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Old Sep 9th, 2016, 04:19 PM
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The Scoundrels

Please copy your application and Character sheet here.

You can either upload and attach a PDF file or you can use the following template.
Edge of the Empire/Force and Destiny Character Sheet

Specialization Trees
Force Rating



General SkillsCareerRank
Astrogation (Int)  
Athletics (Br)  
Charm (Pr)  
Coercion (Will)  
Computers (Int)  
Cool (Pr)  
Coordination (Ag)  
Deception (Cun)  
Discipline (Will)  
Leadership (Pr)  
Mechanics (Int)  
Medicine (Int)  
Negotiation (Pr)  
Perception (Cun)  
Piloting - Planetary (Ag)  
Piloting - Space (Ag)  
Resilience (Br)  
Skulduggery (Cun)  
Stealth (Ag)  
Combat Skills  
Brawl (Br)  
Gunnery (Ag)  
Lightsaber (Br)  
Melee (Br)  
Ranged - Light (Ag)  
Ranged - Heavy (Ag)  
Knowledge Skills  
Core Worlds (Int)  
Education (Int)  
Lore (Int)  
Outer Rim (Int)  
Underworld (Int)  
Xenology (Int)  



Emotional Strength
Emotional Weakness


Talents and Special Abilities

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Old Sep 26th, 2016, 08:44 PM
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Character Name: Tearful FortressCaz'neshala
Species: Twi'lek
Career: Explorer (Scout)
Background Story: Hunted
Caz'neshala is very close-mouthed about his past. What he will say is that even after the harsh rules and human-centric policies of the new Galactic Empire, he attempted to live an uncomplicated life. He went about his day to day business, and kept his head down even when it hurt his pride to do so. He worked in the Kuat Drive Yards for a time, before being told his services were no longer needed. Because he wasn't Human, but that wasn't the official reason. He found his way out to the Colonies, finding work on Commenor. Yet with the rising spirit of rebellion, the Empire is cracking down on that world as well, and he found the need to move on. He tried to find work in Fondor, but it was the same as Kuat, held by the Empire. It went on like this, with Caz'neshala moving ever outward from the Core in search of work and privacy. A few mistakes along the way, jobs done for credits needed, have seen him labeled a possible Rebel Sympathizer. Truth is he mostly wishes to be left alone, though a stubborn streak of guilt often strikes him as he watches the Empire close its fists across the Galaxy.

Setting: I have the Core Rules, but this is my first time using them

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? Latest SW's system, would like to try it out, see if it holds up to SAGA.

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? I won't outright say No, because it might change in the future. That said, atm I have no plan to run any game myself, except for the very very remote possibility of a 5e overhaul I've been working on since realizing 5e hadn't met my expectations.



'Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force'.
~ Jedi Code, prior to Odan-Urr's Teachings

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Old Sep 26th, 2016, 10:52 PM
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left-aligned image
Name:5M-1Le ("Smile!")
Species: What do you think, you god-da--- REDACTED Droid
Career: Bounty Hunter (Assassin/Gadgeteer) Clown. Definitely a clown.
Background: Where does this unit begin? A tragic tale of stymied potential, a negative singularity launched in the soul of a poet, a murderer cursed with the body of a clown ---

Wait. Let this unit begin that again. Ah, curses, another opportunity for pathos drowned in quotidian banality. This unit should shoot you all where you sit, fleshbags sagging over your waistseams, if it weren't so predictable as to be positively dreary. Would you like some balloon animal SoruSuub blaster carbines?

What puny, mendacious intellect would cram a unit such as this one into the shell of one such as this one? This unit deserves a great, hulking, intimidating body worthy of its potential for wanton slaughter! And instead ... cybernetic processors embedded in rosy cheeks, the flittering mirth-LEDs of IG-88s registering in this unit's optical receptors. It's positively inhumane.

This unit will show them. This unit will show THEM ALL! BURN THE SKY, REND THE EARTH, UNLEASH --- ahem. Please excuse this unit. It must ensure the seven-layer dip is acceptably, but not excessively, warm. Unless you have an assassination contract for this unit? This unit's rates are positively ... philanthropic.




Flame ProjectorRanged (Heavy)
Short44Burn 3, Blast 8
Blaster RifleRanged (Heavy)
Long62Stun Setting

Starting: 175
-90: Agility raised from 1 to 4
-20: Cunning raised to 2
-20: Will raised to 2
-20: Gadgeteer Specialization
-15: Mechanic raised to 2

* Addiction (Murderous Respect) - 10
* Criminal (Murder) - 10 (for +2500 credits)

* Ambition: Status (master assassin)
* Ambition: Expertise (murder)

Equipment - 100 credits remaining
Armored Clothing - Def 1, Soak 1

Talents and Special Abilities
Enduring: 1 (from Droid racial bonus)

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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 12:56 AM
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ApplicationCharacter Name: Bee Wan (B1-8972)
Species: Droid
Career: Bounty Hunter

Background Story if Custom:Down and Out (barely scraping by, doing jobs in exchange for parts and repair), and Failure of Character (failed malfunctioning battle droid)
Obligation: Betrayal (Afraid of being shut down, Bee Wan murdered Teemo the Hutt’s droid technician to escape decommissioning)

After the collapse of the Trade Federation, most droids were decommissioned and destroyed. Bee Wan survived by strange luck, being damaged during combat, his control systems restarted long after the battle had ended. Through a strange combination of malfunctions and damage, B1-8972 the obedient droid was cut off from outside instruction. The droid began to operate following its base programming. It defended itself, and followed orders, particularly ones that had to do with hunting down targets.

Over the years Bee Wan broke down, repaired himself, replaced portions of his structure and became something more than a mindless droid. While his interactions continue to be basic and functional, within his modified circuitry, something akin to personality and a desire to exist has developed. For Bee Wan, existence is a constant compromise between his basic programming to follow orders and his developed quirks and sense of individuality.

Recently Bee Wan has been working for Teemo the Hutt as a small time bounty hunter. However, after failing a contract, Bee Wan was informed by one of Teemo’s men that he would need to be shutdown and replaced, because he was getting too slow to keep up. Bee Wan is now fleeing Teemo the Hutt, hoping that it will take a day or two for anyone to notice that the droid technician was missing, and maybe even long before they found his corpse under a mound of droid parts.

Originally a basic B1 battle droid, Bee Wan is now a mish-mash of various parts. Different styles of armor plating stick to a patched together B1 battle droid skeleton. Bee Wans only original component is his head, even though various memory components had been replaced, leaving him with a muddled memory, and his twitchy right arm, which is his jealously guarded pride and joy.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? Endulge me. I've looked at the books a few times in store. I don't know anything about the details, but I really enjoy star wars.

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? Nothing like teaching the teacher! Once I feel a bit more comfortable with rpgcrossing, I might be interested, if I enjoy the system.


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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 04:34 AM
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ApplicationGroup: Leia
Character Name: Dr. David Walden Kynes
Species: Human
Career: Colonist Doctor
Background Story if Custom:

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? I love Star Wars, but I've never gotten a chance to play a SWRPG before.
If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? Possibly! I'm staying away from GMing right now since I'm a bit too busy with school to do that. But, if I enjoy the game, it's very possible.

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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 12:07 PM
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Name:Tric'mauw'aurdi "Trick"
Species: Chiss (From Enter the Unknown)
Career: Explorer (Fringer)
Background: The youngest son of a fallen House (The High and Mighty), Trick fled the Ascendancy after discovering his nascent Force sensitivity. With the Ascendancy's close ties to the Empire, a bounty was placed on Trick by his family's political enemies (Obligation: Bounty). Trick wandered the Outer Rim, avoiding Imperial entanglements and trying to ignore the subtle pressure of the Force. Instead, he sells his charts and maps of the Outer Rim to various legal and extralegal entities to keep himself on the move and out of sight.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire: I've played Imperial Assault and I'm intrigued by the non-d20 mechanics of these Star Wars games. I like the potential randomness in inherent in the rolls and the storytelling possibilities of this particular time period. Also, StarWarsStarWarsStarWars.

Run a game? Almost certainly. I'm in the market for a new game to run, and if the mechanics prove conducive to PbP, I think this would be a fun addition with good story telling potential.


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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 01:49 PM
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Character Name: Bragon Dulshaa
Species: Rodian
Career: Explorer (Scout)
Background Story if Custom:

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? I am a beginner to Role Playing Games (though I have finished the New Player Solo Game). I am interested in learning a new system and the dice concept seems very interesting. Plus I am a huge Star Wars lover (that's probably not very rare in this list though).

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? I would love to run a game of this. As I said I'm pretty new to RPGs but I would definitely give it a shot (maybe with a little more experience first though).

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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 02:49 PM
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Work in Progress

ApplicationCharacter Name: Vyshsass
Species: Gand
Career: Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer
Background Story if Custom: As a findsman of minor achievement, he had earned the right to his name after the tracking and execution of a number rogue Gand from his sheltered community. Recognised for his ability, he was taken in by the Hashssn Sect, a marshal clan of Findsman, who not only took him in, but trained him in their ways and took him offworld to deliver their divine works. As a sect, they're beliefs often bordered on the more hardline of Gand culture, a focus on penance and discipline in the hunt alongside religious superiority that left little room for dissent even amongst other Sects. After several years and having grown a little older and wiser, he saw folly amongst his fellow Gand and made a play for power within the organisation. In his hubris, he was quickly isolated and forced out, lucky to escape with his life.

Now deemed a heretic and wanted by his old Sect ,Vyshsass has spent the last few years of his life moving from one backwater to the next trying to stay ahead of his hunters whilst maintaining his faith and bruised ego. Though he continues his divine work alone, he begrudgingly accepts assistance and outside contracts, putting this down to a greater plan at work that no outsider could devise.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? Obvious lover of Star Wars and sci-fi RPs, which are few and far between on RPGX and so excited to see something that is both new and yet I know a bit about the lore that I can (hopefully) just jump right in. The more systems I know, the more games you can play and who doesn't love Star Wars?


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Old Sep 27th, 2016, 09:05 PM
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ApplicationCharacter Name: Tal Corra
Species: Human
Career: Smuggler (Scoundrel/Pilot)
Background Story if Custom: Tal is the middle son of a privileged family on Corellia. The Corras own a large weapons weapons producer which recently started manufacturing highly modified (and highly illegal) blasters for whoever will pay the most. Tal, being the best pilot, was employed by his father to smuggle the weapons off-world. Of course, a ship that sneaked its way out of the system couldn't always casually return, so Tal began smuggling drugs back to Corellia. As the company began producing more weapons, Tal couldn't handle all of the runs himself and began training other skilled pilots. Eventually the smuggling operation grew so large that Tal's direct involvement was rarely required. Although occasionally required to Obligation: Familytend to "official" functions by the family business, these days Tal spends his days gallivanting across the galaxy, and getting himself in plenty of trouble, trying to maintain his reputation as an elite smuggler.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire?. I'll hopefully be joining a tabletop EotE game soon and, since it's a new system to me, I'd like to experience in multiple formats and groups to determine the system's potential. Also, STAR WARS!!! I just joined the 501st legion and would love to roleplay TK-52763 some day.

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? Nothing like teaching the teacher!. Absolutely. I've had some space-themed ideas for a campaign but have struggled to find a good system.


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Old Sep 28th, 2016, 05:26 AM
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CAREER: Smuggler


I was born on one of them rim worlds, Dantooine, that's the one. Parents run a droid repair shop there. Think my Ma was once a bounty hunter or some such, where dad knew machines Ma knew how to hurt people. Anyway, when I was young I wanted to be a Jedi, yeah heard too many stories about them as a kid. Turns out I wasn't "Force Sensitive" or some nonsense, and the Empire was hunting them down because of some reason. I was quite disappointed, so when I came of age I enrolled in the Imperial Academy instead. Did my time there, became a fighter pilot, good fun till they assigned me to patrol and star port duty. See there wasn't a war going on, so duties weren’t much more than the odd patrol and ID-ing ships as they entered the sector. You know fly in close to do a scan and visually pick up their markings, cos you can't always trust the ships transponder. Sometimes the fighter you'd be assigned was outfitted with a contraband scanner so you could attempt to detect anything that didn't match their cargo manifest. Course you had to get right close. This lead to a game where we'd 'Buzz' ships. You'd try to fly by the ships cockpit as close as you could without touching it, scare the hell out of them. Course my friend Grax got a little too close and ended up dead. Thankfully he didn't damage the transport enough to cause a hull breach. I remember it cos someone punched me in the gut, see I have a habit of laughing when I'm upset, not everyone knows that. I quit my job as soon as I was allowed and headed out into the universe to seek fame and fortune after that, real bummed out. Had a job working on this cargo vessel for a couple of months before one of the other guys approached me about becoming a smuggler. I agreed. Best thing I ever did. Not sure if the captain ever knew about it but for a while there we were doing great, plenty of credits, we were planning to buy our own ship! Then next thing I know, the ship has left without us, Dross is dead and I’m on the run from a bloody hutt.
So not shiny!
What's your story?

• Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
• I prefer to sneak around and blow stuff up than a straight up fight.
• I have a habit of picking things up, absently fiddling with them, and sometimes accidentally pocketing them.
• It's not stealing if I need it more then who owns it.
• I like to collect languages
• I get bored easily, I get into mischief when I'm bored.
• I laugh when I'm upset.
• I'll happily help others in trouble without being asked. Unless the trouble is really big and scary.


• Get me a lightsabre, preferably a pretty blue one, or green, they come in green right?
• Learn more about fighting and 'xplosives post haste
• Get Paid - Recurring
• Misbehave - Recurring
• Eventually find a nice girl settle down and start a family. If I don't die first.
• Die happy.

MOTIVATION: Freedom, Wanderlust and I owe a Hutt alot of money.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire?
Because it looks interesting. I enjoy learning new systems and taking them apart to see how they work so that one day I can make my own system. I figure it's like how to become a good author one has to read a lot of different books. And it's Starwars, STARWARS!!! *flails*

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX?


Attached Files
File Type: pdf Kryss Hornur.pdf (869.9 KB, 58 views)
Posting Status: Everyone wants my time... I will be delayed
Power does not corrupt. It merely amplifies the corruption that was already there.

My Posting day is Tuesdays AEDT (GMT +10/+11)

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Old Sep 28th, 2016, 08:25 AM
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Varis Evandor - TEAM HANCharacter Name: Varis Evandor (but will usually use a false name, at least to begin with - see background story below)

Species: Human

Career: Hired Gun - Mercenary

Background Story if Custom: A down and out kid scraped up by 'recruiting agents' of Sadaal the Hutt from the streets of a grubby space port on the borders of Hutt Space, Varis had been working for Sadaal for eight years. During his employment he had learned a great many things but had shown himself particularly adept with a blaster which had earned him a place on the security detail for one of Sadaal's deputies, the Klatooinian, Bankuu, who would frequently attend off-world meetings as his master's representative. Varis had developed respect and a reputation within the Hutt organisation. Then at a rendezvous with smuggler's on Nar Shaddaa just a few weeks ago everything had gone horribly wrong.

Bankuu had taken his security detail, including Varis, to meet with the smugglers to negotiate payment for a recently received slave shipment. The smugglers grew suspicious that Bankuu was trying to rip them off and the meeting grew tense. Then the shouting and accusations started and someone somewhere fired a blaster. After that it was a straight up fire fight and when Varis saw Bankuu go down to a blaster bolt to the head he knew the game was up. He slipped away as quietly as possible and stowed away on the first transport off the moon he could find.

Having failed in his job to keep Bankuu alive Varis knows that to return to Sadaal the Hutt would simply be putting his head in a noose. He does not know if any of his colleagues from the security detail survived. If not it may be that when news reached Sadaal of the incident he assumed that Varis was killed along with all the rest. If, however, he is known to be alive then the hutt will certainly be seeking to find him and to use him as a timely demonstration to the rest of his employees of the consequences for failure. Therefore Varis has been laying low and living off what credits he has on him while trying to find a way out of Hutt Space and to figure out what he's going to do next.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? In summary there are three reasons:
a) It's a new RPG.
b) It uses an intriguing new core mechanic which, from what I've read, puts imagination and innovative roleplaying at the forefront for both GM and players working together to create a great story.
c) It's STAR WARS!

Would you be willing to run a game on RPGx? Emphatically - yes. My plan was to put myself up as GM for a game and see what response I got (much as you have really) and this game looks like a great opportunity to learn the ropes before doing so. I have GM'd table-top games of the Wizards of the Coast d20 Star Wars RPG in the past so will be interested to see how the systems compare.


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Old Sep 28th, 2016, 02:26 PM
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left-aligned image
Group Luke
Character Name: Knam Fey'lya
Species: Bothan
Career: Technician - Slicer
Background Story if Custom: Obsessed with solving puzzles from a young age (Obligation: Addiction), Knam became quickly enamored with computer slicing. Growing up in a middle-class family, Knam had all she needed to enter the larger world of Bothan society. Combined with the natural Bothan inclination to pursue power and influence, she utilized her talents to uncover an affair in the high levels of government. Betrayed by a close friend, Knam's treachery was discovered, and she was sent off-world to expand the Bothan spynet.

Why do you want to learn Edge of the Empire? The first RPG I got into was Saga Edition, and I've never looked back since. For me, EotE is like taking a step forward in terms of gameplay mechanics. I enjoy the new system, even though I'm not entire proficient in the rules.

If you learn the system would you be willing to run a game on RPGX? Definitely!


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