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Old Nov 18th, 2016, 05:34 AM
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Time Aberrations

Post your finished App here.
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Caster Side: Magus (Mindblade)



What Might Have Been:
When legitimate authority turns its back on the people it was meant to safeguard, they will turn to illegitimate authority. In times such as these, even a villain may become the people's hero.

In The Fractured Time: A grey-skinned child with horns awoke one day in an alley in East City, knowing only two things: that his name was Jidaire, and that he was meant to be a king. Or, possibly, a mob boss. President. God. He started to grow attached to the term 'Hero' but, ultimately, it was all the same to Jidaire: powerful, respected, looked up to by those he looked after. But despite his remarkable power, no one seemed to have any respect for the demonic-looking child. He was unwanted and alone, and only the unshakeable conviction that he deserved better got him through his youth.

By the age of twelve, Jidaire had come up with a plan, and by the age of fourteen, he was ready to embark on it. He was already very strong, but he would become the strongest in the world, known across the globe for feats of might and heroism. To that end, he set out to find the legendary Turtle Hermit and demand training.

Over the next eight months, Jidaire grew immensely in power, but there was a far greater change: for the first time in his life, he made some friends. People he genuinely cared about, people he considered family. Even when his dreams of glory, of being the world's strongest, came crashing down at the World Martial Arts Tournament, that sense of comradery helped him keep going.

He wasn't ready to go back to East City yet, though, and he didn't have anything left to learn from Roshi, so he decided to tag along on Goku's quest for the four-star Dragonball. Along the way he trained with the cat-god Karin and helped dismantle an army. At the end of a brief but intense quest, he convinced one of his closest friends to come with him to East City, so he did not have to face it alone...

Personality: Despite his demonic appearance, Jidaire has an outgoing and cheerful demeanor. He is easy to get along with and can be very good company and a good listener. However, after spending enough time around Jidaire, many people begin to find him unsettling--especially if they value morals, which the boy is quite devoid of. Most of Jidaire's goals are ostensibly good; he wants to help people, and do things which make them happy. But the big picture he's working towards is his own prestige and glory, rather than any ideal such as goodness, justice, righteousness, etc, and he is more than willing to use unsavory methods to get there. Jidaire can do atrocious things with a carefree smile on his face, and make small talk while wiping the blood off his hands.
Although Jidaire thinks about most people only in terms of how they act towards him, there are a few he considers friends--people whose wellbeing genuinely matters to him, whether or not they treat him as he wants to be treated, whether or not they return that sentiment. Even if they despise him, his friends have his unyielding loyalty, whether they want it or not. He can also be uncomfortably possessive of them.
Constantly updating my custom pathfinder races for my Ascana setting, would love thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism!

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right-aligned image
Name: Celeri
Age: 21
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11 (teenager); 5'7 (adult)
Class (Martial): Unchained Barbarian (Dreadnought/Elemental Kin Archetype)
Class (Caster): Sorcerer

Appearance: At first glance, an onlooker might be forgiven for believing that there is nothing especially remarkable about Celeri. She appears more athletic than most girls her age perhaps, possessing a lean, athletic frame and wiry muscles, but nothing that would look out of place on a school sports team. The brown monkey tail is certainly unusual, but in a world that contains plenty of anthropomorphic animals it little more than a curiosity. With her short black hair, and dark eyes, she simply looks like any number of other teenage girls that could be found almost anywhere, though she might be considered pretty in a tomboyish sort of way.

This naturally causes most people to overlook her, or to view her as being just like any one of those other normal teenage girls, which is, of course, a gross miscalculation that has caused many a street tough or other troublemaker to have a very bad day.

Personality: If Celeri looks like the archetypal teenage girl her behavior is anything but. She is loud, boisterous and oftentimes outright rude, though not to anyone she respects, which pretty much only includes people who can beat her in a fight. Ruthless and violent, Celeri loves to fight, a testament to her saiyan blood. She lives for the thrill of the battle and in her mind there is precious little in this world more satisfying than fighting a worthy opponent in a straight-up one-on-one brawl, except maybe fighting ten at the same time.

Celeri is not particularly hard to understand: she is quick to laugh, and quick to anger, and while her anger burns hot - many might say explosive - it also burns swift. She seldom stays angry at anybody for longer than a few minutes, though in those few minutes she can be terrible to behold. She also tends to be rather impulsive, acting without thinking and believing that her strength and skill to get her out of any trouble she inevitably finds herself in. In fairness, its a belief that has proven well founded most of the time thus far.

Celeri firmly believes in a philosophy of 'might makes right'. The strongest deserves to rule. For most of her life, she believed that was herself, which was encouraged by those around her to the point that she believed herself the rightful queen of the planet. Recent events have tempered this somewhat, but only to the point that she acknowledges that she is not the strongest person on the planet. Despite this, she still does believe that she deserves to rule, and much of her motivation revolves around getting strong enough to claim that right. As such she tends to view all other would-be global dominators as competition, and she isn't particularly good at sharing.

Though most humans would probably consider her to be a bloodthirsty brute - not without justification - Celeri does have her own code that she follows. She does kill when there is no benefit in it for her, and while she will not hesitate to strike down someone who refuses to back down, she prefers not to fight opponents who are obviously weaker than she is. Also, despite her temperament, she cares for her comrades and those few who have managed to earn her respect - though she is more likely to refer to them as 'subordinates' - and is fiercely loyal and protective of them.

Background: Like all Saiyans, Celeri was born on planet Vegeta, to a pair of lower-class Saiyan warriors. Celeri's parents were typical members of their race, and sought to give their daughter a traditional Saiyan upbringing, which is to say they stuffed her into a space pod as soon as she was weaned and fired her off into space in the general direction of a populated planet to raise herself. And ideally destroy the planet at the behest of their evil space emperor overlord.

Fortunately for the peaceful inhabitants of Planet Puigawa, Celeri never made it to her original destination. All that her parents received was a notification that her mission had failed and she had been written off as 'weak'. This was not a terribly uncommon fate for Saiyan infants, and a significant contributing factor for their low population, but there were few Saiyans back on Vegeta who actually cared enough to openly question the wisdom of such a 'sink-or-swim' approach to child rearing.

In truth, while en route Celeri's pod had been caught in a freak meteor shower and sent careening wildly off course. But space is big, and it was only through the fickle whims of fate that then that the girl was saved from a short life travelling through empty nothingness until the life-support ran out. In this case, the fickle whims of fate took the form of a temporal wormhole which sucked up the girl's pod and transported it halfway across the galaxy, to Earth, where it crashed on an island in the tropics.

The island in question just so happened to serve as the base of operations for a group of mercenaries, a brutal group that operated more as vicious pirates and bandits plaguing the local area than anything else. It was these coldhearted men who found the wrecked space pod and the infant Saiyan, and it was they who ran crying back to their base, screaming about the devil child that had descended upon their island in fire and blood.

For the next five years, Celeri stalked the jungle of the island, terrorizing the mercenaries who lived there. Saiyan children are self-sufficient at a remarkably young age, though the meteor storm which had sent her off route had damaged the educational programming her parents had installed in her pod. As a result Celeri had spent the journey listening to the subliminal instructions that she was a warrior and to grow strong, but without learning the specific details of her mission to kill all life on the planet. She was only stopped when the mercenaries thought to bait her with food into a trap, and even that required two attempts as she tore through the bars of the first cage they used. Thus, she was dragged back to their base in a steel cage.

Rather than kill her however, the mercenary leader thought to use her for his own ends. After all, she was just a child but had terrorized them and eluded capture for years. The leader - something of a megalomaniac who had long harbored secret dreams of global conquest - thought that if they could control the fierce child, it would greatly benefit them. For her part, Celeri was easily bribed; the mercenaries' chef was actually quite skilled and after five years of eating whatever animals should could catch in the jungle, typically raw, the prospect of cooked meals was so tantalizing that she agreed the moment it was brought to her attention. So it was that Celeri found herself adopted into the organization, where she would stay for the next decade.

However if the mercenary leader had thought that he would be able to easily manipulate the child, he was wrong. Celeri was a brash and willful child, made all the more so by the fact that one of few things that had remained of her Saiyan education programming had been the message that might makes right. Since Celeri was stronger than all of the mercenaries, she didn't have to listen to them if she didn't want to. Worse, now that she was no longer hunting and killing them, the other mercenaries were actually starting to warm up to the girl, viewing her as something like a communal daughter/organization mascot, albeit a mascot that could tear through the entire organization if she wanted to. In particular was the organizations head chief, who was delighted to have someone around who actually enjoyed his food - nn actually the man couldn't cook at all, but Celeri was a Saiyan through and through and possessed the cast-iron stomach of her people - who became the closest thing to a surrogate father she had.

Since he could not reliaby order her around, the mercenary leader hit upon an alternative idea. Since she seemed to believe that the strongest deserved to rule, wouldn't it be right for them to 'officially' make her the leader of the organization? And since she was the strongest person anywhere, didn't that mean that she deserved to rule the entire world? She certainly thought so, agreeing fully with this fabulous idea. The mercenaries named Celeri as their Queen, and loudly proclaimed that they were going to conquer the world in her name. To the leader, it was clear that the girl was nothing more than a figurehead and weapon to be pointed at their enemies, but over the next several years Celeri bought more and more into the idea, believing that she really did deserve to be Queen of the Earth. After all, the current King was a dog, why couldn't she just take the position for herself?

As it turned out, however, their's was not the only paramilitary criminal organization out for global conquest, and almost immediately after setting out from their island they ran straight into the Red Ribbon Army. Unfortunately, the Red Ribbons were not the type to handle someone trying to horn in on their game with grace. It was here that Celeri suffered her first defeat at the hands of the assassin the Red Ribbons had hired to nip any prospective competition in the bud, and she would have been killed had it not been for her natural Saiyan toughness and the fact that the assassin had believed her dead after dropping a house on her.

This event shook Celeri to core, shattering her worldview. Seeing just how outclassed she had been showed her that she was not as strong as she believed herself to be, and instilled in her a burning desire to never lose again. But it
also proved to her that there were those out there much more powerful than she was, and that if she was going to become stronger, than she needed to find them, to either learn from them or defeat them and prove that she was stronger. She had heard some of the mercenaries had talked about a Turtle Hermit before. Supposedly he was the strongest man in the world. She hadn't thought much of it at the time, still overconfident in her own power, but now...

That seemed like a good place to start.

NameHPACTouchFlatCMDStatusFortRefWillKi PoolRage
Celeri324/32431262642 DR 1/-, Fire Resistance 1+13+11+914/1425/25
Spell LevelSpell DCSpells Remaining
1st19 for evocation spells188
2nd20 for evocation spells198
3rd21 for evocation spells208
4th22 for evocation spells215
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left-aligned image
Name: Naprabrah | Age: 17 | Race: Human | Gender: Male
Class (Martial) Unchained Monk (Master of Many Styles)
Class (Caster) Warpriest (Sacred Fist)
Alignment: Ultimate Chill True Neutral*
[ - Sheet - ]

Description: Naprabrah, usually just called 'Brah' for short, is a tall and well-muscled young fighter. He has easily broken six feet tall and is still growing, and his body's lean musculature have been honed through careful physical ki manipulation and constant competition against foes both mortal and otherwise. He wears a self-tailored and close fitted gi of pure white with black trimming, sporting an ice blue dragon on the right leg and the symbol for 'Fortune' on his chest and back. He smiles easily and laughs often, both in and out of combat.

When employing his samu-sa no michi arts his arms gain a sheen of ghostly blue energy that flows around his body. The highest forms of these techniques draw forth a second energy, golden hued, that causes a violent reaction where it comes into contact with the former.


Personality: Brah has managed to retain his lackadaisical attitude from his youth, generally letting life come at him as it will. He loves making jokes and taking jabs at people or the situations he finds himself in. His general inability to take anything too seriously has been a great boon in his life, and especially in surviving three years at the mercy of Fortune Teller Baba. He has very few 'berserk buttons' but the few times in his life that's pressed them has revealed the potential for a rage as cold as the grave.

As a fighter he favors a forward momentum, taking the battle in close and keeping pressure up to prevent his enemies from retreating or pressing back. His earlier style of pain points and broken limbs has evolved over time to favor disorientation and swiftness of action, enhanced by finely honed spiritual ki manipulation.

History: It is the future. Or, perhaps, the past. Or three days from now in an alternate reality where france and japan accidentally met during the Sengoku era before joining forces to conquer the world with the power of awesome food. None of this is important or, in point of fact, true. The point remains that our hero comes from a time and place of unknown origin similar to but vastly different than the world he now finds himself in.

In his own time he was a young man. His family for generations upon generations had boasted men and women of great power and devotion (and, consequently, were completely unknown to the world at large) who fought against their ancient foe (singular. He had an annoying habit of coming back to life or having not really died in the first place one to three times per generation, with occasional fifty year vacations) using the awesome power of ghostly warriors formed from their ki, giving their lives when necessary to the cause.

Our hero is not a man of great power and devotion.

(To be honest, 'hero' feels a bit strong.)

When the Ancient Foe once more revealed himself to our... (Protagonist? That still sounds a bit too proactive. Editor's Note: We'll ask the research team to find term for 'person who things happen to while we watch'. Use 'dude' in the mean time.) dude rather than gnash his teeth and swear to oppose his every action he shrugged his shoulder and told him 'you do you, man'. Rather put out at the lack of a reaction, this meeting kicked off a lackluster and baffling season where a seven hundred year old immortal being of malevolence who had once raised an undead army to fight against cyborg nazis (who were for a few battles somehow not the bad guys, or at least not the worst guys) attended high school while attempting to draw our dude into frivolous conflicts.

After months of pestering the dude's chill was finally broken and he demanded a way to be rid of this ancient annoyance. The battle commenced, and then promptly ended when a pair of ghostly hands reached out and froze the evil being solid, resulting in a comically drawn out topple and a crash. It was then that the universe itself screamed out 'lame' and our dude was ripped from his own time and reality to be inserted into one more interesting and action-oriented.

'And do it right this time!' the universe bellowed.

The dude, now a small child on a small island with his memories of his prior life quickly fading away, merely shrugged and leaned back into the sand. "Nah prah, brah."

Age 13After waking up on an island in the middle of nowhere Brah (eventually) makes his way to the mainland. With no home, money, or memories he attempts to leverage his unusual strength to gain advantageous admittance to various dojos. While this plan fails his attempts draw the attention of Krait, Master of the Viper School.

The school turns out to be far more vicious than he'd expected, but Brah quickly rises through the ranks to stand as the strongest of his contemporaries. A little under a year after he joined he entered the 21st World Martial Arts tournament as the Viper School's sole competitor. After demolishing the preliminary rounds he was knocked out by the surprising little warrior, Son Goku of the Turtle School.

In the aftermath of the tournament Goku's mentor, Master Roshi, defended Brah from Master Krait's displeasure at the loss. While not an actual student of the turtle hermit Brah joined together with the group of turtle students in helping Goku track down the Dragon Balls.

Age 14During the adventure to find the dragon balls Brah and his new friends encountered foe after foe standing in their way. The Red Ribbon Army with their legions of soldiers, robots, and cyborgs harried them at every turn as they competed to be the first to each dragon ball, or attacked each other to claim them.

Unexpectedly Master Krait made an appearance in the underwater compound of a unknown third party, seemingly allied with the Red Ribbon Army and bringing with him a small group of graduated Viper students as part of a contract to assassinate them. Brah descended into a cold rage at the sight of his former mentor and a fight erupted. After a tense battle in which Krait displayed just how little regard he had for the lives of his students the assassins were defeated, and Brah dealt the lethal blow to his former master rather than let the man continue to indoctrinate children into his assassination school.

While his new friends gave him the space he needed to process while they sought out the local dragon ball Brah had a frank discussion with his fellow Vipers, offering up his own life to end the cycle of retribution. In the end they declined the offer, although one had taken an intense interest in him swearing to face off against him again.

Following the emotional confrontation under the water the group faced off against a far more lethal assassin, a man known as Tao Pei-Pei, who single handedly demolished the entire group. Left on the edge of death they managed to pick themselves up and make their way up the enormous tower to the home of the Cat Hermit, Karin. Through an intense training process with the talking cat Brah was able to shed some of the indecision and overcaution in his heart, while honing his body yet further against the incredibly agile hermit. Upon descending the tower once more Tao Pei-Pei was defeated by Celeri as vengeance for something in her past. Like Brah she chose to end his influence on the world in a very final manner, and like him the necessary action was far less satisfying than one imagined.

With two assassination attempts now foiled the group moved to end the Red Ribbon's actions once and for all. Their combined powers dismantled the army with ease, and they moved to confront the army's commander. However the petty little man ended up dying at the hands of his second before they arrived, who attempted to shift his allegiance to them if they would give him a position of power in what he thought would be their rule over the world. When he found they had no such intentions he attacked, quickly being shut down by the group. As the man continued his struggle he eventually lost his head to Alastor's blade.

With only one ball remaining the group sought out Master Roshi's older sister, Fortune Teller Baba, to track it down. Between Brah and Alastor they were able to defeat four of the five warriors arrayed against them, before allowing Goku to face off against the final warrior. While those that had fought rested Celeri and Jidaire retrieved the final dragon ball, liberating it from a strange would-be emperor through a show of force and evidence of how little patience the young woman was down to.

With all seven dragon balls in hand the group summoned the mighty dragon Shenlong. After a grilling from Brah on the parameters of magical wish-granting dragons they made the wish to revive everyone killed by Tao Pei-Pei in order to fulfill the promise to revive Upa's father. After a celebratory feast and a week of relaxation hosted by the Briefs the group went their separate ways to train for the next tournament in three years. Brah returned to Fortune Teller Baba's oasis to petition her for training, eventually making a convincing enough case to gain the woman's occasional instruction.



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Android X - Alastor 2.0
right-aligned image

Name: Alastor "Android X" Wonsi
Age: 19 (Believed)
Race: Android
Gender: Male
Class (Martial): Unchained Monk (Master of Many Styles/Hungry Ghost)
Class (Caster): Magus (Eldritch Scion)
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: (see picture) Alastor is a solidly built teen of respectable height, with the powerful arms and body of a tested and experienced warrior. He has piercing blue eyes that are framed by blonde hair that he keeps well groomed to complete his handsome appearance. His physical beauty is powerful. From his Adonis like body that is perfectly proportioned and symmetrical to the chiseled features of his face, he has no scars marring his body or face. It was as if Alastor was created vice born... well because he was, more on than later. Alastor still dresses modestly and practically however, preferring function over form and because most of the time he doesn't care. However, on the occasion when he does, Alastor has an impeccable fashion sense and knows how to dress to accentuate his physical gifts.

Personality: Alastor displays outwardly an aloof detached personality that is calm, cool, level headed with a display of only the minimal emotions. While, many view that as haughty and arrogant, Alastor just has immense control over his emotions to the point that it sometimes impairs his empathy. Alastor has a very strong sense of honor and will not act in a manner that is not befitting his visualized ideal as a warrior. Alastor has one chink in his armor. He has chip on his shoulder to prove himself due to the popular perception that his comeliness makes him a dandy and "too pretty to fight" and often lead him not to be taken seriously as martial artist. This misnomer has lead Alastor to behave against his better judgment and logic to try and prove otherwise.

History/Background: Alastor is the adopted son of the billionaire technologist Doctor Xavier Wonsi of Cybertech Systems Corporation. Xavier Wonsi is the blood cousin to the famous Doctor Briefs of the Capsule Corporation and one of their chief competitors. The Wonsi's were unable to have children of their own, and so one of their greatest desires was to find a perfect heir, someone worthy to carry on their legacy. They would find that heir in an amnesiac young child that had been discovered wandering at one of their remote research facilities. The teen had been discovered wandering around confused and disoriented, without any memory of his past life or identity. He had no form of identification and even his clothes were plain and gave no clue to his origins or identity. The kindhearted couple were taken by Alastor's perfect appearance and natural charisma and so personally took the child in and searched for his family and his identity. On both fronts, they were unsuccessful.

After several years, the Wonsi's came to love Alastor as their own son and they decided to adopt him to carry on the legacy and the name of the Wonsi's. Alastor excelled in academics, mastering complex subjects with relative ease, just as he mastered any physical activities, adapted socially as well, and anything that his parents had asked him to do. Alastor accomplished things with machine like efficiency, precision, and ease... racking up every conceivable accolade that a boy could receive. Whatever his parents had desired, Alastor went forth and relentlessly pursued that achievement until he succeeded.

Xavier Wonsi's had his perfect heir and more importantly he knew why. It did not take long for the technologist to figure out that there was more to Alastor than meets the eye and to his delight exposure to technology that was light years ahead of his own and through that had become competitive with even the Capsule Corporation.

The Story Before Time: Alastor is Android X, Doctor Gero's cybernetic prototype precursor to Cell. Made with much of the same premise as Cell, Android X was designed with the cells and recorded abilities of the Earth's best fighters at the time, to include Goku, and also an Element X which would allow Android X to continue to learn, adapt, and grow continuously beyond his current design giving him virtually unlimited potential. However, Doctor Gero deemed Android X obsolete after the advent of Vegeta and other alien species, such as the Frost Demons, whose cells would be incorporated in the more powerful version of his concept, Cell. The time wrinkle pulled Android X out of his stasis and he wandered aimlessly until discovered and taken in by the Wonsi's. Xavier Wonsi had of course discovered Alastor's android nature and he has begun modifications to the android's original design, to include the remote link from Alastor's Cybertech System's Corporation's global information network and further "perfect" the ultimate fighter and heir.
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