oddly limber, the fat of his old body having wasted off on his deathbed. Convinced these visions were from the gods he condemned, Jerrof swore revenge and to find this Renfeld, whose grave was likewise disturbed in the month leading up to Jerrof's awakening.

II. Goals
  • Jerrof's Goal: Jerrof desperately seeks to find Renfeld and do something about him: find out what he is, destroy him, and seek vengeance for what he perceives to be slights against his family. Those slights, of course, are the deaths of his four children, their spouses, and children, save his granddaughter. This is almost single-minded.
  • My Goal: I want Jerrof, in his Ahab-like obsession to find Renfeld, to find time to actually be honorable and inspirational, as per his Purple Dragon Knight origins. I also want to see him fall, and I want those two sides of him—honor and obsession—to clash very, very hard.

III. Secrets
  • Aware: While the general public believes the wasting sickness killed his family, Jerrof is correct in vehemently believing Renfeld is responsible for the deaths of his family, having some kind of supernatural effect that resembles a disease. He is no vampire, that much is certain, but Jerrof is not knowledgeable on undead.
  • Unaware: Renfeld has much to do with his second youngest son, Reinhardt, in particular his death. While he bears a strange resemblance to his son, Jerrof has never connected the two due to his deep repression of his son's passing, but Renfeld's resemblance to his son is more than passing.

IV. Ties
  • Desdemona (Friendly)-Daughter of his second son, Desdemona is his granddaughter, the only girl of seven. Always sweet but always ferocious, he knew she could do whatever she wanted, but he wanted something more than the martial history of her forefathers. He sought to make her education, cunning, something that he wasn't. He paid for her schooling, even if it was religious. All he did was spare her of the pain of her family's death: it was pure luck that she survived. With Auzreal's help, he sought to have her sent to Marsember and trained there, to continue her studies: perhaps she'll be a War Wizard, or something else. Whatever it is, she's far away, and he's on a journey.
  • Auzreal "Thaulgonbane" (friendly)-The prince, uncle of the current monarch, has long been a friend and companion of Jerrof's: they trained together, and Jerrof fought tooth and nail to save his friend when Hobgoblins attacked outside of Immersea. Shortly thereafter, Auzreal got him an appointment as a justice of the peace in Immersea, and it was there that Jerrof found love and the rest of his life. The two never lost contact and Auzreal, ever a prince, never a monarch, often ran about the country, running military campaigns for the crown and enforcing the Suzail Writ in particular. The two men lived vicariously through one another, and Auzreal even attended the funeral of his family in Jerrof's place. While he does not agree with Jerrof that he should go running off after ghosts, he supports him, and has helped him get back to fighting strength in the meantime.
  • Renfeld (Enemy)-Little is known about Renfeld. They say he was a hermit living near the woods southwest of Immersea, that his neighbors could not rely on him for anything but the creeps. Then, last winter, the livestock started dying, their throats ripped out. Birds died in the middle of the night with no explanation. It came to a head when a young girl went missing, and was found dead in a creek, with hands around her neck. It was suspiciously close to Renfeld's shack, which they broke into. Finding jars of bugs and hanging animal bones and all manner of strange paraphernalia, Renfeld also had one of the girl's shoes. Arrested, he was brought before Jerrof in trial. As everyone expected, Jerrof and his wizard assistance found him guilty and sentenced him to execution by hanging from the neck; Jerrof gained no joy from watching the man with the gravelly voice hang. Three days later, Jerrof fell ill, Renfeld's grave disturbed, and a month later, the Talmarayn family of Immersea was reduced from a plentiful batch to only two. While no one has found Renfeld's body, Jerrof knows—KNOWS—he is somehow still walking about. Not alive, perhaps. But....

V. Quirks
  • Atheist-Jerrof recognizes that the gods have power, and are powerful beings. But he has a very hard time believing they are worthy of worship. Look at the suffering caused by them: the Time of Troubles, the Spellplague, the Sundering, the power of Wild Magic. They are children, capricious and cruel. He has no time for them. As such, Jerrof is a proud atheist, which was a constant point of contention between himself and his priestess wife.
  • A Good Sword Arm-Jerrof respects magic. Jerrof respects the power of gods, but not their authority. Jerrof respects a good fighter. But he cannot respect anything but a good sword in a warrior's hand. He has trained his children in multiple weapons, alongside his wife, but it drove him mad that they did not take up the sword and shield like him. He has, almost jokingly but very seriously, a very serious bias against those who do not use swords. He especially despises daggers as primary weapons, and thinks rapiers are a ridiculous sword. No, not a sword. A metal stick.
  • Amateur Chronicler-While in his sickbed recovering with his one good eye, Jerrof read the histories of Cormyr with a hungry mind, focusing in particular on the Goblin Wars. In the forty years that followed, he devoured the history of Abeir-Toril and became quite knowledgeable in every history of Faerun and sometimes even beyond, in particular Kara-Tur. In private (only his wife knew), Jerrof began a chronicle of his life, focusing on the historical events that touched him. He has not touched the page since the day he met that bastard prisoner from the farms southwest of Immersea.

VI. [Knight, Noble, Knight of the Order, or Soldier]
  • Personality: I'm full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience and my readings relevant to almost every combat situation. The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.
  • Bonds: I will fight for a better world for what family I have left.
  • Ideals: Responsibility. It is my duty to respect the authority of those above me, just as those below me must respect mine. (Lawful)
  • Flaws: My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.

VII. Fears and Hopes
  • Fear-Jerrof fears he will not get revenge on Renfeld for the death of his family. He fears he is deluded somehow, that he is over-exaggerating a very natural function of the world in the form of plague, and that Renfeld is dead or unrelated. He fears that this hunt is madness.
  • Fear-Renfeld fears more than anything that, whatever Renfeld was, his family will rise up and he will be forced to put them down again. He buried them per proper Tyran practice, and left the body in the grave. It could easily rise up.... and gods, what if it does?
  • Hope-Jerrof hopes that his old age and experience will make up for his injuries and former physical frailness as he begins his quest. He has trained many warriors, knows many strategies, and was always a rallying center for his companions. He hopes with knowledge gained from years of reading will help him be more than simply the best fighter on the field.
  • Hope-More than anything, Jerrof hopes to capture the glory that evaded him in youth. Long has he been determined that helping to save the prince robbed him of a lifetime of glory heaped upon his name, and now that he is old, and still has a manner of glory heaped upon his name, he hopes to reverse that. If not for the name recognition, then for himself.
In Repose

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Dramoth "Nova"

Dramoth "Nova"
Neverwinter's Blue Bastard Bard
"I just need a stage, a stool, or an open space. Let me handle the rest. No, you will not be disappointed."

TieflingBardThoughtful LyricistNeverwinterEntertainer
1 2 3
I. Background
  • Nova comes from Neverwinter, where he's witnessed the city slowly rebuild itself over the years in an attempt to once again become a sprawling metropolis it once was. As it currently stands... it's still a work in progress. But Nova has cut his teeth at inns and taverns which border the wharf and docks, the mercantile houses, the elite coffee houses, and even a few noblemen's homes. While his appearance has often garnered derision and insults, people usually shut right up once this Bard starts playing.
  • Nova only knew his mother, Eayola Connor, a tiefling Bard of some reknown in Neverwinter who taught him his craft, but he never knew who his father was and she never told him. Nova assumed his father's interaction with his mother went something along the lines of, "And he was a dashing tiefling scoundrel, who was constantly adventuring, would visit the tavern I played, and despite numerous rebuffs, eventually won my heart over, until he died while protecting the city from a terrible calamity". If it didn't go that way, then Nova was pretty sure he'd gut his old man if he ever met him, since he believes his mother has faced enough hardships in her life than to be abandoned by a man who looks, and apparently acts, like a devil.
  • Nova is a little... different from other Bards. His preferred taste in music brings him as much admiration as it does derision. Oh, he knows the tunes, and the tales. He prefers to focus on ancient heroes and heroines of old, and is an avid reader of historical accounts wherever he may find it. But what he loves to do the most, and has worked very hard to achieve, is alter the sound of his music in such a way as to make it sound alien and foreign. Perhaps its the infernal influence burning in his veins, but he can't help but love the songs of rebellion, frustration, anger, rage, and battle. His musical range will even bring veterans to tears, fire up a crowd of noblemen to start wars, and even quiet a crowd of piss-drunk dock workers who got a little more introspection than they expected. Also, Nova prides himself on putting on a ****ing good show with lights and magical effects. No one can say they don't get their money's worth when Nova plays... especially if they don't pay.
  • Nova has had to keep things light for most of his life and career. When you look like he does, when you play music while growing up in a tough and tumble city, and when you've got one parent who works as a Bard, but people at the tavern think she does more than advertised, you get a lot of flack. He can be self-deprecating, especially when he tries to calm a situation down at a tavern (something most inn keepers appreciate about the tiefling), but his greatest feats come when he can poke fun at someone without them fully knowing whether he's made fun of them or not. Nova's first form of getting even with someone who aims to insult him is to play wit for tat, often at the heckler/bully/rogue's detriment. If that doesn't work, and there's no way for Nova to calm things down at that point, he'll usually start bringing his blade's to the fore in dealing with them. The thing is, not many people get Nova to that point, and those that do? Well... witnesses have stayed mum about those incidents in Neverwinter, and people who know about Nova usually keep to their best behavior. The rumors run rampant... just as Nova likes it.
  • Nova was born with another name, apparently gifted to him by his father: Dramoth. When Nova started to learn his mother's craft, and became more self-learned, he began to resent this "gift" his father gave to him, and decided to name himself. He decided on "Nova" after reading about a crazed Wizard's theory regarding the expansive nature of the realm, and how living on the world as we know it is a small component when compared to other celestial bodies in the night's sky. Other stars, worlds, beings, monsters, etc. It was hard sifting through the bull***t, but the sound of something called a Supernova interested Nova greatly. The idea of something that burned so hot, so bright, but for a very short time made him think of his own mortality, his hopes and aspirations. If he was to go out in blazing glory, popularity, wealth, and renown, and only do it for a short time and slink into obscurity, Nova felt some quiet tranquility in that prospect.

II. Goals
  • Nova's Goal:Nova would love to become so well known, so popular, that he can selective choose what to play and for whom. He wants his craft to come from a place of inspiration and imagination, not from a need to survive, to live, and to forage. The adventurer's life is one he takes to in order to support his craft, but for him it's all about the music, and the perfection it requires.
  • My Goal: As a player, I want Nova to realize how much greater his fate is than he realizes. I don't want him to be "just a bard". There should be something truly magical about his gift that propels him to greatness, that's unique to him, and that warrants the challenges he's had to face.

III. Secrets
  • Aware:Nova has a forbidden love. A noblewoman of Neverwinter, she is the scion of one of the returning gentry to the city of Neverwinter. Her name is Talia Blackridge. He's never shared this knowledge with anyone before. He played for a Noble debutante ball once, not for Talia mind you. Nova prefers a woman of proper age and refinement compared to himself. So while playing for a 16 year old spoiled brats birthday party, he noticed Talia being introduced and walked down the stairway. At 21 (while he was 25), it was unusual for her to be unmarried, but from the rumors he picked up during the party, it would seem suitors did not appreciate the amount of intellect and... judgement she exhibited. She often showed herself to be far superior to any man who was a potential suitor, and thus, rebellious of her family, denied most, or creatively found ways to have them "deny" her of their "own" accord. Nova couldn't have fallen harder.

    From that point on, for years, Nova would find reasons and methods to play at as many events she attended as possible. Eventually, it would appear that she took notice of him (how hard is it to forget a blue tiefling?), and began to request him at events. These were usually the most magical gigs Nova played at, wanting nothing more than to play only for Talia.

    But nothing has come of this love. Nova doesn't believe in casual affairs, or even private intense ones, as other bards might. His passion for his craft extends to what he believes about love. It's pure, honest, and unchanging. If you want it to grow, you covet it, you honor it, you commit to it. Nova could be with any number of women who chase him from tavern to tavern and wish for him to compose a song just for them... but he only has eyes for the one woman in Neverwinter who is likely never to choose him, for he is certainly not nobleborn and her family would never allow their line to be polluted by the taint of tiefling blood.

    But also, Nova knows enough about the world, and enough about the woman, to not push himself onto her. If she were to love him back, he would want it to be because of the music he writes, and the man he is. Not because of any beguiling on his part.
  • Unaware: Nova's father, Rolcius, is in fact a Noble... but one of a lineage of Tieflings that have a very dark past. The House of Khalir, the house of blood. In ancient times, when Tieflings were fresh in their power through making dark deals with Asmodeus and other infernal entities, one house in particular thought to increase their holding and power through further dark bargains. They became a house of tiefling vampires. With infernal blood, and undead mastery, House Khalir cut a bloody path through their enemies, drinking much of the spoils, and came to grand prominence before it all crumbled.

    Nova's father had a task to fulfill; birth an heir to the Khalir line before being accepted into the upper echelons of the noble tiefling House. Nova is now approaching the age when someone of House Khalir, perhaps even his father, will be advising Nova on his destiny.

    Knowing this history, it perhaps isn't so odd that Nova is able to be as good as he is, given the charming effects of many vampire kin.

IV. Ties
  • Talia Blackridge (Friendly)- Human Noble. Talia is 5'9" tall, with long wavy black hair, fair skin, and warm brown eyes. She walks with the posture and command of nobility, has an intensely intelligent looking face, but her continence is immediately warmed by her eyes, unless you anger her. Then her eyes become so fierce you'd rather face a red dragon than her fury. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and surprising interests. She doesn't prescribe to class, and doesn't look down on anyone based on their social status, but more on how they present themselves, and treat others.
  • Eayola Connor (friendly)- Tiefling Bard, mother. Currently she is 5'6", with purplish-maroon skin, and salt and pepper long black hair with ram-like horns. Known as Eayola "The Bad Saytr", she's a local legend within Neverwinter taverns. Known for her command of the Viol, she's weaved stories of might and magic in and out of just about every reputable tavern in Neverwinter. It's also well known to most that if you didn't behave around her, the tavern keep would throw you out before she got her hands on you (the damage to the building was legendary if that happened). Raising a young rambunctious child like "Nova" on her own was no simple task, however, when the young tiefling got his hands on a musical instrument all of that chaotic energy and passion seemed to be refined, disciplined, and focused on the task of learning as much about the craft she loved as he could. While many mother's say they are proud of their sons, it warms a special place in her heart that Nova has taken such a liking and passion to his craft.
  • Naelen Daeess (Enemy)- Elf Bard, intense rival. Naelen does not like Nova. No, he would say he hates that curved-horned bastard. A well-off son of an elven merchant, Naelen takes to barding as a hobby for prestige and glory. He plays what the people like, and will do it as often and with as many cohorts as he can. He's built quite a name for himself, even larger than Nova, but that's not enough for Naelen. This elven bard wants to destroy Nova's reputation. It irks him that a small sect of people flock to Nova's shows. He hates the showy aspects, but he loathes the quality of Nova's music. Nova doesn't play for all people, he focuses on the music he likes, and making it so unbelievably soulful that it drives Naelen mad! He has more people come to his performances, but he hates the music he plays often. He looks down on the people who watch him perform. He believes himself to be better than his "fans" and would one day prefer to just focus on making a business out of performers rather than performing himself for the "hordes" of common folk.

    That's why Naelen tried to recruit Nova into his "stable" of performers. Nova turned him down right away. That's when Nova made the mistake, according to Naelen. Now the spurned elven bard does whatever he can to hamper and impede Nova's progress. Often through gossip, rumors, a powerful friend here, and a whispered phrase here, and the elf has been substantial in preventing Nova from achieving more success. Naelen is intent on continuing this until the tiefling bastard decides to crawl back to Naelen, begging him to be a part of his musical organization. Naelen would love nothing more than to see Nova crawl back on hands and knees, with his disgusting tiefling tail between his legs.

    That'd show him.

V. Quirks
  • Ritual Every time before Nova plays, he does this dexterous exercise with his fingers on both hands, where he bends and wiggles them very quickly, almost like the scurrying of spider legs. Part of it is to warm the muscles, but there's also been a fascination with the visual effect that Nova has had since he was just a babe.
  • A Shadow in the Night Nova's earliest memory is hearing the sorrowful tune of his mother playing the Viol in their Neverwinter home, it's nighttime, and Nova opens his eyes and just sees the vague outline of his father in the doorway. His mother is by the hearth, playing gently, and then the shape of his father leaves through the doorway into the night's chill, and Nova is lulled back to sleep with the sound of the Viol. It was the earliest memory he had, and it was the only memory of his father.
  • The Beat When Nova is humming a song, thinking about music, or playing, his tail will always keep perfect timing by either swaying the tip slightly left to right, or if gathered close to his body, lightly thump on the ground.

VI. [Entertainer of Neverwinter]
  • Personality: Nobody stays angry at me or around me for long, since I can defuse any amount of tension. However, when it comes to my music, I’ll settle for nothing less than perfection.
  • Ideals: Honesty. Art should reflect the soul; it should come from within and reveal who we really are.
  • Bonds: I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person’s. Specifically Nova was very interested in the tales of Finder Wyvernspur, the Nameless Bard. He didn't worship the relatively new god mind you, but his tale served as an interesting template to consider oneself against.
  • Flaws: I once satirized a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake that I will likely repeat. It also didn't help matters that the noble who was satirized was Jeronimus Blackridge, Talia's father. She thought it was funny at least!

VII. Fears and Hopes
  • Fear Nova is afraid that his rivalry with Naelen will in fact cause the end of his barding career. While playing music for himself is a joy, it is nothing compared to the wonder and magic of playing to a live crowd, who gives immediate feedback to your music and abilities. If Nova were unable to play to the masses, he's afraid he would die within.
  • Fear Nova is terrified that Talia will completely spurn him. Right now, while he longs for her companionship, he's maintained enough of a distance that completely rejecting him isn't a possibility. Music is such a large part of his life and who he is, but the love he feels for Talia rivals it, to such an extent, that he is truly afraid that to face rejection from her would be worse than becoming a hollow shell of a bard who cannot play honestly or with soul. Like Naelen.
  • Hope Nova has seen how people can relate to him, enjoy his music, and listen to his words. It allows him to believe that despite how we're born or brought to this world, there is a measure of love that everyone has that can grow to encompass those you would have thought to only hate before. Nova does not find being a tiefling subjects him to more evil acts. He's known "fair" raced people who commit atrocities on a daily basis. With more empathy, education, and acceptance this world can be a much more beautiful place.
  • Hope Nova hopes to one day amass enough fame, enough wealth, and enough artistic status as to exceed noble class restrictions so that one day he may finally be able to approach Talia and offer her the type of man she seeks, while eliminating any restrictions that may be placed on her.
PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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Name: Theria Orsh
Race: Human
Class: Ranger


Theria is beautiful and elegantly styled. She wears the finest clothes over her wiry, athletic frame. Her hands are more flexible than you'd expect and bear scars that a women of her position almost never have - though she usually wears hunting gloves so her hands are seldom seen.

Her hair is a dark, woodland brown and usually done up in a loose braid common to most huntswomen. Her eyes are a noble and piercing blue. Her skin is tanned, but it is clear that her 'natural color' would be a much paler one. Her bearing and appearance all communicate that of someone of noble blood.

Theria's mouth is usually thin: even her smiles are thin and pale, and seldom seem to reach her eyes.

On the hunt, Theria wear an elegant ensemble of a green hunting jacket, knee-high leather boots and black hunting gloves. She favors brown trousers for ease of riding and moving. A grey, leather bodice is padded to provide protection to her torso area.

When not wearing her preferred, huntswoman gear she favors dramatic gowns and dresses that best show off her figure. That said, Theria tries to avoid formal garb - she likes to always be ready.

Background Elements

Back Ground 1

When her Grandfather, Edwardo Orsh, looked upon his male children in search of an heir, he found them wanting. Indeed, the only child who had shown any real qualities of shrewd, innovative and wily business plans was his only daughter, Lydila, who had always had a knack for the work. So Edwardo ignored the protests of the other merchants and nobles and passed his wealth and estates to his oldest child instead of his oldest son. It was a scandal, but Edwardo was too important to be bullied and was always something of a maverick that did not care what others thought if he found what worked. When he passed, his daughter proved to be worthy of the role and a begrudging acceptance among her father’s old business partners and friends: if only out of necessity.

This all occurred when Theria was either unborn or still very young. But they were a big influence on her nonetheless: and many compared Theria's own cunning to that of her mother and deceased grandparent. And, of course, without this bucking of tradition much of Theria's own life would have been far different

Back Ground 2:

Lydila took to the role her grandfather had given her with a relish: proving every bit as capable of maintaining the Orsh estates and merchant businesses as Edwardo Orsh had been. She tried to impress upon her eldest daughter a similar love of business. But while Theria was cunning, she had little interest in business matters. She was always the child who wanted to go outdoors and explore the estates and woodlands around them. Things between Theria and her mother became more and more tense: but eventually they reached a reluctant and icy truce when Theria's younger sister, Julie, showed that while she was younger she was far more interested and capable as a merchant. This left Theria to pursue her own desires: at least until her mother sent her to a succession of schools for a proper education in other matters besides those of the wilderness

Back Ground 3:

Theria's indulgences of hunting were greatly assisted by her Uncle Onias. Onias was one of the only children of Edwardo Orsh who had not been put off from the life of a merchant by his father's decision to give the inheritance to Lydila. While his other brothers had retired to lives of leisure, content to feed of the glut of wealth from the family business, Onias had continued acting as a merchant. While not as good with figures as his sister, Onias is a man who has no fear of getting his hands dirty: often leading his own caravan trains and seeking trade routes with distant, even hostile, lands. As an ex-soldier, his business is direct and brutal. To Theria, her uncle was everything her mother was not: a person who was willing to venture from stuffy books and ledgers and march about forests and deserts telling fascinating tales of his adventures. From a young age, Theria joined her Uncle and his own two sons on their hunting trips and from him she learned much of the more formal craft and skill of weaponry and tracking

Back Ground 4:

When Theria was no longer a child, her mother decided that if she was not going to be a merchant, she should at least be a woman of intelligence. Her mother had never been found of Theria's 'obsession with the outdoors' or her closeness to her uncle. While Julie quickly began being groomed as the successor of Lydila, Theria was essentially removed from the presence of her Uncle and the estates woodlands: both of which her mother felt Theria spent far too much time around.

Theria was sent to a succession of schools and academies for the next eight years. However, where other girls her age were confined to needlepoint and other 'lady-like' activities Theria was given the option of pursuing whatever her mother thought would 'improve her'. Curiously, Theria and her mother both became drawn to the study of philosophy. Even after completing other courses in mathematics and literacy, Theria chose to study philosophy further. For Theria: the pursuit of ideas and understanding became akin to the passion of hunting an elusive or rare creature...

Back Ground 5:

In her twentieth year, Theria returned home to her family estate after a long time studying as far away as possible. She found her sister had stepped quite firmly into the role of her mother's apprentice. Although her mother still was somewhat strained, she was pleased to find that Julie was still as loving and close to her as always. Julie had always had a degree of admiration for Theria's wilfulness and individuality: perhaps envy from one who more naturally preferred the role of being the dutiful daughter.

She also found that her uncle and her mother had decided to engage in some trade together. Onias wanted to launch an expedition to some barbarian lands where he had found rich natural reserves of valuable metals that those who lived were ignorant of. He had established a connection with one tribe and provided them 'luxuries' from the civilized land (mostly spices, sweets and jewellery) in exchange for what the tribe saw as useless hard material. Julie was to leave with her Uncle Onias to 'see what it's like at the bottom' (as her mother put it). Theria wished to join for the adventure of it. Her mother was eventually swayed by Julie's argument that Theria was a capable person to have in the wilderness.

From this tribe, the Desert Wolves (or so Onias translated their name as), Theria saw kindred folks in some aspects. At any rate, she observed their methods of hunting and their traditions revolving around this act, as well as how they talked of warfare, violence and the spirits of nature in all their fury, with awe and fascination not shared by her uncle’s view of them as simple savages and her sister’s outright fear of them. In particular, Theria found the words of their hunters about the space between life and death, where one's true selves are exposed before the spirits of the earth and sky, linked strongly with some of her own beliefs and even philosophical musings.

Theria spent a year living here , and she enjoyed every moment. But, eventually, she received a curious summons from her mother to return home to the estate urgently. A puzzling summons, as neither Onias nor Julie received such a request. Begrudgingly, Theria bid farewell to what she had seen as an idyllic life and set off back home

Theria's Goal

Theria has little interest in wealth or power. But in many ways she is aware that to her mother and most of her family she is something of a failure. Theria wants to be able to prove to her family, especially her mother that her skills as a hunter can actively contribute in some way. She also, of course, has her own personal desire to seek out challenging and worthy quarry and defeat them

Player Goal

I don't think I have one... yet. I hope to give enough information to give the DM some ideas of how to give my character some personal conflict and such. Will think more on this alter though.

Secret 1 (Known)

Since becoming a teenager, Theria has felt a deadness inside. She has always found it easy to portray herself as an upper-class lady when needed: for in truth Theria's passions are almost never inflamed. The only time she truly feels alive is when she is taking the life of another creature. As she has grown older, Theria has also found hunting the 'common' animals is no longer as interesting. Nowadays her passion is truly only ignited when she slays a beast that is a worthy enemy: either a formidable predator in its own right... or an intelligent one.

Theria keeps her coldness quiet: she has been good at faking emotion although perhaps one does not expect a high-born lady too show too much excitement. She also finds it hard to truly see others as friends: only her little sister still seems to be someone she truly cares and worries about.

Secret 2 (Known)

Theria became very close to the Desert Wolves. She kept it quiet and hidden from her Uncle and Sister but she often participated in far more of their rituals and hunts than she told: even such acts of apparent barbarity as fertility orgies and outright violent raids on enemy tribes. Theria has slain many people with the Desert Wolves: mostly other tribe’s warriors. But she also gleefully recalls the time her and the Desert Wolves burnt another village to the ground and killed all within: every last man and child. She has partaken of the Desert Wolves blood rituals and even worshiped their primitive spirits in shaman-lead rites involving the ingestion of potent and potentially toxic substances. The Desert Wolves never fully accepted her, but they did call her "the Rabid Bitch". She knew enough of their language to understand that they saw civilized man as over-indulged lapdogs who had forgotten their true selves: so she felt this was a compliment... At any rate, these behaviours were some of the few that penetrated her otherwise icy inner soul

Secret 3 (Unknown)

Onias is not as kind as he has let on. But, aware that he would be one of the most suspected individuals if anything happened, Onias has sought very hard to befriend his sister's children. He worked extra hard on Theria, believing she would inherit, and was secretly enraged when Julie became the clear next in-line feeling he had been thwarted by a flagrant bucking of tradition once again. Onias knows it is too late for him to inherit his father's empire, but not for his two sons. He has plotted and schemed for a long, long time to sweep away his sisters children leaving his family the only clear inheritors: with the brother between him and Lydila dead, Onias is now the oldest male heir of Edwardo. Much of Onias dealing with the Desert Wolves was part of an elaborate plan to have the daughters of his sister killed in the wastes, and to portray himself as an avenging hero (dealing with his now childless sister later). He was thwarted first by the refusal of the Desert Wolves to lay a hand on Theria. Onias quickly began cultivating contacts in a rival tribe and was set to spring the trap when Theria was called back home.

But after so many years of being vexed, Onias was out of patience. He had the other tribe attack anyway hoping to at least remove Julie.

Theria is aware of none of this at this point: or the ultimate fate of Julie or the Desert Wolves.

Ally 1 - Lady Lydila Orsh

Theria's mother admits her and her eldest daughter do have some things in common. They both had very little respect for occupying a traditional role, they both were independent and they both were clever. But Theria has been, in many ways, a disappointment to her mother if only because Lady Lydila has such a love and passion for mercantile matters, politics and acquiring wealth and power that she finds the complete absence of such things in her daughter disturbing.

Still, Lady Lydila is very protective of her children. Her own life was spent competing with her younger brothers to escape the fate of most woman in her position: being married off to form an alliance. She strove doggedly to impress her father enough to convince him to change the status quo of inheritance in the Orsh family, and has no desire to see it pass out of the hands of her own children. Her own husband was somewhat carefully chosen: William was the younger son of a noble house fallen on hard times. She married him as he was a rather frail and shy man through whom she gained enough contacts to expand her influence and wealth. Of course, she insisted that he take her name: it was just the more obviously powerful name between the two of them. Theria and Julie remember their man as a kind, soft-voiced and gentle person who often seemed more content to study and tell stories than do much else. Lady Lydila had affection for him in her way: at any rate she had two children with him and since he passed from a heart condition when Theria was sixteen she has never re-married.

Ally 2 - Julie Orsh

Theria's younger sister always admired Theria. Julie was drawn to Theria's independence and enthusiasm. She just never seemed to have the head or the stamina to participate as fully in her sister’s games. But the two were close: Theria did not have many real friends so it was Julie that she confided in and turned to when she was sad.

Julie has always argued for Theria's skills to her mother: to Julie there was always value in Theria's intelligence and ability as a hunter. These defenses were often tinged with a bit of envy: Julie has always felt that she perhaps had just too much of her father's softness to truly do what she wanted and found it more comforting to slot into the role her mother needed her to fill.

Shortly after Theria left the lands of the Desert Wolves, Julie and the others in the camp were attacked by a rival tribe: The Bloodclaw Panthers. The Panthers, oddly, seemed more intent on slaying Julie's guards and capturing her than fighting their enemy. At any rate, they captured her and dragged her into the wilderness were they bludgeoned and slashed at her in a frenzy.

After that... things get muddled.

When Onias returned and found Theria had been sent away, he openly sought to invalidate Lady Lydila's claim of inheritance, drawing allies from those who still bore a grudge that Edwardo Orsh had not followed tradition and saw Onias as the rightful heir. At some point during this commotion a merchant cart showed up on Lady Lydila's estate claiming that it bore Julie: still somehow alive.

Nobody has seen Julie since, but there are rumours. Some say the whole thing is made up, but others say the girl, showing strength that would've made her sister proud, somehow survived and crawled to where a merchant caravan found her: but she was so horribly disfigured by her wounds that her mother has hid her from site.

There are others who say that what returned was not truly Julie but some unholy creature brought back by unholy spirits of the wilds to exact vengeance on the wicked: starting with her uncle... Some claim they have seen a wraith like woman of Julie's height, but with matted hair covering her face and body, symbols of blood magic visible under her gossamer clothing and her nails as long and sharp as a mountain cats, prowling the streets of the nearby town and slaying those who would prey on the innocent.

At any rate, Theria remains ignorant of the happenings at home.

Ally 2 - Lord Onias Orsh

Onias Orsh was the third born child of Edwardo Orsh, and second-born son. When he was younger, he served as a soldier and his time on duty influenced his behaviours as a businessmen later in life: viewing business as a war in and of itself. Onias was one of the most resentful when his Grandfather passed his legacy to Lydila: even though at the time he still was not direct in line to claiming the inheritance as his older brother still lived.

Since the sibling between them choked to death at a feast Onias was also attending, Onias has been plotting against his sister. He has been careful: knowing he would be a big suspect if anything happened to her. Onias played a good uncle, especially to Theria. His sister was always deeply suspicious of him, but eventually he offered her too good a deal to resist when he established trade with the Desert Wolves.

Of course, Onias was hoping to use this connection to eliminate both his nieces. With that plan thwarted he has lost all patience and tact and now seeks to challenge Lydila directly. Onias sees himself as now at war with his sister, and is quite willing to sacrifice a few soldiers to win that war. However, his sister knows his cut-throat attitude while and Onias is inadvertently pleased that Lydila has shown herself to be just as capable of using violence as he in this conflict.

As for rumours that Julie survived, Onias laughs them off as his sister desperately reaching for straws. But he still makes sure his loyal mages and priests keep an eye out against any mystical attack: one can never be too careful...

Memories, Mannerisms, or Quirks

Theria's typical mannerisms are that of a quiet, well-bred but intelligent woman. She doesn't anger easily, and remains polite and well-spoken unless seriously provoked or antagonized. However, if her temper is riled she will become extremely aggressive and is quite likely to overact to the one who drove her to breaking point. Her aggression is not loud, but the quiet threat of a hunting predator: Theria will pursue vengeance with a cold, focused determination. In dishing out punishment, Theria does not bother to try match the proportion of her revenge to the proportion of the wrong dealt to her.

Finally, Theria is philosophically intrigued with the idea of death. She is especially interested in the grey space between life and death: she believes that in this area all man and beast reveal their true nature's. When she kills, she likes to be close to her prey so she can watch their eyes for this moment

Personalities, Bonds, Ideals and Flaws

Back ground wise, I will probably go with Waterhavian Noble, but I wanted to mix around these factors (with Gin's permission) and pick a few from the backgrounds that I thought most fit the character I am going for.

To sort of help, these are listed in order of importance: so the ones at the top of the list are those most core to Theria as a character

  • If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields. (from Noble)
  • When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way. (from Folk Hero)
  • No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses. (from Noble)
  • I am working on a grand philosophical theory and love sharing my ideas. (from Hermit)

  • I will face any challenge to win the approval of my family. (from Noble)
  • - Note I only picked this one because it's the only one that seems close to Theria's motivation of wanting to prove herself as capable. She also does care deeply for, and feels protective of, her sister.

  • Independence. I am a free spirit— no one tells me what to do. (from Charlatan)
  • Free Thinking. Inquiry and curiosity are the pillars of progress. (from Hermit)
  • Might. In life as in war, the stronger force wins. (from Soldier)


None of the existing ones really stuck out for me so I will suggest the following:
  • Cold-Hearted - Although I hide it, I am for the most part indifferent to other people and care little if ill befalls them
  • Dreadful Temper - I am slow to anger, but when I am angered my retribution is beyond reason
  • Fascinated by Death - I am perhaps TOO interested in the hunt and especially in seeing the quarry's final moments

Fears and Hopes

Fear 1:

Theria fears being helpless: she is a self-reliant individual who firmly believes she is either smart enough or strong enough to escape any potential danger. To be put into a situation that is inescapable or to be against an invulnerable foe is a dreadful thought to her. Similar to this: she has a fear of being confined or restricted from movement

Fear 2:

Theria relies on her body: both her looks and her fitness. She fear being disfigured, maimed or crippled in such a way that it would hinder her passion for hunting and slaying with her own hand.

Hope 1:

Theria's greatest source of hope is herself. She trusts herself most of all and believes that she is clever enough too do anything she sets her mind to. She pays little head to those who would hold her back: she is driven by an immense sense of purpose and surety that she will prove herself to everyone

Hope 2:

Theria might not show it: but she hangs a lot of hope on her own family. In particular her sister Julie, who has always been her closest friend and confidant. She believes her sister will always be there with her. While things are strained with her mother,s he also does believe her mother will make things ok and will come to respect her: which is why she seeks her mother's approval. She even has a degree of hope in her Uncle who, as far as she knows, cares for her.

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Anikara, 19 year old female halfling
Paladin of Hoar


BG 1: Anikara is from the Beggar’s Nest district of Neverwinter. Her father, Rhint, is a fisherman and her mother, Honeybrush, was a seamstress. During an attack by undead creatures, Honeybrush was killed. Rhint took to drinking heavily and did little else. Anikara was forced to beg and steal in order to survive. Her mother had been working on an elaborate headdress with black veils before she died. Anikara took it for her own and wore it constantly.

BG 2: Word was sent out to all able bodied men to form a posse to put an end to the undead. Ebon Fisk, the captain of the guard who held authority over Beggar’s Nest, led the expedition. Anikara volunteered to join the group, in an effort to exact revenge on the creatures who had killed her mother. Fisk laughed and reprimanded her for even asking. Her father, however, was allowed to go. The group left without her and returned without most of the volunteers. Rhint was counted among those that did not return. The undead had been routed, Fisk reported, though the toll was costly. This was of little consulation to Ani and the other folk who had lost their loved ones. Many speculated how strange it was that Fisk and his cohorts had survived while those from Beggar’s Nest did not. Anikara’s bitterness grew, holding both the undead and the guard-captain responsible for the death of her parents.

BG 3: Undead were not the only threats to the residents of Beggar’s Nest. Press gangs, slavers and flesh-peddlers roamed the streets searching for fresh victims. Anikara fell prey to one of these groups, who chased her through the twisty byways of the town. The halfling knew she could never outrun the slavers. Out of an alleyway stepped a burly dwarf who blocked Anikara from the bad men. His name was Deacon Goldhammer and he was a paladin of Lathander. Singlehandedly, he took on the brigands and sent them packing. Goldhammer heard Anikara’s story and was moved to pity. He felt honor-bound to help her and offered to train her to fight and defend herself.

BG 4: Training went well, as Anikara was a fast learner. In addition to martial arts, Goldhammer preached the precepts of Lathander. Anikara hadn’t really put much stock in the gods. She only followed the traditions of the holidays, but was not very pious. The dwarf introduced her to a group called ‘The Order of the Gauntlet”. The Order was looking into the undead attack and Fisk’s retaliatory strike. Anikara wanted to help, but Goldhammer felt she wasn’t ready. Amongst the Order was a woman named Talia, a monk and followed of the god Hoar. Talia saw the natural talent Anikara had for stealth and acrobatics and sought to help her improve those skills. In addition, she touted the virtues of her god. As she continued her training with both warriors, Anikara began to feel the pull of both gods vying for her allegiance.

BG 5: As Anikara was going to her training, she felt a strange compulsion. Making a random turn, she found herself in a dark alleyway she’d never been to before. In an alcove was a shrine; a black glove upon which rested a coin engraved with two heads. She recognized the symbol of Hoar the Doombringer. She realized she had made a decision. Anikara felt a presence behind her. It spoke softly, “A vow of vengeance requires blood.” She did not hesitate. Drawing her dagger, she cut her arm, letting the blood drip onto the altar, which speaking the words, “Revenge to all who have wronged me!” She felt herself changed. Expecting Talia, she turned to look behind her, but there was no one there. Goldhammer noticed the change in her. He gifted her with armor, sword and shield and sent her on her way.

Goal 1: Anikara wants revenge on the undead who killed her parents. But more than that, she feels a compulsion to help all people who’ve been wronged.

Goal 2: My goal is to help create a cool and interesting story and watch my character grow in ways I probably haven’t even thought of yet. I’m looking for great player interaction and challenging situation. But most of all, fun.

Secret 1 (known): As a lesson in stealth, Talia took Anikara to the graveyard at night. Undead, she explained, sense things differently than the living. They located some ghouls and were able to get quite close without being detected. Anikara noticed a small one, wearing a dress that looked familiar. As the ghast turned toward her, she recognized the face that was once her mothers. Ani ran away in horror.

Secret 2 (unknown): Fisk has a deal with the undead of the graveyard. He provides fresh victims in exchange for jewelry and valuable the ghouls dig up from the graves. Content with this arrangement, the undead lords refrained from attacking the city. On one occasion, Fisk was away, leaving is underling to handle the delivery. The intended victims escaped. As a result, the undead attacked the district. To pacify the undead, Fisk brought them a group of fresh able-bodied men to feast on.

Tied 1: Talia the Black (Friend) - Female Human Monk, follower of Hoar and Member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Talia is rumored to be an assassin for hire, but only if the cause is just. She is level headed and methodical, always planning her moved in advance and rarely trusting in chance. Unknown to Anikara, Talia is well-to-do Noblewoman Talia Blackridge (Friend of Nova).

Tied 2: Deacon Goldhammer (Friend) - Male Dwarf Paladin of Lathander. The burly dwarf helped mentor and train Anikara to become a warrior. DIsappointed the she didn't choose to follow his god, he nevertheless respects her choices. Goldhammer has been actively trying to improve the quality of life for all the downtrodden residents of Beggar's Nest.

Tied 3: Ebon Fisk (Enemy) - Guard-captain in charge of maintaining order in Beggar's Nest, the half-orc is a corrupt and untrustworthy fiend. He routinely accepts bribes from slavers and other humanoid traffickers so they can abduct fresh victims from the populous. Folk who attempt to cross him have been known to mysteriously disappear.

MeMoQui 1: Feisty and Hot-Headed -Anikara sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her.

MeMoQui 2: "Poor" mentality - She thinks 1gp is a lot of money.

MeMoQui 3: Naive - She doesn't know much about the world outside of Beggar's Nest.

Personality: I think anyone who is nice to me is hiding evil intent.
I sleep with my back to a wall, with everything I own wrapped in a bundle in my arms.

Bonds: No one else should have to endure the hardships I've been through.

Ideals:I'm going to prove that I'm worthy of a better life.

Flaws: I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.

Fear 1: Crowds - When she was just a weeling, Ani got lost in the crowd during a holiday festival. To this day, she is still apprehensive seeing a forest of legs in a mass of humanity.

Fear 2: Intimacy - Having lost both her parents, Ani is hesitant to get close to anyone fearing she will lose them as well.

Hope 1: Closure - Anikara hopes that by exacting revenge on the undead creatures who killed her mother and the mechanization of Fisk the ultimately destroyed her father, she will find peace.

Hope 2: A better world - She hopes to continue her crusade to help the lowly and downtrodden in order to made the world a better place for all.
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Name: Union
Race: Amalgamated Spirits of Nature and Animals (mechanically a variant human)
Class: Druid




In its normal form, the being that calls itself Union is an intangible, invisible, ethereal gestalt of various animal spirits and primal energies of the natural world.

Union has no real presence until it inhabits a body - which must be an empty shell. If the body is decayed, Union's druidic magic will restore it to a point where it can at least move around and has flesh - forming clothing, skin and muscles out of the essences of animals and nature. Union tends to look sexless and tends to 'grow' an expresionless covering over its face. However, it always has eyes that glow with a bright golden light.

Union is more of an experience than a tangible thing. It smells of wet animals, moss and dirt. Its voice sounds like the distant howls of wolves, the quiet chirps of birds, the swish of wind through the leaves. Its skin feel like plunging one's hands into the soil, complete with a sensation like worms or insects are crawling over the skin.








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